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Strangest box cover contest, who will be the winner?

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A while back I put together a 4 part article for our local modelling magazine called 'Box Top Bloopers;, here's a few of the funniest.


Some quality trolling from Hasegawa, with a Japanese helicopter carrier sinking a Chinese fleet carrier.




Those are Chinese soldiers.




Whoops, forgot my tail.




Spelling matters!




The little know battlefield tactical vostok missile with German troops and 70;s helicopter...cease fire they're shooting cosmonauts at me.





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On 8/1/2022 at 3:51 PM, Daniel Iscold said:

One more contestant, the new release by WINGSY. Is this a missile or a bomb???? :mellow::mellow::mellow::mellow::mellow:



Yeah, I mean you can toss that bomb but that takes training and skill.. Weird choice here. Just those two flying with bombs on would have been my chocie..


Some fun stuff all around though!

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