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  1. No early types P-38 in NMF as far as I know, while in operations...
  2. Not NMF, but civil : https://servimg.com/view/19957935/125
  3. WOW ! Thanks ! Hoping for an H model soon, so a Twin Dragons early P-38 can be done
  4. No update on the Old Man's Blog, either ...
  5. Looking at the boxart, I don't feel they did a good reserach about the markings, either... Seems to be a 16thFS 51stFG P-40N, but where did they got that red band on the spinner ?? Should be OD. Many interesting schemes to choose from, in these CBI units.
  6. Seems to be a masterpiece WIP: great work ! Congrats ! I guess the Hs-129 will be just as nice ! So many details hidden... what a pity ! Depicting a wrecked Ki-45 would be an option
  7. Well, their Facebook page shows they are about to release a re-box of Hasegawa's P-40E in their "Bunny Fighter Club" series ! See post from Jan,29: https://www.facebook.com/EduardCompany/
  8. They were supposed to do another special boxing of Hasegawa P-40E/K, and I was in contact with them for the markings. They messaged me, in December, saying that they cancelled this project because people had no interest in 1/32 Well, the P-40N with resin bonus was nice, but who need to have a poster + a large 3D metal-plate to boost the price in the 80/100€ range ?? Good thing is that I sold the metal-plate for 50€ on eBay so the kit + bonus were cheap: I had bought it, on sale, for 70€ !
  9. Next to the "Gare de Lyon" railway station: http://www.euro-maquette.eu/decouvrez-le-magasin/ They may have the new CSM... + both are available there (75013) : http://www.tonyshop.fr/index.html
  10. Too bad that Hasegawa doesn't seem to be interested into doing one... ! And I also received an email from Eduard (I had suggested markings options for their P-40E/K reboxing project): <<Thanks for your email. There are no good news regarding the P-40K. From the release of our versions of the P-47 & P-40N, we learnt that modelers are not so much interested into 1/32 kits. So, we do not plan to release the P-40K/E boxing. Too bad, as it's my favourite version of the Warhawk. I just bought the new 1/72 kit from Special Hobby and will do Nollmeyer's plane.>>
  11. Of course, I agree regarding the red surround, but is there any color evidence regarding this "brighter & lighter" blue surround ? Thanks. Great model perfectly finished, anyway :)
  12. Lovely, F4U ! ... but shouldn't the nat. insigna's surrounds be red, rather than this quite bright med. blue ?
  13. Bravo, cher ami ! Looking forward to discover the diorama !
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