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  1. ...just in case I may have missed some new info
  2. Yes, I know that skulls varied in shape and outline when the markings were "updated". Thanks for your comment about my blog. I keep trying to dig up new infos "Dikam Death" is certainly one of the most interesting 88th FS machines, but Rising Decals doesn't seem to be interested into 1/32...
  3. I see your point, Tolga and you may be right about a spinner swap. I have some video stills from a color film showing some Burma Banshees P-40Ns. A former P-40N-1 type can be seen there and her spinner is red. She also displays the "pair of dices" on her wheel hubs: https://burmabansheesblog.blogspot.com/2014/10/burma-banshees-p-40-line-up.html If I ever build the 1/32 P-40N I have, that will be "Dikam Death" flown by Bob Gale but the tail number isn't confirmed by any pic (yet)...
  4. Excellent & lovely build (as usual !) Tolga ! I studied that unit & wrote an article for "Le Fana de l'Aviation" magazine with some new infos. Only mistake is about the spinner color: Sq/Signal got it right as the 89thFS color (#49 & #51 were 89thFS machines) was red 88thFS was white, and 90thFS was dark blue. See my blog for more research work: https://burmabansheesblog.blogspot.com/
  5. Excellent ! ... but the landing gear legs doesn't appear to have the right angle
  6. Had got that answer from Z-M, just one year ago, after I sent them a message regarding a possible 26thFS, 51stFG "China Blitzers" decal option for the P-51B/C: <<Thank you for your message. We will work to make the very best possible P-51B/C kit to meet your high expectations. We are planning to mainly use European theater designs for the marking decals included in the kit. There is still time until the kit is prepared and released for sale, so we will also do some research of our own. If we have any questions or requests for you at that time, we will let you know
  7. No early types P-38 in NMF as far as I know, while in operations...
  8. WOW ! Thanks ! Hoping for an H model soon, so a Twin Dragons early P-38 can be done
  9. No update on the Old Man's Blog, either ...
  10. Looking at the boxart, I don't feel they did a good reserach about the markings, either... Seems to be a 16thFS 51stFG P-40N, but where did they got that red band on the spinner ?? Should be OD. Many interesting schemes to choose from, in these CBI units.
  11. Seems to be a masterpiece WIP: great work ! Congrats ! I guess the Hs-129 will be just as nice ! So many details hidden... what a pity ! Depicting a wrecked Ki-45 would be an option
  12. Well, their Facebook page shows they are about to release a re-box of Hasegawa's P-40E in their "Bunny Fighter Club" series ! See post from Jan,29: https://www.facebook.com/EduardCompany/
  13. They were supposed to do another special boxing of Hasegawa P-40E/K, and I was in contact with them for the markings. They messaged me, in December, saying that they cancelled this project because people had no interest in 1/32 Well, the P-40N with resin bonus was nice, but who need to have a poster + a large 3D metal-plate to boost the price in the 80/100€ range ?? Good thing is that I sold the metal-plate for 50€ on eBay so the kit + bonus were cheap: I had bought it, on sale, for 70€ !
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