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  1. Looking good -and such a pretty airplane! The only water-based acrylics I've ever been able to brushpaint with decent results has been Revell Aqua. Actually, my kids to better, as I'm too careful and apply it too thin -my kids just slop it on and it self-levels pretty good leaving no brush marks on small parts, and almost none on larger flat stuff like a 1/72 wing. Jeroen
  2. soooo tempting... but broken stuff requires different monetary priorities I'm afraid Jeroen
  3. I'm going to try that too -they look great! Well, so does the rest!
  4. Nostalgia -my local shop in the village I grew up in when I was in my early teens) had the Revell F-14 with a big discount since it had been there for ages, and nobody wanted it apparently... It was a Revell Germany box from the era when they showed built-up models on the top, and it had VF-1 markings. So I scraped my money together an bought it, and remember it was huge -when finally slapped together and painted the decals desintegrated but I did not mind that much then -some red and black and all fixed up it was! Then had nowhere to put it -so asked my parents if I could put it on the TV -on the old ones that was still possible It fell off when my mom was dusting the room, though I tried to repair it later (I still have a new clear sprue RoG sent me) and would put Superscale decals for the VF-41 Su-22 shootdown the plastic had become so brittle there was no sense repairing it... Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but this model was what got my to do 1/32 in the first place and after many 1/72 builds I'm now occasionally back in 1/32 Jeroen
  5. Walkways masked and painted (the obvious 2 hours masking, 10 minutes painting...), due to the gloss varnish mixed in I shot a thin coat of gloss afterwards so as not to lose too many details. My home printed decals (laser printed) worked above expecations, they did not need their own glosscoat to protect the printing, have fairly thin film, and respond to Daco Medium Sol quite well. The remaining decals are unfortunately typical old Superscale, with wrong colours and sizing (the MG tailcode is too large, the trident the wrong shape/size, and the 10s on the nose too large for example) and they should be Navy Grey or Gunship Grey -I did the large 3860s in Gunship Grey and they were slightly darker when compared to the Superscale decals on the sheet, but after application the Superscale stuff is too light, looking more like Dark Gull Grey. Darn... The formation lights are from the Superscale sheet, but somehow they forgot the wingtip ones so I'll have to paint or cut up remaining decals for that (the other 2 subjects on the sheet are entirely unusable as the letters/codes are printed the colour they are supposed to go on to... Letting go of the subject photo as they are obviously wrong I'm still pleased with the results and pushed on, as there are no alternatives, available low-viz F-4S decals being really scarce or no longer available in this scale. The large 3860 and small s/n were home printed and worked above expectations Obviously I still need to paint details such as the navigation lights, antenna's, and finally the metal areas near the engines and the exhausts themselves. Jeroen
  6. Well done -congratulations! From someone who managed to fly himself airsick when I was occasionally allowed to have control (under supervision obviously) during some chartered tours
  7. I'm tagging along as well, as I recently got a good deal on a Block 50 kit and have the Arctic Splinter decals as well -thanks to the poster above me
  8. Probably changes by day, mood, books I've read, paintings I've seen or my current interest, but for now:
  9. I noticed they also release a later "improved" version. They seem not very expensive and I'm seriously considering getting a set to replace my anemic Trumpeter MERs!
  10. Good stuff, thanks Thierry and Dave for your hard work compiling this! (and Kevin for hosting)
  11. BTW I had a lot of trouble doing the dark lines near the panels, I normally airbrush in the winter and it was very warm/hot at the time. I also noticed airbrushing is a skill you need to keep using or you'll get rusty -I guess that does show here. Hopefully washes and further weathering will lessen the effect, but really something to keep in mind for my A-6 (although that is 5 times as large!)
  12. Been off on vacation and just got back, here's how the F-4S looks now, stored in it's box while I get the normal life going again after the vacation! I hope to do some more to the wings later and also careful inspection of my subject's picture seems to show it had walkways applied so I need to add those as well. The eagle-eyed among you may notice I did something to the camouflage contrast near the cockpit and rear sides to show the blue-grey demarcation a bit better. I used a very thin mist of lightened dark grost grey to do this.
  13. Great work and I admire you being able to build multiples of the same. Whenever I do multiples they have to be really much different or I need to do them at the same time -otherwise there are too many different things to distract me! On the other hand I like "collections" as well, but I'll have to settle for looking at other people building them
  14. Good stuff -I've always liked the Buccaneer an have built several of the old 1/72 Airfix kits in the past. I was impressed by it's size, this one must be prettig big then!
  15. Looking sharp -my last tank build was an ancient Italeri Sherman with rubber band tracks. Things sure changed a lot since then!
  16. Thanks Gregg! I do still wish there was a bit more contrast between both upper colours, but I still had fun experimenting and airbrushing this and that's what counts the most as far as I'm concerned
  17. Is this a new-ish Revell kit? I remember helping move my grandmother and found some really old models my dad and his brother had built when they were young. There as a big Catalina there as well. (my dad is 73 now!) Too had they had all fallen apart as the plastic had become really brittle... One of the later ones (a big orange Tamiya Porsche I remember well) built by my uncle managed to survive to this day.
  18. Very cool! Though if I were that guy, I'd send one the guys I'd dislike the most out to test how deep it's there before actually driving in the water
  19. FYI, they've been on sale for quite a while. I know for a fact since I bought some a year ago but failed to find a kit for them yet. Hopefully in the far future I can get a re-issue The pending re-issue could indeed be a cause to grab them now! Though not on sale I got the T-28 Trojan decals for the same reason, though I did find a cheap-ish T-28C kit for it later. (the guy I got it from had the same decals and wanted a B/D for more choice) Jeroen
  20. Looking better it looks like some modifications were done (pylons, extractor seats) but it does not appear to have the gun pods?
  21. Thanks for your information Radu! And this particular aircraft is what is included on the AOA sheet and now thanks to this thread I have 2 pictures of it! As can be seen in the photo below (1)40533 was a T-28C. I'll look into your links as well, need a bit more time to have a leaf through them! Nice! the same aircraft as in the AOA sheet definately shows this was a T-28C (edit: not that I doubted AOA's research ) Thanks for the wheel tip too, they look like the picture Radu showed so I'll go with the same set. Too bad there's no aftermarket set for the extractor seats, but I should be able to cobble something together Jeroen
  22. Thanks Jari, short on time at the moment but I'll have a look later!
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