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  1. Agree with Peter and Gregg as well, looking at lots of photos for my build. One thing I have noticed and intend to replicate on my A-6A build (in the WIP forum if you're interested) is that the spoilers/ailerons (spoilerons? I have no idea how they're called!) on the outer wings sometimes can be seen to hang down a bit as is visible on the first photo. The only (small) drawback is that the Trumpeter kit only offers fully closed and fully opened, not a-little-bit-open so some modification may be needed. Jeroen
  2. Thanks Gregg! Studying for firewall certification exam next wednesday so the F-4 has stalled a bit I'm afraid for the moment. Hopefully I'll pass the exam but it's a pretty tough one! Jeroen
  3. The oddball in-between Jasta 5 boxing has the same sprues containing both versions. (I split one with another modeller, which made selecting decals easier as both versions were included. We sold the 3rd model later giving both of us a very economic Albatros) Given the current WNW state splitting up a J5 box probably isn't very viable any more The PE sheet is different as well between the older, specific boxings, and the Jasta 5 and brown boxes. Jeroen
  4. I just finished reading through all 15 pages -I know know very little about Panthers (other than that I have a picture of me and my brother sitting on one at the Overloon Museum when they still had most stuff outside, we were ~12 y/o at that time), but that's really impressive work and attention to detail!
  5. Looks great! I may have missed it, but because of the break-down, I assume these are the kit exhausts and not aftermarket? If they are, they're all the more impressive!
  6. Hi Ben, no need to apologize -it's only a plastic scale model! That picture of the reinforcement plates was really useful in making a template based on my re-scaled 1/72 drawing. I could transfer the rough shape to a piece of 0,25mm Evergreen sheet and try to cut it out, but somehow this stuff is too thin so I could not get proper somewhat symmetric curves matching that PE shape. After several tries I cut a corner and make them more angular, not all that great, but once sanded thinner and painted up it'll be good enough -as this model is going on a stick in-flight and won't be seen all that often underneath. I also did a basic representation of the slat mods. Had I realized they were this different I would have done this at the start (or leave it as a "J" ), rather than with the whole thing almost completely assembled.... I used 1,5mm Evergreen half-round, for the inner wing slats I glued it to the forward edge, leaving it protruding underneath, while fairing in the top (hence the blob of Mr Surfacer) and for the outer wings the best I could do now was glue 1mm half-round underneath and sand the leading edge a bit blunt. The profile(s) don't match all that great, but they're much better than what I had before -the outer ones are now thicker, the inner ones protrude past the leading edge and curve underneath. If I hadn't glued the outer wings and slat actuator bulges in place yet I could have faired the protrusions in a bit more underneath, but I feard I'd make more mess of it, so this was a compromise... (the outer wing Evergreen hasn't been cut off yet here) Thanks for your assistance! Some more scribing, rivets (dimples ) and fiddling to do before closing up the canopy and getting it ready for a paint job, which was the purpose of resurrecting this one anyway -I guess this shows how easily distracted I am! Jeroen
  7. Yes, I know it's the wrong scale, but this is one stunning model! 200+ parts and ~80 PE parts, for a 1/72 model! And no, it's not like half of it is weapons. There are only drop-tanks included. Other than the canopy all parts seem to be there for the late version, too. How I wish someone did a 1/32 version of this! (just the ticket for Zoukei-Mura to go with their Skyraider!) And, more on topic, the postman delivered these last week: All those stencils!!
  8. Interesting for sure, though I don't mind if my builds won't get attention or not, as long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing, be it modelling, researching or writing an update for a forum. I'm quite a realist (sometimes unfortunate, as well!) and have written some articles for ModellingMadness on some of the, shall we say, less than stellar examples of models the plastic model industry has turned out. The reason I mention this, is that is a one-way exchange: you put a lot of effort in an article, but will never know how many people will actually read it or find it useful. I use that approach to forum builds as well: I write my stuff down, take photo's, and if somebody finds that thread 10 years from now, on how to do a DIY-A-6A-Intruder-accurization-on-the-cheap I hope it's helpful then. If only one modeller finds something of interest and it helps them, great! I also agree forums are a place of exchange and differ from articles; and, though I have only 2 build threads I have been really surprised at the feedback and information I have received, without which my Intruder model would definitely have been a worse one, even if it isn't even finished yet. I really do appreciate each and every comment and/or like I get on a post. It's not a goal in itself, though. On the other hand, the build quality is very high here, at least higher than what I can do, so sometimes I don't quite know what to comment on. Getting a "looks great" at every update isn't all that constructive, although I am guilty of posting that! But as many of you turn out high quality stuff and seem to know what you're doing, judging from this end of the monitor, I personally find it quite hard to give constructive feedback... And there's so much going on that it's hard to keep up with all the build logs! The short version of this is, please do not be discouraged by a lack of replies or likes. Someone will stumble on your build at a certain moment and find it helpful, even if you'll probably never know. And sometimes you do, as I have (rarely) gotten some e-mails from my MM acticles thanking me or asking more questions. And, even more rarely, some really cool ones as well, such as from the painter who actually painted the VFA-137 Super Hornet's digital camouflage I did a 1/72 model of, or a former EP-3B crew member contacting me after reading my Hasegawa Orion conversion. You never know! Jeroen
  9. Hi Ben, thanks for the information! I'll do some tests with the upper colour, fortunately my subject had quite some grime and touch-ups so I don't think I need to be extremely exact While digging around the internets I found this shot of an F-4S slat that shows the profile quite nicely, unfortunately I'll abandon my plan now to leave the wing with scribed lines only and modify the leading edge -even in 1/72 this can be seen! With this photo I should be able to reprofile it. If you have a picture of the upper side I'd be happy, as on my F-4J model there are all sorts of panels and hatches and I'd like to know what to fill (or not). In another (older) thread I found some of your photo's, too! I'd be eternally grateful if you can find the scan of the straps, I managed to enlarge the kit decal placement to 1/72 but it's very cluttered, and several attempts to draw the straps (and cut them out as templates) have failed so far... Thanks again! Jeroen
  10. I'd say based on those photo's the contrast looks spot on!
  11. Oh, and by the way. are there any clues as to the "non standard" upper fuselage colour? The picture I linked is very blue, but I'm not quite sure it looks like FS36314 on my monitor?
  12. Been working for a long while on this model, but it's gone to the front now because I want something to paint before tackling that big A-6... This model is a bit odd, as it has some of the most gorgeous surface detail I've seen in 1/72, with selected fastners, scribed piano hinges, etc, and also features deep wheel wells, positionable speed brakes and those doors on the bottom, and nice deep intakes and exhausts, most things not found on the older Hasegawa 1/72 kits. Another neat feature is the almost one-piece fuselage so you won't lose the upper spine details as there is no seam to attend to. However, they've made this a kind of hybrid model as you can see from the box (I wouldn't call this one "art"...): and this results in chunky attachment points for the gear, pylons, etc and a host of simplifications. It really makes me wonder -this kind of feels like a great model let down by Hobby Boss easy-assembly features, yet said Hobby Boss models are better for kids as this one still is quite complex. This resulted, for me, in doing this one in flight with crew to hide the small cockpit (the glare shield is the scale thickness of a Tiger's front armour) and it comes with one-piece gear doors that fit quite well. With that out of the way, although VF-96s scheme isn't unpretty, I'm not very enthusastic about it, and I wanted to replace my very old brush-painted Hasegawa F-4S in my display case. Towards that end I cut that model up and recycled the outer wings which do fit, just not great. I salvaged the slat actuators from a Hasegawa F-4D in my stash as my S-model's plastic had become very brittle, so my plan to use more parts like pylons and such didn't quite work. I was able to salvage the Sidewinder rails and centerline fuel tank. Hasegawa outer wings grafted on after sawing off the Academy ones: the underside, where I have by now installed a tube for the display stand: I had long wanted to paint one of those low-vis F-4S models, so I had this sheet to use for the VMFA-312 markings: https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/super/ss72541.htm Unfortunately in in typical Super Scale fashing most of the markings are printed the colour they are supposed to go on to Eventually I found I could do the VMFA-321 version, but it had some inaccuracies like wrong fonts and serial numbers that I "designed" a small decal sheet for and printed on my laser printer -I have yet to discover how they work! BTW, here's the real thing: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6523910 Unfortunately it turned out conversion to an F-4S is more involved than just grafting on some new outer wings, so I scribed some slats in (they should extend at the front and lower sides in reality...) I'm still thinking how to make the reinforcement plates on the underside.... Here's how she looks as of now, the pilots are from a Fujimi A-6A and I played surgeon on them to make them fit the small cockpit (it seems small to make it fit easier) and made the pilot's head turn, the plane will be mounted in a slight turn. Ejection pull rings were made from copper wire and a little jig -the RIO's has come off and is taped to the spine. Sanding seams and rescribing has been a not very pleasurable experience as this thing is made of all the different colours, yet this also seems to result in different properties of the plastic. The white is very hard, the black very soft and the grey somewhere in between. Currently rescibing details near the nose and intakes This one has been on and off in it's box for a year or 2, but I'm happy to be back to it to get it into the paint booth, while also working to do the same to the big A-6A Jeroen
  13. I really should check here more often, beautiful build! I just got the Clear Prop La-5 in 1/72, although I am a regular 1/72 builder, models like the La-5 and this Fw190 make me realize we've come a long way from my first 1/72 model, the Hasegawa old-tool Spitfire Mk1!
  14. Beautiful -white being white you made that look really good!
  15. Looks great! It's probably heresy here, as much as I like working on my 1/32 Intruder, for me 1/72 and 1/48 are better suited to the big jets This kit looks really, really good! [edit] your work on it, too!
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