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  1. Nice find, Thierry! Copper State do some fantastic 3D printed spoke wheels I ordered and received last week -they were the missing link in doing my DFW C.V as on of those interned (and later purchased, as interned aircraft in neutral countries are only supposed to be stored until hostilities are over, and not taken over/used by the neutral country) in The Netherlands. They are absolutely stunning, the spokes are really, really thin! https://www.copperstatemodels.com/page/store/WzIsIlszXSJd Could not take a better picture myself, so borrowed one from the Copper State site. The spokes look thicker than they are on this photo! Not sure if it'll make anyone jealous, but since last week I'm the proud owner of a Tamiya Spitfire XVIe As I could not find them on EuroscaleModelling, I ordered some RESKIT MERs, TERs and Phantom wheels (and a support patch) directly with Reskit taking advantage of their 20% off black friday sale too, to offset VAT/Import stuff. Hopefully they are OK, and I expect with all that's going on my order could take a while to get here. I'll accept that, though. Modelling budget for this and half next year blown -but got some extra due to sale of some rare-ish items in 1/72 Jeroen
  2. Thanks Ernest -I guess I'm kind of problem solving type of person. I'm liking the painting and weathering stage more and more, but am more of a construction type at heart. I have gotten a Tamiya Spitfire last week, so I'm curious how just building and finishing the kit will grab me! Thanks Tim! Thanks Jari, that's a great shot showing some more details (al lot of which is neither in the Trumpeter kit, nor provided by Eduard...) and some fluid leaking that I've noted down for the paint and weathering stage!
  3. Excellent work -and looking at it it looks like you used the Roden lozenge decals? Exellently double impressive then!
  4. That looks great, and always nice to have a connection in a way to a model I'm not that much into Spitfires, but if I had to choose one the low-back Merlin versions with clipped wings would be my favourite. Since last week I'm the owner of a Tamiya XVIe, so thanks for the inspiration! Jeroen
  5. I noticed there's one in the Hannants damaged section for ~GPB66.... but with Brexit and all not a great deal for us EUnions. Looks great on her feet! Jeroen
  6. Here's a bunch more, btw: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=54627&sid=ef4552498ab66c4057577425599d2524
  7. Yes, thanks! I was there, too, and there were some great models on display, and in the contest, too. I didn't really buy a lot though, some stuff was really expensive (above retail sometimes), still, there were some great deals to be had. Too bad the tubing I needed was sold out everywhere and I did find Reskit MERs and TERs in 1/48 and 1/72, but not in 1/32. Oh well, luxury first world problems I guess. I ended up with 10 pots of Revell Aqua, 2 old Japanese booklets on the F9F (1978!) and A-4 (1981!), and through another forum bought a Tamiya Spitfire XVIe that we transferred to save shipping because we were both there -as such blowing the budget before the show! Was really busy and met up with a great lot of fellow modellers, ingnoring some smelly impolite types. Hey, we modellers are just like real people, I guess Jeroen
  8. Hi Patrick, I don't know too much about Harriers and can't answer your question directly. But I noticed Caracal Decals seem to have done this aircraft in their 1/48 and 1/72 decals. They note it crashed shortly after this livery was applied. http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd72080.html Perhaps drop them a mail if he has some more information? Jeroen
  9. I took this photo on a very sunny day at La Ferte Alais airshow a few months ago. The effect is less noticable on the wings, though. Not this aircraft may have clear dope on it, and not brown varnish as was often done, at least according to the WNW instructions. Note you can see the "Kuhlerklappe" stencil on the inside of the fabric. I think it was in the WNW instructions but I've seen cockpit photo's from this aircraft on the inside where you can see the weight table stencilled on the outside through the inside. Noto also the oil and fuel stains in the fabric are already less transparent but the angle isn't great for that (I just liked the effect and took a picture ) I also have photo's of this aircraft on cloudy days and then the effect is not there. Really depends on the weather and angle of the sun I guess -and also, this aircraft is kept really clean. If this stuff is brown varnished and covered in oil, fuel and dirt I guess it's not all that translucent any more... Jeroen
  10. Hi Rob, The only Red Bull decals I'm are of are these Revell 1/48 boxes, they also did a boxing for the F4U-4 in 1/48. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-05726-t-28b-trojan--193579 Obviously a different livery, though... Jeroen
  11. So... after EuroScaleModelling I'm now the proud owner of a Tamiya Spitfire XVIe I figured it might be an idea to build a model without extra metal tubing, Milliput, saws and lots of spare box stuff It even came with a Flevo sheet for 322sqn aeroplanes! However, the codes are all in grey -I had always assumed they were white or sky-grey-green on these later aircraft? I must admit I'm not a Spitfire fanatic and don't have much in the way or reference or knowledge... Like this: The kit includes a Belgian 349sqn option with white codes -close ups seem to indicate they were sky. Were there any rules regarding this? (like in WW1: here's your symbol, use white only!) or was it up to the squadrons? edit: I noticed there are aftermarked squadron code letter sheets -however, the style of 3W seems unique to 322sqn and not offered on these sheets... Making me believe, if there were any, the rules may have been pretty loose? Curious, Jeroen
  12. Hi Mike, I have the Red Fox set, but no Quinta set(s) to compare to. I think the RF looks pretty good, not having the seatbelts doesn't bother me so much as I usually make my own or use others. I know Red Fox did both the A-6E TRAM and the "normal" pre-TRAM A-6E, depending on what you need that could be a deciding factor? jeroen
  13. Thanks! https://www.bsmc.be/ 2,5 hour drive from here... Might be doable to go there. Jeroen
  14. Thanks again Jari, I just keep being amazed where you find this stuff! On careful inspection those 2 little black patches/holes are present on the Trumpeter kit, mystery solved it seems! Fortunately I have some good news to report, as thanks to my metal tube reinforcement and the removal of the ridges/end stops on the idler mechanism, in combination with (finally) the installation of the fairings which add positive guidance I can now install the wings without much fuss and they stay (albeit wobbly) in place witout the rod. If it weren't for some parts needing to between the inner and outer parts I could even have gotten away with leaving them separate. No glue or anything here: I finished the last of the PE parts, and added hydraulic wires (they are in the PE set but simply flat) -they should go behind the actuators but alas, they are cast in the outer frame so I used some artistic freedom and drilled some holes in te pylon to make them end somewhere. Don't tell anyone There are also some (electrical?) cables running between the inner and outer parts, as wel as a few plastic parts that'll need to be installed after final installation (near the end I tried one, and they all fit), so this part of the model isn't holding op going to paint any more. I also fidded with the fuselage speed brakes, Trumpeter will have you install them fullly open (or closed) but they seem to droop with time so I wanted them slightly open. After the wing folds, nothing too challenging, just some careful measuring, cut, trim, and glue together. Of course I forgot the before picture to show how much I removed... and a dry-fit with the speed brakes installed: I had thought to close them a bit more, but realized you can't see al lot of the insides any more afterwards, so I compromised a bit. Another little task off the list! I have also cleaned and degreased the flaps etc as I need to paint some of that before final installation. Jeroen
  15. +1, really nice work! If the kit were a bit cheaper I might give one a go myself in the future...
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