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  1. Dear Mike and other Fellas, thak you so much for the kind words and feedback. Mike, this aircraft belong to the North Afrika and Mediterranean Theather of operation. But you right, maybe this was relocated asset from Soviet front. Accordind to the book Ju-88 Kampfgeschwader in North Afrika and the Mediterranean the Hauptmann Heinrich Paepcke, the Gruppenkommandeur of II./KG 77 - was pictured at the only photo know of this aircraft (PAGE 69 of the aforementioned book) unfortunately he died in a mid-air collision with a Spitfire during a raid over Malta on 17 October 1942 (although whether in the distinctively camouflaged machine is not known). He was awarded the Knight's Cross on 5 September 1940. Later on, Hauptmann Paepcke was honored with posthumous Oak Leaves on 19 December 1942. Considering that there is only one photo, which shows the right side of this plane, all the RLM 76 and 79 spots on the other parts of the model are based on the profile contained in the book Junkers Ju-88 Vol II edited by Kagero. The decals used on this model are produced by AIMS.
  2. Thanks James. The airplane "green house" style canopie allows to see all the details when you hold the model close to your eyes, and turn your head around!
  3. Months after finishing the model, my friend Mário Serelle finally took some great photos of it for me. Thank you Serelle!!!!
  4. Dear KUROK Great job so far in your P-40. Here are a couple of pictures of mine. I did it two years ago. Let me tell you something. I dot not recomend to paint the Parrort face. A friend of mine made me a set of masks, using the decal as template and I failed to paint it. Instead I did use the decals provided by Hasegawa and I do not regret to did it. The decal sheet in my box was from a great quality and respond quite well to gunze soft solutions. I need to make some cuts to conform some feathers in the wing leading edge. I need also to make some little retouch at black lines and red areas around engine exausts. I used tamiya red mixed with some drops of yellow to macht the red tone used on decal. At the second picture the model gain another pair of shoes, more detailed ones from Eduard! Unfortunately I did not rework the proppelle cord as you did. Hope my pictures work as inspiration to you. The last one is from my official quality inspector, at the time, he aproved it, now he is 2yo. ] Daddy you did a great job on these decals!!!!
  5. Waiting for jump in one Kingfisher. No matter who will inject them.. Give me the sprues filled with kit parts, I´ll be happy to make the decals and improve the details by my self... Don´t even need a box art... I just want to build one model of this beautiful airplane.
  6. Ok Fellas: To bring back this topic I present you the newest strange box... And the winner is...... "TrumPEST" F-35 B box cover: Maybe the artist inspired him self in that video of a F-35 stalling and crashing over a runway... Quang my man!!! It is just a joke ok????
  7. Stencils... really??? For how long we´re going to accept this kind of treatment from main stream manufacturers??? Wouldn't better if they didn't include that kind of details in this kit??? For how long TRUMPETER will refuse to hear from people who keep their bussiness running??? By the way, in near future, for sure I also will buy one too. But is ridiculous how TRUMPETER is messy in some aspects... These images are from a post in a FB group, sent me by a friend. Remember what happens with their WILD CAT???? Maybe a refuse from retailers around the world would be most appropriate conduct to correct this kind of offer.
  8. Pretty sure, all of us here can be both!!! But not 100%
  9. Nice to hear from you Mark. Agreed about the model wrathering, that is overall quite well done. I can´t do better!
  10. Agreed Mozart In fact, there a lot of limitations, because of this I said, modeling is a "pursuit". This not mean thar you achieve this. Reshaping, working the thickness in trailing edges, rebuilding some parts is part of this process of TRYING to reproduce the real thing. When you build a model, 100% of time you try to deceive the human brain. I forgot to quote Mr. Peter Castle, in my opinion, he is part of 0,01% of model builders who makes a good job on deceiving our brains. Check his last posts in his Aira Cobra instrument panel.
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