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  1. Dear fellows here begins a loooong journey to build this model. Today the amount of after makets products to build models is impressive. If you´ll buy all the possible and usable aftermarket itens for a model for sure you´ll spent much more money than the model it self. For this I purchased master gun barrels for the machine guns, extra decal sheet from AIMS, resin wheels, masks, and seat belts form HGW and waiting for a QUINTA STUDIO decals to arrive. When I was going to look for more detail and accuracy, I found PROFIMODELLER itens, but my walet is empty, the US Dolar and Brazilian Real ratio is too high. Then I decided to start this project, by printing the screens from PROFIMODELLER web site, and producing my own parts using their buid manual. Sorry guys, yout price is fair, but my money is too short, hope you guys dont mind! Here goes what I´m doing so far. Hope you like it! To scracht build the tail wheel bay, I´m using plasticard and soldered brass tubes. More to come
  2. Very good news!!! The parts and spare decals sent by our resident F-16 obsesive fan Mr. Stokey Pete, are arriving in the next few days. As soon I´ll put my hands on them. I´ll be abe to keep this project running!!!
  3. Good Night fellas. A little progress with the F-16 I´d repainted the tail and rudder. Dam it!!! I forgot to take pictures to show the "beore and after", the paint and decal films was so yellowed and ugly. The new decals came from leftovers of a Claudio´s former build. For the grey I used FS36270 (Gunze H-306), and for the dillution I used a mix of 50% Thinner from DUPONT 6060 and 50% isopropilic alchool. The new paint surface was smooth enough to receive the new decals and new wash at panel lines,with no need of gloss varvish whatsoever. I also repaint the metal finish at the engine exaust using gunze buffing metalizer. In the end I installed this probe in the tail edge, using stainless stell tube section. Can´t wait to put my hands at Pete´s box!
  4. What to say????? Amazing??? Magnificent???? A master piece???? Sublime work??? Outstanding???? Masterfull???? Every word in my mind is to short or little to describe such modeling work!!!! My skills is far, far way from this kinf of modeling stuff!
  5. Well, did take my chances today. I decided to sand the yellowed decals from the front portion of the fuselage and tail. I discovered that the faded gray color in fact is a layer os yellowed varnish. After sanding down an layer of Gunze H306 (FS 36270) appears. Now is just wait for the decal sheet provided by Pete arrive, to replace the stencils and tail numbers!!! I also rescribed some missing panel lines, and proceed with the panel line acent in the entire model. In the end I re- painted the nose cone.
  6. Forgot to tell something interesting about the brittleness of the plastic in this model. Marcus reported me ,that the former owner, let this model, for a long period into sun exposure, maybe this, had transformed the chemical composition of the plastic in a brittle form. Here´s the warning of the day... keep your models away from direct sun exposure fellas...
  7. Morning fellas: Weekend babysitting my son, it was not an easy task! A Very short time for modeling. But I managed to take some pictures of the F-16 rescue from shelf of doom. As I planed, Did apply some wash and weathering at the wheels, and painted in black some details, as instructions indicates. When I started to take some parts to put together, I droped the instrument panel at the floor. It broked in so many parts, making the recovery of this part impossible. My friend Claudio Vilela came to rescue me, He gave me the original kit parts, as he´ll dress up his stashed F-16 with Aires Cockpit. Thanks "FI" (his nickname, shorting for "son" in portuguese). Now it is time to look for some Intrument decals...
  8. First things first... 1- put the other shoe at LG end to level out the wings and make the model handling more easy... Later on the wheels will take some weathering. The first one is too soft... 2- Fixed the Front LG and glue it in proper position. Now it is time to fix the damaged inside of engine intake using filler (epoxi putty) and sand paper. I hope I´m able to find a proper angle to paint a smoth cover of white. Wish me luck!!! 3- As I´m unable to get in touch, with the forme builder/owner of this model, I dont know what the exact brand/color of paint. For the FS 36118 I have used gunze H-308 to retouch the yellowed flaps and ailerons, it was almost a perfect match. Maybe the tonal difference is due to the smooth paint surface achieved earlier in this build. I decided to fade way the wing slats and adjacent panels, I´ll keep the original color only in the midle wing section. Cut off the static discharges, in order to replace them later on by 0,3 or 0,4 mm brass tubes. Started to apply some fading in the center of wing and fuselage panels, after all I never seen an operacional F-16 with the exact same gray tone in the entire surface. In the end I´ll apply wash and some weathering.
  9. Dear fellas: This model got an interesting history. It was started by a plasticmodeler from the south of Brazil, then he gave up to finsh it, and this model changed hands at least two or three times, during models swaps. Last weekend, me and my friend Marcus Borges, swap built models by this one, and and an Yak-3 from Special Hobby. The F-16 build is masterfully made, the paint job was done uising Gunze paints (according to Marcus, but we not 100% sure about it), and this get an great finish, The paint job needs a little retouches in some areas, and appling of panel lines wash, and replacement of some yellowed decals, squadron makings and stencils. The last owner broke many parts like the foward landing gear, damaging the internal surface of the engine intake (fixable). I´m here to ask for your help!!!! If you have any leftovers from Tamiya decal sheets or landing gear parts (mainly LG doors actuators), I´m glad to receive it, of course I´m willing to pay for the postage. Tamiya´s bombs, auxiliary tanks and missiles are also welcome. Thank you so much for your help. This models is almost free from the shelf of doom!! Lets finish it!!!!! ps: sorry for the crapy photo, my cell phone camera is damage
  10. One more contestant, the new release by WINGSY. Is this a missile or a bomb????
  11. Only God knows about your "Future", ask him about it
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