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  1. Dear Friends After some weeks gattering information about Fw-190 we finally put our hands to work!! Yesterday by night we try to make a new control stick. The one made by Hobbyboss is far from a Fw-190 control stick, in fact is far from any air plane control stick. Using internet images as reference, we both try to hand carve a new one from a piece of sprue. Using files, dremel bits, sand paper, x acto knive blade tips... well, at the end Thiago won!!! After this I suggested him to replace the trigger at the top of the handle. This part is not finished yet there is some refinement work to do on the part and some missing details like some wires runing through the control colum. The plan for next week is to move foward with the pilots seat and side consoles. For now, a big thanks to Rogerio Marczak, who send us a vast source of information about the A versions of bucther birds. Thanks Rato!!!! Hope you like it
  2. Thank you very much this is will be quite helpful to build one!!!!
  3. Wow Westland 48 great job very very nice model!!!! !!! I love gliders. Do you have the pictures of building process? Do you mind to share the drawings to build one???? Thanks in advance
  4. Dear Fellow modelers Me and My Friend Thiago Caram are planing to make a four handed project. To build and improve the Fw-190 A-5 from Hobby Boss in 1/18. We have mr. Peter Castle work´s as an inspiriration to this project, by the way he make an impotant contribution to this project, a BIG thank´s to Mr. Peter!!! As first act to this project we ask for images and sources for cockpit and landing gear details. ANY image and original drawing will be helpful. Thanks in advance and we hope to post Work In Progress pictures soon. Thank you all
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