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  1. Gazza is next up with an earlier model 109 of the 'Green Hearts'. Looks great mate. Link to build thread;
  2. Yeh I'd say that's under the 25%. Go for it.
  3. Finland has entered the gallery with Landrotten Highlander's Caudron C 714, something a little different. Well done mate. Link to build thread;
  4. The reds are here with Michael (Dpgsbody55) and his Yak 3 flown by a Hero of the Soviet Union. Great work. Link to build thread;
  5. I got nailed with the flu last year, it sucked big time, think I might try the vaccination this year.
  6. This reminds me of swine flu, I worked in a backpacker hostel at the time. We had a crisis meeting regarding swine flu and had one of the managers appointed the dedicated swine flu officer. I've never laughed so hard in a meeting than I did at that one. I pointed out that everyone had a greater risk of dying in a car accident getting to work than they did of swine flu and that regular influenza was far more dangerous. I wasn't real popular with the general manager after that meeting, but he was an idiot anyway.
  7. Cheetah11 is up next with another Luftwaffe fighter, this time a new mold Revell Fw 190A. Great work mate. Link to build thread;
  8. Very nice, I will add you to the gallery.
  9. Nice work mate. I will wait for further pictures before making your gallery post.
  10. Up next is myself, with another JG 52 Bf 109K, this time in 1/32 from Hasegawa. Link to build thread.
  11. Not training tonight because of soreness, so I might as well finish off the Karl. Very happy with his this turned out. Thanks for following along.
  12. Mucking around with weathering tonight, got a nice wash on and as you can see, I like to muddy up the tires, although this will pull back a bit when I hit it with the flat coat. I still need to put the canopy on and the landing light covers. Exhaust staining needs some work too. Approaching the finish line though.
  13. With the gloss on and now dry, it's onto the decals. I used most of them from the box, but the black under surface markings were from another kit, along with the double chevron, which I had to cut down a little to fit. However I ran into a bit of a problem; I had no III gruppe bar, so after scouring all my decals including unbuilt kits, I decided to have a go at making a mask. 4 hours and I'm not sure how many tries, I got 1 half decent one. Not too bad. Not perfect but it will do.
  14. Masking up the rudder. Painting the fuselage. I went for RLM 75 and 83 for the fuselage. I painted the tail with a brush, RLM 81 brown with 83 green irregular splotches. Gloss is also on, just awaiting things to dry before some decals and I need to apply the painted out 4 on the fuselage.
  15. I masked up the wings and tail surfaces first for paint. Gunze RLM 74 and 75 used and airbrushed freehand.
  16. I can deal with a bit of heat, but that kinda cold would see me not get out of bed all winter.
  17. Flaps, slats and other bits and bobs put on, along with some nicer weather today, some RLM 76 blue. I will probably stick the gear on too once dry to make painting and handling a bit easier.
  18. Working on some of the smaller and interior sections. RLM 02 being sprayed i the gear wells and on the under carriage legs also inside the radiator flaps. I also painted the prop and spinner. The white is meant to be a bit untidy along with the overspray on the pro blade which was there on the aircraft.
  19. Nice progress, I've built it and can tell you that the supplied weight is enough, no need for extra.
  20. SG4 fought from mid/late 1944 out of Czech territory against the Russians, before that they were engaged against the Western allies in Italy, but SG10 fought almost all the war in Southern Russia, so both those options should be good to go in the 190 kit.
  21. Nah, I just glue 109's together then run a little sand paper over the seam line and leave it. It's only a very fine line on the real thing and not always that visible, so it doesn't really need a scribing.
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