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  1. What colours did you use? Looks almost like standing RAF day fighter camouflage.
  2. We will have next years to discuss soon enough, so those options could be viable, but we did to helicopters not so long ago.
  3. Let's not forget Tricia Helfer in a low cut red dress too.
  4. Kicking off the gallery is chrish with his really nice T 28 Trojan. Sharp work mate. Link to build thread;
  5. Great work mate, I will add you to the gallery.
  6. You know I don't think the white flaking on that decal looks all that bad, looks like genuine weathering.
  7. As Mike said I found the door fit to be a little iffy, thus I left the doors open. Wing roots need some attention but it's nothing drastic.
  8. It depends what you want to get out of your modelling. If you're happy building models that are somewhat basic, but look decent on the shelf, then I would keep these and build them. If you desire super detailed kits, then it's not worth buying aftermarket for these and you'd be better off flipping them and buying the latest offering where available. I've built several of these older kits; Ki 43, P-51D, Wildcat Mk V and F4U Corsair and they go together well and look nice on the shelf.
  9. Thanks mate, no, there is no engine but they do give you options like a 4 blade prop, drop tank, plus the different styles of upper gun cowling, 20mm or 30mm nose mounted cannon, exhaust stacks, wheels and it has the shell ejector chutes in the wings (covered by the gun packs) should you wish to do a different version.
  10. Not a bad kit, built only with the addition of some etched seat belts.
  11. That is a nice cockpit. Looks fantastic.
  12. Damn its like building the real thing.
  13. JimRice brings us is very yellow Stearman from ICM. Superb work mate. Link to build thread;
  14. Very nice mate. If you plan to take a few final completed pics I can wait to add those to the gallery.
  15. @Ayovan Yes mate that qualifies.
  16. Yes, if you want to build a fighter armed with ground or surface attack munitions then it qualifies.
  17. Yeh, they are arming them and they can direct gunfire or missiles.
  18. I think some of you are putting way too much importance on what we, the vocal minority have to say about any particular model. Say I produce a model, but it has some inaccuracies that get pointed out on a forum yet I still sell half a million units of that kit. Who cares what a few people on a forum have to say. For ever one of you out there, 50 exist who don't do the hyper accuracy thing.
  19. Dpgsbody55 crosses the finish line with some more whistling death, this time an early model Corsair from Tamiya. Excellent job mate. Link to build thread;
  20. Great stuff mate I will add to the gallery.
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