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  1. Grant_T slips in under the finish line with his very nice and large, Hurricane Mk 1. Super job mate. Link to build thread;
  2. Nice work mate, will add you to the gallery.
  3. Good stuff mate. Also if it makes things easier, you can put more than one picture in a post. Just ensure that they are separated by one line.
  4. Next over the line is Greif8, with his very nice PCM Hurricane Mk 1. Super job mate. Link to build thread;
  5. Wow great work mate, I will add you to the gallery.
  6. Sorry Artoor, it really wasn't used in or for any training.
  7. I assume it is a Sopwith Camel? If so, then yes.
  8. Padubon brings in the RAF with his very nice Gladiator. Superb work! Link to build thread;
  9. Great work mate. Apologies I did miss this earlier on in the weekend, I'll add you to the gallery now.
  10. I kinda have to fess up that I stepped on a wing part and broke it, cracked it and put this away. I might get back to it, just bloody angry that I was stupid and did that....
  11. I wouldn't worry about a little cross over.
  12. Corrected the dates, thanks for that....I swear I was once really good at counting!!
  13. Currently Running; Training Day. September 1st 2020 - February 28th 2021 Trainers and aircraft used in and for the training of pilots and air crew. Air superiority - December 1st 2020 to May 31st 2021 Single seat fighter planes. Must be configured for air to air engagements. Future Group Builds; In the Navy - March 1st to August 31st Naval aviation, could be from ship or land based squadrons. Target for today - June 1st to - November 30th Ground support interdiction and CAS aircraft. Conventional fighters pressed
  14. Yes, sorry I meant to post this the other day and got sidetracked with cricket stuff. Anyways, we'll go with the order of most votes, that works for me. So dates will be; Air superiority - December 1st 2020 to April 30th 2021 Navy - March 1st to August 31st Target for today - May 1st to - October 31st Blue box - September 1st - February 28th 2022. I'll arrange for a Group Build Calendar to be pinned up too.
  15. Kicking off the GB is Alex, with is very colourful Japanese Ki-86a Cypress. Really nice, almost need sunnies for this one! Link to build thread;
  16. Great work mate, off to start the gallery!
  17. Yeh that sounds well within the guidelines.
  18. It's for Revell kits. Although the BBOH 2 might be Trumpeter. Ideas for teh future mate!
  19. Thanks all for voting, the results are now in. I'll be sorting out the dates in the next week or so, we will also make arrangements for a Group Build calendar to be pinned somewhere, need to discuss that with the guys though. Anyways, stay tuned and in the mean time there are a couple of GB's well under way, check them out.
  20. Yeh that's all good, shipping interdiction/surface attack. A boat is just a train that floats!
  21. I'm not sure what a 'Banff Mosquito' is.
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