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  1. Excellent build & paint ..! Love Polish Vipers and you captured them beautifully well ..! -Gregg
  2. Well the Jolly Rogers are my favorite squadron so just call me "Peg Leg" ... Argh ... -Gregg
  3. Thank you much geedubelyer and Mike, I do accept all prayer ... -Gregg
  4. Thank you so much Maru and Kevin ... I do appreciate the well wishes and Prayers ... Well, right now we're neighbors, Kevin, I'm at St. Luke's Chesterfield ... -Gregg
  5. Hi Mehru, I hope you are well ... Well, I've been incommunicado for awhile due to surgery I needed ... My doctor wanted too do it right away... Well, I'm one leg less now slightly above the knee ... I'm up here in St. Louis at St. Luke's Hospital in Chesterfield ... Well, I hope you're doing better than I am ... I was in the ICU for two days over the weekend, now I'm on the 9th floor ... I don't my time in the icu due to brain bleed. They're not sure if I'm allergic to the antibiotic they used and that's what the doctor feels what caused me to have seizures ... I guess its very rare for someone to be allergic to that antibiotic ... I.miss and love you and our chars ... Love You Sweetheart ... ~Gregg xXx
  6. Happy -=B=- Day to brewer, Dart_Schatten & mahernandez ..! Have a Blast, Folks ..! -Gregg
  7. Happy -=B=- Day to plane_mc & scvrobeson ..! To the Best of Times ... -Gregg
  8. Happy -=B=- Day to O.W & Vingtor ..! Family Friends & CAKE ..! ~Gregg PS Happy -=B=- Day to my Sister Cathy As Well ..!
  9. Growing up in Southern California in 70s-80x, seen them flying overhead rather frequently working the high tension wires throughout the area, usually installing the newer towers ... An example would often be on static display at the various air shows as well ... As a kid, I often thought they looked like a prehistoric beast ... -Gregg
  10. Gorgeous Build ...! Lovely in every way ... -Gregg
  11. Looking worn and used John ! Very nice ..! -Gregg
  12. Happy -=B=- Day to Robthepom ..! Family, Friends & CAKE ..! -Gregg
  13. Happy -=B=- Day to private_hell ..! Have a Phantabulous Day ..! -Gregg
  14. Happy -=B=- Day to Daniel460, Ichebasje, Menelaos & polsam ..! Have a Scary Good Time ...! -Gregg
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