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  1. Putting screw heads onto the gun pods today.
  2. I have a private airport about 1/2 a mile from my home, it has a restaurant /bar that I frequent. Stopped in yesterday and was pleasently suprised to see this Blackhawk sitting on the tarmac, I have never seen these markings before, glossy finish overall, extra fuel tanks outboard. Unfortunately the owner of the airport wasn't there, I'm friendly with him and he would have walked me over to the aircraft for a closer look.
  3. Jumping around a bit, I decided to work on the vents on the starboard side of the fuselage. The large vent is big enough that it can be hollowed out , the smaller one would be a task and it's also made of nylon not styrene, so I took some 7/32" aluminum tube and flattened it and cut the end to match the angle of the kit part opened the existing slot on the kit fuselage and inserted the aluminum tube super glue and some of my UV setting filler to bolster it up. I also added some flanges to the large kit vent out of styrene.
  4. The forward Lifting Device recepticle on the kit is way too deep and also the upper wall looks like a castle door the way the rivets are portrayed so I've made a new top and put in some recessed and raised panels along with Archer rivets to make it look closer to photos, I still have to put in the slot for the actuator arm and the hinges. I installed this plate 3/16" lower inside the recepticle, it's not totally accurate but looks better than whats there. The original recepticle
  5. Don't know if I'm going to do a centerline rack, here is the best photo I have of the centerline.
  6. Have the new cross over fairing started, have to add a vent and some fasteners.
  7. Working on the gun pods a bit, I decided that I will mount the pods with screws, so I have glued blocks into both pods front and rear. I intend to join the 2 pods together with a new amunition feed fairing, I'm actually using the incorrect kit part to join the pods together and put the new fairing over it. I have also made some cannon barrels out of some stainless steel tubing, .060 inside diameter = 30mm in 1:18 scale. I want the cannon pods removable for painting, I have seen a lot of photos of Harriers and many times the cannon pods are a different color than the airframe, I guess from swapping them out during maintainance and removing them when not needed and replacing them with the stand alone ventral strakes.
  8. Had to use a little freindly pursuasion on the forward fuselage to get it closed up snuggly.
  9. pretty sad when a 50 year old science fiction model is more accurate than a 4 year old kit of a plane that's been around for almost the same time ???
  10. Took a big step today, I glued the rear of the fuselage together, I left the forward half un-glued as I have to fit the cockpit portion in between the intakes, it's how the kit was designed for assembly with no glue, it's kind of a pain as you have to stay aware of what can go together at what time. also put a little paint over the rivit decals to have a look.
  11. Hope this doesn't stop my progress, been waiting for this kit for over 50 years !!!!
  12. ARCHER rivets to the rescue !!! another oddity for Hobbyboss, they did a nice job of putting the raised rivets on the mid-section of the fuselage which can be seen when you look at photos of the real thing. What's confusing to me is why they only put about half of them on the model and the ones that are missing are the most visible ??? Also they didn't put any on the ventral tail fin so I'll be riveting that as well. I used the Archer "O" scale, 7/8" dia. heads , they're size and spacing is really close to the kits rivets.
  13. Finally got around to working on the HUD display, the kit part is molded in one piece clear, I thought the lenses were far too thick so I cut the support frames from the lenses and sanded the inside smooth then took a razor saw and put slots about half way into the frames where the glass lenses would live and made new ones from .010 petg.
  14. Thought I would do a dress rehearsal with the components that I have been completing , I'm really happy with the way the intakes have come out.
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