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  1. Glued the fuselage halves together, finished up the inside of the nose compartment other than some of the Bombardier's station which I needed to leave off until I finish exterior work around that area. Started to do some "Tin Knocking" .005 hardened aluminum sheet glued with cantact cement. Embossing rivet heads from the backside of the panels before their applied... Pat
  2. Hi Jay, the perforations were printed into the part, at the time when I was drawing I figured that they would end up printing as recesses, much to my suprise they came out as through holes !!! I think my front wall thickness is about .020 maybe .025 the whole box is hollow and I put no back in it as it would'nt be seen. The tube clamps are printed, bought some soft aluminum wire to simulate all the oxygen lines and based my clamp drawing with the bushing and screw head as one part basing the I.D. of the clamp to fit the wire. Looking forward to some more P-51 updates !!! Pat
  3. A Little update, still moving ahead, lots of stuff to draw and print !!! Upper turret got the ammo boxes and and suit heater plug in box... Throttle quadrante painted and decororated.. LEFT side of the nose getting close... RIGHT SIDE Progessing FIRST CREW REPORTING, NAVIGATOR, have to put the oxygen hose back on...
  4. LSP_Kevin Administrator I sent files to Kevin last year, he may still have them. Feel free to use them if he sends them to you. Pat
  5. I'm sorry to tell you that I don't have my 3D files anymore, I ran out of storage on my Laptop and had to delete a bunch of my drawing files. Pat
  6. This is one that I printed a couple years ago, it's sitting next to a HK Lancaster for size reference... Pat
  7. Quite a bit of room in that fuselage to put stuff in if you don't need a super charger anymore for low level missions ??? Pat
  8. Best I can tell the plexiglass dome is 40 inches in diameter and the ring it mounts to is 40 3/4 inches. Hope this helps !!! Pat
  9. I wanted to see if anyone might have a good clear head-on image of the Bombardier's loading chart that is mounted on the ceiling of the nose compartment in the B-17s, I believe the chart was the same on both the F and G models. I want to make a decal for it... Any help would be really appreciated !!! Thank you, Pat
  10. Turned out some more printed parts today, the panel goes on the left side of the cockpit next to the pilot, the other parts are the oxygen regulators and the heater control boxes for the crews "Blue Bunny" suits.. Pat
  11. yup, cut a decal for every rectangle... What I did was base my decal on photos of the real thing, there was really 4 lines of print that fit between the stringers for the most part on the real aircraft, I went to 3 lines because I only have an ink-jet printer and I though that the text would be completely un-legible due to the poor print quality. Cutting the decals wasn't too bad, I printed long lines of continous Alclad logos then cut them into strips, I could hold a strip up in front of the frame work of the airframe and determine by letter or number on the decal where to cut and then cut a sliver off the next piece to compensate for the thickness of the next frame in-line, it wasn't too bad, just took a few hours of sitting... Pat
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