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  1. Made some rear view mirrors and pull handles today...
  2. A little progress, Have been working on the inside frame for the canopy, what a pain, it's very complicated with plumbing, brackets boxes, bolts, shapes you name it....
  3. Thank you, yes I was planning on putting the pulleys in next to the intakes and some music wire for the cables.
  4. Thank you Guy, interesting, Yes, I think that is an understatement !!! I sometimes I come across things on this kit and wonder if the tool maker was taking long lunches while working on the molds ???
  5. Thank you Kirk !!! really helpful stuff you posted !!!
  6. Finishing the turtle deck, have to still make some vent fairings to go over the 2 holes at the rear of the deck.
  7. Added the auxilary air intakes located on the turtle deck at the back of the canopy. Thank you Kirk for explaining the details of the ducts, I never realized that the vertical panel lines inside the intake trunks are actually the doors for these intakes, learn something new every day ! Had to sand all the detail off the deck as the shapes molded onto it are all wrong in shape and I will have to make some reward facing "scoops" to go over the 2 holes that I added towards the rear of the deck, looking at photos I could see that they are there on american AV-8Bs also the are 2 round cover plates I need to add between the aux intakes and the rear vent scoops.
  8. Got it now, thank you, haven't done a whole lot of research on the Harrier, just alot of google photo recon and help from all the people on this site(THANK YOU). Wanted to try and turn this giant mess into something kind of decent looking, it's such an impressive mass of plastic !!!! PAT
  9. Thank you again ! I had a feeling that that opening on top of the wing was an exhaust as I've seen a photo that looked as if the area had exhaust staining around it. I guess what I'm wondering on that is can you actually see the APU or is it just an exhaust trunk/ductthat you would be looking into from above ? As for the aux intakes I'm asuming that you would look down inside them from above and see down to the bottom of them where they end next to the top of the landing gear pivot(basically) ?
  10. Thank you, Kirk, appreciate all the information !!! Yeah, I'm probably going to put the aux intakes in, not sure what you see when looking down to the holes ??? Same goes for the rectangular exhaust/intake on the top of the wing just behind the canopy ???
  11. I decided to work on the intake trunks, the one issue that I have been pondering was how to put the small fillets in where the trunk meets the side of the forward fuselage, the problem I was seeing was how do you put the fillet in be able to get to it to sand it in nicely, I figured you need to get to both ends of the fillets in order to make them look nice and smooth and even. So what I have done is glued shim to the kit's intake trunks to match up to the fuselage better and checking the fit the whole time into the main fuselage halves, now I have glued the trunks directly to the foward fuselage halves this way I can access both ends of the trunks, put in fillets, sand them and paint it all white much more easily(I HOPE).
  12. Thank you Kirk , for posting your 3D models, wish I had a printer, I would have like to have everything printed instead of hand fabricating !!!! Super nice work you've done on these !!!
  13. Figured out how to paint the molded in "DET CORD" in the top of the canopy, it only took about an hour to do. I used model master enamel, I can't say what other paint might work the same without problems, acrylics might be ok, you have to experiment. What I did is hand brushed the model master enamel on and made sure that I covered the entire width of the "CORD" so that there were no clear edges showing, I let the paint dry for less than 5 minutes(I didn't put it on thick) I used a sharpened wooden cotton swab shaft(tooth picks will work) and GENTLY rubbed the excess enamel away, using the point to get into the corners, the enamel doesn't "bite into the plastic as long as it is straight from the bottle. Just be careful not to rub real hard as it might start to scratch the canopy.
  14. The belts are made from .015 thick aluminum tape that I removed the adhesive from, cut it to a width that looks appropriate, the upper shoulder harnesses I used the aluminum tape and put it inside electronic "shrink tube" and shrunk it around the tape belts to look like the zipped on covers that are on the real aircraft's upper harness belts, the aluminum is still pliable/bendable inside the tube. The buckles I made from styrene and added some photo-etched screw heads to their sides to make them look a little more mechanical/functional.
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