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  1. Just saw this photo today, it was taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter from over 400 miles away and was traveling at 6,750 miles an hour, the photo is the Mars rover descending to the planet on it's parachute, the rover was going about 150 miles an hour on it's parachute.... technology has come such a long way
  2. Trying to find out what kind of patch was used when the upper turret on the Lancaster was removed ???? Was it round or was it square/rectangle ????
  3. Noticed this one while looking for printing projects....
  4. Yes, I set it to the side to work on some other builds, I tend to work on multiple builds to peak my interest.
  5. Put some filler caps on the wing tip tanks... Started to move the wing roots, I cut the kit fuselage from the front of the gunner's window all the way forward to about the point where the instrument panel mounts, this point on the kit is very close to the correct shape in cross section, I ground some material off the inside of the fuselage pieces from the wing leading edge forward so that I could re-shape the cockpit walls to a more curved shape to match the cross section at the instrument panel. When I cut out the fuselage sides I left about a 1/16 of an inc
  6. I installed a screen into the carb intake...the cowling is still loose, that's why it looks crooked... I decided not to get aftermarket cockpit parts(ie. Eduuard/Yahu) looked at the kit's instrument panel and it's molded with the secondary flight instruments on the right side of the panel which the "K" model would have, so I looked at the kit's decal sheet and the molded panel and they both look pretty good. I didn't want to put individual instrument decals into each bezel so I sanded the back of the kit panel down in thickness and then drilled out the individual bezels and
  7. Got my Vector R-2800 late model engines , started putting them together.. Modified the Hobby Boss engine mounts and mounted the Vector engines to them to make it easy to center on the existing firewalls...I also modified the Vector engines ignition wire ring based on photos of the restored "SPECIAL KAY" B-26Ks engines that show only 9 wire outlets on the ring with 2 wires coming out of each of the outlets... I was glad to find there was no issue with the Hobby Boss cowl inside diameter, the Vector engines fit in fine other than the Vector engin
  8. A little more progress, I finished cleaning up the new props and put some paint on them. Also got the wing tip fuel tanks installed and put the fuel dump tubes into the backs of the tanks. I partially cut into the cowl flap joint line and put the cowl flaps into a more closed position.
  9. Trying to find out if the wing tip tanks have filler caps on them ??? Any help appreciated ! Pat
  10. Pretty funny, I was working on a wing this morning and realized the same thing.....
  11. I spent a few hours today working on a wing, I bought the Resin 2 Detail printed oil cooler intakes and have installed one, they look so much better than what was molded, they fit pretty good, I have to do a little filling and sanding, I would definitely recommend these parts. I also started working on the wing tip fuel tanks, I found a set of tanks on ebay for the Czech Models F-80, they are very close to the right length and the diameter is correct, sanded 2 of the ribs that go around the tank off and sanded the nose to the more blunt shaped nose of the "K" t
  12. I can tell you from my own experience so far with this kit is that the landing gear need to replaced no matter what the height is , they are really weak, I've already had to put wire in the main struts because one broke off and now that I've looked at them while working on it. The way the struts mount up into the nacelles seems to be way too weak to survive building.
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