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  1. I am trying to find a 3 view drawing of the MK II A Uffa Fox designed lifeboat that RAF Search and Rescue Lancasters carried. Any help would be appreciated !!! Pat
  2. I was thinking about the core idea, if a core was made with a straight taper on it , it could be wrapped with wax paper which might allow it to release more easily from the foam. Also I'm not sure how many different release agents you have tried, one that I used to use along time ago before anyone was using silicone for molds was PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) which we would apply with a spray gun onto our molds, you spray on light coats and let it dry a few minutes, spray again, 2 or 3 coats usually, put the mold together and pour your resin, the PVA is water soluble so you you take the part out an
  3. Your tank came out really nice !!! Looking at the photo of your printed mold it looks as if you have a good amount of material on each half outside of the cavity, if you think about printing a core, maybe you could print it with "ears" on it that would sit on the flat ends of the existing mold and put some small screws through the "ears" into the end wall of your existing mold to keep the core from moving while the foam cures. Just a thought, looking forward to your progress !!! Pat
  4. Could you print a core for your tank mold to take the weight from the molded foam ? Pat
  5. I've used the Tamiya lacquer spray cans too, and they work great, one thing I have noticed with the gloss and metal colors is you need to be careful about heavy coats as it may start to craze styrene molded parts, all kit styrene blend is not exactly the same from one manufacturer to another so they can react differently to lacquer. What I have done that seems to work is use Tamiya's lacquer primer, I really like the white, it goes down beautifully and I'm partial to their "Silver Leaf" for bare aluminum. Good luck with whatever you decide to use !!!! Pat
  6. Started to work on the tail turret a few days ago, I somehow came to the realization that B-24 "D"s have a completely different tail turret than the kits "J" turret. The "J" turret : The "D" turret : So I carved up a new one piece dome pattern that I could vacuum form a clear shot and I cut all the excess plastic away from the kit turret and added some styrene sheet to some places that ended up with voids where some of the material was taken off. Another thing I noticed i
  7. Well after almost putting this in the trash twice this week(2 almost fatal paint disasters) I've managed to get it back in control.... I used Tamiya spray can lacquers for the white, grey and clear, I used stood off masks for the demarcation between the colors, thank goodness I used paper card stock for the masks as I had to go back and use them 3 times... I put a wash on the fuselage today, feeling better about it now.
  8. Finally found out whats up in the nose of a PB4Y-1, the square object behind the bomb sight window is a piece of armored glass and the attached photos show the armored glass in the stowed position and also the type of sighting system the was installed.
  9. Got a wing painted today and put the insignia on it, still have to clear coat and weather it.
  10. wonder if it was a camera or spot light
  11. finished the forward fuselage camouflage went on to put the "B-10" codes on the nose also added some mission markers, VB-105 based in England used red stars for mission markers, the stars came from "Fantasy Printshop" sheet of assorted red stars. Also cut a set of cowl flaps into 4 sections each and glued them in place to see them in a slightly open position.
  12. I am trying to figure out what type of equipment was used in the nose of PB4Y-1s, I can't imagine that they carried Norden bomb sights being that their primary mission was anti-submarine warfare, dropping depth charges at low altitude wouldn't require an elaborate sight... I came across this photo and there is some kind of device mounted in the general area that a bomb sight would live, it is the square looking object behind the flat glass bomb sight panel, wondering what it is ???
  13. Started to apply some markings, I'm using Montex masks for the national insignia, I have to modify them as I wanted to do the red bordered stars and bars but no one offers them in B-24 size !!! the early B-24s and PB4Ys had the really large fuselage stars and the bars were added later into the war. I decided to start painting the camo demarcation in sections as the model is very large and with the way the wings go on, it can be painted with them off, which makes it much easier. I''l move on to the forward fuselage next.
  14. One thing I forgot to mention, with brass barrels, I've always had difficulties keeping paint on them or blackening agents, what I have started doing is washing them with lacquer thinner and coating them with "sharpie" black permanent markers and then painting them really dark grey and putting black wash over them. seems to work really well...
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