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  1. Also at the base of the first stage there where Roman numerals to indicate which side of the rocket was being viewed.
  2. The weathers ring was done with the “Hair Spray” method, there are many articles on-line on how to.
  3. I read an interesting article a few days ago about the Ingenuity helicopter, I was curious as to why it hadn't flown yet, NASA was waiting on weather, turns out that they get regular weather reports from the Perseverance rover as well as the still "alive" Curiosity rover and a third probe that is on the planet's surface, the three probes combined can give wind velocity readings of three different altitudes. Awesome !!! I believe Curiosity h
  4. I don't think that 99 percent of the world even realize that this is happening 130 million miles away from home... it's incredible !!!!
  5. Finished up the little project today, it was really an enjoyable project,simple, fun, short turn around, something completely different !!!!
  6. I needed a break from reality modeling, so I picked up the Atlantis "Convair Space Shuttle" 1:156 scale ??? Like all my other projects I just can't bring myself to building out of the box, so into the spare parts box and searching the web for ideas and then finding graphics images that I downloaded and re-sized to create decals for this project. What I came up with is the Strategic Air Commands "SUB ORBITAL BOMBER" or the SOB-66 ??? I have added shrike missle halves to the main booster body to look like fairings that real spacecraft use and couple Rolls Royc
  7. They are currently running up the motor of the "Ingenuity" helicoptor, such amazing stuff !!!!
  8. Thank you Tom, yeah I just happened to have spotted the heater intake while pulling parts for some portion of the build !!! I was so glad you posted about the alternate parts for the exhausts that replace the engines, what a time saver !!!!! Thanks again !
  9. This is the HK Lancaster I just fininished, everything on it was in the stock HK kit, the ventral radome, the foward radar antenna and the plug for the upper turret, it's all there, it's just not called out on the instruction sheet. Also the intake on the starboard side above the trailing edge of the wing is in the kit as well !!!
  10. The plug should be in the regular kit, I believe it is on the same sprue as the dorsal turret fairing. It was included in my kit.
  11. Thank you !!!That photo would be an intresting conversion !!! I'm not sure other than the parchute how the boat was dropped, I know there's are articles on-line that pertain to it.
  12. Hi Craig, thank you ! Your B-17 is looking great !!! The lifeboat actually started as a free download of a "Candian Canoe" which I re-sized in my printer software, printed it. I had to heat up the side walls and bow them in a good amount at the top in order to make it look more like the original lifeboat, I also had to build up the bow section with epoxy putty to make it more blunt as per the original's look, most of it was guess work as I couldn't find any drawings of the real hull. It was fun though, The HK kit goes together really well, I think the only thing that really bothered me on it w
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