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  1. Maybe. I realize it’s just a marketing tactic to create buzz ahead of time, spread by people like me. But in IBG’s case, I’m happy to fall for it. They follow through. Hmmmm…hope it’s the latter. Richard
  2. You could be right, that sounds familiar too. I was trying to find a thread that might give a clue.
  3. Just saw on IBG’s Facebook page that they intend to make a “big announcement” at the World Model Expo in Veldhoven this weekend. If it’s another 1/32 kit at the level of their PZL P.11c, then that will be very welcome news. Was there not talk about them doing a 1/32 Hurricane I a while back? Could be an armour kit, but at least we won’t have to wait long to find out. Richard
  4. After 40 years of researching and looking at Mustangs you learn a few things, and there's always more to discover. Here is a photo of a 154 Squadron Mustang, with a pilot sitting on the glare shield. It'll give you an idea of the size and position. There would likely have been a fair bit of discolouration too from the exhaust being redirected by the shield. Good view of the louvres too. I have a photo of a 303 Squadron Mustang with the shields but the angle doesn't show it as well. Here is a 441 Squadron RCAF Mustang III showing the same discolouration after removal of the glare shield. It looks similar to what you see on the Mustang IV Y2-H. And another: Hope this helps. Richard
  5. No kill markings or anything painted over. That discoloured area is where the exhaust glare shields were attached. They were T-shaped aluminum plates that were bolted on for night flying…I’m not kidding. There are very few photos of these in place, and they were removed soon after they were installed. Not sure why they were ordered on some Mustangs, but it was very short-lived. When they were removed the paint or aluminum underneath was discoloured. I have a couple of photos at home I can post tonight after work. Richard
  6. Well now, that’s more good news! Thank you! I’ve always thought that it’s one of the most beautiful aircraft designs ever to fly. Richard
  7. Yes, it is hardcover and comes well-packed. It’s heavy though. Richard
  8. Thought some of you might be interested, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. As part of the commemoration they’ve published a history of the organization. It runs to 300 pages and is packed full of stories and photographs. I just received my copy and it is going to take some time to go through properly. Full of facts and stories, many of which I’d never heard. It sells for $79.95 Cdn but for me is worth every penny. The proceeds also help the Museum. Fifty Years: Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Richard
  9. Oops…I should have searched first. Sorry folks. Thanks Maru. Richard
  10. Looking forward to this… October 2022 Devotion official trailer
  11. I just read a “theory” that Maverick was actually killed in the attempt to take Darkstar to Mach 9, and the rest of the movie is him dying, sort of a dream sequence. The theory proposes an explanation for some of the inconsistencies and references to the past, like Rooster showing up looking like his father. Top Gun: Maverick death theory Personally I think it’s reading way too much into it…and maybe the reviewer should cut back on whatever they’re smoking. It’s entertainment, a Hollywood movie, not a documentary on current air combat operations. I’ve seen it again, and it was still fun. As entertainment it succeeded for me. Richard
  12. Saw it last night in IMAX, in a D-Box recliner ( basically an enormous armchair with a huge vibrator in it ) It was precisely what I expected and wanted, and more. Realistic, maybe not. Not all the characters completely worked for me either, but that’s just me. I thought the inclusion of Val Kilmer was perfect. Entertaining…in bucket loads. Some excellent humour too. We’ll see it again. It’s interesting, my partner Ruth went with me and absolutely loved it too. I’ve subjected her to a few war films, and she said that it totally reminded her of 633 Squadron. The secret mission and rehearsals, an almost impossible to hit target, the winding approach in a valley at low level, and a number of other similarities. And she’s absolutely right! It didn’t even occur to me. And it begins and ends with a Mustang, what’s not to love? Oh, and Jennifer Connolly… Richard
  13. Apart from adding my vote for a P-51B/C in either 1/32 or 1/24 ( and maybe a state of the art P-51D/K in 1/24 )... I would love to see this in 1/32: And this, Meteor NF.14 ( artwork for 1/48 Special Hobby kit by Standa Hajek ): Richard
  14. I second Wheels and Wings Hobbies. If you’re only going to have time for one store then that is definitely the place to go. Tremendous selection of…well, everything. Another interesting shop is Aviation World right beside the airport. Although their kit section is not huge, they have an excellent and extensive selection of civil and military aviation books and magazines. Richard
  15. All the sets I’ve seen are unpainted, either plastic or resin. They are quite crude with heavy details, meant for wargaming. If I was to paint another set I would fill and smooth all the detail which would improve the look somewhat. Richard
  16. They are supplied unpainted. Richard
  17. Goodness Maru, I’m humbled by your kind remarks. You are always so supportive of everyone’s efforts here, and I for one appreciate it very much! You make it such a pleasure to be part of this group. This build was a wonderful (and long) experience, and I learned a lot and developed skills that I’ll use again. I know a lot of people find Mustangs boring but it’s my aviation passion…time to build something else though. Haha! Yes, the pilot does look surprised! Like, “Really? What?! It’s done?” Thank you! Richard
  18. Thank you so much Kev! Finally! A bit late for the group build from 2016! Although I’ve started another 1/24 Airfix Mustang, I’m going to put it aside for a bit to do something out of the box and much easier. Thanks Tom, it’s been a labour of love. I’m a bit obsessed with RCAF Mustangs. Thanks! It felt good to get pushed to finish her. The figure kit itself is brilliant and easy to paint, and the eyes are molded so even a rookie like me could do a decent job. Thank you! For a fifty-year old kit it still looks great with a bit ( i.e.huge ) amount of work.
  19. Some photos from the show, which was held on March 27. I didn't expect to win anything but it was fun to enter and talk LSPs with others. I'll get some proper RFI photos once I get a spot set up. And the pilot which I was quite happy with. It's the AIMS FAA pilot converted to an RCAF pilot from the 1950s. More finished photos soon. Richard
  20. So a show, Heritagecon in Hamilton, Ontario at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, finally convinced me to finish this project after five years. It was a race to the finish as it was a last minute decision to enter. The major stumbling block was drilling the hole in the canopy for the antenna wire, which caused me all kinds of problems. I was hesitant to do it after all the work to get it clear, but in the end it was fine. The next step was to create the roller mechanism inside the canopy, one of the two types on the Mustang. The wire itself is beading wire, which can be bought at Michael's. It's very flexible but not stretchy if that makes sense. It consists of extremely fine wire braided and covered with clear plastic, and looks very authentic. The insulators were made from beads of white glue. In the end it wasn't all that bad, but the fear of ruining the canopy made me hesitate...for months. The two types of roller mechanisms/pulleys, for those that might find it interesting. 9253 had the second type (figure 6): How it all turned out: And the final addition was the spike antenna under the starboard wing: RIchard
  21. I've made a living with words, and I have none that I can use that would be adequate. Magnificent and meticulous build Peter, thank you for sharing the whole effort. The build thread and photos could be a primer on the P-51B/C, both building a replica and a study of the real thing. I certainly hope the story of the build will make it's way into book form. Wow... Richard
  22. Thanks Carl, yes that was my Mustang finally done. That’s nice to hear. It didn’t place, but I wasn’t expecting it to. It was just fun to enter something, and it forced me to finish it. Haha! You’re welcome. I don’t normally build jets but the MiG-29 seriously appeals to me. I missed out on a Hobby 2000 109E so was determined to spend money on something…
  23. And I'll sneak this in...I finally finished it the night before the show...five years late...
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