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  1. You're welcome Peter. That's great you found a copy of the book. It's a bit dated in parts, but still useful. And you are right, fixing the dihedral makes a huge difference to the appearance of the model. The other thing is the length of the landing gear, it does need to be shortened to make it sit right. The Airfix Mustang is still the best place to start for a 1/24 P-51D/K (or Mustang IV to some of us). Even though a bit soft in detail compared to the Trumpeter kit, at least Airfix got the shapes and dimensions right (and almost 50 years ago). Good luck with it, and definitely look at the ModelMonkey parts, depending how far you want to take the detailing. Looking forward to seeing photos. Richard
  2. I just cobbled together this hand-drawn template that I used on my build. I'm not friendly with computer graphics software, but I included a scale at the bottom in inches and mm. I can send the full-size file in an email. If anyone can clean these up in a suitable program that would be a big help, and appreciated. The wingspar is based on the drawing in the book published by Patrick Stephens. The other bits were templates I drew for improving parts of the kits, especially the gear doors and wheel well roof with the ribs. The resulting parts required some sanding and dry-fitting but it worked. You can see how they were used in my "In Progress" thread below. This is how it ended up looking: But...if you can wait a while, ModelMonkey is going to be producing a wingspar/wheel well fix, and their products are brilliant. They have a shape-corrected cowling for the Airfix Mustang, as well as exhausts and shrouds, radios and one type of seat. All of them are sharp and accurate, so I am expecting the same for the wingspar and wheel wells.
  3. I think you may be confusing a couple of things. The Lancaster owned by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum was restored by them in Hamilton, Ontario in their own hangars and workshops, with help from a number of organizations. It has never been in NZ. It has been to the States, and there was the epic trip to the UK a few years ago, but she generally flies within Canada with a few side trips to the States. Not sure a Lancaster has flown over NZ for a long while. Richard
  4. There is that too.
  5. Small motors make sense. Some of the clear disc attempts can look ok too, but I'm not so convinced by the photo-etched versions. I overheard a comment once at a model show that the photo-etched prop blurs looked like someone had attached a fern to the front of the aircraft, and I haven't been able to get that out of my head now. Richard
  6. That is possibly the best metal finish I have ever seen! I just keep staring at the detail and weathering, wondering how you did it! Richard
  7. Thanks Barney! It's getting closer to the finish. As for your spare Mustang, I still have a couple in the stash...and schemes in mind for them. But, I would consider another, just in case. It's no longer available on the Airfix site. Send me a message and let me know what you'd like for it. Richard
  8. These builds are imaginative, beautiful and stunning...and brave. I've just spent my whole lunch hour just looking at this thread. There is something surreal about the whole thing, the detail is simply incredible and convincing. On top of all that you have to decide on the correct intensity of the greys and blacks to convey the right impression of the real thing. Mind is blown. This is art on a different level! Thanks for this, it's a lot of fun watching the progress. Richard
  9. That's the issue I have too. The artists spend so much time creating realistic renderings of aircraft (for the most part) and then have no idea how they move in the air. Do they not have advisors to assist? It's disappointing to see aircraft flit around like over-caffeinated hummingbirds. And yes, strafing a street at fire-hydrant level is cringe inducing...and not in a good way. I get the impression that they are trying to appeal to the action/adventure movie types, and the younger crowd who are used to the comic book hero franchises. On some levels it's wonderful that the movie might introduce them to some history, and make them curious. I'm afraid we're not the target audience. I will likely go see it, after all, how many war movies do we get to see on the big screen? I think if you can do it with your historian's glasses put away, it might be tolerable. I have a feeling though that I will drive anyone I go to see it with crazy, I won't be able to help it. And don't get me started on an almost 60-year old Tom Cruise in another Top Gun...although...Jennifer Connelly is in it... Richard
  10. Some sad news. Just saw that the Corsair from the Vintage Wings of Canada in Gatineau, Quebec suffered some damage in an emergency landing. The pilot is ok, was taken to hospital as a precaution. The photos in the article are not that great, but the wings look like they've sustained some serious damage. I'm sure they will rebuild, but it may be a while. She is painted in the markings of Victoria Cross winner Hammy Gray RCNVR. Vintage WIngs Corsair damaged in emergency landing Richard
  11. That is absolutely gorgeous Mike! I've always loved the 356th FG markings, and surprised that no one has done decals for Jersey Jerk in 1/32. You've really gone above and beyond on this one. Richard
  12. Whoa...two months since the last post. I've had some bench time, but I've hit the "4/5 finished" syndrome that was discussed in General Discussions. However, I've been practicing with the airbrush on a couple of "paint mules", with some instruction from a talented friend, so I'm at the point where I am confident enough to get started painting. I've also built a "red-neck" paint booth out of a large plastic storage bin, an extraction fan and furnace filter. Not pretty but it works. (probably cost as much as buying a booth off the shelf, but it's the principle of the thing) And yes, Alclad really does stink! (smell wise that is). In the meantime, I've completed all the little details for final finishing: - Canopy and windshield are polished and Future-dipped, ready for attachment. Windshield location on fuselage shimmed and filled to better fit the clear part. - Zero-length rocket launchers detailed - Bomb racks detailed - new fuel caps made, filler locations drilled out for the caps - more piping and retraction links crammed into wheel wells, and hinges and hydraulic jacks for clamshell doors built ...I think I'm done in there! - wingtip navigation lights carved and painted (how can two tiny lights take so long to make!?) - appropriate antennas researched and made - landing light built and wired (no, not meant to work) I've spent much time priming and polishing, trying to correct any blemishes and reduce the prominence of the rivets and inspection panels. I think she's ready now for the final primer coats, black on the fuselage and dark grey on the wings. I know, without photos it didn't happen. I'll try to get some photos up shortly, but it's the Canada Day holiday weekend and summer finally decided to arrive. Richard
  13. Wow. No words. Everything about that is superb, the finish, the convincing weathering, even the subtle sheen on the paint. The figure is excellent too, I wouldn't worry about comparisons with anyone there. It turned out great. I guess I did have a few words after all... Thanks for sharing that. Richard
  14. Thank you Brian, that's exactly the right answer. I don't have a lot of experience with an airbrush yet, and I can't expect to get good results by just moving ahead on a model I've invested a lot of time on. Practicing on a mule or two first would give me the confidence I need to get over the anxiety. Right now I just worry that all that work will be a bit spoiled by paintwork that I'm not completely happy with. Doesn't help that my favourite aircraft are in natural metal finish lol. Have to say the decaling part does make me happy, that's when the model starts to come to life. As for MRP paint, that paint line gets mentioned here often so will have to check them out. Thanks again Brain...and see JerseyChris, you have company. Richard
  15. It's just my own experience but I'm finding the opposite, that it's the finishing that makes me hesitate. I love building and adding in details, even scratch building parts, but the final finishing and painting makes me anxious. I don't seem to be able to achieve the paint finish and weathering I have pictured in my mind, and that disappoints me. I know the solution to that is just practice, and finishing more models...kind of a Catch-22. Just a skill I have to learn and improve, and then it won't be so much of a problem. So yes, 4/5 build syndrome fits well. Richard
  16. Znakomity! You did a wonderful job with a difficult kit. Nice to see the markings of a Polish hero. I am also waiting for ZM or HKM to do their Mustang III. Richard
  17. I had never heard of the AA Productions conversion. Found it on eBay, sounds interesting, 50 parts including new larger tailplanes. I have the Freightdog conversion which I had planned to use. Would love to see the other one. Richard
  18. The drop tanks would be a great idea, and maybe some 108 gallon paper tanks. Other replacement items that would make a big difference would be the landing gear covers, and the inner clamshell doors, a Schick-Johnson seat, SCR-695 set, corrected cockpit floor and rudder pedals, K-14 gunsight. The Airscale instrument panel is brilliant so that is taken care of, but the rest of the cockpit could use some help, although that could get complicated deciding on which block number/time period to do. All that being said, you are already covering the most important and difficult areas of concern with the kit; the nose contour and the wheel well and wing spar. You've also done the exhaust and shroud which will be a great improvement. The gear legs are the other major problem, but that would have to be in metal of some sort. From the long list of items above I think the gear doors and clamshell doors, Schick-Johnson seat and maybe the gunsight might be good items to consider. The rest could be taken care of with some modelling and scratch building. Thank you so much for paying some attention to this kit! It really is miles ahead of the Trumpeter version even though the molds are approaching 50 years old. I've been slowly struggling with one, but your parts will make the next one so much easier and faster. And there will be another one started because of that. Richard
  19. Thank you, it looks beautiful! That is exciting news and saves hours of work! I'll be ordering a package of 1/24 Airfix Mustang items shortly. Apart from the wheel wells, anything else on the drawing board for that kit that you can mention? Richard
  20. I agree. The contra-rotating prop and that enormous tail make it a very aggressive-looking beast. One of my dream projects is a display with an early Spitfire I beside a fully-loaded Seafire 47 to show the development that aircraft went through. Someday...
  21. I wouldn't normally build a helicopter kit, but I find it a bit puzzling that the Sea King has never been done in 1/32. Such an important piece of equipment, used everywhere, for decades by so many countries. Richard
  22. What?!?! Wow...amazing news to wake up to! That is not something I ever thought I would see. That is absolutely fantastic, and the design looks very detailed. One of my holy grails, I have the SIlver WIngs resin kit, but I am more comfortable with IM. Wow... Wow... Richard
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