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  1. I'm speechless! That is astonishing. I don't think I've ever been convinced to buy a model kit because of the after-market cockpit before. Richard
  2. Happy Birthday guys. Quite the distinguished bunch today. Richard
  3. True, it sounds like he has his hands very full. Hope I didn't sound like a kid before Christmas. I will behave.
  4. What a happy thread! Very satisfied customers who have been waiting a long time for a very complete product to get their projects going, and a supplier who is in touch and engaged with the customers and what they want...and is very busy as a result! Doesn't get much better than that. Speaking of busy, I know you are working as fast and hard as you can, but any news on new 1/24 Mustang products? Or should I maybe start a new thread? Or should I just be patient? Richard
  5. Yup, Mustang III would be nice...so many I would like to do. I agree with Dave though, there are two promised in the pipelines from a couple of companies with good reputations. I don't see Tamiya doing it. I guess I could start on my Rutman P-51B kit, one of the above will show up just before I finish. Richard
  6. I completely agree with Tomasz. I want to "like" every post. Your threads are pure pleasure and astonishment, everything you bring to it: your approach, your research, your skill, sense of humour and humility. It is very refreshing and one of the first things I check when I sign in. What I also enjoy is that you are not afraid to ask for help if you don't know something, and inevitably someone out there has a detailed answer to keep your project going. I have begun to look at your threads like a university-level course in the aircraft you are building. I absolutely love the Mustang, it's my favourite aircraft, especially the Mustang III (B/C). I thought I knew it well, but this thread is a valuable reference resource that has taught me plenty! Thanks, and carry on!
  7. At almost 80 years after the incident, that is a remarkable and wonderful thing that the pilot is is still with us. At this time of the morning (and before my first coffee) the topic heading made it sound like the pilot had been trapped in the wreckage for 79 years. Richard
  8. At the risk of "piling on", his comment about the "desert" of the Vendor's Board isn't supported by the numbers. The lack of response to his thread about making copies of 1/24 Airfix wheels is maybe more a reflection of the smaller number of people who build in that scale. And also, anyone planning to buy replacements would want something better than what's in the kit, not just a copy. I know in the case of the Mustang, the tires are a bit undersized. I've also been wary of the research ever since he tried to offer a "metal-covered" replacement rudder for the new 1/32 Revell P-51D. It's unfortunate that people seem to have such short fuses these days. I thought the reminder was a pretty gentle nudge. Richard
  9. Thank you Tim! He is quite a force, and has accomplished and experienced so much in his 93 years. Thanks also for posting that article! I'd forgotten about that...you had to have done some digging. Richard
  10. It's a little confusing. There were two movies released last year about 303 Squadron in the Battle of Britain, and one of them changed titles after release. One was filmed in the UK and was originally called "Hurricane". That was the one starring Milo Gibson and Stephanie Martini. It was later changed to "Mission of Honour". The other was filmed in Poland and was simply called "303 Squadron" (or "Dywizjon 303" in Poland) Almost all the actors in that one were Polish. Neither one had a very large budget and it showed in the aerial sequences. I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of 303 Squadron in Warsaw in August. My dad is one of the last surviving members of the squadron, and he was invited to be a guest of honour. It was a pretty surreal experience, on the red carpet with the stars of the film and all kinds of generals and in front of TV crews and reporters. Dad was treated like a hero, and didn't seem nervous at all...took part in interviews like he did it every day! Three generations...me, my son and my dad with my youngest brother. Richard
  11. AARRGGGGHHHHH!!!! OH DEAR LORD!!!....I just had a heart attack!!!!! I've been working on the Airfix 1/24 Mustang for over two years now, trying to deal with the wheel wells and the cowling among many other things. Of course this would come out when I'm almost done!! However, between the laughing and the crying, I'm thrilled that you are doing this!! It means I will do another one as soon as your parts are released. I had fun, but I don't want to do that much work again! Seriously, thank you! That is great news. I'll be interested to see if you are planning any other improvements for the Mustang. It is still is a far superior foundation for a 1/24 Mustang than the Trumpeter effort (that looks more like an egg-plane). If you need ideas for other areas that need replacement on the Airfix kit, I have a very long list... Richard
  12. Hoping to finish my 1/24 Airfix Mustang for that weekend, but planning to go regardless. And yes, what a terrific venue for a show! The restoration of their Avenger is nearing completion ready for its first flight later this year. Richard
  13. They are not at all difficult to assemble if you follow the instructions, and they look very convincing when done. They are like a small kit themselves.
  14. Yup, get yourself checked. There is nothing like the sleek purposeful lines of the Sabre in that abomination. It looks like something from the animated feature "Planes". This is what I see: But I also like the Wyvern and Barracuda, so what do I know? Richard
  15. I'm guessing you're talking about Wheels and Wings, and yes, they are certainly worth the two hour trip from Kingston. I actually get the shakes going in there, trying to make sure I don't miss anything! Great staff, and the best selection of styrene I've seen anywhere. Jammed to the ceilings with kits from all over the world. And tons of books, aftermarket and supplies. Yup, in a way I'm glad they're two hours away...or at least my wallet is. Richard
  16. Thanks Tim, but nope. I owned a hobby/military history book store for a while and it's a hard slog that can be rewarding. Retail means long hours and small margins, and now you're competing with the whole world. I admire those that have survived and are thriving. I still prefer going to a store and browsing shelves more than browsing an online catalogue, but it's getting more difficult. Nope, thankful for my government job, pension and benefits, and thankful for the shops that still open their doors. Richard
  17. Just got a notice yesterday that Leading Edge Hobbies in Kingston, Ontario will be closing in June. The two brothers who owned the shop have decided to pursue other avenues and spend more time with their families. They have been a fixture in Kingston and area for 25 years, and have always been helpful and friendly. It is currently one of the largest hobby shops in Ontario, and of course also carries supplies for hobbies other than plastic models. They also provided space for meetings for various clubs. They will be missed. If they didn't have it they would happily order it. Like others who have lost their local shop, it's not just the kits, but the supplies like paints, adhesives, finishing supplies that will be harder to find. The closest shops that still survive are now two hours away in Toronto or Ottawa. Sad day yesterday seeing that. We've lost our social hub and chance to support a local business, and spend spontaneously on kits we didn't need. :-) Thanks guys! Richard
  18. A very important aircraft, that's excellent news! Not something I will build, but I know it will be popular and sell very well. Keep 'em coming manufacturers! And I'll spare everyone from my list of what I would like to have seen. Richard
  19. "Dorothy-Violet II" could have used a scrub, and looks like the rudder might have been patched?
  20. If I remember correctly from the photos in Robert Bracken's books, some of the Canadian Spitfire XIVs got pretty grubby. Here's another I found:
  21. I would think the radios would be the SCR-695 and SCR-522, but again I'd have to do some digging. I enlarged the tailwheel area in the photo, and I can see the cut-outs and oleo struts, so looks like no canvas boot. You would think they would definitely have the boot in Korea on those mucky wet airfields! Seems like many post-war Mustangs are a case of, "Well, it should be like this, but..." Richard
  22. I found this. Not very close or sharp but it's a start to figuring things out. Looks like you might be in luck with the radio equipment. Also note that the tailwheel is fixed down, and the doors removed. It does have cooling slots though...
  23. The cooling vents were not installed on all post-war Mustangs, so if you're lucky you won't have to try to replicate them. They did appear on both sides. As usual if you have a photo of the aircraft you're doing then you'll know for certain. The Tamiya kit doesn't have them, but it's interesting that the panel they are on is a separate piece in the kit. It looks like they were intending to put out a post-war/Korean War version at some point. But they're Tamiya, who knows? :-) I had to do it on my 1/24 Airfix RCAF Mustang build. It was a bit stressful, but I suppose the extra size helped. As for the radio fits, I'll do some digging to see what the experts say, I'm not very strong on the USAF in Korea. But just judging from the photos I've seen, there is a mix of equipment back there. And again, at the risk of getting annoying, once you have decided on a set of markings then hopefully there will be photos of the aircraft so you can confirm all those details. The one puzzling thing is the cockpit colours. The orders said that they should have been repainted in matte black and the new USAF markings applied as they were overhauled and upgraded for service in Korea or reintroduced to inventory. For some reason not all the cockpits were done in black, many were left in Interior Green...sometimes from the same overhaul facility in the same time period! I think it was done deliberately at the time to confuse model builders 70 years later...or maybe that's just what it feels like. Richard
  24. Here are some of the images that went with that article by John Terrell: Radio installation: Cockpit for above: Another common radio equipment combination from the period: Some post-war radiator doghouse cooling vent patterns:
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