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MASTERS is here!

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Well, everybody knows the plot and how it ends (the Allied won!:P). The main issue of a re-telling, be it a film, a novel or a picture, is the way the story is being told. See how the 1941 ‘Hawaiian operation’ has been retold. How can one compare two films like the classic ‘Tora Tora Tora’ vs the utterly bland ‘Pearl Harbor’?
As a spectator I don’t mind whether it’s accurate in every minute detail, what I’m expecting is to be moved, thrilled or at the other end of the scale, unnerved in any way. I cannot say how I’d feel unless I watch a sizable part of the series. So I’d say, let’s wait and see.

I’m pretty much excited by what the next coming weeks have in store: the MiniArt P-47D-30, the Border B5N2 Kate and… the Masters of the Air.




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I have been waiting for this damned movie for what seems like about 15 years.    It has been in development forever.


I just watched a few up to date trailers.


It looks to me more like "Midway" (the new one) or "Pearl Harbor" than "Band of Brothers" or "The Pacific."


It's worth noting HBO dumped the project, which has me worried.


The special effects look fake and computerized.


I will watch EVERY SECOND of the show mind you!   But I am smelling a major letdown already.


I REALLY hope I'm wrong.



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I just plan to enjoy it and not get caught up in the details.  This is entertainment not a documentary, for documentary there is Gregs airplanes and automobiles and the guy that does detail break downs on B-17 and similar bombers on youtube.  We can obsess about the details all we want but that is not the point of this series.  Will there be things wrong yes, terribly wrong almost certainly.  Will people bang on all the mistakes and why it is unwatchable of course.  I will be ignoring every one of them and just watching the series for the fun of it.  If I want dull dry and accurate, I know where to find that.

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3 hours ago, DeanKB said:

There's so much real war at the moment, the last thing I need is to watch a drama series based on another war - it's just too bloody depressing.

I heartily agree with you Dean yet I think the so-called ‘war movies’ are much less about wars than a vehicle to show human beings behaving under duress.

It’s the reason why the homeric tales of the Trojan Wars still linger on to this day. It’s never been a matter of Greeks and Trojans but a study of gods and men’s actions during these epochal times.

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I'm a bit leery as well, having just watched "Devotion" the other day about Corsairs in Korea.  It was nice to see some of the actual aircraft fly, if I ignored the obvious computerized scenes with dozens of them buzzing around like honey bees, but the story was just plain sappy and bad.  Like, the Navy "Aviators" meet Elizabeth Taylor and wind up with her in a casino in Cannes?  The movie was so bad I fast forwarded it to the end, just in case there was something worth watching.  Sadly there wasn't.  I sure hope this series is better.






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How many movies or series have taken something great (like CGI) and abused it?  Taken something good, and spoiled it with overuse.  How many movies have not properly taken into account spatial relationships?  Like debris in asteroid belts that are yards from one another when they should be hundreds if not thousands of miles from one another?  All for the sake of sensationalism.  The skies over occupied Europe were vast.  I hope that comes across in Masters.  I fear though that there is going to be too much wingtip to wingtip scenes, with interceptors blowing by with clearances measured in inches.  I fear the producers will exaggerate that which needs no exaggeration.  Band of Brothers was able to avoid that IMO, also Saving Private Ryan.   And BTW - Greyhound and Tom Hanks were just excellent in all respects - perhaps there is hope.  Still - Red Tails and the 100th?  Bad sign. 

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I agree with you Jay; films of war on the floor play better than fights in the sky, perhaps because audiences have more time to learn about the characters involved.


Hell's Angels may have depicted something truer to the relatively low speed, limited numbers, close quarters dogfights of 1917/18. The Battle of Britain and Memphis Belle, also presented on big cinema screens, showed huge skies and more combatants, flying faster - although in fact both those productions employed fewer aircraft.


For decades I have been expecting a top notch production of Len Deighton's novel 'Goodbye Mickey Mouse'. Still hoping, but I doubt if anybody will try to make a movie of Deighton's 'Bomber'.


A story of war in the air on a television screen may work better for less well informed audiences. I suspect that is so for much 'historical' drama.

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