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MASTERS is here!

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5 hours ago, Gazzas said:

I was expecting a big piece about what the escorts brought to the campaign with the final episodes.  Me 262 Luftwaffe swansong?  But no.  Instead it became a pitiful display of "Don't forget what those nasty German Nazi's did to us" from Hollywood.  Stereotypical screaming Germans.  Stereotypical Luftwaffe interrogation officers with slicked down AH haircuts, made extra smarmy, being brushed off by skilled and staunch US airmen.  I have to admit that I was mightily impressed when the P-51's swooped down on the POW camp, machine gunning the guards without hitting a single POW.  Amazing.



I wanted to see more about the fighters also, I don’t mind that they did not mention the Me-262 as it was irrelevant anyway.  For my part the big miss was failure to cover the air war from January 1944 to June 6 1945.  From a modeling standpoint the Me-262 is fabulous.  From a usefulness standpoint it just did not make any difference and so to me was of no importance.  It would have been a bit more significant to capture the nose turrets on the B-17 than make an issue of the 262.  But I wanted the stories of people like George Preddy and Bud Anderson.  Maybe someday we will get that story.

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5 hours ago, Mark P said:

Did anyone notice the Toby Mug used as a prop in the last episode? Nice detail that pays homage to Twelve O'clock High.


Mark Proulx

I did see that. Great tribute to a classic film

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It was a fine drama. First rule about drama though is they are not where historical research is discovered, but more of “what was it like” from a human point of view and I believe it did it very well. How scary! How sinister the cold, the lack of navigational confidence, the robotic  and deadly Luftwaffe fighters, the horrors of injury and imprisonment. I did find myself scrambling for more data on all this and even opening an old seventies wargame from Avalon Hill called Luftwaffe which simulates bombing strategy and supporting fighter missions very well. Personally I’ve been to a b-17 crash site in Maine where the crew just got lost ferrying their plane to Europe, hit a mountain and perished. It was great to understand that event in context because although they never saw combat, it was a HUGE effort to pull off the logistics of the allied bombing campaign and if you died just doing a part, it was still heroic. 


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I still haven't seen the show.  I can't get motivated to watch based on what I'm reading here and have seen in short snippets on the internet.


I do note that it is 86% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, which is surprisingly high.


I just don't want to spend money just to see this show; I have faith it will come around at some point and be right under my nose on HBO or Netflix, etc., (which I subscribe to), for free.


If reviews were much stronger, I'd suck it up and pay the money.


I have seen very short clips of some of the air combat, and the CGI is god awful.  


Reminds me of "Pearl Harbor" or "Midway" (the new ones). 


For anyone who has not done so already, go watch "COME AND SEE" anywhere you can find it.  I watched it for free at Youtube.  The whole movie was there.  Probably 1 of the top 3 "war movies" I've ever seen.





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