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  1. If you get stuck, my go-to MRP paint source here in Canada is from Hobby Paint 'n Stuff, in Finland of all places. We don't have a Canadian MRP retailer and US suppliers won't ship to Canada (other than HobbyWorld USA which is terrible!) due to our stupid postal regulations. They always have stock (#250 is available) and ship quickly. Shipping costs are expensive for a bottle or two, but if you need a bunch of colors, I highly recommend them. Hobby Paint 'N Stuff Cheers, Chuck
  2. At the risk of showing off one of my old builds, I've had this one for a long time. Cheers, Chuck
  3. A bit late to comment on this epic build since I’ve been occupied with other things lately, but this model is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I could make all sorts of comments on the final product which is obviously superb, but what I’m most impressed about is your growth as a modeler, which I envy. The design and creation of 3D parts, scratch building others, skinning with aluminum foil and a huge improvement in your painting and weathering skills, which is now second to none, shows how much you’ve learned recently in this Corsair journey. The cool thing is that you are continuing to learn, as evidenced by your new P-51 project, so I commend you for doing so. Who said that, “old dogs don’t like to learn new tricks”? Cheers, Chuck
  4. Depends on where you live and I am very safe in a big city of Calgary, Alberta, so thanks for asking. If you go into British Columbia where I have a log cabin, however, there are fires all over the place, as there are in many other parts of Canada. The biggest fires reported in the media are in Kelowna BC and Yellowknife NWT, because these areas are heavily populated and there is risk of property loss- and much worse. Many fires are in unpopulated areas where they burn uncontrolled, as resources are focused elsewhere where they are needed the most. The current situation, as reported by Wikipedia, is as follows: As of August 19, 5,814 fires had burned 13,944,486 hectares (34,457,575 acres), about four percent of the entire forest area of Canada and more than five times the long-term average of 2.42 million ha (6.0 million acres) for that time of the year. Of the 1,042 active wildfires, 656 were deemed "out of control". Thankfully September is right around the corner, when the temps will drop and we get more precipitation, including snow at higher elevations. Chuck
  5. Thank you very much gentlemen! My home renovations are in the backstretch and I should be moving back to my house- and start modeling once again- soon. Although I haven't been active on LSP lately, I definitely check it out fairly often to see all your inspirational work. Cheers, Chuck
  6. Super nice result Chuck! As you now know, that kit is fairly difficult to build as is, so your modifications make it that much more impressive and very unique, especially with that cool paint scheme. Cheers, Chuck
  7. Hi Woody, Looking at your mule example above, was the paint sealed with a clear coat before the application of salt and paint? If not, I would gently sand the blotches with a fine polishing cloth, then apply a thick clear coat. This should knock down the blotchy look by at least 50%, and could look pretty darn good. Cheers, Chuck
  8. Really nice attention to detail John! Antonio's great pics above brings to mind another tip: Don't twist those white wires behind the seat. Many modelers twist these wires (and many other aircraft wires) because it's easy to do, but most real aircraft have them mostly straight so that troubleshooting is easier to do. A slight twist is fine, but keep them as straight as possible using wire ties. Cheers, Chuck
  9. Your Corsair continues to amaze us all- and your skinning looks like it's now becoming a routine step? Lots and lots of practice I'm sure. As for weathering and FWIW coming from me, I think you have already hit the sweet spot of weathering on your fuselage and inner wings, so are you suggesting that you're going to add even more grime? Yeah the pic above is even grubbier, but was it really typical, or just a cool shot of a very dirty bird to justify even more wear and tear? I vote to match what you've already done, which is excellent. If you want a bit more of a worn look, using even more flat coat can really make a model "pop" and look the part. I think you've already made the decision on whether to use tape or just create residue surrounding the gun holes. With all the tape you have used on the panels forward of windscreen, there's a very high chance that the tape over the guns would be from the same source. Maybe a bit cleaner perhaps? Cheers, Chuck
  10. Weathering is spectacular, which looks like it was a lot of fun to do. Simply excellent modeling- as usual. Cheers, Chuck
  11. Very nice! I really like your weathering, which looks quite natural, similar to the pic of the real deal above. Congrat's! Cheers, Chuck
  12. Wow. You would need a 9/10 model to just be average at this show. It must be really tough to be a judge here, because where do you even start? Cheers, Chuck
  13. How come I knew this was terrific before I even clicked it? Awesome as usual Jorge! Cheers, Chuck
  14. Much better pics! It's nice to see a Hellcat that isn't all dark gloss blue, because all the colors really add a lot of interest. Great job! Cheers, Chuck
  15. Thank you Gents! Your comments are very much appreciated. I started this model in March 2013 and finished it in November 2014, so it's effectively 10 years old. As you can see I had lots of aftermarket stuff, but I'm surprised at the following after all these years: 1. Sierra Hotel Resin continues to be hit and mostly miss, which is really a shame. If their products were only so-so you wouldn't care, but they were absolutely terrific for this and a few other builds, but getting specific products is really hard to do. 2. I haven't seen any 3D printed aftermarket for this kit yet, other than maybe a few pylons and instrument panel stick-ons. If somebody made a good correction set, this model kit would suddenly be very popular. 3. I was afraid that Tamiya or some other manufacturer would make a 1/32 A-10 while I was making this one, making all my efforts sort of a waste of time. Since this subject is so popular, I can't believe that hasn't happened yet. Maybe in the future? For interest, here is why I didn't dirty up this bird very much, because most of the pics I can find of 78-707 look like these: Pave Penny Pod removed on the right side, leaving the lighter grey paint underneath, which was typical 5+ years ago. I notice that modern Hogs now have this painted the same color as the rest of the fuselage on either side, but those 4 attaching lugs remain. And here's a head-scratcher. This Hog is clearly serial # 78-707, as shown on the tail on both sides, but the nose shows # 80-707. You can barely make it out on the pic below, but the Caracal decals picked it up, which is on my model. Note the boarding ladder door is now art free Cheers, Chuck
  16. Beautiful details and so well done. Cheers, Chuck
  17. This is a re-post of an A-10C Warthog I built way back in 2014, so why am I showing it off again? A few reasons as follows: 1. All my Hog pics are over at Photobucket and since I won’t pay their ransom-like annual fees, they all have big Photobucket watermarks on them, clouding much of the detail in prior posts 2. I am asked about this model a few times per year and I’d like a link to point to that isn’t corrupted by Photobucket 3. I took new pics a few years ago to add to the collection. As my modeling skills slowly improved since then, so did my photography, which shows details much better than before 4. This is maybe the best model I’ve ever made and I’d like it to be archived properly. I say “best”, because of how far I had to drag this crappy kit through innumerable changes in order to make it look half decent 5. I can’t model right now due to home renovations, so this gives me something to contribute to the forums and have some fun with in the meantime, even if it is old To re-cap, this model took me the better part of 2 years to build and for the most part, fought me every step of the way. For details of what I did, I still have a build thread over at ARC which is here, Photobucket watermarks and all: 1/32 Trumpeter A-10C, "Putting Lipstick on a Pig of a Kit" I used quite a few aftermarket items as follows: - Cutting Edge Resin Cockpit, CEC32057. Yes, I know it's an early A-10A version , but it's terrific and nobody makes a good A-10C cockpit anyway. - Cutting Edge Exterior Detailing Set, CEC32061 - Squadron Vacu-Formed Windscreen & Canopy, SQ9412 - Eduard A-10 Interior Photo-Etch Brass, 32061 - Eduard Exterior Photo-Etch Brass, 32062 - Sierra Hotel Resin Engine Set, 32701 - Sierra Hotel Resin Wheel Set, 32327C - Master Brass Gun Tip & Pitot Tube, AM-32-059 - Zactomodels Resin AIM-9L/M Missiles (2) - Sierra Hotel Dual-Rail Adapter, 32601 - Wolfpack AN/AAQ-28 Litening Pod, WP32014 - North Star Models AGM65 Maverick Missiles + LAU-117A Launcher (2), NS 32003 - AMS Resin ALQ-119 ECM Pod (Short), 32088 - AMS Resin Mk-82 Air Inflatable Retard Bombs, 32080 - Czech Master LAU-68D/A Rocket Launcher - Caracal Model Air National Guard A-10C Decals, CD 32006 - Astra/Daco A-10 Decals and Stencils, ASD3204 - And many, many scratch-built items I used extensively "The Modern Hog Guide" by Jake Melampy and "The A-10 Thunderbolt II" by Neil Dunridge, both by Reid Air Publishing, to help with details and the many corrections required, although I certainly didn't do them all. For the squadron art on the boarding ladder door, "Oh Thank Heaven for 707", I used a photograph of the real deal kindly donated by Jake from his book, which was expertly shrunk down into a decal by my friend Mike Grant, of Mike Grant Decals fame. Now the old and a few new pics: Cheers, Chuck
  18. FWIW, here's how mine came out without moving the wing at all. Although not perfect (nothing ever is in modeling), I think it's definitely close enough to your pics above for height. I did move the shrake back, however, but it's too short, so unless you build a new one, you just have to live with it. Cheers, Chuck
  19. This aircraft shows modeling skill of the highest order. Absolutely fantastic- everything! Cheers, Chuck
  20. Aaahh, that makes sense, and it's not really cheating at all. As for weathering, I wouldn't add any more, or at least make it super minor if you do. As the often overused and sometimes hated saying goes, "less is more", applies here. Cheers, Chuck
  21. We've all seen plenty of versions of this popular kit, but to my eye, this is one of the very best. Excellent work in every way and I'm surprised that you got those wing/gun panels to fit with all the detail (Eduard?) inside. Cheers, Chuck
  22. Excellent looking Thud Rom! One of the best ones I've ever seen with perfect weathering. Cheers, Chuck
  23. Ditto all of the above. Situations like this really puts life, and our hobby, into perspective. Stay strong with all the positive vibes sent your way. BTW, the rivet detail on that wingtip is pure modeling perfection. Cheers, Chuck
  24. Really nice start Marcel. These wing modifications will look terrific- and unique. The SH nozzles really look the part. Cheers, Chuck
  25. You are a modeling machine! This Viper is also fantastic. Cheers, Chuck
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