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  1. Amazing build so far, the stars looking so good!
  2. Mark, That is a Grant I, the version of the M3 Medium with the bigger turret the British wanted. They wanted the Radio in the turret, on the original turret there was no room for it. The Lee had the little .30 cal Cupola on top of the turret, making an already tall tank a little taller.
  3. Man that brings back memories of watching that show on Friday nights, it was the highlight of the week!
  4. This is a super cool build! So many little wires to manage!
  5. Cool shed! In California, you would need to wage a constant war against spiders, black widows really like spaces like that. We just found a next of them in the front office were I work!
  6. Man, that is a beautiful Birdcage Corsair! Museum quality! So many talented builders here, so many Corsair lovers! Anyway, that parachute really looks cool too!
  7. Wow, that Corsair looks like it could take off from Munda Point right now! Amazing work, just amazing really.
  8. That's a damn fine looking Corsair. With the right background and a few effects, it would look like the real thing!
  9. Looking very good! If you like the Corsair and want a pair of great books on them, and as Corsair fan, I learned a lot of interesting little tidbits, that you won't find in books like Tillman's Corsair book, or the Squadron Signal books. F4U-1 Corsair Volume 1 & 2, by Dana Bell, I got my with gift cards on Amazon, one was a sell-through from Spruebrothers! Filled with beautiful detail photos and some rare color shots.
  10. Kinda funny, I really like the Solomons Campaign, I've even written some fiction about it, finding Ondongo on a map, to then locate it on google earth is HARD, I'm still not sure I know exactly where it was. I know it was fairly close to Munda Point.
  11. Amazing! Just the right amount of crud! It looks like its ready to take off for a mission in the Solomons, or just finishing one up.
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