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  1. JeepsGunsTanks

    F-14B Hasegawa 1/48

    Very nice!
  2. JeepsGunsTanks

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    You can, and I used to back in my jeeping days, a 10 pound CO2 tank would fill up your tires after an air down for three or more trips, depending on your tire size and how many friends you fill up. A company called Powertank makes a whole it, and its cheaper and faster than most vehicle mounted compressors. For car size tires, IE huge 33 to 35 inchers a 10# tank would last forever. https://powertank.com/collections/10-15-lb-power-tank Mine being used by a buddy, back in the day, I didn't air down on that trip...
  3. JeepsGunsTanks

    Beaufighter: FINISHED.

    Very well done, but man was that an ugly Airplane or what! It's like a flying Pug!
  4. JeepsGunsTanks

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    Awesome build, that Tomcat looks like it's about to take a cat shot to support OEF, in late 2001. I have most of those books too, but only Speed and Aces of the vids.
  5. JeepsGunsTanks

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    Wow, your build is a work of art, just stunning.
  6. JeepsGunsTanks

    FG1-D VMF 351 USS Gloucestor

    Really great build, I love that paint scheme!
  7. JeepsGunsTanks

    What Marine Corps subjects would you like to see covered?

    There have just not been enough USMC WWII Corsairs around here!
  8. JeepsGunsTanks

    F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

    This is going to be one crazy awesome and detailed Tomcat when done!
  9. JeepsGunsTanks

    Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair

    @JayW Did someone make a 1/18 scale Corsair kit, or are you going to rebuild the big, toy by I think it was 21st Century Toys, before they went under? They did a bunch of 1/18 scale toy planes and tanks, decent detail for toys, but not great.
  10. JeepsGunsTanks

    Another Corsair: Tamiya's F4U-1D

    That's shaping up to be a fine looking Corsair! That's a real Sharp paint job, I like its more colorful than the typical Navy/Marine paint jobs.
  11. JeepsGunsTanks

    Too shiny to be NMF?

  12. JeepsGunsTanks

    Too shiny to be NMF?

    That was some real light-hearted humor, well done!
  13. JeepsGunsTanks

    F4U-1D, Capt. Phillip C. Delong, VMF-224

    That's a mighty fine looking Corsair! Dirty and worn out the perfect amount.
  14. JeepsGunsTanks

    Trumpeter King Tiger 1/16

    The effects of the "super weapons" is, for the most part, a huge myth. Take the Tiger II for instance, with its "unpenetrable frontal armor", it was a huge failure of a tank, and had a pretty amusing in a sad way, the first battle with the Russians, where several were knocked out and never saw the T-34-85 who did them in. See this link. If you search around the site, linked, you can find all kinds of translated documents from the Soviet Archives, translated to English, showing the Soviets had no trouble penning the frontal armor of a TII. There M3 90mm Gun with HVAP could also pen the Tiger II from the front, but since it was so rare, it really doesn't matter much. One of the few cases they were used in numbers against the US, during the battle of the bulge, they barely saw any fighting because they were so slow, they were kept to the rear of the columns so they would slow down the offensive. Another problem with the legends is the legendary kill claims, and them being BS, at least on the ground front. You can make a credible case the German fighter Aces got most of the kills they claim, but it's not as solid as some like to claim. For ground combat though, most of the legendary Germans like Karl Korner are German wartime propaganda presented as the truth. In many cases the country and unit type claimed to be in combat was not there, when checked against allied records. http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/search/label/Tiger II?updated-max=2014-01-04T00:26:00-05:00&max-results=20&start=26&by-date=false http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2015/12/cheating-at-statistics-12-overclaim-at.html That's just two examples, I can't find offhand, the ones with US and Brit units, but you run into the same problems with the German accounts. This is a huge problem with most of the books out there on German Armor, most of the authors, take at face value, the Kill CLAIMS, and do bother to cross-check with the units they supposedly faced, to compare the numbers. This means all those claims of 10 to 1 kill ratios are total BS. You also get into problem when you look into what the Germans considered a lost tank and what the Soviets or US did. Hint, in the Soviet Army, when a tank got stuck in the mud, it was counted as a battle loss, in the German army, if a wreck is recovered, but has almost no chance of being repaired without a factory, its still counted as being a tank. This makes comparing the numbers pretty dicey. Anyway, a few more words on the "Wonder Weapons", did you know the engines in the 262 Jet Fighter lasted less than 15 hours on average? Would you rate a tank that could only travel 150 kilometers before it had to rebuild a major part of its drivetrain as good? I wouldn't and that tank was the Panther. In post-war testing, when the French put new and rebuilt Panthers into a regiment and ran them for a year, and on average the final drives in the powertrain got 150 kilometers. You could put 2500 MILES on any component of ANY Sherman tanks powertrain and motor setup, (there were four motors used) and with regular maintenance, get them to 5000. The Germans had no armored vehicles that could come close to those numbers. I find it a little sad, the Allies had wonder Weapons too, but no one talks about them all that much, and in the allied cases, they worked. For example The Meteor Jet fight, The B-29, the US 90MM AA gun system, and the proximity fuze to name a few.
  15. JeepsGunsTanks

    Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair

    This one is coming along nicely. Those placards look great, and I always marvel at being able to identify the actual controls in there.