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  1. That's a great looking build! I like how dirty it is!
  2. Great looking build, and it reminds me of the book I've been reading. Vultures Row, thirty years of Naval Aviation, by Paul Gillcrist, a very amusing read, and he has several stories in the book about using a T-33 to stay jet rated while he was stuck at the Pentagon. One story involves flying to Maine, for something, and getting a Lobster, and the guy in the back seat, taking the lobster out, and putting the Claw on Gillcrist's neck, while they were flying... He paid the rear seater back, by bouncing him off the canopy several times since he had to un-belt to do the lobster trick. Another story involved not getting the front gun back door closed properly, and trying to fly... Really amusing read.
  3. It should be a fun little project car. 2 door? Even if California it wouldn't have to be smogged.
  4. Wow, what an amazing looking build! The Bird cage Corsairs have always been my favorites. They were the model that earned the Corsair a rep for being problematic. Just a fantastic build, you should be proud. I love that bottom window.
  5. That's an amazing story, I wonder if my old man had anything to do with the Seats in the Phantom! Thanks! I really wish I had appreciated this stuff more when he was around. I really glad others have found them interesting too! Send me a PM if you need a place to host your pics, I can put them up on my site and send you the links if you want. I have more pics to post, not many of the aircraft, mostly shore leave and ship stuff. I should have some time this weekend.
  6. That's interesting, I've never heard or read about any problems with the center tank setup, other than it being pretty scarce in the Solomon's, do you remember a source for this. I would love to read the book etc.
  7. This is so cool! One of the neatest builds I have ever seen!
  8. I have another big batch to post. Some more crossing the line stuff. This one seems to be some other event, not the line crossing. I think this one is from Yokohama. This one looks like it too A huge crane. More Yokohama? Since it looks like one of those Sailors is carrying a Pioneer box, I'm guessing Yokohama again. Also Yokohama? Our old Friend DD-747 I have more to come!
  9. Ok, some more picture, these a mix, I think of the line crossing, the Rio de Janeiro port call, and some ship pics including one from an UNREP. Some type of boat being lowered out of the Carrier, I assume. Hanger deck shot. An A-4 getting a Cat shot of the Independence. This one is interesting, I thought it was the line crossing at first, but no one is dressed up like a pirate. This is clearly the line crossing, and it looks like an Officer walking around, keeping things somewhat under control? more line crossing More, this image makes it look like the ship has a bit of roll going on. So, do the ships crew bring things aboard for the line crossing if they know one is coming? Or is all the stuff for these ceremonies already aboard and just made with creative efforts? More to come!
  10. OBG, You answered a question with this before I had a chance to ask! I still have stuff to post, but the past couple of days have been. . . Less than fun, so I havn't had as much time to mess with them. I'll do a big batch Thursday or Friday. Thanks again guys!
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