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  1. Yeah that makes more sense, since its so dark.
  2. Awesome. Man that one is a dirty bird!
  3. Sooooooooo coool! Perfect for the Home PC cockpit for flight Sim!
  4. Great stuff! I found this interesting Video about the F-8, you could eject under water...
  5. HAH Someone else noticed, I don't think there was a single US Fighter in the whole movie. I wonder if they just ran out of CGI budget or casting budget or what. Overall I thought this movie was a mixed bag, it's like someone read a interesting trivia article about Midway, and tried to get in all kinds of little factual tidbits, since they got so many in. They CGI for the ships and the sets looked great, though the ships had some more modern AA guns than they should have. The aircraft CGI was mostly bad, from the new than they should have been B-25s in the Doolittle ra
  6. Very impressive build! And what a subject. The story of how those B-25s came to be is really interesting. The Saga of the Fifth Air Force under George Kenney is really amazing. He took a broken, demoralized and spread our Air Force when he was sent to be MacArthur's Air Force Officer, and turned it into the most formidable Air Force of the war. Not just in the Pacific. MacArthur let him run the Fifth how he wanted and he turned it into an amazing fighting force and he had some true aviation Pioneers working for him. One who didn't even had a pilots license, who joined up in the Philippines nam
  7. I've been on a Naval Aviation Kick for some time. Easixpedro's, excellent book Bloody Sixteen kicked it off. Then I read through Dan Pedersen's Topgun book. Both really great reads on one how the air war over Vietnam and dependence on missiles and high tech gadgets almost sunk the Navy over Vietnam, and how the Navy fixed it. There are a lot of really interesting backstories intertwined in these books and I was looking for something similar. I had bought: Tomcat!: The F-14 story by Paul Gillcrist, and it was a really interesting read with great photos. The story about how they co
  8. That's some crazy stuff, to think a 70,000 ton plus ship can move around that much. That's from the PBS Carrier documentary if I recall right. They sent a crew out on the Nimitz for a whole cruise including into the Persian Gulf. Interesting tidbit, the Squadron Commander for VF-41, Commander David "Sex" Fravor, who lands that his F-18 like a boss at the end of the video, ("Glad to be here"), is the same pilot who was making the rounds recently on all the TV shows, because he recorded a UFO sighting while flying an F-18. He was on Tucker Carlson like a week or two ago to talk ab
  9. Very nice M26A1! That old Dragon kit was a bear, I never finished the one I had.
  10. It was a super fun build, though, a little hard to get everything to fit in the hull! You can just make it out on the top of the book case. I'll be able to clean it up and get working again, maybe build that 1/32 Zero since this new place has enough space to set up a modeling bench. (I pulled it down, charged the battery, put batteries in the transmitter, and chased the cats around. It still works, though, after several moves, its beat up! The cats were not amused.)
  11. Cool. I wonder if it will have working suspension like the Old Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I, I built that thing at 12 and it was amazing back then. I love large scale tanks, I even built an 1/16th M-26 that someday I'll buy some new battery backs and get working again... Anyway! This should be fun to watch
  12. Man that's a good looking bird! Grumble grumble, Dick Cheney was jerk! (He single handily killed the F-14)
  13. You got me at first, I thought that was the photo you were basing it on. Man that grass!! Outstanding work!
  14. That's a great looking build! I like how dirty it is!
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