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  1. Can you really go overboard on a Birdcage? They got really beat up in the Solomons!
  2. Page 56 of Dana Bells, F4U-1 Volume 1 " Refueling an aircraft in primitive conditions can be a sloppy task. In the Solomons in may of 1943, VMF-112 ground crews refueled BuNo 02457; two hours later the aircraft burst into flames. Examining the wreck- the third such incident in a month - inspectors found that gasoline had spilled down the fuselage panels, leaking into the fuel tank compartment and cockpit through the skin seems. the fumes ignited as the engine started. By August, BuAer had instructed crews to seal all seams below the fuel tank filler cap. Zinc Chromate tape was the first choice, but any tape (even medical tape!) was used effectively."
  3. I can't remember what book it was, I think it was the Dana Bell F4U-1 Book, that said, it wasn't the tank leaking, so much as fuel being spilled around the filler, then getting into the fuselage through the seams. The tape kept the fuel out. Not in. I'll see if I can find the source. This may be the coolest scale model build ever!
  4. My cat, decided to do cat things, and he knocked the Firefly off the table onto the floor. All in all the damage is light, the fall knocked off a light guard, the antenna, and all the tools. I found all the parts, but one little bracket, NO ONE WILL EVEN NOTICE, so I just have to glue a few things back on and touch it up. @ChuckD I agree about the tracks, the finished product, with the working suspension is really a step up from the older kits. They even survived the fall no worse for it!
  5. I'm really hoping with the success of this large scale Sherman, we will see other adaptions. A 105 Sherman would be very easy since the M4A3 105 HVSS was pretty common. They could also do an M4A3 76W VVSS with a small amount of effort. Once they have done VVSS, that opens them up for the M4A2 76w tanks in both HVSS and VVSS since you really don't have to change the hull much for those. The big leap would be them redesigning the upper hull to go from the late 47 degree front hull to the early 56 degree hull with the various drivers hood types. The Sherman is so modular, once you have one set of major components you can really get several models without to much redesigning the whole thing. The least likely I think is any of the M4A1 cast hulls, since that requires a whole new upper hull design, two, if you want the early 56 degree version. There are some options for M4A1 upper hulls in resin, for the RC scene, that can be adapted, but they are not great looking. If 1/16th in tanks gets popular, and I don't see why it wouldn't, I might never build another 1/35!
  6. Wow amazing! Looks like its ready to do a strike on Okinawa!
  7. I have a feeling they moved the fighter strip so far away to keep the trouble they tended to cause at bay.
  8. I love your original Corsair build! The new one will be a fun one to watch. I plan on doing a Tamiya -1 or -1A at some point too. Here is a nice little map of Esperitu Santo. By 44 it was a major base, it became a base as we went into Guadalcanal, and by 43 was a very big base. Most Marine sqaudrons deployed to the Solomons would go through three combat deployments, after each one they were pulled back to Esperitu, given leave in Australia. When they came back, they got new airplanes and a month or so to work up, and then they got sent back to the Solomons. VMF-225 was there from March to June of 44, doing work up for their later deployment to Eniwetok, and they were at Guam by July. US Marine Corps Fighter Squadrons of WWII by Barrett Tilman has a little overview of each Marine VMF, it's a fascinating read.
  9. It should be interesting. Great story. Hopefully, it will be like Topgun, and have nothing woke in it. Also, it's like CGI people have never seen a real airplane fly. That said, it could be cool. Did you guys notice in the latest "Midway" movie, they eliminated the F4F? If you can stomach a second watching, there are no US fighters.
  10. You could go all Final Countdown on it, and throw in a Zero!
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