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  1. Man, that's really looking good. That pilot's Magnum stash must have intimidated the Zero pilots all on its own!
  2. Someone else mentioned "Life," with Damien Lewis, that was great. But at least the series wrapped in way that had an ending. My guilty pleasure would be "Airplane Repo".
  3. I like the Wonky numbers, but without a photo next to it, you'll end up having to explain it's not a mistake.
  4. Wasn't Admiral Tom Connolly the Naval Officer who told Congress, there was "not enough thrust in Christdom to make the F-111B a Naval fighter"? Ending his own career, but ushering in the F-14 program? I think the details are in Gillcrist F-14 book.
  5. Man, that Zero looks GREAT! Loving this build, and the Carrier deck you posted with Phantom and A-4s, and SPAD.... To cool!
  6. The nice thing about big kits, is my big fat fumble fingers don't mess up the really small stuff. When I got back into kits, back around 2005, when I built the RC 1/16th scale M26. It was so much fun, and I had all the tools and paints, so I bought a 1/35 M26 from Tamiya, and that was a blast, cause their kits normally go together easy. My next purchase was a Dragon Tiger I, one of the smart kits, with tons of options and photo etch, and typical Dragon fit issues and man. I ended up just giving up on some of the photo etch stuff, and never finished the kit. I really wish someo
  7. This kit looks very cool! If they did a 1/24 scale Corsair, I'd be back in for sure. The Hellcat is pretty tempting. I love 1/24! I like that you do wheels up. Planes should look like they are flying. They just didn't look right hanging from the ceiling with the gear down.
  8. Well, on working aircraft, the finish isn't fixed, it ages, and they do wash the aircraft from time to time. It's probably part of the anti corrosion work they do to the planes.
  9. That's what I've read as well, but, I can't recall seeing a picture where they were clearly on at one point and then removed. It's a really cool effect, that might leave people not super familiar with the B-25 wondering! Thanks for the follow-up!
  10. You have done a remarkable job duplicating the plane, do you know why they removed the side mounted .50 cals?
  11. I got this thing when I was about 12 for Christmas. It was the coolest kit ever! I don't remember having fit issues actually. Maybe the top of the engine cowling... Anyway, what does stand out is I mixed Tamiya acrylic thinner with model master brown enamel and sprayed it and then couldn't figure out why it flaked off! I liked this kit so much, I got the Airfix 1/24 190, 109, and P-51, and all three were so horrible, I never finished any of them. It was a big disappointment and my first lesson in things not fitting right.
  12. Awesome! That figure, really, just amazing work. The weather is perfect, really great stuff! The Full Interior early Lee version of this Kit is really trying to temp me into building again... I even checked the stuff I have left. Most paint is toast, and I can't find the airbrush... Still it's great looking kit.
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