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  1. JeepsGunsTanks

    1/32 Tamiya F4U-1A (2018 Finished)...

    Kinda funny, I really like the Solomons Campaign, I've even written some fiction about it, finding Ondongo on a map, to then locate it on google earth is HARD, I'm still not sure I know exactly where it was. I know it was fairly close to Munda Point.
  2. JeepsGunsTanks

    1/32 Tamiya F4U-1A (2018 Finished)...

    Amazing! Just the right amount of crud! It looks like its ready to take off for a mission in the Solomons, or just finishing one up.
  3. JeepsGunsTanks

    P-51D-5-NA Maj. George E.Preddy Jr.

    Man, that instrument panel looks great!
  4. JeepsGunsTanks

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas guys!
  5. JeepsGunsTanks

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    As long as no one objects, please add me as an entrant in the raffle. I don't have anything to throw in right now, but I'll talk to the wife about a gift card of some type.
  6. JeepsGunsTanks

    F-14B VF-103 "Jolly Rogers" 1/32 Trumpeter

    That's a nice looking Tomcat! It looks ready to drop bombs badguys!
  7. JeepsGunsTanks

    Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair

    This build looks amazing. I can't wait to see the finished bird!
  8. JeepsGunsTanks

    F-14B Hasegawa 1/48

    Very nice!
  9. JeepsGunsTanks

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    You can, and I used to back in my jeeping days, a 10 pound CO2 tank would fill up your tires after an air down for three or more trips, depending on your tire size and how many friends you fill up. A company called Powertank makes a whole it, and its cheaper and faster than most vehicle mounted compressors. For car size tires, IE huge 33 to 35 inchers a 10# tank would last forever. https://powertank.com/collections/10-15-lb-power-tank Mine being used by a buddy, back in the day, I didn't air down on that trip...
  10. JeepsGunsTanks

    Beaufighter: FINISHED.

    Very well done, but man was that an ugly Airplane or what! It's like a flying Pug!
  11. JeepsGunsTanks

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    Awesome build, that Tomcat looks like it's about to take a cat shot to support OEF, in late 2001. I have most of those books too, but only Speed and Aces of the vids.
  12. JeepsGunsTanks

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    Wow, your build is a work of art, just stunning.
  13. JeepsGunsTanks

    FG1-D VMF 351 USS Gloucestor

    Really great build, I love that paint scheme!
  14. JeepsGunsTanks

    What Marine Corps subjects would you like to see covered?

    There have just not been enough USMC WWII Corsairs around here!
  15. JeepsGunsTanks

    F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

    This is going to be one crazy awesome and detailed Tomcat when done!