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  1. Dawned on me that RAF Phantoms had the curtains fitted when initially delivered
  2. Unfortunately it was occupied. He survived though received major injuries.
  3. After posting the photo above of 105, I noted that there's a string running lengthways along the top of the aft canopy. Presumably to provide both a means to keep the blackout curtain up and to assist in drawing the curtain forward and back (though former RIO, Jan Jacobs informed me once that it (the curtain) "Didn't last long. Would come forward on a trap, plus it was just a general pain-in-the-ass to move forward and back") A couple more photos that show this string (the second photo comes from an accident report from my collection, the ejection seat is out of its normal position as it broke loose and moved forward during the crash landing)
  4. and here's a colour version. Looks like the actual curtain was olive drab (at least on the outside)
  5. Not the greatest but the best I can find in my collection. I've obviously over exposed the images in an attempt to show the detail. Hopefully someone else will have a better image.
  6. Nice job. Just one thing, that "IR Sensor" on your list. AN/APR-24 aircraft, such as 153005, didn't have the IR sensor fitted but rather had this specific AN/APR-24 type of under radome chin-pod.
  7. There's the excellent RNZAF Photo archive available here https://fotoweb.airforcemuseum.co.nz/fotoweb/archives/5003-Search-the-Collection/Collection/PR5507.jpg.info#?c=%2Ffotoweb%2Farchives%2F5003-Search-the-Collection%2F%3Fq%3Dcorsair
  8. but there were typical loads Attached sheet from CVW-8's 1972-73 Cruise report. Hope this helps.
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