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Hog's firepower display - A-10C - Full makeup

red Dog

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Thanks gents,


2 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

That should be a really secure mount for the Warthog.  Looking forward to seeing what is next on it


Of course I could not resist placing the model in different situation. :)

Apologies for the picture, outside light is kinda hard and the weather was rapidly changing from rainy overcast to sunny. 


The carbon stick I use is 1m long and 6mm in diameter

I had reservations to replace that stick with a 8mm carbon stick in case the weight was too much. I'm happy to report that it will not be necessary and the 6mm rod supports perfectly the model with almost no bend at all. Carbon is awesome !!


It's about 50cm in the model and I have thus 50 cm outside of the model allowing me to have the model closer or further away from the stand. Even at the further point the carbon does its magic and hold the model perfectly.


So here are the pictures:


A slight level climb initiating the popup: (sorry I forgot to retract the speedbrakes in the scenario. Just pretend they are closed :)
(they are left mobile and can be opened or closed)



Rolling just before reaching at the Apex:



Rolling further before pulling on the stick for the dive 



Apex, in Hot



Keep rolling to the same side and acquire the target






yes I did that sound in my driveway :) 


This is the last time you see that A-10 clean gents.
That airframe needs a lot of gun powder strain and residues .


Thanks for looking, as always

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On 10/21/2023 at 3:42 PM, A-10LOADER said:

 FYI, all those edges will need multiple coats of primer and sanding to achieve a smooth finish, 

It took 5 coats applied with a paintbrush

and 2 with a spraycan for finish.

With a good sanding session between each coat

Glad this is done and I'm happy with the result

I  might start looking for a cool 354th patch to decorate the stand.




I completely forgot I used phosphorescent strips for the foration lights but when I took the model this morning to take picture of the base, I saw this when I came back in the dark office:



They glow nicely !!

How cool is that :)



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It has been mentioned before the pylons of this kit are a PITA


- They need positive rivets (a lot) and they are engraved. All 11 pylons will be puttied to fill the rivets

- The panel lines are mostly wrong and the rivet operation above will fill them anyway

- The sway braces needs to be redone 

- The bomb racks are not separate. The spacing of the sway brace is way too long on the Trumpeter pylons. the most rear one must be filled and a new opening needs to   

   to be done at the correct distance from the forward one.

- The 4 bolts per pylon side to attach the bomb racks also need to be redone

- Other specific details are missing such as the double dots in the middle of the sway brace on the left of each weapon (no idea of the name and purpose of that recessed area with these 2 dots, lights on pylon 1 and 11 and bumps and fairing on various pylons.

- The pylon are fit into a recessed bay in the wing which is a good thing to ensure proper pylon angle. All pylons on the other wing remains vertical whereas the outer wing is angled upward. The fit is so so and as Chuck mentioned before the pylons must be contoured with a wire once placed in their bay.

- Some pylons are wrong in shape, being too long or not high enough. 



I am aware of pylons replacement available on phase hangar resin and these are looking great. Unfortunately I already started working on my pylons before that set became available and I decided to press further with converting the Trumpeter pylons as best as I can. But if you plan on building this model, save yourself the hassle and get these pylons (2 different sets for A-10A or A-10C) as pylon 2 and 10 are different to accommodate the targeting pod. 


Regarding the loadout, I will go with one of the standard load of the 354th when deployed to Incirlik in 2017:



Station #1: GBU-12 (Eduard Brassin)

Station #2: APKWS laser guided rockets (Phase hangar loaded and flying leathernecks empty pod) 

Station #3: AGM-65 LASER  + launcher (from F/A-18 Academy kit)

Station #4: GBU-38 (Videoaviation)

Station #5: GBU-38 (Videoaviation)

Station #6: Empty

Station #7: GBU-31 (from the F-16 Sufa kit if I remember right, but it may be the F/A-18 also)

Station #8: GBU-54 LJDAM (Reskit)

Station #9: GBU-12 (Eduard Brassin)

Station #10: Targeting pod (picture above shows a AN/AAQ-14 from the SUFA kit but I sourced a eduard Brassin AN/AAQ-28

Station #11: dual launcher for AIM-9. Launcher is from Reskit. Sidewinders are from anykit as long as it's not the Trumpeter A-10 :). The ones I will use come from the Academy F/A-18C




More about pylons and weapons soon...

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That's a great loadout and I love the grime on the underside of that bird. 

The slime lights look excellent. 

I think there is a topic by Greg W in "Tips and tricks" asking for help with these. Your phosphorescent strips might be just what the doctor ordered.

Keep at it. 


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