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  1. You're welcome Brett. Good luck & I truly hope You'll be able to get them.
  2. Hi Brett, as already mentioned by a few other modelling-friends I concur and definately advice You to score some metal legs for the lady. OOB she will already be standing quite wobbly on her legs and the addition of AM will not contribute in any positive way... The enclosed link takes You to a pretty dated review on ARC. At the bottom You'll find a "source" which used to sell them. Since the review is pretty dated I don't know if Ernie Gee still has them available but it's worth a shot. Good luck !!! https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev1/801-900/Rev893-F-105-McGinnis/00.shtm Shujaa
  3. Nice to read You regained your mojo. The back-end is looking sweet. I'm looking forward to see the belly of the beast after she has been uncovered to see the results of your "explanation" regarding how you handled the "elusive weiss-aluminium". Keep up the good work ! Kind regards, Rudy.
  4. Sweet ! Even if You don't dress her up with 32nd markings, it's still a Phantom... Never seen that box-art before. Which brand & scale if I may ask ? Kind regards, Rudy.
  5. Look's like we are indeed "on the same page" Nick. By the way, my sincere apologies for not complementing you on a nice build... She's looking mighty fine. Might be sweet to put a nice F-4E in 32nd livery next to her... Kind regards, Rudy.
  6. Following this one with interest... First of all since it's a Phantom and secondly because I'm currently working on a RF-4E (Hasegawa 1/48) which will also be finished in a Norm 72 livery. I'm debating how to handle the underside of the bird. I'm contemplating using regular aluminium as a base and have a look if I can tone it down a bit with a semi-gloss coat... Look's like You might be heading in the same direction so I'm curious to see how it will look in the end... Keep up the good work on this sweet bird ! Kind regards, Rudy.
  7. Hi Nick, I think I've been "misunderstood" regarding my reference to the Royal Crest... This is what I was referring to...: Depicted, a squadron-badge of a Dutch squadron (323 Sqn, Leeuwarden AB). The Royal Crest is represented by the green leaves around the squadron-badge and the Royal crown on top. When the 32nd was "granted the Royal status", it's squadron-badge was supplemented by the same green leaves and Royal crown on top as can be seen on this picture while the bird's were still in Hi-Vis markings: During the later stage of their existence the bird's received Low-Vis markings, changing the full color badge into a "black outline" version (as can be seen in the last post of your WIP). Funny fact: While in Hi-Vis markings the 32nd F-15's sported a bright orange fin-flash at the top of their vertical tails, outlined by dark green lines at the top & bottom of the fin-flash. It also included the Royal crown. When the Low-Vis markings were introduced, the 32nd refused to give up he fin-flash as can be seen in this picture: Apparently "High Command" was not amused and the 32nd was forced to give up their bright orange fin-flash. In tradition with true Dutch stubbornness, they simply reversed the colors into a dark green fin-flash, still including the Royal Crown, with bright orange lines on the top & bottom of the fin-flash... Kind regards, Rudy *** DISCLAIMER *** All pictures by courtesy of the internet and only included for illustration purposes.
  8. How nice to see an Eagle dressed up as a 32nd bird. A little bit of additional information: The 32nd has always been a very special USAFE unit due to the fact that it used to be fully (!!!) integrated into the Royal Netherlands Air Force Air Defense. In contrast to other USAF-units based in Europe, the 32nd carried out national (Dutch) QRA-duties during which she was under direct control of our national Command & Control station (CRC "BANDBOX"). Out of gratitude she was awarded the Royal Crest which proudly adorned her squadron-badge, carried on the left intake of the 32nd F-15's (unfortunately not seen in any of your pictures...). The 32nd received the Royal Crest, back in the days when they were flying the F-102 Delta Dagger. These birds soon sported a beautiful red, white & blue fin-flash which are often mistaken as the USA-colors but in fact were a "tribute" to our (Dutch) national flag. The wing-fences of the 1-0-2's were painted orange, referring to the color of our Royal family. When they received the F-4E Phantom, the red, white & blue "fin-flash" (sadly) disappeared. However, the orange "fin-flash" was retained. As seen in your pictures, the F-15's also retained this orange "fin-flash", with the edition of a small Royal crown. Due to her "special status" the 32nd was often referred to as "The Queen's Own" or "Her Majesty's Finest", making her the only Royal squadron in service with the USAF(E)...!!! Kind regards, Rudy. P.S.: Isn't "USAAF" an acronym for United States Army Air Force...??? If so, you surely mean USAFE (United States Air Force Europe)...
  9. Gonna follow this one with interest Peter !!! Been lucky enough to fly Mike Bravo Kilo a few times back in the days... Good luck with your build and I hope You will be able to do her justice. Regards, Rudy
  10. Hi Paulo, thanx for enriching me with some additional information regarding the formation lights which are incorporated in the AIM-9 launchers. Could it be that this has been a Brazilian modification ? As for some of the formation lights being blue: that's something I noticed many, many moons ago in my childhood years. Indeed a bit strange. I always assumed these lights were equipped with yellow light-bulbs (yellow & blue ==> green) since they do appear to be green once turned on. Anyways, good luck & lot's of fun with Your progress. One can never go wrong with a sweet little fighter like the F-5. ;-) Regards Rudy.
  11. Hate to brake it to You but Your modification to (what You call) the wingtip pods has been in vane... These "wingtip pods" are actually missile launchers for the AIM-9 Sidewinder and are not equipped with navigation lights...!!! If You have a good look at the wingtips of the wings, You'll find a hole at each side (which probably need to be filled with a transparent piece). THESE represent the formation lights...!!! (Green on the right side & red on the left side.) Kind regards, Rudy.
  12. Hello Peter, just stumbled upon Your P-51 project a few minutes ago... Still in awe and working my way through all the post's. Look's I just found a useful meaning to spent my Saturday-evening. Just a small question: If I understand correctly, You are the man behind "AIRSCALE" ? If so, could You please tell me at what "DPI" You create Your instruments. Working on some stuff myself which looks fine on the screen, but doesn't look all that handy-dandy once printed... Kind regards, Rudy.
  13. Thanx for the feedback Brian ! Kind regards, Rudy.
  14. Hi Bruce, Your Viper surely turned out nice ! Could You please tell me which brand is selling these spare canopies and possibly where to get them ? TIA ! Kind regards, Rudy.
  15. I hate to break it to You Ben but the shape of the Zacto canopy is also off... Furthermore, I'm pretty sure the shape of the intake won't be up to spec's as well... Of course it might sound silly replacing OOB shape-issues by an (expensive !!!) AM-resin correction-set which still hold shape-issues but I'm pretty sure Chris was "forced" to make a compromise in order to fit it all to the initial Trumpeter-offering. Therefore I wouldn't regard the Zacto-offering as a "correction-set", but rather as a "shape enhancement-set". Just my 2c of course... Kind regards, Rudy.
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