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  1. Gonna follow this one with interest Peter !!! Been lucky enough to fly Mike Bravo Kilo a few times back in the days... Good luck with your build and I hope You will be able to do her justice. Regards, Rudy
  2. Hi Paulo, thanx for enriching me with some additional information regarding the formation lights which are incorporated in the AIM-9 launchers. Could it be that this has been a Brazilian modification ? As for some of the formation lights being blue: that's something I noticed many, many moons ago in my childhood years. Indeed a bit strange. I always assumed these lights were equipped with yellow light-bulbs (yellow & blue ==> green) since they do appear to be green once turned on. Anyways, good luck & lot's of fun with Your progress. One can never go wrong with a sweet little fighter like the F-5. ;-) Regards Rudy.
  3. Hate to brake it to You but Your modification to (what You call) the wingtip pods has been in vane... These "wingtip pods" are actually missile launchers for the AIM-9 Sidewinder and are not equipped with navigation lights...!!! If You have a good look at the wingtips of the wings, You'll find a hole at each side (which probably need to be filled with a transparent piece). THESE represent the formation lights...!!! (Green on the right side & red on the left side.) Kind regards, Rudy.
  4. Hello Peter, just stumbled upon Your P-51 project a few minutes ago... Still in awe and working my way through all the post's. Look's I just found a useful meaning to spent my Saturday-evening. Just a small question: If I understand correctly, You are the man behind "AIRSCALE" ? If so, could You please tell me at what "DPI" You create Your instruments. Working on some stuff myself which looks fine on the screen, but doesn't look all that handy-dandy once printed... Kind regards, Rudy.
  5. Thanx for the feedback Brian ! Kind regards, Rudy.
  6. Hi Bruce, Your Viper surely turned out nice ! Could You please tell me which brand is selling these spare canopies and possibly where to get them ? TIA ! Kind regards, Rudy.
  7. I hate to break it to You Ben but the shape of the Zacto canopy is also off... Furthermore, I'm pretty sure the shape of the intake won't be up to spec's as well... Of course it might sound silly replacing OOB shape-issues by an (expensive !!!) AM-resin correction-set which still hold shape-issues but I'm pretty sure Chris was "forced" to make a compromise in order to fit it all to the initial Trumpeter-offering. Therefore I wouldn't regard the Zacto-offering as a "correction-set", but rather as a "shape enhancement-set". Just my 2c of course... Kind regards, Rudy.
  8. Shujaa

    DH9 Ninak

    As mentioned before: MUSEUM QUALITY ! Extremely nice with exactly the right amount of weathering: beautifully balanced and still showing a combat-tired bird. Please enlighten us with a WIP during Your next project and show us all Your "trick's" !!! Kind regards, Rudy.
  9. Looking very nice. TPS seems to have worked out great. Kind regards, Rudy.
  10. Yes please ! I would love to see some of the results. Please show us some of Your results and if possible photographs, taken at different angles in regard to the surface. I'm pretty convinced there are other products out there that produce a marvelous glossy sheen, but as You know we also look for things such as "orange-skin effect's", etc., etc.. I would also appreciate it if You could tell us some more regarding thinning down these paints in order to "push" them through an airbrush... Kind regards, Rudy.
  11. Oh common'... We can't have the "God's" showing up in the crew-room, buying the spark-chasers & grease-monkey's a beer with dirty hand's or do we... Hmmm, something funny about that remark. Don't know if it's the combination of the "God's" with dirty hand's or the combination of the "God's" buying the techies a beer... Kind Regards, Rudy.
  12. NOPE ! This configuration never saw combat service on the "ECHO". It was however used by CHARLIE-/DELTA-models during the Vietnam-conflict (occasionally). It's even highly unlikely that an ECHO-model would have ever been fitted with gun-pod's (other than for airshow-purposes) since it was already fitted with a 20mm canon (primarily for self-defense, secondarily for strafing). Besides, why equip it with gun-pod's to put some holes in a truck when You can take out the whole convoy with some MK.82's...? (and still have the standard 20mm for self-defense & strafing...) Just my 2c of course... Never-the-less, we (as a modeler) are allowed some "free interpretation", aren't we ? Kind regards, Rudy
  13. Simply STUNNING !!! Most heavily weathered bird's are a sore sight for eyes but this one is exceptionally well done. !!! Very near to "perfection" with just the right amount of weathering, mixed with "clean" items which in reality should be clean as well (AIM-7's & AIM-9's). Nice touch with the "unpainted" canopies. ! Kind Regards, Rudy.
  14. Just noticed now & hate to break it to You Danny but the "J" didn't have any rudder-pedals in the back... Guess You'll have to yank them out again... Regards Rudy.
  15. As for skill's: 9.0 As for reality: -9.0 Sorry, just my 2c. However; as long as You're happy with it, all is fine with me. Regards Rudy.
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