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  1. There's a difference between UPs and postal service. UPS for us european is the most expensive and hardly used here. If you really need to use express (let's face it in the modelling world, nothing is urgent considering our stash states) DHL is as efficient as UPS and less expensive to the US service. I send samples to the US for my business almost weekly and the above is my experience with the express services. Postal is most of the time as efficient and way cheaper. DHL is way cheaper than UPS or Fedex for services from Belgium to the US Sending
  2. Great tips Ivanmoe I have another technique for props Put them into the wind and let nature do it Here is one of the results: It was the real sky too. I took that picture being a young adult, in the streets, close to a railroad bridge and I perfectly remember a cop car stopping next to me and one of the two cops coming to help me to hold the model so that picture was taken
  3. Ivanmoe, having tried this before I am awestruck by your realizations, the models are perfectly blended into your wallpapers. The perspective is perfect and these artistic renderings are awesome !! You can't say if they are models, reals, drawings or paintings. It's an art on its own. Beautiful !
  4. I am one of the fervent adepts thinking that an airplane is supposed to be shown in flight Jets are easier to display in flight because the prop models need an extra solution about the spinning prop and no real solution exists, at least none suitable for me. I either ends up motoring the prop or leaving it alone. Stand wise, I love round rods because I feel they are more aerodynamic and hence less visible than square section. Whenever I can I use transparent rods but to be honest, your mind quickly omits the rods when you look at the model and IMHO even metallic
  5. Thank you all for your comments gents, much appreciated Brian, May I answer with posting underside & gear pictures in the WIP section as soon as I get a chance to take them?
  6. Thank you Peter, coming from you and your splendid build scenes, it is quite a compliment and I salute you in return Stokey Pete Thank you Grunticus Many thanks for your help about the canopy, you were quite right. You have been of a great support Ben. Thank you. Too bad we can't have our model on the show tables this year. Although I'm pretty sure what the outcome will be Nick, this build is dedicated to you. Without your resin nose it would have NEVER happened and I took a lot of pleasure building this one So t
  7. A late 60 aircraft with modern weapons: Mirage V Blue thunder Revell 1/32 Isracast KFIR C2 conversion Isracast Spice 1000Lbs gliding bomb Brass gears Resin C10 nose (thank you Cheetah) Sufa bits: Python AA missiles, Litening pod, pilot Homemade decals Homemade masks Coastal kit blurred runway base Paints: Gunze H305/ (H311+H308) / H306 (nose) Started July 2020 - ended December 2020 Apologies for the grainy pictures, the light outside is quite dull, I'll try to update the pictures when I have better conditions:
  8. Getting near the end now that the windscreen issue is under control. The seat, pilot and Ip were glued in place, the inner framing painted black after the main frame received the two rear view mirrors and the centre handle. The canopy and windscreen were finally glued in place. A bit of sanding was required at the aft side of the canopy and a strip of self adhesive aluminium was taped at the front. With the windscreen issue under control, many details were added throughout the airframe: canards were glued in place, pitot and various antenna wer
  9. So I went to the barbecue and got my hot gloves first Then I bluetacked the Revell windscreen on a piece of wood, put a rhodoïd on top of it and blasted it with hot air from the hairdryer The first try was a mess The second try was better and a definite windscreen shape came out and was cut alongside the revell template. It was still a bit too large so it needed further adjustments but in the end it's not that bad: Thank you all very much for your help, advices and support gents. Very much appreciate
  10. I fully agree with you Alain, That's what i was trying to say. the flat is inside the windscreen and very hard to get to another shape I think I'll give a quick go with a piece of rhodoïd and my wife's hairdryer, using the F-18 cut windscreen as a master. I'm not sure I have the right tool and material for that but let's try and see what happens. As cheetah wisely said, if it doesn't work I already have a B plan. What's plunge molding Peter?
  11. I'm not sure this is convenient to do in the inside, the topside is already rounded - the problem is that since it's angled on the inside, however you round the topside, you will always see the angle and flat surface. The solution might be to round the inside but this is quite hard to achieve - it was tempted but honestly I reached the point where I'm starting to get concerned that I will break it if I pursue. Here's the kit's part in the state it is now: The angles and flat surface are still quite noticeable. I'm not equipped to vac form a new w
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