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  1. Learned something interesting about the F-105 not so long ago. The F-105 is able to refuel with both systems: the probe & drogue and the boom into the receptacle I didn't know about any aircraft that featured both system. sounds peculiar but I was really suprised learning this (sorry for the hijack)
  2. Quite a beast and very nicely done. Love it
  3. Lovely Cheetah. The angular & delta camouflage perfectly matches the delta wing mirage
  4. that's motivating Indeed It's looking great
  5. yes. That's what the Yefim Gordon book says
  6. You're doing Great work on thet zipper Joachim, Love it
  7. Fantastic indeed, these pictures are ... WOW Love the weathering as well. Great modelling
  8. Inspiring project, Thanks for taking the time to document it. it will be very interesting to see this evolving.
  9. Shooting the virus with a 9mm might prove impossible
  10. it's Awesome !! great stuff the base turned out super great
  11. That's correct for 100% realism with engine down, it should be just a bit rotated, but not inverted Cheers Tom. The small yellow T handle on the left is indeed the manual canopy jettison handle The larger spider's purpose is multiple: It's a switch guard for the canopy open/close switch (inside the wall) it's a throttle stop preventing the throttle to be moved in AB with canopy not down and locked (thus when Spider is opened) and it inflates the canopy seal after canopy closure for the pressurisation system upon Spider closure against the wall
  12. Don't know if it's still possible to change it, but that ADI (horizon) is upside down, as if the aircraft is on its back, flying inverted, which with an open canopy spider shouldn't be possible Blue is sky, brown is ground. I hope you don't mind me pointing it out. On the plus side, I really love the open spider. You could also place the throttle more vertically as when it's in cutoff it's position is more vertical (engine out) but that's a very minor detail Great pit, I really love the added details
  13. You guys are too prone to react to internet news: In this day and age, confusion is normal, don't jump to conclusions https://www.themodellingnews.com/2020/04/sad-news-from-new-zealand-wingnut-wings.html Not stating what is right or what is fake news - I don't know and I don't care. But obviously there is a certain level of confusion and modeller forum are not known to stop spreading stupid rumours, quite the contrary !! If the above is true, then it's no different than so many business around the world being temporaily closed. No reason to make a drama out of it, many of us are in the same boat currently So keep on building plastic and just ignore the rumours
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