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  1. Now with a question: Anyone know the spec (or name) for these Derby ER pylons? The Isracast kit supplies the wing bag pylon but these are obviously not the same. I am thinking about flipping them over (to get the correct forward angle) and reshape the rear of the resin but looking for such pylons on the web didn't yield much results. Do we know how they are called. The smaller missile guide is sorted, this is the same as the python missile in the first post above and have been sourced from a Revell Phantom
  2. I needed to smell paint this week end so I put the airbrush out and basic painted the KFIR weapons. I still do not have the Spice 1000 but there's the rest of the weaponry: From left to right: The two Derby-ER made from scratch, the 2 Pythons 5 from the Sufa kit, a GBU-49 converted from a GBU-12, and the Raphael Litening pod. (Sorry for the angled pictures) Paint was H308+ white for the grey. It's a mix I largely use for Air to air missiles usually. The metallic grey is MRP gun. The pod is H305 gunship grey and the training r
  3. Wonderful model, it's been a pleasure indeed following this one.
  4. I used the old 2mikes on my deset storm GR1 decade ago. I think the wing gloves are also provided in PE in the Fiightpath kit To Thierry's list I would add that the wing have a tendency to drop on the complete model - could be easily prevented during fuselage assembly
  5. What? Now I know why that mirage needed to get off the bench. That's a very valid reason I'm jaleous. A 1/32 Pucara, well done sorting this
  6. You shoul dbe able to post multiple images in the same post I use "insert image from url" Nice exotic mirage I can't see what you messed on the tail it looks the par to me
  7. Don't stall for that Joachim, I'd do a mix or artistic licence and copy from other airframe I wouldn't mirror
  8. Thanks gents. Collected parts from the stash to create the Derby-ER AA missiles. Thanks again Nick for the dimensions. Main donor will be 1/32 sparrows from unknown origin (although I think they are from a Revell Phantom. Back fins will be 1/32 Sidewinder rear fins Front fins will be 1/48 sparrows back fins: The best side view I found on the web was scaled to 113.125mm lenght and used as a template for modification of the sparrow body The old and the new. The pointy end is not exactly like the real Derby, t
  9. I'll remember your mix, it seems pretty good adding that marking blue. Well done
  10. After that long while spent correcting my own mistakes, I needed some motivation going on, so here 's where I am now. Tail, AAR probe & canards are dryfit only That finally looks like a Kfir C10
  11. I'm sure Nick anticipated me screwing the nose up because he sent spares copies of the nose. Thank you Nick, that made it easier. One of the spare noses received the MIG-29 tank insert which was opened to accomodate the nose shape Luckily the original nose came out clean of the fuselage: And the new one in the process of being attached to the fuselage:
  12. I planned for 12mm sizing the above picture. But my cut wasn't straight and I had to slide thin plasticard on one side and sand. In the end I came with a 11mm insert. Close enough and more importantly, straight
  13. I will solve it, but I am very concerned I might crook the nose with a weird angle. I never mastered the technique to make two cuts perfectly parallel adding a nose section perfectly straight will not be as easy as I whish it were. The good news is that I already found a donor of about the same diameter (which is not a perfect circle) in the form of what I think is an old 1/32 Mig-29 centreline fuel tank
  14. As you can see from the lack of updates, I stalled a bit because I messed up. More on that later The wing were attached: Sound easy but it was not but I'm glad that is done. Now something was itching me as I was working on the nose but I wasn'table to see it until the nose was glued on the model. Once it was attached and sanded I saw it immediately, it is too short and it misses something. All pieces felt into place and I knew that the itch that was bothering me was the nose sensors I reproduced not bieng glued at the right pla
  15. https are not always secure and http are not always insecure - it should be more related to the source rather than that S trend. but that's another debate Thanks Kev & sorry for OT Mistral.
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