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  1. Well Lothar, This is one of the disadvantage of social media and forum in particular (these are greatly outnumbered by the actual advantages - for the forum at least) If nobody told you you would probably never paid attention. Now that you know about it, you feel entitled to correct KH mistakes because you feel you may be judged if you don't! I promise no bad judgement as far as I am concerned I can' t promise for the rest of the crowd but at the end of the day you look at your model and you are the sole judge that really matter of your accomplishement So who really cares if the IP is not 100% correct or if other small details are lacking or inconsistent. You like the kit, built it the way you like and share it, it's you who make the effort and you decide what kind of effort and ressource you want to put into it. It's great to have a Mirage 2000 in this scale, we have two. Not perfect but heck, I have been running after the perfect kit for the last 35 years. I'm still running. Some came close but none was ever perfect. Go build a mirage. And if you don't I'll buy it from you
  2. The HpH Mig-23BN conversion also lacks two important features (at least for the intended Mig-23BN building): 1. the bulged nose wheel door 2. the Delta N fairing on the right wing glove pylon Both are quite visible feature of the Mig-23BN you might dismiss the Delta N for some Mig-27 but that still leave the bulged nosewheel door lacking
  3. Apparently, AIM made one in 1/24. But when following the link to Hannants for that reference you end up on a cul de sac http://www.aim72.co.uk/page132.html Scratching one doesn't seem to be too complicated, except for the wheels....
  4. Yeah I was confused with Mig-27 sans suffixe Flogger D I'm pretty torn between going Mig-23 or Mig-27 myself. Currently looking for an original Mig-23MLD but haven't made up my mind yet Sorry I couldn't help, but somehow I knew that the kind of question you would ask would not be so easy
  5. Looks like we have one in house too https://www.largescaleplanes.com/walkaround/wk.php?wid=129 Thanks
  6. The Yefim Gordon book (which I am curently reading for my next Trumpeter Mig23 model) has picture of Mig-27D from the 19th GvAPIB in East Germany at Lärz Ab They sport the guard badge and are coded yellow There are pictures of Yellow 05, 07, 28 and 01(probably 25) and 50 Dunno if that's the type of info you're looking at since I'm not a specialist on Mig27 ... yet. I'm still reading the Mig23 part of the book and it's already looking quite complicated
  7. Hey guys, Been looking on the web for drawings or information about the RAF accumulator trolley (starter cart) usually seen around Spitfires during WWII I might consider building one (or even better buying one if such exists) in 1/24 I found out aftermarkets in 1/48 and 1/32 but does anyone know if the trolley has been made in 1/24? If not I guess I'll have to scratch one. and I was able to get lots of picture from the web but not yet drawings or useful measurement for scratching that piece of equipment So I'm looking for any info you guys might have Cheers & Thanks
  8. Nope, you're right. It's a feature of the C wing, and Indeed most of the MkIX had that feature. But to be honest It's one I found out after initial assembly of the model's wings as I was reasearching the canon configuration. And even then I think I would probably have overlooked it on the principle that the small detail was not worth the huge hassle to rebuild to whole underwing section Thank you all for your comments again.
  9. Nice start, I always had a soft spot for the P61. Luckily I never could make up my mind to go 1/48 or 1/32 So I'll take my P61 fix by reading your progress
  10. I followed the WIP in awe and the final result is no less flabbergasting. Congrats on a great final model. It is very inspriring
  11. Thank you Lothar, I'll call this one finished now Thank you for your support Lothar and all of you Follow the link on the image below to go the the Ready for inspection forum. I want to express my thanks to all of you supporting WIP builds. It's great to have feedback and really helps the mojo Cheers gents !!
  12. Final report of a completed long haul conversion from a 1/24 Airfix Spitfire MkVb to a late LF MkIX Started this one last July so about 8 months worth of bench time. This one really put my mojo to test and I'm glad it's over !! I guess I now understand why we don't see too many late Mk Spitfires in 1/24 but in the best tradition, I am now clearing Airfix (or anyone else) to release one ... Full WIP is in the in progress forum Thank you all LSpers for the support while building. I doubt this would have been completed without the forum
  13. More small details: Rear view of the flaps and wheels, Duncan, scissors have been added but are barely visible Detail of the tail control surfaces angled and the free tail wheel. The light is from the trumpeter kit Leading edge with tamiya tape bits painted in red over the guns holes. The access door with a major mistake, lots of modification on that one. those who can remember the airfix one will notice The rear view mirror was scratched as the airfix fit only offer the rectangular one This is the final stretch
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