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  1. Decals are on ... the AOA decals are not reacting much to Microsol, I had to switch to Daco strong solution which works better. Unfortunately one of the big star on the top wing reacted badly and gave a weird result. Not much of a big deal and probably my fault soaking that decal with daco product. All the rest went pretty well with excellent Quality decals The homemade decals were coated with superclear from MRP and reacted fine to a slight coat of microsol (i didn't dare using stronger decal solution on these.) that red homemade intake decal helped a great deal and i noticed AOA added that as well to the revision of the intruder stencil sheet, well done Ziggy. You might also consider maybe adding the fuel tank fin attachment holes in decals as illutsrated below in a next revision the Navy decal was cut after being positioned, it's homemade decals and suffered a bit during the treatment, Nothing a touch of black paint can't fix though the hook isn't glued hence why it dropped and the picture made me realise that the warning hook decal is messed up the D704 drogue was replaced with the steelbeach one. It's much better and i'll have to scratch an opened drogue anyway the Ram is feathered The wing bags are decalled as well with a bit of artistic licence on the squadron ID. The rear end received homemade decals to simulate the holes in the skin for fitting other types of fins configuration, a feature missing on the trumpeter parts although very visible. Not perfect, but i'm happy with the end result
  2. Daco currently has an anniversary sale - up to tomorrow So if you want to buy the book anyway, might as well profit from their extra rebates I have it. it's a gold mine, just like any book they publish reference wise, it's a mix of German, dutch and belgian starfighters
  3. red Dog

    Help needed for custom decals

    Well it can be done, so there is hope. Here's what I did with Maid in the shade. No commercial decal available but good side shots of the real nose art were sufficient to recreate the decals. Of course these shots were colors and from the side with minimal perspective deformation issues: Like this Decals can be created with any image edition software and printed on clear decal paper. Nowadays we get excellent inkjet clear decal paper that suits any home printer you certainly have: The problem obviously is white. White can't be printed by our printer. That's the reason why you see an outline on the decal above. That outline was used to cut a mask that was then used to paint a white background for the decal on the nose of the model: To be honest, that's the trickiest part - curring that mask to ensure it matches the decal correctly Then all it takes is apply the decal on the white background So it sounds complicated but basically if you have a bit of experience with the software it's pretty possible to do on your own. obviously the B-24 noseart can be much more complicated than the simple one above, so it really comes down to the complexity of your noseart and obviously the quality of the details you have available. Recopying a perfect side shot is easy, recreating a full nose art requires artistic talent which we don't all have (i don't have it) I'm in no way a professionnal, but i do a lot of my own decals and although I can't say anything about the feasibility of your project, I don't mind trying to steer you in the right direction if I can - that is if you haven't found a professionnal to do it for you. Again no promise as it clearly depends on that nose art complexity, reference picture.
  4. red Dog

    Airfix Harrier GR.3 in 1/24th scale

    Great work an that old model
  5. red Dog

    do you keep all of your finished models?

    That's the reason i switched to do commission build. that way i can enjoy building but I don't have to bother with storage. Yet i still from time to time build stuff for myself and usually stuff larger than my limited storage in my display cabinet
  6. red Dog

    Su-25M1 / Su-25UBM1 is coming.

    Many thanks for posting these picture !!
  7. red Dog

    Su-25M1 / Su-25UBM1 is coming.

    Wanted to convert my su-25ub to su-39 or su-25 utg but now i have doubts … that ukrainian pixel camo is so appealing
  8. haha yes can't see it on the model, but i saw it on the picture and removed it since then. bit more of water, scrape a bit more, voilà in the meantime the decals are out of the printer A quick and light coat of superclear from MRP and soon on the model ...
  9. New technique tryout I have been wondering how to replicate the typical weathering on the KA-6D Like this and this: (the white one ) and this More specifically the nose with the clearly visible effect of dirtying, cleaning, dirtying again... Though the best way to try this would be to get the MIG scratching effect sprayed on the area, then tamiya smoke on it. Once dry activating the Mig product with water then either brushing the area with a bery old short brush or even a sponge for more effect First try on the stabs, where it's easily corrected in case of screw up: Subtle or heavier, easy enough. I'm glad with that. Let's go on the nose area: The contrast is emphasized int he picture, so the effect on the model is less visible (say more subtle ) I'm happy with it, as always it will be toned down the coming corrosion control (fresh white in some area on top of that weathering) and with the gloss coat that's needed now before decalling The underside and the reel have received the same treatment That's my concept of a good Sunday at the bench
  10. Thank you guys Jari, I mistakenly called it the fuel line, I'm happy it's there anyway, even if it's not a fuel line I used this as references, posted by MyDesigna bit earlier in this topic Glad I don't have to remove that center pin and I just have to add another one at the back of the pylon for the real fuel line Thanks for the useful info Jari as always
  11. red Dog

    Russian aircraft cockpit color

    Beside the MRP01 turquoise, MRP also have other colours for russian cockpits: Sukhoi (MRP-195) Mig 29 light blue MRP290 Mig 29 light grey MRP291 Older Migs 15-17-19 in light blue: MRP277
  12. That's Indeed a nice price, i saw at around 170 euro at a LHS end of August. I want to build a TF-104 marineflieger but with that price, resistance was easy
  13. This summer was really too warm to work on plastic models Now that Septembre came, I'm back to the Bench. To get back up to speed I decided to work separately on the stores: 4 wing bags and the D-704 as backup reel system. The instruder has all stores hanging from the pylons pointing down quite a bit. Trumpeter does not implement that and the attachment of the stores to the pylon is pretty standard with two sway braces, Nothing more that's not going to cut it i want the forward part of the wing tanks to point downward much more than that. First I embedded the aft sway brace into the pylon. Second i added extra thickness on the forward sway brace I placed a plastic rod as the main fuel lines between the tank and its pylon. I added a forward lug (from videoaviation resin bomb leftover) and a flat lug at the rear then i linked both with 2 plastic rods, one on each side I glued some photoetch leftover for the gizmos under the aft of the pylon and I used microtube to make 3 drains under the bottom of the tank Here's the result: I have no way to know if the downward tilt is too much but it looks good enough when looking at pictures of the real thing. It's definitely something that needs to be addressed with this kit. I just need to ensure i tilt them all with the same angle. Painting the wing tanks isn't finished. the salt technique still need to be toned down a bit (although it's less visible in real than on the picture) The tanks are dark grey as they are painted TPS for the tram intruders in the squadron. To be honest, the great thing about these navy paints is that you actually HAVE to screw up and paint again. The more paint touch up you have to do on your model - each time with another variation of your base colour - the closer your result will be to real corrosion control. That's the reason I did all that detailling work after initial painting. Engraving also need to be corrected. the wing tanks have the two oval doors on one side but the other side has no doors at all and i engraved the first one vertically (that's the kind of silly mistake you do after a too long hiatus - and why i prefer to work on small things were damage can be easily corrected) The engraving lines aren't at the right location as per the tailhook drawings but i think i'll either live with that.or make them in relief as they should really be. Pylons and tanks don't need to be glued, the plastic rod simulating the fuel line make a great job to secure them together. Another feature missing are the holes in the aft section of the tank to fit the other fins. I debated milling or painting them but after all i'll try to use custom decals for that i just need two vents added Under the rear of the pylon and a touch of paint to finish the first two tanks. then i have another pair to do ...
  14. red Dog

    Libyan Mig-23MF, 0200 Tripoli August 2005

    Wow, that addresses very smartly one of the hardest thing to do in modelling IMHO That is awesome modding