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  1. Great idea! I had that kit a long time ago when in High School. I never managed to build it, and it succumbed to one of the many moves I had around the plant. I look forward to seeing this come together! Cheers
  2. I too had a similar issue each time I've ordered from them. The last order (Nov 2021) was for 50 or so bottles of paint. After months, and multiple contact attempts he did not respond to anything, until I contacted the credit card company and reported the issue - at which time he decided to see if I would wait some more. Nope - not ever again. Global supply issues being what they are, and shipping seems to be just as wonky these days, but the issues encountered on my end are purely a function of the owner and how he chooses to run his business, which is unfortunate. Matt "carries" a bunch of items at a great price, but he consistently does not deliver. Cheers.
  3. Peter, Many thanks for the references. This was exactly what I was hoping for! Cheers. Duane
  4. Thanks Peter! This is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers. Duane
  5. Are there any resources out there that show the rear canopy blackout curtain in early Phantoms? I've come up empty after searching the net. Only a few pics from the outside and from a distance. Cheers. Duane
  6. What an amazing build. Your step by step on he engine is outstanding. I've learned quite a bit reading through your build threads.
  7. Wow, those look incredible. Looking forward to your review on these - I need to save my pennies.
  8. Chuck, Congratulations on the show, your work is amazing. As a recent returnee to modeling, reading your write-ups and taking in your excellent photo documentation provide a wealth of techniques and how to that I've found invaluable. I look forward to continued work on yet another masterpiece! Duane
  9. Spectacular work. The paint and weathering are incredible. I have that kit staring at me at the moment, but I haven't touched one in 25 years. . . . Cheers Duane
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