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  1. Superb work - excited to see this one finished
  2. Hi, Have you sanded the area on the 2 wing haves as well? To be honest when I built the F-100D I used Eduard parts to detail the kit wing wheel bays as there did not seem to be a lot of difference. I did use the Aires resin for the nose wheel bay, main wheel bay, cockpit etc.
  3. Lovely build and finish and what must be quite a beast!
  4. Very nice - that is really coming together now.
  5. Lovely progress and the figure is superb
  6. Superb build and finish. What is next?
  7. Lovely build and finish - one of these days I might pickup the two seater
  8. Lovely finish - I really like the look of the two seat F-16
  9. Personally I would take the Airfix 1/24th over the Trumpy model - whilst the Trumpy model is newer, one of their best and I believe more accurate in outline etc the surface detail on the Airfix model is much more accurate (even for a model 50 years old). The Trumpy model is full of divots which is absolutely not the case on the real airframe and is very noticeable on the wings etc. That said either of these are better than the 1/32nd offerings IMO. The Hurricane that Radub built was a masterclass as was the resin update sets then mastered for MDC and the Revell 1/32nd model.
  10. Fantastic build and a great reference.
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