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  1. Lovely work - excited to see you get to the finish line.
  2. Love this thread - combing superb model making with history at its best.
  3. Very nice. The French Seafires always look great.
  4. Stunning model and lets face it all the stuff Chris puts out is incredible.
  5. Highly recommend the Lightning book and DVD of photos by Uncovering the EE Lightning (No 6): Danny Coremans, Peter Gordts. You have pretty much all you need then.
  6. Fantastic work - all book marked for when I start my F-8E in the stash.
  7. It is a stunning model for a vacform - would have been great if Frank had continued - the Buccaneer would have been amazing! Looking forward to seeing you build it. Best,
  8. I started this a long time ago but it hits many of the problems to build a more accurate Lightning. I have seen some very nice OOB renditions but if you are a fan of the aircraft you will see many of these issues. No model is perfect it is just a shame that this one is less perfect than most :-(
  9. Lovely work - the pilots are really going to bring it to life IMO.
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