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  1. Very nice, looking forward to seeing your next update.
  2. Wow - don't know how I missed this one. Amazing work.
  3. Looks great - a real beast. Makes me want to build the PCM XIV....
  4. Not that I am aware of - that said I may have missed it :-)
  5. These photographs show how I filed the vents and sanded them ready to have the "new" correct vents and grilles drilled and created on the model. Hopefully the "pictures" present a 1000 words and everything is clear from these.
  6. A few updates after taking the images from my visit with John from Britmodeller to see the incredible F5 at Tangmere. It looks like she is in the final inspection hall at Hawkers as she is immaculate. I had spent some time removing the Revell grills etc and either using Eduard PE or scratch plastic fins for the grills all of which was a complete waste of time and energy The first thing I did was to draw out a scale plan of where the vents for the F5 with the Sapphire engine are vs. the F6 with RR Avon that the Revell kit is based on. This then allowed me to draw where these would be on the Revell kit. Anything with an X through it is in the wrong place! Showing the other side. The following photographs from my trip to Tangmere show the reference I used for placement of vents and grilles.
  7. Thanks that is very helpful
  8. Hi, Does anyone have any great shots of the underside of operational F-100 - looking for weathering/oil etc for reference for weathering.
  9. Ok. Having had NO response from Trumpeter at all (just as I expected) I have resurrected this build from the shelf of doom. I will work out what I am going to do with the windscreen later. I have focussed on weathering and adding some more details. The weathering is not just colour but also paint finish - matt for new touchups, slight sheen on older paintwork etc. Not sure how please I am or not so just pushing forward. Here is the latest state - the windscreen I should add I took off in preparation for the replacement part - now I know I am not getting it I have glued in back on. I also had to sand the surface of the model down to get rid of the horrible pebbling texture that the Vallejo Matt left all over the more - what a chore! More to come later this week.
  10. I am resurrecting my F-100D build and I have the Fisher ZUNI addon. Does anyone have good colour photos mof the rocket heads and rear and the launcher on the F-100D. I "think the launcher is silver" and that the rockets heads and tails are Olive Drab and then yellow and polished metal for the rocket tips. Would also be great to hear from anyone who have used these how the mounted them. Thanks
  11. Superb build and great explanations along the way.
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