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  1. Superb finish - what is your next jet you will be building?
  2. That is the best SU-27 build I have seen - the weathering is incredible. Do you have an WIP you can share on how you achieved your weathering?
  3. Great work and the tutorial on the Archer resin rivets is very useful. Thanks for taking the time to post this level of detail as I realise it is pretty time consuming.
  4. Love this aircraft and this model. Such a work horse.
  5. Lovely work - like everything else on this build
  6. Lovely build of a very pretty plane.
  7. HI - do you have more information on the dimension issues - I seemed to have missed this bit of info :-)
  8. Sublime finish on both - my personal fav is the black, white and grey aggressor as it is just such a cool scheme IMO.
  9. Lovely job and a really creative idea.
  10. Keep going with 1/24th Superkits - Hurricane, Spitfire etc
  11. Welcome aboard - really looking forward to seeing your build. Love the marking you have chosen.
  12. Do you know of Little Bunny is early or late P-47 and what the correct tyre pattern should be? (I have this one with those markings in my stash as my mothers name was "Norma". Fantastic work - I have now sprung for the HGW rivet transfers.
  13. Very nice - really like the 2 seat Starfighter. So many great markings and colour schemes. One day I will add this to my stash - just need to build 399 other models first :-)
  14. Really nice finish, loving what you are doing - I have two of these in the stash. One day KD451 will be brought to life in my house :-)
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