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  1. Great description of the problem and resolution. You are a stronger man than me as I would have chickened out and placed in on the shelf of doom for a while.
  2. Great work - the painting in the cockpit is top notch.
  3. Love your weathered interior and the WIP so we can see the changes you are making
  4. I will second that - would love to see your WIP
  5. Welcome aboard. Great work on your recreation
  6. Great tip on the suitcase. Lovely finish and the yellow looks really good.
  7. Great progress. Fisher is really a "Tamiya" of resin kits along with Aki. So easy to build and always look great.
  8. I will check later today but I am pretty sure I have one in white metal in 1/24th scale which I bought to go with my Typhoon.
  9. Another question for me - can anyone please let me know what these are and what colour they should be? Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks Thierry this is all great information
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