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  1. Love them Pete, it's an awesome display
  2. the closest font I have is this one: (on top) The Y is different and the 2 is as well. I can cut these for you in masks, It could be easy enough to modify them to your liking before cutting them provided you get me all details that are important to you (size, thickness, shape, etc etc)
  3. Nothing like a good mirage from time to time Looking Sharp Alain
  4. is custom made an option? The advantage is that I can basically do whatever section required since I drew the whole carrier deck in scale
  5. Mig paste is pretty good, that's what I use for both concrete and asphalt bases here are some concrete examples C-130 1/72 1/32 Iraqi Sea Fury
  6. Not much available when I converted mine to a MkIX, (Now released from Airfix and that's a good thing because the conversion I used was very old) I used the IP from airscale which was gorgeous and added a lot to the cockpit I also used the MasterCasters flaps set - although Spitfires are hardly seen with flaps down on the ground I also used some gear bays castings as you can see in the picture above. They have the merit to exist but I wasn't convinced about them Some possible inspiration: 1/24 Spitfire MkVb to LF. Mk IX Conversion – 349 sqn RAF (Belgium) PART 1: Assembly – Red Dog's models (wordpress.com)
  7. That's because you're a tomcat freak now
  8. I missed it as well, Great work and inspiring. thanks yo you now I feel like renewing mine standing there under a coat of dust in my display cabinet
  9. Ben, When I did Bandit 04 and published it on my blog, a gentleman who served with HMS-32 contacted me - he cleared the same kind of questions for the names on the skyhawk I couldn't read. His name was actually on the nose gear as he was the crew chief for that particular aircraft. I took the liberty to recontact him to ask about Bandit 01. His response his in the comment on my blog: Not sure it's going to help because it's quite different from your current data but here it is anyway: Obviously that does not seem to match the bits you have on that picture ...
  10. great flanker. Thanks for sharing
  11. Awesome. Quite honored to present a very small Christmas gift to you Kevin. Thank you and the LSP team for all you do for us. Thank you all for making this great raffle possible Merry Christmas
  12. Quite a special one in the collection. Very well done !!
  13. guilty of having done that with a corsair But I have quite a few pictures of real corsair doing that as well And I even might consider this on a Fisher Panther - call it blasphemy but it would fit my cabinet better.
  14. I don't think the triple launcher for the maverick was ever used operationally on the F-16. It was tested and that's about the only pictures of F-16 we can find with these. Probably because of too many limiting factors. Now, if that's the loadout you want to have and don't really care about it being fully valid, go for it and call it artistic licence After all, it's your model, your time, your fun.
  15. Late to the party but I'd like to join as both a donor and recipient Two different decal sheets, for two different winners: - Two bobs 32-034 A-7E VA-22 (camouflaged) - Mil Spec 32-009 VF-143 Pukin' Dogs F-14B (low vis)
  16. I use lightcraft, this one specifically but there's one big drawback* The pros are that you can easily change the lens to get different level of magnification The big drawback is that it doesn't stay on your nose: Most of the time you work looking down and these simply drop from your head because they don't fit tight enough. I found out that when using these you really need a headband for the glasses to stay put. I keep losing mines and it drove me crazy Luckily lightcraft have many different models, many of them with a headband, so make sure you get one that stays put
  17. Aires F-14B Tomcat cockpit before it goes into the Tamiya fuselage: A pleasure to work with, I just added switches lever.
  18. Good looking navy jet Nick And a great collection.
  19. Nice choice Nick If you struggle with decals and need help with this , I'll be happy to help. I can easily cut custom masks for you. It would be a nice way to return the help you provided with my KFIR. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any
  20. Very nice progress. It is very inspiring (almost bought the 1/32 from that brasilian company a while back) I have a preference for the hellfire loadout if you don't mind my opinion. It gives it a meaner look
  21. Still trying to cure my current carrier deck diorama addiction, I initially wanted to have a wing folded Hawkeye waiting behind raised JBD of the F-14 on the CAT2. But that idea got scrapped the moment I stumbled upon this picture: The feathered engine, the compressed oleo and deflected rudders sold me instantly. The kinetic E-2C isn't the best kit around but it's the only Hawkeye in 1/48. It was built with Eduard photoetch, SAC gears, MasterCaster wheels and homemade decals and masks for VAW-115 Liberty 601. A 4mm brushless engine was added in the right nacelle to further emphasize the left feathered prop. The right oleo was extended to give that specific angle of the wings and the double rudders (only 3 of the vertical surface have rudders, but double hinged) were deflected accordingly. The carrier deck was done in the same way as the previous one, cut from my real size 1/48 carrier deck photoshop template to display the Hawkeye just before snatching the arresting wire. Wings and Rotodome are not glued they slide in place to ease up transport and storage. The WIP is on my blog Thanks for looking
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