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  1. Here are some of others of the same aircraft I took back in 2012, if need be they can complement the ones from Panzerrob for that walkaround.
  2. This is true model art !! Always been in awe with WWI model results
  3. Nice and inspiring Nic.
  4. Another great model from you Koralik, looking superb
  5. I have that one as well Alain, but when I see the catapult starting so close to the JBD, I don't trust any of it's dimension So far 36x14 feet seems pretty good and that would translate to343x133mm in 1/32 and 228x89mm in 1/48 Since the 3 main JBD are made of 6 sections, 36 ft makes sense and induce 6 feet per section. JBD4 is 4 sections, thus 24 feet wide I think I'll stick to that for now
  6. Thanks for the input gents, As I said in the first post, I work on the USS Nimitz, with Tomcat on boards. After that I won't be too pedantic about exact measurements. It's just that the conflicting data I have for now are not 10 cm off for rather 6 feet off. So I'm trying to get an order of size closer to 30 feet or 36 feet. if It's 30.22 or 35.48 I don't really mind It's the 6 feet I mind Here are some interesting bits I found: So 14x36 feet and they raise to 50° The distance from the catapult for the 4 JBD is also very interesting altho
  7. lol, yes sorry JBD, Jet Blast Deflector
  8. I am looking for more information about JDB sizes. I'm currently doing a diorama for a tomcat and I have different data for the JDB sizes. It seems catapult 1 and 2 are identical in size although placed at a different distance from the catapult shuttle. Catapult 3 and 4 are different but I'm looking for their dimensions as well. Current size I used are 30.5 feet long but I feel they are too narrow. I found data for Mk7s to be 36 feet long. Which looks much better. Not sure USS nimitz has the Mk7. So i'm fishing for some more information should there is someone here with more dat
  9. what? no aftermarket?
  10. Nice project going on again Mistral I'll be following along your progress. That dual seat mirage is tempting ...
  11. Looks like they are coming https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED632168?result-token=LfRVB
  12. Cory, I think we have all been through that point. When you look for stuff original you probably venture into converting a model that wasn't done before and you'll eventually end up without decals. Same for the larger scale where aftermarkets are sparse because not commercially viable. 1/18 might be even worse. Been there done that, got the tee shirt - as many others here on this board Here's a short article on explaining the principles of how I address these issues on my own models: https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2021/03/09/custom-decals-masks/
  13. I might be able to help. Been considering to launch my own lines of combo decal/mask sheets and I have been doing custom decals and masks for quite a while. So if you have a good idea of what you need, I might be able to print and/or cut it.
  14. Super in flight Peter. It's really one of a kind. Love it
  15. thanks for posting that. I felt I missed the first not having facebook, I'll surely not miss that second run. Your notice is much appreciated. Glad they consider doing an extra run for us.
  16. Striking scheme. Good choice in the end, great model !!
  17. I stand corrected, thanks On initial though I was convinced the aft canopy had it too, but on second thoughts if it were it would be a real pain in case for instance nobody is in the back seat Since mechanic and pneumatic system are involved it actually makes sense to have only one spider in the front pit. Thanks for pointing that out Pete, and I stand corrected with my tunnel vision of front seat only. That leads me to the next question then if I may: Can you then confirm that there is actually no way to raise or lower the canopy from the back seat (short of je
  18. That may be huge decal sheet in that scale. I'm wondering why the decal choice over masks? If it were me I'd probably want to paint the markings rather than use decals. If someone is looking to get one of of the JSI F-14 tomcat, I have a friend who's selling his from Belgium (sorry for the shameless plug)
  19. Here's how it works in the aircraft, granted it's a sim but it's easier to demonstrate the feature there than in the real aircraft It's actually not a cage for the throttle, but has 3 features: 1. it acts as a canopy motor switch guard 2. it closes a pressure switch which starts cockpit pressurisation 3. it prevents the throttle to be moved into AB range. It's indeed present in both front and aft cockpit
  20. nope, you got a few fingertips to paint Amazing details Norbert. Wow
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