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  1. Thanks! And the least I could do. Your Helldiver is still my all time favorite build from all the different forums over the years. I remember coming home from Afghanistan and sitting down with my dad to show him your progress as we chatted through the night. Good stuff! -Peter
  2. Well, have had this scene percolating in the ol' noggin for sometime. Wanted to do the new 1/32 Helldiver, but it seemed a bit big for what I had in mind. First a bit of background: I love the Beast. Some of my earliest memories are sitting on a fencepost at our ranch listening to my father and the crop duster that sprayed the Alfalfa fields chatting. He'd learned to fly for the Navy and flew Helldivers in the Pacific. From about age 4 on, I knew what I was going to do! I've always had a Hellidver model sitting on display to remind me of that--unfortunately the last one didn't survive the final move and needed replacing. The other piece of the puzzle is Yokosuka. I spent a large portion of my career there. 2 different ships I served on were berthed on the very piers I'm depicting. Kind of fascinating to have been stationed there and know the long history of it. The dry docks date back to the 1800s and are still there and still in use! If you watch "Bridges at Toko Ri" you can see what had been the IJN Headquarters, which is now the US Commander, Naval Forces Japan Headquarters. Here's a screen capture from Google Maps: And zoomed in a bit. Here's a picture from July 1945. I blew it up to match the size of a 1/1800 Nagato that I ordered off Shapeways. Once sized correctly I could start laying out the base. As for the scene, I'm choosing to do a large strike flown by the USN on 18 July 1945. At that point, TF-38 was sailing up and down the coast of Japan at will. There's several great write ups about the giant fleet raids that occurred during July 1945--Yokosuka and the fleet anchorage at Kure. ADM Halsey really wanted to sink the last of the Combined Fleet and really wanted to sink Nagato as that was ADM Yamamoto's flagship during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Here's some great stories: H-053-1: The End of the Imperial Japanese Navy IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY MYSTERIES (combinedfleet.com) Here's a great picture taken during the raid. I can't even imagine what a strike with 100 Dive bombers looked like, but that's a lot of airplanes (not even counting escorting Hellcats and Avengers) in a small piece of sky. Here's the Nagato that I had 3D printed. And here's the scene. Sorry, haven't taken any build pics other than this one. Frankly the SB2C build has been rather unremarkable. I've been using @chukw's fantastic Helldiver build log to walk me through some of the finer points. But with the gear up and crew in the cockpit, most detail is hidden. You can see I cut out the brake area--just finished assembling the Eduard PE versions. Still debating how to display it though, as I've read accounts that on this mission they dove with them closed to increase their speed. It does look cooler with them open though, so may go that route... So that's where the buid is at. A mostly OOB Helldiver and a bunch of small buildings that I'm slowly recreating. -Peter
  3. Thanks for an update! I always love your drawings that accompany the pics…and have been using your old Helldiver build to guide me through a Beast of a build! Makes me chuckle whenever I see your salty old sailor! -Peter
  4. My snarky response: It's for when beating the Huskers in football isn't enough... Back to your regularly scheduled programming. I can't wait to hear about Pig's sore neck from honking G's with that monstrous helmet!
  5. No worries on this end. I'm just grateful as you've given me plenty to think about. And I know it's not insurmountable!
  6. Ohmygoodness! My B-24 conversion is up next in the build pile and I’ve been trying to get my mind wrapped around this fix. I want it done right as I’ve already got a museum willing to take it. I’ve looked at this thread multiple times in the past few weeks trying to figure it all out—this version looks much more promising for certain! Can’t wait to see more and thanks for leading the charge! -Peter
  7. Great thing about dipping in Future is that you can remove it with Ammonia based glass cleaner like Windex. I'd be willing to try the old bottle, knowing that you can strip it if needed. And I'd dip it prior to painting, that way if you mess up the paint, the entire assembly can be stripped and reattempted. -Peter
  8. Those were called "Flaperons." Acted somewhat like ailerons, popping up to kill lift on the wing to allow the a/c to roll. With weight on wheels, they both pop up to kill lift and act like speedbrakes. It was a very Grumman and very 60s design. And with wings folded they did tend to droop. -Peter
  9. Yeah, I've noticed that too. Very bizarre. Also have been struggling to find things in that I'll type in words and their suggestions are vastly different from what I was looking for. At first I thought it was my OS, but it happens on my phone (Samsung), iPad and desktop.
  10. Going from memory here (mind you, never an Intruder guy but flew the Prowler, which had a lot of similarity concerning the systems). The flaps and slats could not be extended with the wings folded. I think later A-6Es that had been given new wings later in life (like Desert Storm and the few years after before it retired), had electrically driven systems vice hydraulic so they could in fact do that. But it's been awhile since I've looked at it, so don't quote me on that. Bottom line is for an A-6A, no dropped flaps/slats with wings folded. -Peter
  11. Always a treat Peter! And thanks for showing the hiccups to show that you are indeed mortal -Another Peter
  12. A few years ago I tore all the ligaments to my thumb while sledding with the kids. Put my hands down to act as brakes as we were flying towards a barbed wire fence. My thumb hit a rock underneath the snow and did some serious damage--like my entire hand was bruised. Was in a splint to immobilize for a good month. Pretty much put everything on pause--but the occupational therapist was pleased as she considered puttering around as a bit of dexterity work. Best to let it heal and when it feels well enough, start working for a few moments at a time. Key is listening to what you're body is telling you (easier said than done, and I'm not a glowing example by any stretch of the imagination!) -Peter
  13. You're correct on all accounts. Take a look at my F-8 build log. I ended up painting 'em myself and cobbling together the stencils... -Peter
  14. There's also at least 4 breweries, a distillery and a place called Trucks and Taps (does food trucks and beer) within 5 minutes. If you're into that sort of thing
  15. Love that attention to detail with the roundel. Wouldn't have noticed had you not pointed it out--but it's one of those things that makes it pop! Thanks for sharing. -Peter
  16. Loved that build and the amount of work you put into it. And one of the reason's behind what I build. There's usually a back story of interest to me. I'll research it and share in the off-chance that someone will find something (as esoteric as my subjects are) of interest to them. At the end of the day, most of my builds end up being donated in some way shape or form. I've found great success in giving them to associations to auction off at reunions and such. Helps them, and helps me from having a large collection of models sitting on display. If I can share as I build and we all learn something, either in the historical sense or in learning a new technique, I'll keep doing it. At the end of the day, I'm just puttering around at the bench in an attempt to relax. -Peter
  17. Don’t forget the SAC museum. Just down the road!
  18. To hang from the ceiling, for both I'd go with a 21st Century Toys kit. If you can find them. And the models, not the pre-finished ones. Especially as gear up, you won't have to worry about the poor landing gear and other toy like features. Fill in the holes for screws, and you've got a pretty good looking model for cheap. I made one back in 2006 for my son and it's still hanging in his room. He's in college and refuses to let me take it down. F4U-1A/D Corsair, 21st Century Toys 22104 (2005) (scalemates.com) and review here: 21st Century Toys 22104 1/32 F4U-1A/D Corsair Kit First Look (cybermodeler.com) Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Type 22, 21st Century Toys 22114 (2006) (scalemates.com) -Peter
  19. Well said Pig. I’ve received much more than I’ve ever given. I build for myself, but if I can help folks out long the way, I find that to be motivating. -Peter
  20. SLUF is almost done and I never took pics, so that's right out. Have been mulling doing one of the SB2C. However, it's been a backburner project for awhile--I'd pull it out an tinker and put it back waiting for the impetus. Any build log will be jumping in mid-stream, so we'll see. Do love the Beast however and have a ton of reference material about this particular event, so may share just to provide the background.
  21. Nicely done! I was worried for you as it came time for assembly, but looks like you've pulled it all off without any major issues. I've never had that sort of luck, but mostly as every Phantom I've built I dropped all the flaps, which introduced all sorts of errors. Looking forward to the rest--get well soon! -Peter
  22. Finally had a chance to sit down and update this. Finished the build last weekend, but haven't had a moment to sit down and upload pics. For the AIM-9s, I actually used some old Tamiya ones from the stash. They look funky, but that's because the control vanes are too far back. Simply cut and glue in the right spot and you have a decent looking AIM-9D. Here's the Tamiya one, vs my modified one and the Trumpeter. (I went back and fixed the raised portions with styrene as I wasn't happy with my results) Here's how I fixed/made the Y-Racks. Essentially found a photo of some Hasegawa F-8 sprues and blew them up to the right size. (and you can see the Zactoman AIM-9D that I also used to ensure my efforts above were good). Allowed me to put the Trumpeter versions on top and see that they were off by up to 5mm in random spots. Easy to make--just took a piece of styrene stock and bent the edge and trimmed to shape. No pics though. And without further ado, here's pics of the completed scene. Was running out of light and she's tough to photograph, so they aren't the best. Likely won't do an RFI, as I've already moved onto other things--entire build was just an attempt to slap something together that wasn't as time consuming as the Prowler. Am going to knock out a few 1/48th builds that have been sitting and get the 'stash' down to only 2 kits. Shocking I know, but having moved every few years for most of my adult life, I've kind of enjoyed not having a monstrous collection of unbuilt kits. Will finish up an A-7E for a friend and then get after an old (?) Revell SB2C that I've been wanting to build for awhile. That will be a scene depicting VB-16 attacking IJN Nagato at Yokosuka in July 1945. Have had the vision in my noggin for sometime, so time to finish it! -Peter
  23. Most pilots think the world revolves around them already, don't know why they need a special day... I'll see myself out.
  24. Concur with everyone above. If there’s interest, let someone else get some joy. Plus it can free up space for future builds!
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