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  1. There has always been something about the Mig 23. Love it and this model.
  2. Lovely build. looking forward to your next update.
  3. Fantastic build. How did you find it to build?
  4. Mine arrived this morning. Whilst I cannot comment on the fit, the surface detail is absolutely stunning. If this builds as good as it looks in the box it will set a new benchmark for Airfix. After a quick look at the instructions I think Airfix have offered some great options - as an example there is an accurate blown hood which has a mould line which would need to be removed or a second, less accurate part that does not have the mould line. Called out very clearly in the instructions. Great move by Airfix in my books. This looks incredible value at £94 delivered. My advice is get your orders in!
  5. Fantastic finish - really captured the essence of the photo
  6. Love everything about these builds - details, weathering, figures
  7. From a build a long time ago.... I know that Frank Brown measured a real Lightning and I know from Edgar that Frank and Airfix used the real drawings from BAE to create their masters. I photocopied the Airfix F1a/F3 and checked that (where possible) against the Echelon kit and side plan - guess what they matched in depth and length etc. It looks to my like Trumpeter used the plans in Warpaint as if you scale these to 1/32nd the Trumpeter kit it pretty much spot on. The partial build from 13 years ago...
  8. LM where great - I emailed them a few photos and they response ASAP (this was back in May) and sent new parts which arrived a couple of weeks later. Great service to my mind.
  9. I asked this previously and the answer was no or at least the amount of effort was not worth it.
  10. Apologies if this has been missed but this is a great reference IMO. https://shop.nmrn.org.uk/index.php/corsair-kd431.html Plus some useful discussion potentially in this conversation over on Britmodeller. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987805-faa-pacific-theater-corsair-paint-question/
  11. Did some more work a couple of weeks ago to keep the Mirage 2000D moving :-) First the kit nose u/c and the first part of the main wheel wells. Now the resin parts for the engine. I apologise for the iPhone shots in natural light. You can just about see the detail in the main part of the engine.
  12. Sign me up for one now! Fantastic work.
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