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Hog's firepower display - A-10C - Full makeup

red Dog

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks gents


Adjusting the vac canopy closed to the fuselage proved more time consuming than anticipated. Lots of putty was needed in an area where it's dangerous to work.

I already know that one of the inner part came unglued as I can hear it moving around in the pit but I don't know what it is yet. 

Probably a mirror or one of the 2 instrument on the windscreen frame. I secretly hope it is the small switch box I added on the left low side of the canopy because that's going to be the least visible problem... No way I can see before I remove the masks. and certainly no way to fix this as I'm not ready to reopen that canopy after all the work to close it.

On the positive side, I had fun adding Archer rivets again :) They do add something critically missing to that area.





Can't wait to start spraying some paint now...



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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally some paint :)




Usual combination of MRP-038 (FS36375) and MRP-097 (FS36320)
I left the light grey paint under the removed pave penny pylon. 



The false canopy has been masked with a paper template kindly printed on Eagle Strike 32027 decal sheet and painted MRP-241 (FS36081)




I had some fun on the nose using AK Heavy Chipping.

I first painted MRP-148 exhaust metal and MRP-030 Steel. The airbrushed the heavy chipping fluid before painting the greys and then the AAR black marks and then started chipping using water to activate the AK fluid. 

The extensive macro make it very rough in the picture but the effect is pretty convincing tot he naked eye



I initially wanted to keep the 4 parts separate (nose, tail, left wing and right wing) but there's a lot of rivet work necessary around the junction of the forward and aft fuselage. So I decided to glue them together and have a rivet Sunday.



Fit is pretty good - surprinsingly !! But a little bit of sanding makes it better. 



Quick coat of the 2 greys to check surface and let's start detailing that pig's back.


From now on it will be much harder to take pictures of. That fuselage is quite long for my small bench.

Thanks for looking


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  • red Dog changed the title to Hog's firepower display - A-10C - joining fuselage

What's best to do on a Sunday than adjusting a thousand rivets :)




Most of the rivets are Quinta's this time

You really need a lot of different sized and spaced rivets. Single, double, double offset, and even triple lines for the Hog. 







Each rivet lines received at least 3 separate dips with Daco Strong decal solution

And before painting I always seal the rivets with a coat of gloss (X-22)

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You must have the patience of a saint! That's a huge amount of decals rivets but makes a massive improvement to the look of the bird. 

Looking at these close up pics of the engine openings the white appears quite clean, stark and bright. Reference photos suggest some staining inside the openings on the grey and white of the paintwork.

Is this due to the lighting not showing up some subtle weathering inside or do you plan to do weathering when she's fully painted?



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I bought two of these when they came out. Have one on the bench off and on, stock build but for the Quinta decals. (They are great, I bought 5 more sets for other models) I have the wings done, front and back fuselage with the engines (what a pig they were) and will be getting started the main assembly shortly. Going to paint it in a what if scheme. 

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Finished mating the two fuselage parts together. 

Quick splash of paint in the usual two greys and I started adding stencils with eduard PE masks made for the F-16 in 1/32




I could not resist dry fitting the wings to the fuselage as you can see.
But before that I added stencils on the wings as well. 

Data is eduard PE and the star and bars is from my silhouette




Once fitted with the tails and wings this thing becomes massive and harder to take pictures of.

Please meet my floor because the cutting matt is now officially useless






More touch ups and more masks for this weekend. I'd love to secure the wings as well but I'm concerned about handling such a big piece on my small bench

But I'm getting to the point where I wanted: I'll soon start heavy weathering. But there's one final thing to address: the 11 pylons


Thanks for following

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