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Wingnut Wings Lancaster to be released by Border Model


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Hot off the press on the Border Model Facebook page:




For those who can't access or read the post, here it is:



Today we are releasing our first 1/32nd aircraft BF010 Avro Lancaster w/full Interior. When we first saw the 3D model and BOXART of it, we were hooked. Due to the change of events in 2020, we ended up acquiring the molds for this kit. We spent a year doing more testing, fixing, including making instructions without design drawings in order to make this epic kit a success. Finally we finished it. We contacted the artist, Mr. Mark Postlethwaite. and purchased the rights to use the painting from him. It will eventually be marketed as BOXART for this product. Due to many production troubles and mold maintenance issues, the product will be sold in limited quantities worldwide and will not be produced again for a certain period of time afterwards. This Christmas season, it will be available for pre-order all over the world!




Let the games begin!



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24 minutes ago, allthumbs said:

And out of curiosity, who are Border Models? Never heard of them.



Mostly known for armour, but has become infamous in the LSP community in recent times for announcing two LSP kits in 1/35 scale:





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58 minutes ago, kkarlsen said:

That's fantastic news indeed - Great that all that hard work on making the stretched skin effect wasn't lost forever!!!




My only concern is their heavy emphasis on a limited one-off release. I'm guessing there won't be enough to go around.



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