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  1. And out of curiosity, who are Border Models? Never heard of them.
  2. Outstanding work…a real stunner! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Rich
  3. These pylons are off by 180 degrees!
  4. Great topic. The Skyhawk is an interesting example. As you can see in this photo, its wing pylons are noticeably splayed and, as far as I could tell, not handed resulting in a larger inboard gap at the wing interface.
  5. Great update. I admire your resilience and, of course, your modeling skills. Rich
  6. I should have been clearer...my reference was to the pilot, not the aircraft. His tour with the Blues took place in the early 1960s, when they flew Tigers.
  7. Also a Mig Killer and Blue Angel, correct? Quite a career!
  8. Peter…every element of this build is top notch quality, but that instrument panel is the best I’ve ever seen. Incredible! Rich
  9. Akira has updated his website with the new 1/32 RF-4B build log. Lots of innovation and skill on display here…worth a look.
  10. The 1/48 CH-54 Tarhe pictured earlier in this thread not only took first place in the “Scratch Built” category, but also was judged “Best Aircraft” and received the “George Lee Judges Grand Award.” Pictures of all the category winners here …click on the last album titled “winners.” Most, if not all, of the models entered are pictured in the specific category albums. Rich
  11. It was indeed entered in the scratch built category, although I don’t recall the scale. Here’s my photograph, admittedly not an improvement over Dave’s above: I found the miles of yellow “crime scene” ribbon strewn across all the tables a distraction.
  12. Okay, perhaps on your browser…mine opens to an image of the box art, which depicts 162190 in the standard tactical paint scheme. For the browns, one informed source, Brian of Fightertown Decals, quotes FS 30219 and FS 30279. Perhaps ziggyfoos of AOA Decals will chime in with his opinion, as he too has offered decals for this scheme.
  13. Upper Surfaces: Dark Ghost Gray FS 36320 Lower Surfaces: Light Ghost Gray FS 36375 AOA Decal Review
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