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  1. Magnifico! It's great to see one of these built up. Rich
  2. Guys...thanks very much for the insights and suggestions. From a cost/benefit perspective, I think I'm better served by purchasing a whole new kit. Regards, Rich
  3. The extra detailing on the weapons pallets looks terrific. And the weathering is superb. It's always a joy to see your work on these pages! Rich
  4. Hi friends, I have the F-4EJ boxing of the Tamiya Phantom. I'd like to "convert it" to a C/D without incurring the cost of a whole new kit. If I acquire Sprue E, pictured below, do I have all the new parts that I need for an F-4C/D (save for the exhaust cans, which I would be replacing with aftermarket anyway)? Rich EDIT: Rats, I just noticed that the fuselage and lower wing parts are molded differently...at this point, purchasing a new kit seems like the best option.
  5. Marcel...nice improvement on what was already a spectacular model! Rich
  6. Interesting shot of 2 Block 70 Tomcats...NK114 in the foreground, BuNo.159000, has the fairings installed, while on the squadron commander's aircraft, BuNo.158989, they appear to have been removed.
  7. Here's NK111, BuNo. 158993, a mid Block 70 aircraft, presumably pre-cruise, still sporting the curved composite fairings...
  8. By the time of the Tomcat’s first cruise in 1974, the curved composite fairings had been removed, at least on these aircraft. https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cvn65-74/004.htm
  9. Beauty! I really like the weathering. And, as usual, the photography is top notch. Rich
  10. Another great looking model. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  11. Ben, that's a great insight, and cautionary tale when considering a choice of clear varnishes. What are your thoughts on the popular method of combining an acrylic clear gloss, such as X-22, with a mild lacquer thinner like Mr. Color Leveling? Might this formulation attack the underlying paint in the same way? By the way, great recovery with the paint masks! Rich
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