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  1. Great scale addition the sealant...it seems (no pun intended) that much of the Intruder/Prowler airframe received this treatment.
  2. Coming along great Marcel...cockpit looks amazing! Are you planning folded wings on this one?
  3. Looking good Dave. You’ve become a 3D printing maestro!
  4. Outstanding workmanship and attention to detail! And the model is coming together quickly considering all of the extra effort put forth. Rich
  5. Old Man Blog 107 Scroll about halfway down for this schedule...
  6. Mark, thanks for your continued support, means a lot! Jeroen, thanks for the kind words. I’ll be watching for updates on your A-6A build. Hi Hercules, muito obrigado! And yes, we are indeed very fortunate to have so many aircraft museums located in the United States. Scribing outside the lines: Some of the Intruder’s exterior panels are irregularly shaped and therefore do not lend themselves well to commercial scribing templates. For these shapes I fashioned custom templates cut from soda can aluminum. Because these panels had
  7. Hi Rainer, thanks for your kind words. And yes, I guess you could say we are both “in it for the long haul.” I’ve considered changing my screen name to something like slowmodeler or tortoise! misha71, I appreciate the comment. Thanks for checking in!
  8. Chuck, You’ve put a lot of thought and experimentation into the finishing process and I like your reasoning. Eager to see the results! Rich
  9. Hi Bill...and thanks a bunch! I purchased mine off eBay about 5 years ago. At the time they were readily available from multiple sources for approximately 100.00 to 150.00 USD’s - search “dental vacuum forming machine.” It’s very convenient and easy to use. The only drawback is the relatively small stage size (5x5 inches) which limits its applicability.
  10. Thanks very much Peter. I confess that your current Prowler build (awesome!), along with the excellent Intruder WIPs from Marcel, Jeroen and others, served as motivation to reawaken my EA-6A project. Hi Reimund, thanks very much for your kind words. Indeed, it feels good to be “back in business!” Ben, it’s always great to hear from you. Maybe you could channel some of your abundant modeling energy and momentum my way, lol! crobinsonh, thanks for your kind words...always good to hear from another Intruder fan! Andy, cheers an
  11. When examined up close, the Intruder's jet intakes are quite remarkable, bristling (literally in many respects) with interesting features and details like temperature and angle-of-attack probes, a static air port, antennas along the bottom, servicing points for fuel and windshield wash fluid and even an air vortex removal system that consists of a small bleed air fed nozzle located on the lower lip area of each intake (see last photo). The more features I discovered, the more I wanted to incorporate them into the model, adding time to what is already a highly protracted project! I
  12. Finally an update on this long dormant build: The engine air intakes, which I began work on 5 years ago, are at last finished. If you're interested, the fun begins way back on page 7 of this log, but here’s a quick recap: • Interior trunking reworked to achieve better fit for the cylindrical engine shroud • Scratch built compressor/inlet guide vane assemblies • Boundary layer ramps replaced • All exterior detail re-scribed • Miscellaneous additions include open refueling receptacle, antenna base mounts, aftermarket turned
  13. The woodgrain and fabric effects look great!
  14. Lots of skill, creativity and cleverness on display here!
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