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  1. Brilliant subject matter choice Ben...and you're off to a flying start! The Skywarrior is a nostalgic favorite of mine. I grew up near the Alameda Naval Air Station during the 1970s and 80s - lots of "Whale watching" to be had back then. Like all of your other projects, this one I’ll be following closely. Rich (edited for grammar)
  2. Outstanding! Congrats on another fine model. That black finish came out “smooth as a baby’s bottom.” And, as usual, I learned a lot from your detailed build log. Rich
  3. Congratulations Dave...well deserved award, as your Bronco looks great! I enjoyed the WIP thread - very informative. Rich
  4. Brilliant...what a treat to watch this masterpiece unfold! Rich
  5. You’re off to a great start Dave! In case you hadn’t stumbled across these, here’s a link to one of several AOA Decal sets dedicated to the Bronco. The airframe stencils set (also available separately) is really well done and includes propeller markings in black...http://aoadecals.com/32006/home.htm
  6. Hi Anthony, Great idea. I’ll try to get the pictures reloaded via another photo sharing account. The existing PhotoBucket images do indeed appear blurry and watermarked.
  7. Hi friends, Thanks for checking in. As you might have guessed, the Electric Intruder build has been on hold for some time now. It stalled out as a result of my taking on too much work, both within the hobby and without - a classic case of overestimating what one can achieve in the short term Having invested a lot in the project to this point, I would like to see it through to completion someday - hopefully sooner rather than later as I’m not getting any younger! AJW: As I can’t predict when the conversion parts will be available, I would encourage you to go for it. And please feel free to incorporate any of the techniques and ideas contained within this thread Regards, Rich
  8. Amazed and inspired...congratulations Ben on another stunning model!
  9. New from Sierra Hotel Models in 1/32 Scale... A-6A/E Intruder Exhausts:
  10. Nice work...the round head rivets on the empennage that you so tediously applied look outstanding! Rich
  11. My (more distant) second choice... https://i.imgur.com/9ReMN92.jpg
  12. My number one choice for a Leatherneck Ford... https://i.imgur.com/wmTKCx9.jpg
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