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  1. https://www.shapeways.com/product/T8WDT682N/x-15-pilot-1-32
  2. From another Greek decal manufacturer… Procal F-4 Stencils and Data available in light gray (FS36622), black or gray 1/32
  3. If you can find them… Icarus F/RF-4E White Stencils Edited for availability
  4. This almost certainly explains the “whiteness” of the lower stab tip, especially given the presence of a small air dam in this location capable of reflecting (or shading) light differently than its immediate surroundings …
  5. Great looking model...your paint and finishing skills are top notch. Lots of Phantom projects going on here - makes me want to join the party! Rich
  6. Outstanding work...and fast progress for such a large and complex project! Rich
  7. Marcel, I like how you re-textured the outer airframe surfaces...it looks much more realistic than what you started with. Keep up the great work! Rich
  8. Patience, persistence and a desire to get things right (eventually): a formula for success when it comes to discriminating scale modeling. I admire you fortitude! Rich
  9. Brilliant work Peter. Your experience as a Prowler driver certainly adds perspective and insight to the project! -Rich
  10. F-105F cockpit layout...click here
  11. Spectacular! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Rich
  12. According to this picture (from the same photo stream), the 11th TRS, Udorn AB 1966 (note the F-104C's behind the tail of the Herc in Jari's picture).
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