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  1. I just received the new Sparkit Models 1/32 Martin Baker H5 Ejection Seats (USN style). I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but suffice to say, they’re jewels.
  2. chrish, Thanks for gentle persuasion. After another long hiatus, the plan is to resume work on the Electric Intruder soon. After all, we’re not getting any younger! Hopefully, I’ll have something new to share by the end of this month. Rich
  3. In case readers don’t know, the book is authored by forum contributor and all around good guy Tony T. He’s penned a number of other military aviation titles over the years, many of which have found their way to my bookshelves as invaluable references. The Phantom is coming together nicely John, one of the best I’ve seen in large scale.
  4. “Panel 100” for those keeping score
  5. Another stunner Ben…extremely realistic. The paint finish is first class. Congrats and thanks for sharing. Rich
  6. Once again, the Silicon Valley Scale Modelers chapter of IPMS have done us all a huge favor by posting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of images from the 2022 US Nats, including all category winners. Link
  7. Any mention yet of the 2024 host city? edit: Madison, WI from another thread
  8. Many thanks guys for the timely and helpful replies! Rich
  9. I found this picture on the Internet…no caption or explanatory details. It’s the first TA-4 I’ve seen with “hot dog” antenna atop vertical stab (besides the OA-4M). Seeking additional references: unit information, BuNo, other pics…
  10. …and the fuselage halves here. But you might find this approach too cost prohibitive, especially considering the low price you paid for the original kit. Of course there’s the diy scratch building option, creating your own armor appliqués out of thin sheet styrene or soft metal, although this could prove tricky across compound curves and such. Good luck with your Spad project and let us know how it goes. Rich
  11. A-1H lower wing section parts available here on US eBay.
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