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  1. Both Border and HobbyEasy replied within 24 hours, the latter indicating they would request a replacement part from the manufacturer and then forward it to my address in the US. The crack carries all the way through the plastic… The clear parts comprise of two medium sized plastic trees, each enclosed in thin foam sleeves. They rest atop the remaining contents. If the box gets turned upside down during the shipping and handling phases - and it almost certainly will - the clear parts must bear the full weight of the kit, which is substantial. A separate inside box or compartment for these delicate and brittle parts (a la Trumpeter, for example) would have been preferable. Nevertheless, I’m encouraged by the quick reply from the retailer and their promise to make good.
  2. Cracked main canopy on mine also…waiting to hear back from Border and HobbyEasy, both of which were notified.
  3. Another masterpiece. And another entertaining and informative build log. Well done!
  4. Another stunning masterpiece! Beautiful work. Rich
  5. Patience and perseverance are necessary to see one through a project so involved as this. You also bring considerable talent to the table (bench?). Quite a stunning model to behold. Bravo, Rich
  6. Stunning and dynamic presentation! Congratulations on a suer-impressive build. Rich
  7. Scott Wilson, a Phantom maintainer and modeler, has this walkaround spread over on the ARC website. It features several pictures of both crew stations with seats removed. I believe the subject is the F-4E, but most of the bulkhead details differ little between variants.
  8. I didn’t see any LSP subjects. Or did I miss something?
  9. Forgive the thread drift…but I’m curious Jack, what type of glue/cement did you use to attach the formed styrene skin to the wooden core? Rich
  10. I’ve had good luck tightly wrapping small gauge strip styrene or stretched sprue around a rigid form, such as brass tubing, securing it in place with a layer of cellophane tape and then submerging the assemblage into a pot of boiling water for 10 to 15 seconds, followed immediately by a bath in cold water. After this tempering and quenching process, the plastic holds its new shape quite well. I use it to create circumferential “weld beads” for aircraft fuel tanks, for example.
  11. Agreed, regarding stiffening plates. I posted those pictures in answer to John’s second query, a request for detailed closeups of the wing fold hinge, an area that changed little, if at all, across the hard wing variants. I’ll edit my post from yesterday to reflect this. Rich
  12. It’s an F-4N, but I don’t think there are any significant differences wrt the wing fold details. The stiffening plates are another matter. LH Side
  13. Their catalogue contains some useful product information including guidance on thinner and surfacer use (near the end of the document).
  14. plusmodel or profimodeller barrels? In any case they look sharp, as does your model. Great job Ben!
  15. Lovely work there Ben, as usual. Regarding the satiny smooth coat of black primer: is it Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 (I see a bottle of the stuff on your workbench)? And if so, what thinner did you use? And finally, what kind of airbrush or gun did you apply it with? Sorry for all of the questions, but the finish you achieved is spectacular. Curiously and as always respectfully, Rich
  16. Beautiful and inspiring work…you have really done justice to this new kit. Rich
  17. Wow, those Martin Bakers look superb. Stunning work Ben, as usual. Rich
  18. More fantabulous work...very impressive! -Rich
  19. This eBay seller just slashed the price by 5%.
  20. John, you’re absolutely right. The Quickboost seats are great (and could be made even better with some scratch built corrections and additions, as suggested above). At about half the cost, they represent a better value to many modelers, for sure. But I’m blown away by these Sparkit seats and happy to sing their praises here, for all those interested. In the end, it’s nice to have choices. Rich
  21. And here are some comparison photos. They compare well in many basic respects…both seats capture the distinctive look and proportions of the original. And both feature “busy” and complex detailing…again faithful to the real seat. There’s a noticeable difference in the size of the overhead pull handles though. Fortunately I had measurements taken from a nearby museum example. It turns out Sparkit is spot on in terms of hoop diameter and spacing. If anything, they are very slightly too thick and would benefit from additional droop. Quickboost’s are oversized by about 35 percent, which is enough to throw off the scale appearance - a scratch built replacement would improve matters considerably. As mentioned before, Sparkit captured well the raised rivet effect across the metal seat pan and frame. For the most part, Quickboost represents this feature with recessed indentations that are faint and inconsistent in places. And no appraisal of 3D printed parts is complete without mention of layer lines. Yes, they are visible across some of the flat faces of the Sparkit seats. But they’re subtle, as these things go. Careful print orientation has limited the most visible traces to the lower aft seat pan, an area that won’t be visible once the seat is installed inside the cockpit. But I’m curious to see what they look like under a coat of primer. When I get to this stage, I’ll post the pictures. Finally, the biggest difference is one that can only be fully appreciated with the naked eye. And that’s the see-through, truly 3 dimensional effect achieved by Sparkit’s printing technology, something not attainable with single piece resin casting, no matter how well executed. Rich
  22. The MB Mk. H7 seat has been well served by aftermarket resin manufacturers over the years. I’ve lost count, but there have probably been around a dozen different releases, including from Verlinden, Black Box, Legend, True Details, Eduard, GT Resin, TAC Scale Dynamics, Paragon Designs, AMS Resin and Aires/Aerobonus/Quickboost. Here’s a look at the recently updated Quickboost seat (you get two in the package, each with distinctly posed belts and harnesses), set QB 32283. These look very nice: plenty of detail, accurate, with good undercut features like belts and hoses. Whereas the Sparkit Models seat is USN/USMC specific, this one is a hybrid of sorts: basically a USAF seat with USN/USMC water activated Koch release fittings on the buckles. The overhead pull handles are separately cast, along with the lower handle and it’s protective guard.
  23. Over the coming days, I'll post some side-by-side comparison shots of the Aires/Quickboost and Eduard Brassin seats.
  24. This picture, taken in oblique outdoor lighting accentuates the raised rivets that festoon the metal seat pan.
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