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ICM NEWs 2021 - Bell AH-1G Cobra in 1/32


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based on Hannants future releases

big suprise for me! :speak_cool:

no interwar biplane :D


Bell AH-1G Cobra (early production), US Attack Helicopter (100% new molds) NEW - II quarter



Bell AH-1G Cobra (late production), US Attack Helicopter NEW - IV quarter (Expect to see an Xtradecal for this kit!)



Bell AH-1G Cobra with Vietnam War US Helicopter Pilots NEW - III quarter


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OMG.     I’ve been waiting ages to hear this news.   Given the quality of their recent kits, I’d expect these to be outstanding.   Major points awarded to ICM for releasing large scale Cobras, I never would have expected this from them.  

I really hope this leads to a UH-1D/H Huey!   

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5 hours ago, Troy Molitor said:

Oh heck yes!   

I couldn't agree more! 


Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind lurks the dread that they'll blow the whole deal by producing it in 1/35 scale instead of 1/32. If they do, I'll buy only one kit (preferably at a deep discount) just for the satisfaction of burning it one piece at a time. 



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I really hope the aftermarket folks get behind this kit.  Got so many marking options, along with the inevitable resin / PE upgrades.  

I’ve been down on ICM due to their horrible kit selections (IMO) and now they come out with large scale snakes.   Color me surprised.    

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