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    All modeling subjects; technical stuff; metalwork: lathe, mill, welding; BMW motorcycles; aviation; wood- and leatherwork; fountain pens; Pocher cars & engines; functional 1/1 Boeing 737 cockpit & flight simulation. This and too many other things to mention....

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  1. Absolutely amazing models sir, thank you kindly for sharing!
  2. I have been using clear aquarium air pump hose for years. The clear tubing is very cheap and when used in sufficient length will help in reducing fluctuations in air pressure and will also show any moisture that may be present. I typically use more than 3 meters (3 yards).
  3. They are available here but I do not know if it is practical to have them shipped to where you are. Aber Photo-etch Philips head screws 1/35 HTH, Marc
  4. Hello Geoff, indeed a beautiful plane! And yes, the span would have to be slightly increased in order to have the same span as drawn when viewing from the top. Looking from the front the dihedral forms the hypothenuse of a right angle triangle. The drawing forms the horizontal leg of the triangle and the distance that the wingtip is lifted from the horizontal forms the vertical leg of the triangle (Pythagorean theorem). As the hypothenuse will be slightly longer it will so correct the length in relation to the top view. HTH, Marc
  5. Very interesting build of a beautiful airplane that I have just become aware of, thank you! Regarding using the drawings, would it not be necessary to take the wing dihedral into account? I may be terribly of track, but should the wing not be slightly larger to compensate for that dihedral (hypothenuse). That is if the drawing actually represents a top view of the wing? Marc
  6. Very happy to see this build, I will follow with great interest! I have a number of these to build but do not feel confident enough yet. Pilot figure certainly looks outstanding.
  7. You may want to recheck MSFS as an Airbus-EC135 helicopter has been released and it has been modelled quite well! There are several YT videos you may want to watch that will show what has been achieved. And best of it, it's a free download! I do fully agree that MSFS is not there yet but it does have a certain development velocity that provides good hope for the not so far future. Stability and flight models have been improving and several companies are actively working with MSFS to make things better fast. For me the feature most lacking is multi-screen views of the outside world, without that the experience just does not feel realistic in spite of the great scenery improvements versus FSX/P3D.
  8. Aviation Megastore has a Wilga in 1:32 but they are waiting for restock and it's pricey. Did not find the Cmelak in anything bigger than 1:72. HTH, Marc
  9. Seeing a 1/32 or rather a 1/35 AH-64D or E model as well as a 1/32 scale Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil would make me really happy. (1/32 Bell 206 Jet Ranger would be great as well)
  10. I searched long for iridescent film and finally managed to get quite a substantial amount in varying colors by ordering it through 'Wish' It was quite cheap compared to other suppliers and works great. Hth, Marc
  11. Hello Håkan, Nice build, I am following with great interest. I checked the wing/pylon mechanism for the 1/48 Revell Tornado model, please use Revell Tornado 1/48 instructions to see how it works. It is shown in steps 17 and further. I hope that helps. Best regards, Marc
  12. Great work and results! I love the way you show how things are done, it is very helpful. Best regards, Marc
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