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    All modeling subjects; technical stuff; metalwork: lathe, mill, welding; BMW motorcycles; aviation; wood- and leatherwork; fountain pens; Pocher cars & engines; functional 1/1 Boeing 737 cockpit & flight simulation. This and too many other things to mention....
  1. I searched long for iridescent film and finally managed to get quite a substantial amount in varying colors by ordering it through 'Wish' It was quite cheap compared to other suppliers and works great. Hth, Marc
  2. Hello Håkan, Nice build, I am following with great interest. I checked the wing/pylon mechanism for the 1/48 Revell Tornado model, please use Revell Tornado 1/48 instructions to see how it works. It is shown in steps 17 and further. I hope that helps. Best regards, Marc
  3. Great work and results! I love the way you show how things are done, it is very helpful. Best regards, Marc
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