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1/18 Hawker Fury


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Oh for crying out loud! This is insanely good.

I really get the feeling you’ve got the bit between your teeth with this one, Peter!


Out if interest, are you still planning on releasing the 1/18 cockpit set for the Fw190 as I was really hoping for one - the kit is crying out for the Airscale magic touch. 


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evening chaps :)


On 11/19/2020 at 9:34 PM, tomprobert said:

Out if interest, are you still planning on releasing the 1/18 cockpit set for the Fw190 as I was really hoping for one - the kit is crying out for the Airscale magic touch. 





Hi Tom - thanks for dropping in :) Good question... I have a lot of the design done as I did make some for my 190, but in all honesty I can't see a way to integrate anything accurate with the HB kit - it is a bit all over the place. Maybe just a replacement panel might work, but that is a bit incongruous when is sits alongside totally incorrectly sized / aligned sidewalls & the rest.. The alternative is a full cockpit, by which time you are talking a big set which would soon get expensive and to be honest I don't think they are in any way mass-market like the old airfix 1/24 stalwarts..


..not a priority, but not impossible either.. sorry :blush:


..still bimbling along on the Fury - got a good bit of time this weekend so thought I would at least start the panel..


..pressed metal, silver painted, wierd gizmo's either side of the upper central part and quite an interesting shape - basically it occupies the only remaing space looking forwards and allowing for the gun breeches... long before any sense of order or anything like a blind flying panel..





..I have made up the decal sheet for the model & this is with Ray at Fantasy with my pending airscale restock order...




..I started by adding plastic strip to the back of the PE panel to make it look like a pressing...




..also made up the wierd gizmo thing that sits behind the top out of kits of tiny PE parts...




..then painted it & added all the pre-painted bezels - also glazed some but will wait for the decals before doing the coloured (blue / yellow) bezels as these are like little slivers of coloured tube so I need to figure out how I will do those...




..it sort of goes here...







..next up I thought I would try the gun breeches.. I found some useful pics of the Vickers guns, though these have the big cooling jackets whereas the Fury has the thinner holed ones like a 50 cal you would see on a B17..


..I used this image to scale & design the PE and actually reversed the design for a left & right, but as it turns out they both have this mechanism on the same side so luckily I had a brass set PPD made by mistake so I could combine both PE sets to get two right handed guns..



the core is a block of thick plastic card, with laminated PE sides & folded PE tops..




..then added some of the details and started to make up the charging handles from wood laminated on a PE part with brass pins through each - this was then doused in thin CA before shaping..




..then they were finished up.. I won't be adding the barrels, they will be added from the outside when the fuselage is done way into the future..






..need to make up the mounting frame for these now which is a pretty complicated tubular structure..











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I can't believe the speed this is going together! Seems like you'll have this one nailed by Christmas! ;)


I know that is completely not the case but you're making spectacular progress. I still can't believe the foresight that you have when finding then designing all these tiny details in PE before you get the sheet sent off. I can't even work out what I'm doing the next day!!!!



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