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  1. Nice. I like that the two seats in a pair have different belt configurations.
  2. Absolutely beautiful build and finish! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Rockie
  3. Thanks Radu. I have hundreds of 109 walk around pictures, and never noticed that gap. IPMS judges are going to have fits when they see that on a model
  4. Thanks for the link Fenous, there are a lot of nice walkarounds on that site.
  5. Thats coming along really well, Brian. Will you include any figure(s)?
  6. Cool Pete, please post pics in the non-LSP section. Best wishes for your son as well.
  7. Thanks Jari, that was very interesting indeed.
  8. Nice haul, Kevin. I'd love to spend a couple of days perusing your library . Any reviews in the works? Curious about the AC of Red Flag book. Cheers, Rockie
  9. Great start Thierry. Good workaround for the cockpit. Cheers, Rockie
  10. Beautiful work Victor - glad to see you back!
  11. Your Spitfire is looking great, your vintage Corsair as well. Would you mind posting some pics of the revamped display cabinet? Cheers, Rockie
  12. Camouflage is coming along nicely! Great progress.
  13. Love it, Anthony! Just got that decal set myself a little while back, I'm glad to see that they performed well.
  14. Completely forgot about this - order placed!
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