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  1. Your memory is correct. With the wings fully forward during take off and landing the fixed pylons were toed in by 10 degrees. With the wings in the cruise setting (26 degrees) they were parallel to the aircraft centerline. Imagine the drag during take off considering that the FB-111A was, let's say, a bit underpowered ... Cheers Rainer
  2. Absofreakinlutely amazing work, Ben! Now I just have to go through the whole thread to catch up with that build ... Cheers Rainer
  3. Oh no, what have I missed?? I need to go through this whole thread. THE master at work, again. Very inspirational, Peter. Cheers Rainer
  4. Thank you very much guys. I hope to contribute to this great forum in the future. Cheers Rainer
  5. Thanks, Jari. Yes, that's one of the documents I have and that don't show sway braces on the tank pylons. And of course you are right, the F-104 tank pylons didn't have them either. I should know ... Cheers Rainer
  6. Thanks. Stoffe, recently I started working on the main wheel wells, but I have nothing substantial to show yet. Cheers Rainer
  7. Dear fellow modellers, I haven't logged in to the forum for ages and I have probably missed a ton of great build threads ... I had a lot of work (which is good as I'm self employed) and a major home improvement project needed my attention. And then I had some health issues. Nothing serious, but very annoying with lots of trips to physicians. So I had to put modelling on the backburner. However, the Viggen is NOT dead ;-). However, I worked on a detailed drawing of an FB-111A, including many cross sections, that you guys can download once it's finished. Here is a teaser: There are still some questions that need to be answered. Here is one: The FB-111A used three different pylons: the inboard SRAM pivot pylon, a pivot tank pylon and fixed tank pylon on the outboard stations. From the documentation and from the very limited photographic evidendence I have, it seems that neither the pivot tank pylon nor the fixed tank pylon had sway braces. That seems a bit unusual. Can anyone confirm or disprove this? Thanks for your help Rainer
  8. Me too! I was the guy with dark hair and glasses. You should have seen me... Cheers Rainer
  9. Yep, in Bremen they found 5 WWII bombs in 5 month, the last 3 in the last 2 weeks. It's like a training ground for the bomb squad... There is hardly a day here in Germany that they don't find one of those buggers. Cheers Rainer
  10. Correct, Jari, it's for an FB-111 A Yes, I'm aware of that. That document is really, really helpful. It answered a lot of my questions regarding the F-111. My drawing above is the weapons pivot pylon for the SRAMs, that were carried on the innermost pylons only. Yes, he did. But not in my preferred scale Cheers Rainer
  11. he,he, nice idea. But AFAIK only the Aussies did that torching, didn't they?? Cheers Rainer
  12. Dear fellow modellers, I haven't been working on the Viggen lately. Instead I have done extensive research on a possible follow-on project once the Viggen is finished (sould be by about 2025 ). I'm busy preparing 5-view drawings, cross sections and drawings of various bits and pieces. My goal is to start with much better drawings than those I had for the Viggen when I started the build. Can you guys identify the aircraft type and variant from this not so unimportant part??? What say you? Cheers Rainer
  13. I probably got that one wrong. In my drawing it's just the other way round. I should check my references more closely... Also the shape and size of the tip tanks looks a bit off to me and the shapes of the engine cowlings are not quite what the should be. Well, may be in another life I'll correct that. Cheers Rainer
  14. Years ago I made this one. It's based on Lockheed Station Diagrams and lots of pictures I took of Lufthansa L-1049 G D-ALIN that's in the Hermeskeil Aircraft Museum. Here is a linke to that drawing: Have fun but keep in mind that I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this drawing... Cheers Rainer
  15. Super nice finish, Dan! She's really looking good in natural metal. Great work! Cheers Rainer
  16. Another winner, Chuck! Absofreakinlutely great work, crisp and clean! Cheers Rainer
  17. Can anybody explain why this is? It can't be stress induced, because this thing obviously never flew. It looks like they used kitchen foil instead of proper aluminium sheet... Strange. Cheers Rainer
  18. That's speed modelling... You've already solved a problem before I have even noticed there could be one. Jeez, I'm constantly amazed. Cheers Rainer
  19. 2nd! How did you do that? Oh, great start! Edit: Just saw your reply. Thanks for the info. Cheers Rainer
  20. Sounds good to me! Given, that I normaly f$&k up a lot of decals, it seems reasonable to order 10 sheets... I didn't find their website. Have you got a link for me? Cheers Rainer
  21. Looking good, Ben. What did you pay for this sheet?? Cheers Rainer
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