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  1. She is a real beauty, Dan. And a great subject to. The Dart (and the Dagger) have always been one fo my favourites. Great work! Cheers Rainer
  2. Very good! Otherwise this could easily get boring I don't doubt that you will grow another 10 hands to get things done! Great work, as always, Peter. Cheers Rainer
  3. Thanks a lot, Anthony! More metal is due to come. Not so sure about the magic, though. Thanks for your kind words, Craig. Cheers Rainer
  4. I keep telling me that ... Not quite, Matt. I'll be using a printout of my drawings for templates. The Sharpie lines are just meant to be a rough guide for placing the panels. I hope it will work out as planned. I keep my fingers crossed. Cheers Rainer
  5. Dear fellow modellers, I don't have much to show, but I wasn't completely lazy. I've prepped the wings for skinning and detailing the MLG bays. That was, somewhat surprisingly, quite a lot of work. The main problem was, that all the drawings of the wing I have are somehow not quite correct in some respect (nothing new here ... ). All the drawings seem to be based on Björn Karlström's drawing published in "Flygplansritningar 2" and, consequently, show the same errors. So I did my own drawings based on the meager photographic evidence I have. I then transfered the panel lines to the
  6. Absolutely brilliant work! I'm not familiar with the FW 190 (nor with any other WWII subject ), so I just ask: Where these plates really painted bright red? It seems a bit strange for a military airplane. Forgive my ignorance, Bernd ... Cheers Rainer
  7. The subject is not my cup of tea, but what you are doing here is mind blowing. I love every step of the process. I 2nd that Cheers Rainer
  8. Now, this is dedication! Very entertaining and very interesting to see, how different the British Phantoms are from the others. I had never thought that. Rainer
  9. In this scale everything can be done, or so it seems. But it takes a true master to do it ... Phantastic! Und wie waren die Käsespätzle? Cheers Rainer
  10. Some seriously fantastic work, Peter. Again, I should say. Cheers Rainer
  11. This precision is not of this world. Well, not of the world I'm living in, anyway. Each and every update is a revelation. Simply phantastic work, Peter. Cheers Rainer
  12. Thanks a lot, Don. I hadn't seen those before. Very interesting. Cheeers Rainer
  13. Nice Zipper and a great paint job after all the trouble you had. I'm curious about the day glow orange on the underwing tanks. I've never seen that on the real deal and so far haven't seen any photographs either. Can someone point me to a reference pic? Rainer
  14. Freaking A M A Z I N G That undercarriage is a little masterpiece in itself. Too bad, that you have to repaint the stripes. But I'm sure you'll manage. Cheers Rainer
  15. I just went through the whole build again! Just stunning. The level of detail and the precision is way beyond what I could ever achieve. Can't wait for the next installment! Cheers Rainer
  16. Well, aluminium comes in various alloys. I use semi-hard, soft and very soft alloys (so I don't need to anneal the stuff, because I was not very successful at annealing so far). The very soft aluminium is embossing foil, used by many ladies for decorative work. For wings or airfoils in general I use the semi-hard stuff and for more complex shapes the soft or very soft alloys. I'm sure Peter (airscale) can tell you much more about all this. Cheers Rainer
  17. Well Derek, in German it's "Projekt" with a capital P ... Thanks, Mark. In the flesh it looks indeed somewhat better. And I hope with some paint on it will perhaps look quite ok. Cheers Rainer
  18. Thank you very much, guys. I didn't polish the aluminium, as Peter does on his models, so the panels look a bit unattractive and messy. But I don't bother, because the Viggen will be painted in my favourite two tone grey camo anyway The reverser section will go into storage until final assembly. Meaning for years, most probably ... Thanks again for your continued support. Cheers Rainer
  19. This is utter perfection. I can't believe my eyes. I'll never understand, how you do this, Peter. Rainer
  20. Here is a small update on the Jaktviggen. I did all the missing details on the thrust reverser. Not much to show, but it was quite a bit of work. Unfortunately it is not as clean and precise as I had hoped (and the macro lens reveals it all ... ), but it was the best I could do. I consider the thrust reverser done and will proceed to the wings and main gear wells. Here are the images of the thrust reverser (again, the lighting is crap, but one of these days ... wait, Ive said that before, haven't I ? ) Than
  21. I 2nd that. That's much easier than to invent new superlatives. Rainer
  22. Jeez, not even the macro shots reveal any imperfections. Stunning, absolutely stunning, Peter. Every update is a pleasure to watch. Cheers Rainer
  23. Whenever I think it can't get any better than this it get's better. Absolutely stunning work! Rainer
  24. Great work, Joachim. And the Zipper is in my all-time favourite config: 4 tanks ;-) Rainer
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