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  1. I have this waiting to hit the bench once my Bf-109H is done, can't wait.... but it does also look like a right pig of a conversion.
  2. I'd take anything... love all the Soviet/Russian stuff.
  3. Actually shocked there is nearly a year between posts, doesn't feel that long. But the Lockdowns here in the UK have flown past for me, business as usual in some cases and have also set up a online business in the mean time keeping us busy too... modelling has been on going, but I've been on other stuff. Pushed forward with the Bf-109H last night though, cockpit all done and, fuselage glued together... for the photos, wings pushed on, but tail glued. Sadly I cut the fuselage a tad too short, hence the gap. But it's ok.. easily fixable. This *will* be done in 2021.... !
  4. Can't believe this build is 4 years old aready... time has flown past.
  5. Not everyones cup of tea... but very much mine, and tonnes of other stuff like it.
  6. So, I said I'd buy no more kits after the B-17E/F, but have ordered/bought - - Trumpeter 1/35th - MAZ / Scud-B - ZM 1/32nd - Ta-152H1 (2nd hand off a friend) - 3D printed OneManModels 1/48th - HAL 748 AWACS - 3D printed OneManModels 1/72nd A-90 Orlyonok Ekranoplan and that is it for 2020...
  7. ICM are really pleasing a few people, me included... another great release.
  8. Finally got my hands on a B-17E/F! So when my G fire bomber is done, this shall replace it... not sure where two 1/32nd B-17's are going to go though...
  9. Will be ordering one once his A-90 is complete! Love these kits, slowly working through a YS-11EB... can't wait to see more of this.
  10. I'm assuming this will be a set to purchase? If so, I'd take one Iain... I really want to build a Privateer from this kit once the B-17 is done, but the wing has put me off... Top effort though, look forward to seeing what comes of it regardless
  11. Thanks guys, now I've done a bit more on the nose and to see where I'm at, thrown some primer over it all. Happy with most, but obviously the nose is still needing attention. Big gap to fill round it, and some profiling still to be done. Then onto the re-scribing... Actually looking forward to that given it's size. Few more photos for your pleasure.
  12. Superb work mate, I do love the Sunderland but I think i'll just settle with the 1/72nd Special Hobby kit! Really can't wait to see this one....
  13. Lost my Mojo many times, but now it's just time and lack of it... but making up for that during these lockdowns! Great start Peter, but lets be honest, it was never going to be a bad start... great subject, although not my bag... it'll still be great watching this come together.
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