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  1. Radders

    Make the others jealous

    Telford haul... Kits- Proteus 1/72nd Convair CV580 Trumpeter 1/35th Mi-24 (+ decals, resin and brass extras thrown in) Trumpeter 1/72nd Su-24MR Decals- (all 1/72nd) Begemot decals (Mi-8) Blue Rider decals (Mi-8 + others) Print Scale decals (Mi-8) Masks- Eduard Masks (1/72nd Mi-8) Conversions/Resin- Armory 1/72nd Mi-8/17 rotor vibration damper x2 Armory 1/72nd Mi-8/17 winch NeoMega 1/72nd Mi-8 cockpit NeoMega 1/72nd Mi-8MTV-5 conversion NeoMega 1/48th Ka-52 conversion Pavla 1/72nd Mi-8T conversion WhirlyBird 1/72nd Alouette III Maltese Air Wing conversion WhirlyBird 1/72nd Islander Maltese Air Wing conversion Happy with that lot...!
  2. Radders

    Mi-8 Hip - Afghan Vet

    Great work... I can remember the LSP user '11Bee' ? doing an Afghan Hip, but I can't find the thread. Love the mi-8... such a great helicopter.
  3. Radders

    HpH L-39 Albatros Czech Air Force.

    Wow, that's amazing!
  4. Radders

    Mi-8 "High Gloss" Trumpeter 1:35

    The Trumpeter kit is based on a Mi-8MT, in the photo is a Mi-8T, so it would need a whole new engine cover with longer inlets, no jammer etc to suit the early T. Still, a nice model... I do love a Mi-8!
  5. Radders

    1/32 Trumpeter SU -27UB

    The one that sadly crashed was Bort 70. 71 is the one that usually does the flying at airshows, as seen here in Belgium a few weeks back. Great model too, wish I could get round to building my Su-30, They are huge!
  6. Will this be for sale at Telford...? Hoping so..
  7. Radders

    N66573 B-17G

    Progress will be slow but i'm hoping to have 60-70% done by Telford 2019.. for my display. Work is so busy at the moment, finding time to do anything else is hard. But it's a nice break from putting together Amodel kits that for sure!
  8. Radders

    N66573 B-17G

    So, working out what I needed to do to make the Bat Plane, I've just gone and bought a E/F kit to go along side the G so I can have two built up... but the G is also being built as a fire bomber just another smart scheme. Less work needed to do, but still need to get rid of the turret points etc... it's on the bench, just... such a big kit! I'm not painting anything inside that won't be seen as it's just a waste of my time, so I will only be doing the cockpit and nose sections....
  9. Radders

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    Anything Russian, interwar.... i'd then have my first WnW kit.
  10. Radders

    1:32 Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

    To be fair, there is no bad Privateer, be it civil or military.... ALL look great!
  11. Radders

    1:32 Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

    If I wasn't so into fire bombers, I'd have to build this beauty. Maybe one for you... PB4Y-2B carrying ASM-N-2 Bat glide bombs.
  12. Radders

    1:32 Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

    Iain, what Privateer do you want to build? Any particular one?
  13. Radders

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Got to be this 110%, would seem very odd to have them in plastic loose if that's the final product. While I think it does look basic, it's ripe for a Privateer conversion, and some general AM for it (wheels, engines, cockpit etc). I am really looking forward to seeing some built up though, one of my favourite from the WW2 period.
  14. Radders

    Any 1/32 MiG-25 'Foxbat' on the horizon?

    I'd get one for sure..... no iffs or buts, just take my money.