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  1. Amazing Tom, it looks great and big but I can't get a feeling for just how big... might have to make a special trip to a show one day to see it in person!! Top work fella
  2. Two I've wanted for a long time.... especially that KJ-1 conversion!!
  3. I'm a bit slow at catching up... but good to see progress on this. Cowlings look great!
  4. Been following this on Facebook.... (Radleigh Bushell). Top work... glad to see it posted here too.
  5. Interested to see what you do for the main cockpit clear parts. Recently picked up the Huey UH-1H kit..
  6. Amazing work Peter... simply jaw dropping.
  7. 32" I think it's length.. 8" high and 17" wide
  8. ZM 1/32nd Ta-152H Tamiya 1/48th F-14A (swapped with a friend and some resin/kit/etch) Kinetic 1/48th Pucara
  9. To go with my 3D printed A-90 Orlyonok Ekranoplan, these two arrived also... The 1/144th Caspian Sea Monster is nearly as big as the 1/72nd A-90!
  10. A big 'holy grail' kit for me, always wanted to scratch build one, but i've no need to now... with thanks to OneManModels on eBay, who has produced this excellent model. (also responsible for the HAL 748, Andover etc in 1/32nd!) This is just pushed together for the photo, but the fit is brilliant and won't take too long to put together once cleaned up and smoothed off... It's big too, 32" x 17" x 8" roughly. Extremely excited to finally have this. Enjoy!
  11. OzMods 1/48th Caribou.... been after one for ages and finally got one. Should be here soon.
  12. 48th for me with the L-188, although I have toyed with 1/32nd I just don't know if I can cope with the space it would take up.
  13. If you could find 3-4 more people willing to fork out, I wouldn't be surprised if OneManModels would print a few off... would be so big...!
  14. Only a matter of time then, look at how quick he's designed a L-188... the Deux Ponts will be here soon enough
  15. He produces the 3D renders/files for printing, prints a few off and then rest to order from what I gather. I have his 1/48th YS-11EB, nothing he suggests is a pipe dream, all will come out sooner or later. I have also got the A-90 Ekranoplan (72nd), HS748 HAL AWACS (48th) and will have the L-188 in 48th as soon as I can..
  16. I would love a Twin Otter, Skyvan, PAC750XL, Islander and Cessna Caravan in 1/32nd scale, but I just think it'll never happen... Also a Tu-2, hope i'm wrong on all accounts though.
  17. Roughly marking out the panel lines for scribing, using the Special Hobby 1/72nd kit for a guide. I'll do both sides like this, tape the fuselage together to make sure they all align etc, then start the scribing after and adding fuselage details.
  18. After lots of humming and harring, I finally bought a vacform Blohm & Voss Bv-155 off John/Tigger Models. I have bought some bits to help with the build, which should help me through and also give me more of a chance of finishing it. Quickboost Me-262 seat, SAC Me-262 undercarriage, Mastercasters Me-262 resin wheels & Eduard Me-262 cockpit etch set... Looking at photos, it seems when Messerschmitt started this project, they raided the Me-262 spares department for parts.. so i'm going with that theory and sticking to it, although I need to source a prop and spinner, but will worry about that further down the line. It's huge, which is great... and will be started very soon, once I've got a bit further with my Bf-109H project and made space on my bench. Here's what you get in the box... minus the aftermarket.
  19. Fantastic mate, saw these on the phone the other day but first time seeing them on my laptop... can't wait to see it in person, when ever that may be! But it'll look the part... You must be looking at something else to start now this is back out, surely?!
  20. I have this waiting to hit the bench once my Bf-109H is done, can't wait.... but it does also look like a right pig of a conversion.
  21. I'd take anything... love all the Soviet/Russian stuff.
  22. Actually shocked there is nearly a year between posts, doesn't feel that long. But the Lockdowns here in the UK have flown past for me, business as usual in some cases and have also set up a online business in the mean time keeping us busy too... modelling has been on going, but I've been on other stuff. Pushed forward with the Bf-109H last night though, cockpit all done and, fuselage glued together... for the photos, wings pushed on, but tail glued. Sadly I cut the fuselage a tad too short, hence the gap. But it's ok.. easily fixable. This *will* be done in 2021.... ! Bit late, but I wish everyone a happy new year here too...
  23. Can't believe this build is 4 years old aready... time has flown past.
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