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  1. Neo - £170, I’ve worked out it’s worth about £500... Nichenson - Zacto models pylons and missiles. Karimb - this was bought off Facebook, I never saw it on eBay?
  2. So I sold my Trumpeter Su-25UB + resin cockpit a little while ago and instantly regretted it. So when I saw this 'lot' up for grabs, I had to bid and won it at a stupidly low price for what I've got... a proper result!! Needless to say i'm over the moon. Might actually build this one.. (and yes some single seat stuff in that lot but I may sell them bits on as I've no need....)
  3. Hi guys, I'll post some photos soon, but keeping you guys updated. The 'batplane' will be done with a B-17F kit, so this is going to be N66571 a 'G' with the right tail.. but lots of differences and mods needed to the kit, I have cut away all the bits I need to, and now working on getting it up to standard. Wings made up, and engines progressing.. just waiting for some etch to arrive from Hannants for the engines also. Really enjoying doing this... as I haven't been doing any modelling what-so-ever in the last few months... been busy with work and weekends learning to skydive, recently passing my AFF too, so just a few more solos and then I'm an A license holder. I should be able to pick up a bit more modelling then once that's sorted.... Here's a photo from Airliners of the one I'm building.. you can see it's quite modded from the old USAAF days, it was with Kenting Aviation Ltd before being converted to a tanker and used as a Photographic Survey aircraft.
  4. I'm pretty certain it won't be done... so it can go over. I'll get an update done in the next day or two
  5. @LSP_Kevin Any chance of this being moved back into the main Work In Progress... it's never going to be done for this GB, but I do have an update to do! It's come on quite a bit....
  6. This is so cool.... great project. Any chance of seeing it next to something for a size up?
  7. Me in 2019... i'm learning to skydive, doing my AFF Level 1-8 and then A License allowing me to jump anywhere in the world.. And what I'm jumping from... I thought this might be a new aircraft for me, but D-ISCO is ex- HA-ACO which I jumped exactly 13 years ago to this month also! Not a bad thing, good to be reunited!
  8. Nice work, loving this build.
  9. You've done the B-17, B-24, B-29, Halifax, Stirling (in progress) etc... and now this, can't be much left in terms of monster kits to build in 1/32nd scale? Great work mate, hope to catch up this year, although not sure when... I may come down to Southern Expo.
  10. Bought a very large tank today, 1/16th Soviet T-34/76 Model 1942 for £30, Hannants have it down as £129.99.... and it's all there, did I commit daylight robbery? And a Revell Me-163 1/48th
  11. Any chance of a similiar photo of the kit with wing attached to compare? (anyone with a kit, not just Iain)
  12. Radders

    1/32 B-29?

    Something like this in 1/32nd would certainly turn heads.. I would only build a Tu-4 (or KJ-1) given the chance.
  13. Radders

    1/32 B-29?

    Someone produce one so I can get some 3D printed engines to make a Tu-4/KJ-1....
  14. Makes perfect sense, to be fair I was really busy when looking at the thread and never took it in properly, but now you've said that and I've gone back and looked I can see it now. Not as bad as I thought then work wise, but still quite a bit... cant wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for the explanation, Iain!
  15. Iain I've a question. When tilting this wing back, it moves the engine up, (and wheels forward slightly?).. are you needing to correcting this? Looking at the drawings Alain Gadbois posted, I didnt realise the engine it was facing up, but are the wheels OK? Sorry if I've missed this.. not seen it mentioned. Really want a B-24, and i'm weighing up whether or not I'd be up for correcting the wing...
  16. Now in the Multi-Engine GB....
  17. Any chance of moving this over for me please Iain?
  18. Does this qualify for the GB? Lots left to do...
  19. If you need any info or photos, the Mi-8PS is at the ex Motortechnica Museum, Bad Oeynhausen in Germany. Also, if you're building it how it is in the photo, a Mi-8PS is very different from a Mi-8MT. Should be good either way, can't wait to see what you do.
  20. Here you go... Great choice, if I still owned a 111 I'd be entering with it!
  21. That is so nice, just perfect. Can't fault it in anyway!
  22. You've just really made me want a B-24 even more... that scheme!
  23. 24" wide & 23" long... decent size! Here's some photos of the one on the Revell stand at Telford.
  24. When I heard about this kit it was a must buy for me, (being the big Soviet/Russian/Eastern European fan that I am...) I was going to wait until the new year, but the itch kept getting worse so I went and got it. Just had to be done. Great looking kit, although a shame only one choice of livery, I would of much preferred one of the older schemes.. If anyone does a decal sheet for this, I shall get a second kit for definate, but this will be built OOB! Photos of what you get here - https://scalesoviet.wordpress.com/revell-an-225/ and a great boxart (with dimensions on the box)
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