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  1. I absolutely agree. Still, the picture has a bluish color cast, so your samples are naturally way off. I've taken the liberty to color correct the pic a bit: Looks much more natural to me. Still, if we could compare the picture with the real scene, the colors in the picture would be way of. People often mistake photographs for reality. But they are just 2D renditions of reality. So, we agree Jennings ;-) Cheers Rainer Edit: I'm a professional photographer and of course use a calibrated monitor. However, for a really profess
  2. This photo obviously has a bluish color cast as is evident by the concrete which should be neutral gray or a light tan. Slides often tend to get more bluish over the years. Cheers Rainer
  3. Land fill? Jeez, you guys are lucky ... Over here in Germany plastic models are considered toxic waste that has to be disposed of properly. At a premium Cheers Rainer
  4. Sorry, mate, I don't have PayPal myself. Cheers Rainer
  5. Oh, too bad. I didn't have any problems, even though my computer is about 7 years old now ... Cheers Rainer
  6. My favourite free CAD program is fusion 360: https://www.autodesk.com/campaigns/fusion-360-for-hobbyists Many good videos on YT to learn the basics. Only the activation procedure is a bit tedious. You need to open an account with Autodesk but in my humble opinion it's worth it. Cheers Rainer
  7. I hope it's ok to post this here, but I think it's very nice. Cheers Rainer
  8. Ha, you spotted it! But yes, close enough for me. Cheers Rainer
  9. Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Jessie Royce Landis, Metro-Goldwin-Mayer, 1959 Cheers Rainer
  10. Well, I haven't built a kit in decades ... Waste of money, I fear Cheers Rainer
  11. Yes, that's a proper "salad" indeed. Interesting analysis (I guess, it's part of your dissertation, is it not? ). Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Super Hornets and Growlers in German camo. Don't hope for too much ... But Jagel would be close enough to home for a short photo trip, so yes, let's hope Cheers Rainer
  12. No, I really don't. I've pretty much lost interest in kits. Scratch building is what I like. Not that I get much done these days ... Cheers Rainer
  13. Well, I have actually 0, null, nada, none in my stash. Oh, wait, that means I don't have a stash, now does it? I never had a stash. As a kid I just bought one kit and built it. Then I bought the next one and built it. Simple as that. And once I started scratch building there was just a stash of styrene sheets, rods, what have you. These days I have added a lot of metall to that stash. Do I intend to build all there is in my stash? Certainly Will I be able to actually do that? Ah, who knows? Cheers Rainer
  14. In my case it's not at all a theme. I need to be fascinated by the shape of the aircraft. Some spark my interest, others are simply not my cup of tea. Often it is a certain picture, taken from a certain angle and I'm hooked. I remember seeing an in-flight shot of the first YF-16 (in that famous red, blue and white scheme) in a German aviation magazine (Flug Revue) back in 1975 and I knew I had to build a model. So I scratched one in the odd scale of 1:96 ... I am mostly interested in post war jets but there are some noticable exeptions like the Super Connie, the Hawkeye
  15. I was searching my files for some pictures and came across this one: It's a 1:48 Hasegawa kit dating back to, I believe, 1981 or 82. Back then my favourite model magazine had a yearly photo contest and my picture of that F-16 won first prize. Note, that I hadn't even heard about weathering. That model is squeaky clean. Also note: no Photoshop involved The boom was scratch built. Cheers Rainer
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