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  1. Thanks a lot, Maru. But I'm afraid this build is stalled for the moment. I just don't get anything done right now. There is a real danger that this build will end on the shelf of doom. Cheers Rainer
  2. That's a very good idea. Peter. I didn't know, that early Skyhawks ddn't have nose wheel steering. Cheers Rainer
  3. Hmm, I don't think so. There is another crew member who disengages the tail hook. I just thought it was a bit strange. Cheers Rainer
  4. Great footage, Jari. Thanks for sharing this. I'm wondering why one guy always hangs himself on the wing tip of the Skyhawks? Any ideas? Cheers Rainer
  5. Thanks, Iain. Blender is not well suited for precision modelling (there are a few addons that help, but still ... ). Blender is much better at organic modelling for characters and such. In other words, I don't plan to use it for 3D-printing parts for the Viggen or other builds. Cheers Rainer
  6. Dear folks, back in 2001 I made a little sketch of a somewhat derelict robot (an early model ... ). I had the Idea to model it in Cinema 4D and animate it. Fast forward 20 years. In December 2021, I stumbled over that sketch and thought: Let's do it. This time in Blender. I'm an absolute newbie to blender and the going was tough. Anyway, this is where I am at the moment: Way to go, but it's a start. But don't worry, I will get back to the Viggen ... Cheers Rainer
  7. I really like that cardboard all moving vertical fin Great work, Dan. I'd call that "rapid prototyping" ... Cheers Rainer
  8. I 2nd that, Jay. I keep forgetting that most of the time, not only occasionally. I especially keep forgetting all the failures along the way. Chuck, pristine work on the engine! I like it very much. Cheers Rainer
  9. Wow, this is such a great resource for you, guys. I envy you. Now, if we had such a resource for post war jets ... Just dreaming. Cheers Rainer
  10. Yes indeed! It's looking great. And you are on the finish line already. That landing gear looks spectacular. Cheers Rainer
  11. Oh, come on, make it happen. Decent or not Cheers Rainer
  12. Very nice, Sean. I can't wait to see that beauty with the masks removed. Cheers Rainer
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