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  1. I 2nd that. That's much easier than to invent new superlatives. Rainer
  2. Jeez, not even the macro shots reveal any imperfections. Stunning, absolutely stunning, Peter. Every update is a pleasure to watch. Cheers Rainer
  3. Whenever I think it can't get any better than this it get's better. Absolutely stunning work! Rainer
  4. Great work, Joachim. And the Zipper is in my all-time favourite config: 4 tanks ;-) Rainer
  5. Ah, that is a good explanation! Thanks for pointing that out. Rainer
  6. Interesting idea, Derek. However, ingress is from the left, so there should be no real problem with injury?? Certainly the seat is without any explosives. But that is no excuse for putting the lever in the wrong position Rainer
  7. Well, the main landing gear doors could be opened for maintenance, of course, but I've never seen them open on parked operational aircraft (and I've looked at lots and lots of pics when I researched the Viggen for my build ...) One thing with museum Viggens that always baffles me is the fact, that on most of them the arm/disarm lever of the ejection seat is in the "armed" position. When parked, it should of course be in the "disarmed" position. Rainer
  8. Now that's attention to detail, Anthony. Great work and very clean and precise! Rainer
  9. I have no English words left in my limited vocabulary. So here are some German words: Wahnsinnig gut, großartig, spitzenmäßig, absolute Sahne, unglaublich realistisch ... Rainer
  10. Add to that list: - AJ's had only one vortex generator on the canards, compared to two for the JA's - Position lights on the wing tips are in a different location (and different shape) - Rear RWR is different - two sets of small air scoops in the upper fairings on the thrust reverser section are unique to JA's - the flame holders of the RM8B are somewhat different (simplified) compared to the RM8A (but that would be hardly visible). And, of course, the cockpit. Too many differences to even mention them ... Chee
  11. Aabsolutely hilarious! I had a good laugh. Rainer
  12. Been there in August 1987 ... And yes, it was hot! But I was just 30 then and didn't care. Getting up close and personal to all those iconic aircraft was worth it. I'd really like to go there again, sigh. Rainer
  13. Anybody got a link to the Retired Modellers Knitting Club (RMKC) member application website? Totally speechless. Again. Rainer
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