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  1. Once the new set of wheels has arrived and once you've painted them, the old one will reappear from the 11th dimension through a wormhole that spontanously formes on your bench. Mark my words. Rainer
  2. A great looking model and a very informativ build log. Always a pleasure to follow and a great source of information. Rainer
  3. Great work again, Ben. What did you use for the oleos? They look really cinvincing. Rainer
  4. It's getting better and better with each update. Stunning work, again, Peter Rainer
  5. Really nice and clean work! Where did you get the braided lines? the look very good. Rainer
  6. Right now I'm working on the thrust reverser section of my Viggen, installing the inner panels. Quite tricky, actually. Rainer
  7. As usual, words fail me when I see your work, Peter [ ... ] Cheers Rainer
  8. At home in northern Germany, working on the thrust reverser petals of my 1/24 Viggen. Rainer
  9. I don't want to hijack this thread, but where do you get MRP paints in Germany? They seem to be sold out on most online shops over here or they stock only a few colors, mostly WW2 which I don't care about. Thanks in advance, Joachim Rainer
  10. Yes, you would need a tripod. But Photoshop has a stacking function. It's a bit hidden, but it works nicely. Give me a shout if you need assistance. Cheers Rainer
  11. Impressive as always, Ben. I like that cable. It looks very convincing. Do you know how "Focus Stacking" works? It's a great technique when you need more depth of field (DOF) which is a common problem in macro photography. With focus stacking you can get unlimited DOF, if desired. Cheers Rainer
  12. Hand painted? Say that again, please. I couldn't even think about painting by hand. It would be a total mess. Magnificient work, by any standards. Cheers Rainer
  13. I don't no anything about black basing, but I trust you have watched this: Cheers Rainer
  14. Really top notch work, Kent. I'm looking forward to see more progress on the seats. Cheers Rainer
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