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1/18 Hawker Fury


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Happy New Year  to you and L and the rest of the family.

And to all the Gentlemen  who like ME come here to look at your ASTOUNDING  workmanship. 


Hope 2021 is enjoyable 


MARU 5137

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evening folks :)


Happy New Year folks and thanks for all your kind comments


..thought I would drop in with a little update..


..I started to work on the vacformed fuselage, with the first thing to do being to cut holes where the inner brass framework that supports the cabane struts and the inner fuselage structure & wing spars goes to see if it all fits inside - thankfully it does..


after that, I laid the halves onto plans to transfer the positions of panel lines and the definition between the metal and stringer areas and added the rear section as that was not part of the vacform structure out of plastic card..




..I found it easier to prime the parts so I could see what I was doing - the areas where the gun troughs sit are marked on the upper forward fuselage..






..the gun troughs were created first by making some handed masters and vacforming them, later fitting them into the troughs..




..after filling and working in properly..




..stringer positions were marked and you can also use the strips of litho I use to get parallel lines against the datum - here also are printed strips I make that define equal spacing between two points. In this case a strip of tape is used to measure the top of the turtledeck and that distance divided by 12 for the equally spaced stringers that sit in this area..




..all the stringers are now marked out..




..lastly, the internal brass framework can be seen enclosed - largely things are where they should be, certainly the spars and box section tubular structure, but I may need to work on the strut mount positions..








so next I need to work out how to represent the stringers as all the work really needs to be done whaile the halves are just that - halves. my ideal of sliding the internals into the nose wouldn't work as the structure is too wide so I need to make all the internals and enclose them as you would a kit. I really didn't want to do that as it means lots of fragile stuff inside the fuselage while lots of handling is needed in skinning where panels need to be almost beaten into shape..


still lots to do and having to think three processes ahead of where I am so I don't screw things up :)










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Hello Peter. I am always delighted by your works and your manual skills, it is true that the scale helps but your pieces seem to scale 1: 1. I spent a couple of hours reading the trad and now I flag it so as not to miss any updates. I reconfirm my admiration for your works both at a hobby and professional level.:clap2:

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Thank you chaps :)


little bit more done...


..I wanted to check the cabane strut alignment against the little spigots I included on the brass tube 'core' at the heart of the model. These are quite complicated in as much as they angle forwards and outwards, plus obviously define the position (and strength) of the upper wing..


..I translated some specific drawings on the plans into some card templates and added dummy tube struts to see where I was at..




..after some fettling and small bends on the spigots, I got it good enough for now..








..next I wanted to start to get the interior of the fuselage readied for detailing, so I primed and painted some plastic stock stringers, marked out the inner areas and painted the red doped fabric (well orangy red..) seen on the inside..


..the stringer positions were scored -  their position being known by drilling two tiny holes either end of the datum line on the outside each side of the cockpit area so I could join the dots and get the datum on the inside..




..getting a feel for what it would look like - I thought pre-painting would be easier..




..then having fitted the visible structure - the upper fuselage and nose areas are all metal so the upper bit will be skinned on the inside with litho..






..I cut the fuselage access door off, but even then very little can be seen which is a shame..






..still, I know it's there (as do you :) ) and I have learned a lot about the airframe in making it so nothing lost...



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