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1/18 Hawker Fury


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1 hour ago, Sepp said:

I've looked through two dictionaries and a thesaurus, and I've found no words to adequately describe how good this is.

You could just go with English understatement - "nice"


Or if you want to add emphasis - "very nice indeed"


Hope that helps.


Peter, this build is the nicest I have seen since your last one. Thank you and keep up the splendid work.

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LOL.  That is what I think/do, every time I see one of your updates Peter, because I could never replicate same in my current or former lifetime.  Like everyone else, I am in awe of your skills.


Having pointed out your threads to others, one of my modeling friends says that your work is from a "freak of modeling", which I think is one of the highest compliments possible.  According to the Cambridge Dictionary website (trying to stay close to your home), a freak is "a thing, person, animal, or event that is extremely unusual or unlikely, and not like any other of its type:"  The first is obviously you (which is not an animal!), while the rest of us are the usual "type" of our modeling species.  ;)


Model on Peter.  We all love your exacting, totally researched and perfectly executed creation of parts that no kit has ever made before.




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Peter, you are truly a master craftsman. One of the most enjoyable parts of this hobby for me is to witness workmanship such as yours and the inspiration it gives me. As a young man, my modelling heroes were scratch-builders like Harry Woodman and George Lee, and later, Peter Cooke, Alan Clark, John Alcorn and a few others. In current times I can't think of any others that are in your league. Thank you for sharing your builds, and also for your commercial work that allows us mere modelers the opportunity to incorporate a fraction of that kind of detail into our efforts.





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Lost my Mojo many times, but now it's just time and lack of it... but making up for that during these lockdowns!


Great start Peter, but lets be honest, it was never going to be a bad start... great subject, although not my bag... it'll still be great watching this come together. 



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Oh my goodness, I can't possibly accept or live up to such praise :huh:, those are the kindest comments I have ever read. The thought of any comparison with my modelling heroes is really beyond my comprehension - I just try my best and set myself high standards on your behalf :)


thank you - it is the fuel of my motivation..


so, as I said last time, I started to detail the sidewalls in which there are many bits & bobs that mainly are mini models in their own right..


starting with the R/H wall - here we have a conduit housing on the far left, a big brass ki-gas pump, a sort of pull handle on the top rail and a couple of push switches...








..on the L/H wall a trim wheel made from laminates of 0.5mm ply, some big ratchet handle and a small lever quadrant on the top rail - there is another one on the far side of the rail not shown..




..and again, it's a matter of constant dry fitting in the jig to make sure everything can co-habit with everything else..



















I have to say though, I am really enjoying this build and have started to prepare for the bigger questions it will ask of me - things like vac forming the basic fuselage off a basswood master and looking at the best way to construct the wings following the Alcorn / Lee book


anyways, until next time..




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