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  1. Wow Peter! Not only a new build but in no time at all you have pretty much the basis of a whole new airframe! There is literally nothing stopping you except sleep I hope the P-39 gets some more love in time, but this not a bad intermission either! Craig
  2. Man this is really incredible! That nose art is amazing mate . Love the presentation of being mounted on the truck too. Craig
  3. Incredible stuff Jay! You've really taken skinning in your stride! As always, your attention to the smallest details is beyond compare. Craig
  4. Right lads (and ladettes), Last update was July; pretty disgraceful but I have a good excuse...... After 4 years we are finally back in a place to call our own again (was definitely over apartment living!!!!!!). With that comes the joy of having all our stuff (well mainly my tools and machinery) under one roof instead of being stuck in storage. It looks like for the most part everything has survived pretty well, but there's a huge amount of setting up and organising still to go. The great news is that the new house is absolutely epic (a gorgeous Queenslander built pre-war) with so much space underneath it has allowed me to have two separate work areas - one for metal working and general shop stuff and the other specifically for modelling and so after 2 international and one local move the B-17 finally has a permanent home! I actually kind of feel like this model has travelled almost as much as the real Swoose! Anyway here's the "heavy duty" area: And here's a general picture of the WIP new bench setup. Still long way to go, but it's definitely the best workspace I've ever had! Look what's on the bench!!!! Hopefully the 3D printers still work. I've only just found the power leads for them again....... If any of you are following the NMUSAF's restoration of the Swoose, you might find this picture familiar..... Work is still extremely hectic at the moment but I'm chipping away at the setup and hopefully won't be too long before I can recommence work on the big girl again! Thanks for continuing to follow along after all these years!
  5. Thanks Gaz! Hahaha! Hopefully the internet is still around by the time I finish this Thanks Matt, yeah not sure how excited I am about it, but the only way is through right?! Thanks Zac, I see that NZ2423 is getting pretty close to flying, I'm pretty excited about those updates!!!!! Hey Tom! Thanks for keeping me honest . Been a bit happening, but things are moving in the right direction!
  6. Agreed! This is absolutely incredible! Craig
  7. Another incredible journey has just begun! I definitely admire the exacting tolerances you set for yourself Jay, which is just one reason why you're on a very tall pillar way above most of us!!!!! Always inspiring. I know you've had some fit/print issues and given the level of accuracy you're going for there's room for improvement, but when I think back to my first forays with the ABS UpMini and what's inside the my B-17's rear fuselage, it's like Wright Brothers versus walking on the moon! Very excited to watch this one unfold! Craig
  8. Love this!!!! I guess the big questions is will it be skinned in aluminium? Craig
  9. If this is not THE most researched, mulled over, complete build EVER, then I don't know what is! I don't know where to start on this Jay, but it's been one amazing ride from the very start. It's been fantastic to see you embrace new ways of doing things and this is the perfect showcase of just how far you've come with those skills in a (comparatively) short time. I've enjoyed every single minute of it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Now go back to enjoying it taking a well deserved pride of place in your collection Craig
  10. Congratulations Chuck! Your -38 looks absolutely stunning! Great result Craig
  11. That is stunning!!!! I really need one of these in my life! Craig
  12. I go away for two weeks and then this happens!!!!! Jay that is truely spectacular!!!! As you know, nailing "the look" is my primary goal of my current project and you have well and truely nailed "the look" of the Corsair..... I doubt there is a more accurate representation out there Well done Sir, you must be absolutely chuffed. Craig
  13. A bit more progress on the outer nacelle. Some of the panels are pretty tricky to discern the shape, but I'd say I'm reasonably close...... The top big access cover is not stuck on yet; still needs details and some adjustment to get it to fit nicely. Lots and lots of little tricky panels, only another 3 engines to go! At least the RH wing *should* be easier as I'll know the sizes and shapes of the panels...... The wing is starting to look more complete now! Many, many more hours to get yet on this wing alone, but it is somewhat therapeutic! Cheers, Craig
  14. Thanks Jay! Townsville does have some nice beaches, but unless you're a tourist you don't swim at them. Too many sharks, stingers and crocodiles...... . Beautiful place though; our winters average around 25 deg C..... little different to the last couple of years in NZ! Townsville also played a major part in supporting the war effort in New Guinea. Definitely worth a read! Craig
  15. It's funny how how you can look at things for not "see" things...... For me this week it was the first time my brain had acknowledged the different material that surrounds the turbos on the nacelles. Not sure if it's stainless or something like that, but clearly it's not aluminium. So what to do? Painting over litho plate didn't really seem like a good option, and actual stainless sheet would be way too hard to shape properly. I went to a local craft store and found some rolls of what they called "foil" which was a bit vinyl-like, but looked pretty close to what I was after and stood up to some embossing work... It took a while to work out the panel layout but I think I'm getting somewhere with this... There's two different colours of the "foil" in use. First, is the really dark colour (maybe a bit too dark but it'll be less in the natural shadow) and the second is a little lighter, which you can see where the ducting for the turbo would sit towards the front of the nacelle. The good thing about the "foil" rolls was that they are sufficiently self-adhesive, so didn't have to worry about contact cement for a couple of panels at least! I did a bit more on the upper wingtip as well. All of the large wing panels on the upper side are done now, hence it being about time a started with the nacelles. Little by little, she's getting closer to the end! Cheers, Craig
  16. Nice work . You know you're putting so much effort into this you might as well make it 1:1.......... Craig
  17. Really nice work Josh. You're going to the extremes here...... I see you're going with the numbers as opposed to scaling/tracing the drawings which is where I think I made a lot of mistakes...... yours will definitely be more accurate than mine! I can absolutely appreciate how much effort this takes. I like your use of lettering to keep track of things too..... might have to try that on my next effort Cheers
  18. Looking really good Josh. What wall thickness are you going to make the parts? Some of the plastic on the HKM kit is almost 2mm at some points....... Craig
  19. Incredible work on the wings Jay! They look absolutely spot on. Craig
  20. I never ever get sick of these posts!!!! Craig
  21. I agree! I think in hindsight it may actually be easier to do a whole new fuselage. The wings are pretty good apart from what I've already mentioned. Great project. Continue on, good Sir! Craig
  22. Hi Josh, Looks like you're off to a fantastic start! Not sure if you've already discovered this yet, but just doing a new nose "cone" up to STA 3 will not solve all your problems with the kit. You'll actually have to blend the contours between STA 4 and 3, which means redoing the entire cockpit profile, windows, instrument panel, cockpit floor etc. as well. You'll definitely need the Aircorps library files as they have all the correct shapes and give dimensions which you can then massage onto the kit. In any case, great start on it and very impressive work so far.... It certainly looks a lot better than my previous attempts at it. Sing out if you need any help with it...... more than happy if you can learn from my (many) mistakes! FYI, the outer nacelles of the kit also sit way too high...... it's a difficult fix but it can be done. Have a look at my build if you want to know more. Craig
  23. Awesome! Can't wait to see more! Craig
  24. I'm a big fan of the tv series, looking forward to seeing this one getting built! Where did you get this one from btw? I wouldn't mid getting one myself one day. I assume it doesn't transform between the 3 modes? Craig
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