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  1. Do you do contract work for internal fitouts? There's a B-17 I know of that could use some of your talent......... Craig
  2. Love it and following! Hahahaha, I've heard Pilots being referred to by quite a few terms before, but "stick actuators" is priceless!!!!!! You've really nailed the painting on these guys. Craig
  3. This'll be good! Craig
  4. Top notch finish!!!!!! Looks amazing basking in the sun like that! Craig
  5. Nice fix! That's good to know you can recycle the back ends of the cutouts. Craig
  6. Went there in 2006 in late May. Absolutely loved it! Most of all I loved that I could be outside walking around all day and not get 3rd degree burns like you would in Australia or NZ........ Something that most European backpackers learn the hard way when they come here! Fantastic collection though, but likewise unfortunately I didn't get to do the boneyard tour as they were only running during the week. Craig
  7. Very true indeed Terry! I really am my own worst enemy. I want to do everything!!!!!!!! hahaha! I've just got to work out the rib stitching on the elevators now. Time to refer back to Airscale's builds Spot on as always Peter! Everything is a learning experience. So glad you're having a crack at raised rivets. They're quite the challenge, especially as you have to work in reverse! Thanks very much Matt. There's definitely a lot of trial and error in this build!!!!! Cheers, Craig
  8. Peter! Love the "stitching." Great use of the special tool to stop the wire rolling over on itself. Welcome to my world of raised rivets in litho!!!!!! Fantastic work as always...... Not sure if it's too late, but something that really helps the raised rivets stand out neatly instead of getting a lot of deformations in the skin around them is to work from the top side and with a piece of stainless tube (OD size of the rivet, in 1/32 I used 0.018"), you push the surrounding material back down. It's a lot of work and you have to be correctly centralised over each rivet so
  9. I totally feel your pain Jay. Machining something like equally spaced and sized spokes is exceptionally hard, especially when you have do it for two wheels! It looks as though you have a rotary setup for your work there, but correct me if i'm wrong, it looks as though you're cutting into the still fully solid hub? Could you perhaps bore out the hub from behind ( the inner) side first to end up with more of a thinner wall cut cut through as opposed to a completely solid part? Only throwing it out there as a way of potentially reducing the tool wander...... Cr
  10. Great work so far David! I've got this conversion too somewhere and will be following with interest Craig
  11. G'day Iain, Firstly, congratulations on posting your build here! I look forward to following along as I have the Hasegawa kit in the stash too. Secondly, comparing kits to drawings is always at the least a challenge, at the worst, downright confusing! It truely amazes me how kit manufacturers can go so far wrong at times but they do. Quite often, the most reliable resource is the Mk1 eyeball and sound judgement. Where I need further clarity (depending on the subject) aircorps library goes a long way to helping out with specific shapes. Here's a quick set of screen grabs
  12. Very nice Pat! The lanc looks really good in white; definitely something I'll be doing when I get around to building mine. Love the lifeboat too! 3D print I assume? Craig
  13. Been a while, but there's still progress happening (as slow as it is!) When I drew and printed the stabiliser and elevator, I didn't think ahead enough to shape the leading edge of the elevator to seat inside the stab. I ended up printing a flat mating surface between the two which is woefully unacceptable It took much thinking, but I finally decided I didn't need the acrylic spar I made to run through the fuselage (more on that in the future). So it was down to a lot of grinding, shaping and generally making a mess. For the uninitiated, neither acrylic or 3D prints ar
  14. Very nice Luc! I love the finish. Can't wait to see more Craig
  15. They look good to me. How you choose to depict your models is entirely up to you! Craig
  16. Yep, gotta say you've nailed the rotor look. It's nice to see one without the "saggy banana" look! Brilliant work Pete! Craig
  17. The foil alone is damn impressive, but how did you did make the gear, especially that bend for the mount lug? Craig
  18. Absolutely beautiful! I take it you did the aluminium work yourself? Do you have any photos of your lathe tools? I'm keen to grind my own and it looks like yours are capable of some very fine detail. Cheers, Craig
  19. Great work Tom! I completely missed you posting this build. Surely an actual kit for a change will present almost no issues! Looks like you've almost got it wrapped up Craig
  20. Sounds like you had an amazing career Jay! Amusing that you said the CH47 was the hardest to navigate! Man I miss working on that aircraft....... European stuff just doesn't do it for me! I recently scrolled through the entire B-17 list on Aircorps library, but I still couldn't work out their logic in the drawing numbers, especially when one drawing will be a washer, and the next in the sequence will be a general arrangement, then the next a wing rib! Maybe I'm just challenged but I couldn't figure out the system..... hence having to scroll through the whole library!!! hahaha!, it was great fu
  21. Not sure I'd label your work as "yet another tamiya corsair." I'd say this is much more one of a kind!!!! Brilliant work so far Jim. Craig
  22. Oh man Jay, this is like looking at a full size restoration! Those CO2 bottles are exquisite Really love the planning that goes into your work; all too often I get distracted with certain details without seeing others for what they are (and their importance!!). That you can decipher all the drawings you have (especially when they quite often contradict each other) is a rare type of talent! I have leaned heavily on aircorps library too, but as you've said, sometimes the drawings are frustratingly too light or dark to make sense of (or there are multiple versions and it's hard to fi
  23. Hi Chuck, I've been watching your build (and most of your past ones) from the periphery and am always impressed by your corrections and additions. One things that really stands out for me are your efforts to produce such immaculate paint finishes; something which I still have much to learn about! I very much appreciate the time you take to document what you're doing, but more importantly the experimentation (along with excellent photographs) such as those with your alclad trials. Many thanks! Craig
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