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1/18 Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18 'Känguruh'


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hello again my friends :)


thanks for all your kind comments :)


On 6/21/2020 at 10:13 PM, Vincent said:


Given the time and the fact that it is a prototype, I'd go with RLM02. Focke Wulf never used anodized metal anyways, only Junkers



Thanks Vincent - makes sense and it gives me more confidence now you have said it :)



On 6/22/2020 at 8:55 AM, Rick K said:

I see stuff like this and I feel my efforts are minuscule.   Once in awhile I take a long look at my SOD 1:32 Planet conversion 190C and for a brief moment feel inspired to bring it to the bench.  Made lots of build decisions and I realize how much of mine is incorrect.  I'm using artistic license while you are executing an aero engineering approach.


When and if I do finish my 190C I'll pass on close up photos.  :)


I'm geeking out on the engineering and exquisite detail on this.  Your approach to exhaust build has solved a "how am I gonna make this sucker fit?" issue on my 190C.  Thank you.


A joy to watch.  Bravo.


Thanks Rick - you should restart it - it's a fascinating bird and I am finding out more and more as I go. I am not conditioned to make assumptions as I really like working from drawings and facts, but with this model I have had to learn to start to relax a bit and just go with what would make sense in the absence of those facts :)



On 6/22/2020 at 9:57 AM, dodgem37 said:

This is what I have from a Fw190D-9 Manual.






They are hugely helpful Mark - thank you. I do have the D model parts manual but just couldn't find those drawings in the 600 odd pages while scanning through them



A little update on the 190…


..added the PE part to the seat pan and made up a buck to vacform the seat back – I tried it in metal but it was not only too thin, but the folds were too straight, that is to say the seat back has quite radiused corners where the metal was folded / pressed to make it..


..this is before I cut the back down as it was too tall..




..then made up a little jig to add the mounting lugs..




..and assembled & painted.. I am using MRP Paints RLM66 and am really struggling with it – it seems to dry and go syrupy in the airbrush paint cup almost immediately and the finish is quite rough – I might redo it and try thinning it.. I am also not sure about the colour – it looks very dark to me…




..next up are the two small bulkheads that are mounted to the seat rails – the left hand one has the round oxygen thing that the pilot whacks with his elbow if the cockpit depressurises and it creates an oxygen mist..




..I made up the seat rails from brass ‘I’ beams with the sides filed down to the two different widths they are in reality, and added the PE bulkhead laminates… I also made up the oxygen thing..




..and painted them…




..in readiness for fitting them, I made up the canopy rails from brass square section with a slot cut into it and fitted these to the sidewall parts so I knew where the seat rail bulkheads needed to integrate with..




..also added the rear cockpit skin with the riveting to the pointed part under the canopy..




..then the cockpit area was painted as I worried I wouldn’t be able to get in all the nooks and crannies and the bulkheads added..




..and with the seat dry fitted..




..still not sure about the colour…


Has anyone got any recommendations for an idiotproof RLM66 that is maybe a bit lighter (& bluer?)




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Dead on with the 66, Pete. Looks just like the color I was able to view on White 1, the F-8 that was once upon a time being restored by the Collins Foundation in Florida, now being restored at Gosshawk. They were in the teardown process, and you could see 66 in some of the nooks and crannies of the cockpit/fuselage area that had been protected from the elements.....I was surprised how dark it really was!


Keep it up!


THOR    :ph34r:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Afternoon gentlemen :)


..thanks for the vote of confidence on the RLM66 colour - I will stick with this one :)


Some Fw190 bobbins for your entertainment..


..I painted the layers of PE for the instrument panel – there is a backplate (not shown), a layer with just the bezel surrounds and the blanked instrument in black, and the detail layer in RLM66..


The lower panel has some colour coding (thanks Roger) for the instruments that are on their way and should be here next week..




..also made the ‘Ausgleichsgefäss’ that sits under the main panel from many punched discs (the 3D print didn’t really work..)




..and the artificial horizon, now just awaiting instruments & placard decals…




..while waiting I have been readying all the PE I will need for the gear wells and a load of other bits – using lots of pictures like this to map it all out..


Notice the dimples and the raised ribbed panel next to them..




..after many hours of work, here you can see the mainspar, wheelwell roof and some of the wing ribs printed out, stuck to litho and being test fitted..






..I wanted to start with the roof as these won’t be PE anyway, the drawings are just to give me working templates..


..here printed, stuck to a sheet of Perspex and all the centres of all the dimples being marked..




..and my first ever use of my new mini Proxxon milling machine to machine the depressions..




..added the sidewalls and some filler to fair them in as the pressing is curved at the sides and primed to make sure all was well..




..starting to work annealed litho into the female mould… the completed one you can see at the front is the first version I did in a video episode on my Patreon build after which I realised I had made the depressions too big (& therefore the dimples..)




..re-adding a template so I can see the panel outline and start cutting it to shape..




..and the completed parts…




..the ribbed panel was approached in a similar way, just reversed so instead of dimples it makes raised strengthening ribs..


..sticking templates down to mark out where the ribs go..




..ribs added and a wash of thin CA..




..cleaned up, rounded edges and primed..




..litho being worked into shape..




..and the finished panels with the rivets etc added..




..a day’s work…




..and checking for fit..






..happy with how they turned out, and don’t forget, if you want to see how parts like this are made and join me in the ups and downs of this build, please join my Patreon




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Well well well, it would seem as if I need to get me some unobtanium eh lithium, dammit, litho plate to play with.

As I have said before the results are amazing (as usual...), the way they are done is not exactly rocket science with a bit of planning ahead (and mostly household tools). Just look at the boss for the punch and die action: haphazardly glued bits of styrene on a flat surface, that kind of looks like my desk while building. It's just that I don't use that to create shapes in litho over it (yet! - see above, lack of litho...) :P. However, for me it just happens, whereas Peter does plan ahead - as is apparent by the printed out templates, that either have already been turned into PE sheets or will likely be some time soon. So again thank you, Peter, for showing us how it's done.


Looking over the build process I need to keep reminding myself that for a lot of parts it is not some super duper magic stuff happening, but simply adding relatively simple shapes and things on top of others to make complex shapes (which btw is very similar in 3D modelling). See that radiator - 3D printed body with added PE. Ok, I was honestly disappointed that the internal radiator structure was not made from individual PE sheets but is just a structured blind stuck on the front. The next one must be! (Ok, so who am I kidding here? ;)). Or the layered sidewalls - "simple" really if you know how to use software to draw things, but the effect is amazing.


Back to the sidelines, watching, hopefully learning :)

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