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  1. Wow! Very nice pit. Would you mind sharing your paint techniques?
  2. I don’t remember what they were charging before. Does anyone have a before and after sales price example?
  3. Not sure how I missed the data placards on Archers website before, but I found them in the aircraft section for those who are interested.
  4. Beautiful work as always Wolf. I noticed that you used an Archer fine data stencil in the cockpit. I've searched their catalogue and can't seem to find that anywhere. Can you point us in the right direction? Thanks, Chuck.
  5. Here you go: http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1248&controller=category
  6. Received an email from Mr Molnar this morning saying that MRP no longer ships to Canada or the U.S! He directed me to their U.S distributor (so I'm assuming he can supply them) but no more direct sales to North America. Too bad.
  7. Looks like something Justin Trudeau would wear!
  8. Was $11 a bottle in US funds or Canadian?
  9. So I just tried placing an order direct with MRP and when I tried to select the shipping method, it said no shipping method available. Like I said, they need to get the distribution figured out.
  10. I agree about them needing to get their distribution together before expanding their range. I love their product, but if you can't get it, what's the use?
  11. How long ago did you make your last order direct from MRP? I tried a couple of weeks ago to order direct through MRP and it wouldn't let me place the order. I wasn't sure why, but I needed the paint (5 bottles) so I ordered them through a seller on eBay.
  12. I've also heard the same thing "great paints but hard to get". I know Red Star models (who used to carry them) no longer does I think in part due to the difficulty in getting stock in a timely manner. The owner did say (back in 2016) that MRP was at that time a one man operation and that was a big part of the problem in getting the paints. Hopefully they have hired a few people and are able to keep up with the growing demand. Good luck Martin if you do decide to take this on. I will certainly be buying through you!
  13. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!
  14. Great to see a fresh Wolf build on here. Looking forward to more posts as they come. Thanks, Chuck.
  15. I've ordered the paint from the US (Red star models) as well as direct and it is fantastic. I recently tried to place another order direct from MRP and it wouldn't go through from me. I ended up buying from a dealer on eBay, but it would be great if someone in Canada decided to bring it in. You thinking of being that "someone" Martin?
  16. Yup, exactly. I've used it to make tiny rivets with .005†and .01†thick plastic card as well as other shapes.
  17. I have this punch set and it does have its uses. It isn't as sharp as a regular punch a die set BUT, it does allow you to produce some unique shapes. Also, I've been able to make rivets as small as .2mm using it and a pin for the punch. That's much smaller than my smallest punch and die set.
  18. I think you nailed it there Clunkmeister: "this kit will bring new guys in". Amen! Just preordered one myself. Thanks WNW!
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