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  1. I've had the elastic perish and fall apart after being in the display case for a few years - hence looking at the wires. Others' mileage will vary - and I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had similar issues? Also have the two sizes of Easyline - which I haven't really tested yet. Iain
  2. Yes - it's very similar quality/breakdown to the Silver Wings Hawkers... I'm the same Max - I have the Fury and Hart - and would love to get a Demon. Am cutting my teeth on some simpler WingNut Wings builds first - and experimenting with Radu's flat rigging wires - before I tackle the Fury. Iain
  3. It's really nice Max - I have the original Montex release - with masks instead of decals. There's a nice build over on Hyperscale: http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/features/hawkerfurymki32rh_1.htm Iain
  4. And it's very nice too Max - I have one here... Iain
  5. Beautiful work - as always Peter! I'm really impressed with the result of forming the aluminium sheet around the complex curves of the wing root - absolutely wonderful result. Iain
  6. Hi Mick, Milling of plastic always superior to laser cut plastic in my experience too - but we're going to try laser cutting first as I think this will produce parts fit for purpose - bearing in mind they'll all be completely hidden within the wing. *If* we get as far as producing a set, the modeller will still need to modify the wings, undercarriage bay sides and the kit supplied spar. But the hard part of generating the corrected wing formers is done - let's hope it works! Will find out very soon... Have fun - and thanks for everyone's continued interest/support/patience - I have lot's going on in life and models not a particular priority at present! Iain
  7. Possibly... Have been discussing possible laser cutting of plastic sheet with a very knowledgeable friend - added to which I *may* be getting access to some proper 'studio' space/workshop where I work - but absolutely no guarantees at present. You never know, this *could* be the first model accessory from the Aeronut! As an absolute minimum the designs will be available as a download .pdf to LSP members, so they can do what I've done with the prototype parts you see here and use to cut out new formers by hand. Whatever happens it will be announced here first - once I've got a set of wings suitably modded. Iain
  8. Missed this one - gorgeous build and finish! Iain
  9. We've been watching this come together at our local model club - really is an impressive bit of work - has to be seen in the 'flesh' to fully appreciate... Nearly there Bruce! Iain
  10. Hiya Matt - indeed - it's a complex kit - but I love a challenge and the kit looks so well researched. Lots of different materials to replicate - and some weathering with a difference. And something *really* different - I think I need a bit of a change, and this may just be it! MiniArt certainly like to think differently... Iain
  11. In an effort to try and find a bit of MoJo... British rigging wires and terminals from RB Productions - these look ace and can't wait to give them a go: Talking of which - another addition to the WingNut Wings pile - and, yes, I've started one of the other Camels - hence the rigging wires! And, well, this was almost half price and, for some completely unkown reason, I couldn't resist! A complete diorama in a box - and amazing detail: Have fun... Iain
  12. Good call on the G-Factor gear Max - I've had my two Hunters sag on their kit main legs over the years. Iain
  13. Right - a little rough and ready - but formers placed in position on modified upper starboard wing. Hopefully these photos will illustrate the direction I'm heading in - and pleased to report that only the outer former needed any tweaking to fit from the shapes I'd drawn up. Note the modifications to moulded reinforcement sections in the wing - root to tip reinforcement webs left intact at present - except were I've had to cut channels for new formers. Front to rear reinforcements - inner half of wing almost completely removed apart from at the very leading edge (to give something solid for the initial bonding point) - outer half just the rear half of each web. The outer root to tip web on the upper wing section may need reducing in depth - and that on the lower half removing completely - details to be confirmed. Note - wing not bent/bonded around formers in the above photo! Now looking at mods needed to the outer sides of the undercarriage bay as this will need reshaping to match new wing profile in this area. Still thinking through kit main-spar to new former integration - need more coffee first... Yes - this has taken a long time to get to this stage - but now the profiles are done - modification to subsequent wings *should* be straightforward. We'll see! Iain
  14. We take a look at a brand new 1:24 resin figure set from Elan13 - Luftwaffe Pilot with dog WW2: Have fun! Iain
  15. I got an extra set of funnels for the Trumpeter 1:200 Hood via AliExpress - all worked beautifully. Iain
  16. Lovely build... I'm having a go at this subject myself - my first WingNut build - so your photos/model are very inspirational! Iain
  17. Hi Graham, I'm informed the 2019 ones aren't finalised yet - and will be put live as soon as possible. The 2018 ones have been recently removed I believe. Iain
  18. Brilliant photo! Wings: Apologies - ran out of time at the weekend to take photos as I had to fix one of my cars and got sidetracked. However, looks like the new formers can be integrated with the existing structure - am now thinking through the necessary openings in them to allow a modified kit wing spar to fit through them and give the correct wing positioning when viewed from the front and the side. Will try and get some images posted at the weekend. Iain
  19. The issue isn't the discussing of accuracy per se, it's the taking of pot shots at each other over it. Calm and reasoned thoughts are to be encouraged IMHO - but, personally, I find the endless tirade of negativity/hyperbole/aggro both draining and off-putting. I'm *still* looking forward to getting my hands on one! Iain
  20. Really useful comparison - thanks Juggernut! Iain
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