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  1. Thanks for the comments and interest everyone - really appreciated! We can be our own worst critics - and add to that a model made for someone else - plus the fact I haven't actually *finished* anything in last few years - and my modelling 'self-confidence' has been pretty low recently. It feels really good to have something actually finished - and hopefully that'll put a small rocket up my modelling MoJo again... I'll try and get some better pix, with more consistent colour, and post some more here at some point. Iain
  2. Brilliant - thanks Thierry! Mind if I update the LSP in-box review to link to your tweaks list? Iain
  3. Wouldn't it just Matt - maybe one day! Would be a wonderful follow-on to their P.11C... Iain
  4. Cheers Dennis! Really hoping Chris will like it - a special project and one that's caused just a little head scratching/frustration at times. Iain
  5. Cheers Damian! The sheen is the result of letting the matt varnish (Xtracrylix) thoroughly harden over weeks - then buff the surface with a tea bag - I'll explain... My wife got some peppermint tea a while back - and noticed the bags had a nice weave - and might be useful for models. Took a look and they are a woven plastic - so stashed the empties away for use at some point to re-create mesh/screens on models. Being plastic I had a ureka moment the other day and wondered if you could use them to gently burnish the surface on a matt finished model to impart a sheen, without leaving the surface detritus you'd get with fabric, or kitchen towel. And, yes, it works... Iain
  6. Calling her done - bar a couple of lights to be added this evening - more photos in the Ready for Inspection post. Blue skies, Iain
  7. Finally there - just a couple of lights to add this evening. Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 YB-E, P3673, flown by Sgt (later Sqn Ldr) Desmond Fopp of 17 Squadron, summer 1940 - built for his grandson, who's a best buddy of mine and I've shared a fair few aviation adventures with... Build log here. Colours have gone a little squiffy in some images - don't have time to correct today. Have fun! Iain
  8. The Bulldog is a delightful aeroplane - very sturdy and has been great for touring (and great photo-ship with that big canopy) - but doesn't have the handling/control delicacy of the Chippy IMHO. That said - I'm still converting to the Chipmunk/tail-dragger rating - so I'll be able to comment better when (if!) converted! Our Chipmunk is a little different in that its a Lycoming O-360 Powered 'SuperMunk' - so a bootful of right rudder needed on take-off - rather than left rudder... Iain
  9. Indeed. I have a couple of Tarangus Bulldogs that I'm building for friends (their aeroplanes). I have a share in a Chipmunk (profile pic) - and one of my best buddies owns a Bulldog that I've spent a lot of time in and around - so I'm a little biased on both subjects... Iain
  10. Looks great Denzil! Yes, 1:32 would be ace - along with a Chipmunk - one day, perhaps... Iain
  11. Some progress: Wings on. Elevator and rudder surface details added. Cubbyhole behind cockpit scribed in place. More when there's more - but looks like a Dart Kitten now - I think! Iain
  12. With apologies for lack of updates - my attention has been elsewhere - but now back on this delightful kit! Cockpit sills on this scheme are black - so these areas have been carefully masked and sprayed. The wing strut between the front and rear cockpits has had two 0.6mm holes drilled through, prepped and sprayed matt black. Here dry fitted in situ: I love the way the vac transparencies have been done - as combining front and rear sections means you can take a two-stage approach, and make everything a little simpler! You get two sets in the kit, so you have backups should things go awry. One of the two sets has been cut out - by gently running a fresh scalpel blade alone the 'creases' in the moulding. Keeping the front and rear together at this stage makes it a lot easier to sand the lower edges true - as you have more to hold - and the parts are stiffer together. In other news, I hear that Tim has some young Air Cadet figures to go with the project! Hopefully some more progress this evening... Iain
  13. Just read on Facebook - really sad to read. A true gent - and font of information. A great loss to the hobby - blue skies Jerry! Iain
  14. That's an absolutely superb build - that digital camouflage has come out brilliantly! Iain
  15. Hi Peter, Interested to see how you get on - but I'd be worried now about preventing a twist - unless you build something substantial around the formers. I think the 3D Print is the way forward - and I'll try and post another update in the near future... Hi Adam, I don't think reinforcement will be needed - but it is there as a backup if needed. The trick will be in bonding in stages - starting with the leading edge area to the upper wing 'skin' and letting that harden off - before working back towards the trailing edge. More when there's more. Iain
  16. If I get that far then plan is to 3D print each set in HIPS - maybe with replacement tips 3D printed in resin. Printed HIPS far stronger - and lighter - than cast resin - and can be bonded far better to the plastic parts using polystyrene cement as it's the same material. Costs should also be less. Downside is it will take a few days to print each set! Still some way to go before I have a solution I'm happy with - but definitely making progress. Iain
  17. Put to one side just now Maru - whilst I actually *finish* some of my smaller projects that have sat languishing for far too long... Will get back to it soon though, if only as I play with designing some of the parts in CAD. Iain
  18. May still be a little while out Peter - but we'll see... Iain
  19. My current concern is twisting of the insert - and the outer nacelles possibly adopting a different angle to the inners as the wing surface is bent around the former. That said - the next iteration will be thicker at it's outer extremity - and should have thicker sides around the gear bay opening - so that should have increased torsional rigidity. More news when there's more news... Iain
  20. That looks absolutely brilliant Kev! Iain
  21. Thanks for the positive responses - a good sign... Just joking with Tim that it takes two blokes in a shed to fix what a kit manufacturers' design team *could* have got right in the first place - but there you go! A huge thank you to Tim (wunwinglow) for his help translating the initial concept into CAD model - and giving me lots of advice and pointers along the way. It's nice to actually see something tangible come together after so long giving everything a coat of looking at! Iain
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