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  1. It looks really nice Mike. I *almost* bought one when Cameron and I visited the Bovington Tank Museum the other week - but I thought no, I don't build tanks... Then I ordered the Panzer 1 - go figure! But I also blame K2 with his 1:16 tank build - he's a bad influence! Iain
  2. That'll be the recently released Classy Hobby kit Mike! Iain
  3. I'm still working on the canopy pattern Max - haven't forgotten about you! Iain
  4. Just when you though it was safe to open the post box, these appeared. Really can't understand how that happened: The following is an oddball one for me - but it appealed and should be a fun build (eventually!): And a visit to my friend Tim Perry (@wunwinglow) yesterday resulted in these test pieces for the Tornado F3 he's been working on. Please don't hassle him at this stage - I'm sure he'll shout when he's ready! These parts will be used as a test build that I'll put in a suitable thread, so you can give feedback there, perhaps... And he's kindly lent me his 'test mule' for reference (parts have changed as he's developed them): Tornado F3 is one of my favourite jets - and one I worked on when I was a Technical Author in the Flight Simulator world, so have wanted to build one for a loooong time... Have fun! Iain
  5. Hi all, Have posted a quick in-box review of the new ICM Stearman PT-17/N2S-3 Kaydet kit. Blue (and Yellow!) skies... Iain
  6. Iain


    Really good to see that you and your family are safe Karim - you were the first person I thought of when I saw the explosion. My heart goes out to the people of Beirut - absolutely shocking event/sight. As others have said, let's hope the International community pulls together with aid and support. I really can't imagine what it must have been like to witness... Iain
  7. I'm afraid work and family stuff at the moment means modelling is way down my list of priorities. With regards to the formers - you know as much as I do at present, as I haven't finished the work on the wings - so you'll have to make your own way a little. I'd use the thickest styrene sheet you can get to make the formers - and attach at the leading edge and allow to dry before trying to bend/glue the rest of the wing. I'd do the upper wing first and make sure that's all sorted/re-shaped/dry before adding the lower wing. You will need to re-shape the sides of the gear bay to the new profile, before fitting. Of course you'll then need to sort the 'wing spar' in some way... No warranty given, or implied! Iain
  8. I'll be very pleased to see an Avro 504K and 1 1/2 Sopwith Strutter! Iain
  9. Hi Dave, All earlier variants of the Hawk - so Revell kit is applicable. Iain
  10. A new decal sheet from Fantasy Printshop - Euro Decals ED-32128 BAe Hawk In Worldwide Service: Blue Skies! Iain
  11. Profiles not on page 18 - but a page earlier... These are pretty definitive profiles - ignore inner cut lines for the spar. You'll also need to remove/reduce a lot of the internal re-enforcement - and thin the flaps, ailerons and wing tips accordingly - but I'm not at a stage where I can illustrate all of that yet. And, yes, worth doing IMHO. Iain
  12. I'd imagine he'd probably sell more Andover (and 748) Darts in the various scales than he will Viscount versions... Good to hear another 'biggie' commissioned - what's the total now do we think? 7 (ish)? Iain
  13. More builds would be great! Have just replied to your emails with Ladislav... Yes - I get the impression on Britmodeller that a few people have ordered the Andover in other scales - and Toshihiko has been saying how busy he is at present! So, hopefully, if Ladislav is up for doing Andover Specific engines/cowls - there may be a larger market out there. Iain
  14. Just been reading through this tail of woe - so many disappointments in one kit. I will be getting one when they hit the UK - to pick up on a Counter Invader project I started from the ID Vac waaaay back in the mists of time. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say... Iain
  15. I suspect we can guess the nationality Derek! It's a nice kit IMHO - something reasonably straightforward for a change!! Iain
  16. Hi Julian, Feel free to print off the airfoil sections I posted earlier. If you use them to cut the shapes in something like 2mm sheet styrene you should have something you can then bend the wing around. You could then use brass rod through the centre section of the kit spar (with the outer sections that fit inside the wings removed). The cross section is correctable without altering the thrust line of the engines if you are careful and bond the formers at the leading edge first - give lots of time for the bond to fdry - and then bending the upper wing around the formers. You will need to remove/reduce a lot of the wing's internal structure as moulded. Would love to see some photos of your project! Iain
  17. Hi Anthony, I need to catch up with Ladislav - he's quoted me for an engine (a little more than expected) and do I want to order one. Got sidetracked with cars - so haven't replied to him yet. Yes - I can measure up the engines and send over details if you haven't already? Still not sure re. differences - I can see the cowl panels are missing the NACA intakes of the Andover - but they do look similar? The Aviation News plans arrived yesterday - and, yes, these have been used as a basis - hence a few quirks in the design - but, yes, I'm very pleased with my Andover still! Iain
  18. The other week I got across to the office/studio and one of the boxes I brought back was the Liberator and - in somewhat shocking news - I have the Liberator out in front of me. Funny how other projects have an influence - and looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes brings new perspective... I've been trying to modify the kit spar to work with the formers - but that's proved *really* hard work as there's a lot of meat to be removed from the upper rear... Also, the formers are a lot weaker with holes for the spar cut into them. Then, aha, a plan! One so cunning... Perhaps... Now, I've been trying to learn Rhino/Fusion 360 - and really need a fairly simple project to get on with. I've also been looking at getting some 3D print equipment - inspired by the 3D Printed Andover I'm building elsewhere. So - am off to try and draw up a new, plug and play, replacement wing spar - to be printed in ABS - and to have the revised wing profiles already drawn included as part of the spar. Two pieces of 'spar box' to be fed in from the outside to lock in the middle - and long sections of revised profiles outboard all the way to the undercarriage bays. Two additional separate formers to go either side of the gear bay boxes, and Bob may become your very confused aunty! Of to have a play in Rhino, or Fusion 360 - I may be some time - but feeling inspired! Iain
  19. You made this happen mate - we just came along for the ride, and the banter! Iain
  20. Brilliant (as usual) Peter. I love the techniques - and the way you describe/share them - really appreciated! Iain
  21. No, they didn't Doug. I think it was mentioned earlier in the thread, if not, it has been covered elsewhere... Iain
  22. Yay - your 'baby' has arrived at last! It definitely has a cool factor to it... Get cracking then! Iain
  23. That looks brilliant Kevin! Iain
  24. After a few tweaks to areas that weren't up to standard under the paint, I've sprayed another couple of thin layers and she'll now be left for a few days before I do anything more. Have decided I really like working with the Xtreme Metal - it's very forgiving. Final finish will be toned down - I want to portray a working Cold War jet, rather than a hangar queen! Iain
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