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  1. Kais

    F6C Mustang

    And now the fun of bashing Dragons D nose, kilos of bog and a large stack of abrasive paper into a Merlin B/C nose. Bit of a dip in the top, So putty and repeat. Lumps and bumps smooting in progress, Lower cowl next. This is going to take a while. Comments and critiques welcome.
  2. Kais

    F6C Mustang

    D+B=C Along for the ride after seeing Bruce start another P51 B. I had a Dragon D, which would require work at any rate,...so why not add a B and see what shakes out. Plans, and blue masking tape, this'll be easy! (pfft) Jumpei Temma's plans at 1/32nd. I fiitted the Aires B wheel well a little too much and then needed to add some height back. Details and corrections to follow. Somewhere to park the wheel wells. I've made sure I can locate everything firmly when glue comes into play. Engine firewall tried for size From behind , notice how much higher the B/C firewall is compared to the D.
  3. Kais

    Yes, another Mustang

    Bump, where are you Bruce? Bump.
  4. Kais

    Mustang F6C from P51C

    Thanks Jack.
  5. LSPers, Can anyone educate me as to how a P51C is field modified into an F6C? Apparently a verticle and an oblique camera are fitted, but what and where. Grateful for any help. Kais.
  6. Kais

    Researching the CA-27 Sabre

    Shane, if you are on f/b perhap you could enlist these folk? www.facebook.com/groups/RAAFSABRE/
  7. Kais

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Peter, Speaking of tricks of perspective; the roll over bar seems to be leaning towards the nose. Is that throwing your dimensions?
  8. Kais

    'B' Bash, P-51 That is

    Nose-Art, did this ever get finished? With apologies for the necro threading.
  9. Kais

    Yes, another Mustang

    "Retirement is hard work!" Bruce, without being a complete arse here, it might be how you are doing the retirement thing! Bite big and chew like hell IS the definition of hard work. Chew on good sir. Off to find an old Revell B.
  10. Miloslav, I think Adam meant , the work stand you have the TA sitting in. That link IS excellent but the work stand is what Adam was asking about. I'd like one as well. Sublime work on the Tanks.
  11. Kais

    Mirage IIIS Swiss Air Force

    Nice catch Cheetah!
  12. Kais

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    John, sorry if my post appeared criptic, I knew what I was indicating,...duh! Let's try again. The panel line under the ammo access doesn't seem to be present on the 262 held in Canberra Australia. I've out lined the are in yellow. I hope that helps.
  13. Kais

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Thunnus, I think you might have a panel line there provided by the model company not provided by Messerschmitt. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gracilicaudatus/15675404286 https://s6.postimg.cc/oszb42j9d/IMG_3109.jpg Just afriendly heads up. Beautiful so far, more power to you.
  14. Kais

    F-type canopy for Trump. Me-109G2??

    Small wrinkle there mmaben, I think Menelaos was modelling in 1/24th. Perhap the Airfix Emil is the only way.
  15. Kais

    Revel P-51D Lou IV: Blue and Green

    CANicoll, I wonder if there were any PR aircraft sharing the base where LOU IV and friends were stationed. I kind of like PRU blue for the mystery colour. Just my opinion of course. Can't wait to see what you come up with.