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  1. So Gisella got some make up on, you all know how girls are, so couldn't go by herself. Her friend G14 went along to the Salon. Special thanks to Vincent for the exquisite jewel of a cockpit he made . Also Airscale for the eye exercise, thanks Gentlemen! Panel; Gisella. Margarita; Gisella, the muck on the foot plate isn't nearly so red irl. Same same for Margarita, Gisella, check the oxygen gauges. Airscale!! Margarita Gisella is a blue box, Margarita is an Hasegawa sod escapee. Easier to get 'em both moving together! Happy with progress on those.
  2. Sorry Maru, proof of life. Almost impossible to photograph RLM 66 is Xtracolour x802 Anthracitgrau RAL7016 MDC cockpit attached to stbd fuselage side. Oxygen gear and pipes are H45 Gunze. MDC cockpit glued to port cowling. Wash of RLM02 Gunze on the throttle link bars. MDC panel. Instruments picked out in Tamiya NATO Black. Emergency gear handle H13 Gunze. Magneto swith has been washed RLM 02, but I think I'll go after it with gloss black soon. My plan is to get this done before the ice caps are completely gone. If only to satisfy Maru. God macro is brutal though, isn't it.
  3. Joachim, I've got, but I'm yet to try Quinta's stuff. You be the guinea pig for us. Let us know what you think.
  4. Well Kammeraden, now I've got no excuses alibi. Best get busy!
  5. Joachim, if the kit seats are ok, isn't the easiest way out to add some quality seat belts and just to retire the A.M. garbage? Upgrades that aren't are frustrating.
  6. Mark, What gunsight was mounted on the S199? Looks to be a Revi 16 but it's got a round wheel on the pilot's left side? Possibly a Revi 16 with the ability to depress the sightline? Curious.
  7. Maru, glacial progress will resume once I've relocated my Airscale instrument decals. Mark, This will be Giselle, later I will make "Rita" for my wife Rita. Shhh don't tell her I put Giselle first.
  8. John, that looks mighty fine. Just revisiting to reaquaint myself with your Tank. Added some pics to my fix post.
  9. Gazzas, do you Queenslanders still get 100% India Pale Ale or are you stuck with 100% Isoproyl Alcohol? Greetings from the Rum Rebellion!
  10. G'day Troops, A little late to the party, I've started some dry fit, but nothing glued just yet. If I'm deemed under 25% I'd like to give the Happy Blue box a whirl please.
  11. LSPers, My interest has turned towards ERLA G10 490 249 Red 8 Gisella and ERLA G14/AS 490 642 Red 2 Rita. I trust the expert call out that Rita is a G14/AS, but when both are 490 xxx block, how does logically line up?
  12. John, Love your work on the Komet. Revi look proper nice. Check how it's mounted, I think you've got it 180degrees reversed.
  13. John, In my opinion not accurate. Part F9 might work for the MG17 armed A1 but not for anything not MG17 armed. The MG 151/20 mount required is nicely done in Souki Maru's Ta152 H. I'm sure someone will be along momentarily to list A/M providers.
  14. Gazzas, I'd think that shimming the wing panel at the join would yield a better result. The wing root to wing interface has a couple of steps and interlocks on the inside face that you would nedd to consider. Wouldn't it be easier to rescribe there (mid panel) instead of the wing root? Good luck either way. You're rocking it so far.
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