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  1. Alan G , as stated before, the G5/AS build is your roadmap. You'll need to buy a Bf109 g10, either Revel or Hasegawa, and so long as you can put small wheel bulges and a tall tail on it the rest is in the link provided. Good luck.
  2. Most are familiar with the fuel line with a clear section in the cockpits of drop tank equipped Bf109s. Should it be clear, though ? It occurs to me that if the drop tank has fuel in it the sight glass should be fuel coloured. 80 Octane: A3 - Light Blue colour, 87 Octane: B4 - Dark Blue colour , 100 Octane: C3 - Dark Green colour. Thoughts?
  3. Madmax, Epic commitment to scale! Down here in Her Majesty's colony we still speak(mostly) the Queen's english, so none of that SODDER rubbish please. The L was never silent!! Sincerely, Kais aus Australien. Hahhahahhahahahahah!
  4. Karl, I thought your MiG-29 images were lost to the photobucket saga, Madmax (thanks man!!)has just made my day!
  5. MG131, what MG131s, I see no upper cowl!
  6. Pastor John, Great work. Check your references though, if you use the upper filler hole for the forward oil tank on the nose, I think the lower should be absent. Your MG131s look a little undernourised as well. Keep at it, the result will be memorable.
  7. Hello Kent, I hate to be picky, but shouldn't the undercarriage wheel hubs all be gloss black? Beautiful work you're doing, I wouldn't want you to get beyond being able to correct the hubs if you want. Sincerely,
  8. Kais

    F6C Mustang

    Sand , prime, check, fill, sand, prime, check,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etcetera,etcetera,etcetera,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kais.
  9. Kais

    F6C Mustang

    And now the fun of bashing Dragons D nose, kilos of bog and a large stack of abrasive paper into a Merlin B/C nose. Bit of a dip in the top, So putty and repeat. Lumps and bumps smooting in progress, Lower cowl next. This is going to take a while. Comments and critiques welcome.
  10. D+B=C Along for the ride after seeing Bruce start another P51 B. I had a Dragon D, which would require work at any rate,...so why not add a B and see what shakes out. Plans, and blue masking tape, this'll be easy! (pfft) Jumpei Temma's plans at 1/32nd. I fiitted the Aires B wheel well a little too much and then needed to add some height back. Details and corrections to follow. Somewhere to park the wheel wells. I've made sure I can locate everything firmly when glue comes into play. Engine firewall tried for size From behind , notice how much higher the B/C firewall is compared to the D.
  11. Bump, where are you Bruce? Bump.
  12. LSPers, Can anyone educate me as to how a P51C is field modified into an F6C? Apparently a verticle and an oblique camera are fitted, but what and where. Grateful for any help. Kais.
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