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  1. Looking for reference? Try this: Full disclosure, I helped with some proof reading of the translation .
  2. Nachtjäger I only mentioned the cowl because the art in the first post shows the refined cowl, Erla Haube, Tall tail, short tail wheel and small wing bulges.
  3. Nachtjäger, don't you also need an AS, G10 or K engine cowl?
  4. John, great work. I can't remember where/when I found this, but fair use and for discussion.
  5. Bruce, might be some detail gems amongst this.
  6. John, did I miss the Tank getting over the finish line?
  7. John, Nice start. With reference to the supercharger intake, how close in size, shape is it to the ZM Ta152 H intake?
  8. Now isn't that just stunning. Well done !
  9. John, Took me a while to remember the picture posting gig. Given that it's only taped and unsupported I hope you can see how much tighter the joins are. Pardon my interruption. I hope this might save other Tankophiles from grief.
  10. John, I am thoroughly enjoying your treatment of the Tank. What a treat to observe! I have the same boxing here. Watching your struggles motivated me to start trial fitting much of kit in an attempt to find the root of the evils which befell you. Without coming across as a smart aleck, I believe I've found the cause, and a fix. What seems to be going on is tolerance stacking. The wing spar out board of the engine pickup mounts appears to be approximately 1.5 to 2mm too long ( .75 to 1mm each side).This gives you the gaps you experienced. The fix is to saw through the spar and re-glue
  11. Progressing nicely Peter. Could you tell me the correct name for the P40 filler you use please?
  12. Thunnus, The wings(like Mark observed) are likely part of a contemplated Mule build. Wings, nose, prop blades, canopy and late wheels. You're going to need another G6/14 kit methinks!
  13. Chuck, He has just up loaded that pdf and some others on his face book page for free. Check him out as Engels Achim.
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