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  1. Alain, I see you've blanked over the MG151/20 ejection ports but the mounts are still in place. I'm confused. Were the mounts retained but the canons not fitted? Also, why was the nose longer than the Dora? Nice work on all fronts.
  2. Could you use one in the donor kit?
  3. Beautiful detail work! Thanks for taking the time to reinstall the images!
  4. John, beautiful work. I'm sorry to be the bug stuck in your clearcoat, but check the vertical demarcation between your 76/ "84'. Your decal sheet shows the change from 76 to "84" should occur 1 fuselage station further aft. The "84" section should go under the fin fairing. Sorry. I'll see myself out.
  5. Radders, Nice work. One thing that has concerned me when I research the H series, Versuchs or other , is that references (such as they are) usually state that the increase in span was achieved by adding a 1 meter extension at the wing root. Never have I read that the coolant radiators stayed in place. I would have thought it easier to extend the coolant hoses, rather than fabricating a closure for the original radiator openings AND then fabricating the new section to accomodate the radiators in the original position. I would be keen to hear what you and others think of this hypothesis ? Not trying to derail your build log, just my perverse OCD brain trying to align the cosmos!
  6. I think the printed fabric definately, and the streaked most probably is some what see translucent. There is an incredibly talented Saxon craftman build E1s, Dr1s and Fok DVIIs &VIIIs to original specs. I personally regard his work as the ultimate guide for modelling these types. Join his page to follow. I hope he won't mind me sharing the Fokker love. " https://www.facebook.com/groups/2145618568814194/photos/"
  7. Alan, problem might be that those images are on another model site. I just tried to open them and I was required to log into another modelling site.
  8. Nick, there isn't much in it to be true, perhaps just trim some off the top? At any rate I've had a play with Radub's image. I struck off 10 blocks to fit with the measure 105 mm and then used that to compare different aspects of the seat. I hope that's of some use to you.
  9. Gazza, start with the 109 F, you won't be disappointed.
  10. Radub, excellent plans and with dimensions! When the Cyberhobby seat was "pronounced" to be rubbish, I used those plans to see for my self. I thought the seat was alittle too tall, and too tappered in the back section. I corrected a seat by rebuilding the back section to include a shim to spread it. Unfortunately I also introduced a twist, so at the moment I stuck at making version 1a. nmayhew, if it's a concern for you, scale Radub's plans and make your on judgement.
  11. Thunnus, great work ! I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, (and that's good) but with reference to the canopy to fuselage fit; the rear edge of the canopy frame lapped over the fuselage a little. Edit to include ; largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/71741-revell-132-bf109g-10-erla/page/4/ Post by Airfixer Nov 18, 2017 I now realise that this is NOT your first Rodeo . I don't really know whether that makes your journey harder or easier, just take it under advisement.
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