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  1. Thank you for the replies. Ahem, Thomas.... it was a blinding glimpse of the obvious until I realized that was a solder paste tube.
  2. Hey guys. I'm going to attempt soldering Master FuG220 Brass Antenna. Looking for solder Recommendations/Coaching. Solder Paste? Really thin solder wire? I have Dual Soldering Gun and Soldering Iron from my Archer Kit days. Both are 80's "vintage". Is it time for and upgrade? Thanks - Rick
  3. Awesome finish Kev. The metallic paint, shading is excellent. I cannot imagine a build targeted as a "quick project" turns into a months long trek. Why I never.....
  4. Great finish on this beast. If build angst is anything like the Mk.V kit then a well deserved bravo for pulling it together for a beautiful finish.
  5. Thanks so much Mike. I have those pit images and are helpful. That line drawing is a gem. What is your source for this? I have copy of Hood's "He100 Record Breaker". Some nice reference images and good historical data. Lacking interior interior shots.
  6. No shell ejector chutes on this so more cutting and swearing. Using a reference drawing I locate the shell ejector chute location. And here we go... Drill then cut. MDC ejector chutes are prefect for this. F.I.C.E.
  7. Some work on the pit has been nothing but an interesting journey. I'm raiding my spares bin for detail. White stryene strips place to floor instruments. I seat will be glued to the floor. 30mm cannon cover is an Aires resin for Bf109. The white rods on seat will be used to guide the harness in position. The mount in front of the rod is the trim wheel borrowed from an Bf109. Instrument panel smoothed to accept pe replacement. The Revell IP is almost identical size as the He100. Mount tabs are thin stryene strips for the dashboard comb. There's gonna be plenty of this action through out the fuselage assembly.
  8. Looks like the floor will spread the wing root area. Not perfect but clearly an improvement.
  9. TBD if the cockpit will spread fuselage at wing root. There will be a spreader placed top of fuselage to accommodate the wide canopy.
  10. Between yard work, walking the dog and Ice hockey I had some bench time and the test fit was as expected. Geeze. Stabilizers not spared. and the hits just keep on coming. Lovely lower wing and fuselage join. HORRAY!
  11. Listen for the screams! Test fitting the wings and fuselage over the weekend.
  12. Hi Sasha. No reference for rivet pattern. I used rivet detail on several Luftwaffe planes such as Fw190 and Bf109 and used reasonable assumption. I guarantee you the probability of accuracy is low.
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