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  1. Many WWII movies I truly enjoyed. These 60's movies will always be my favorite. Where Eagles Dare (Huge crush on Mary) Harms Way (Cheesey special effects, I just loved the cast...so many heavy weights in one movie)
  2. Nakajima NK1C Sakae 12 from TAM A6M2b This build A6M2N is TAM A6M2b using MDC A6M2N Rufe conversion. Also my first build 2012 returning to this hobby after >30 year hiatus. I look at it now and I'm tempted to strip paint off for repaint. My skill-sets have trended since this effort.
  3. I'd love a walk through your garage then teeing you up for some great discussions. My little head might pop from all the information/education.
  4. Positive vibes to you and your family Theo. Stay safe and model on. Best - Rick
  5. Aaron, I'm stunned in a positive way. Thanks for taking one for the LSP Team. With Theo's family angst, I would have certainly been fine with no receipt of the Raffle. Thanks again Aaron. Model on and stay safe. Best - Rick
  6. of course. i'll stand by for response.
  7. Hi Theo. You may send Christmas Raffle Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.V with resin bits to: Rick Kranias 9905 Wildwood RD Kensington, MD 20895 USA rkranias@vt.edu 301.641.9677 Let me know if you have any questions. Best - Rick
  8. Thanks for pulling this together. I'm in the mountains (somewhere in central VA) with no cell signal. Currently at the local store down the road for our camp. Bandwith! Yea! Will reach out to my contacts mid week. Stay warm and have safe holiday and hopefully a much improved 2021.
  9. My raffle is a 2 kit combo. One raffle winner. F8F-1 Bearcat TRUMPETER #02247 Barracuda resin mainwheels #BR32244 included Curtiss BF2C-1 Goshawk HASEGAWA #JS-064 (Vintage Hasegawa/MiniCraft packaging) Yellow Wings BF2C-1 VF-5B USS Ranger decals #32-008 included Put me in for 1 drawing.
  10. Great stuff here Brian. Keep up the problem solving. Its a pain for sure. Think of it as exercising your brain to keep mind sound and functioning. Love the engine work.
  11. I'm looking to find a good detailed resin replacement for a Safire III FLIR. I've searched around and not having any luck. Any assist much appreciated. Best - Rick
  12. Picked this up from HLJ, via group order, when Tamiya first released this kit in 2015. Saw plenty of beautiful builds of this kit on LSP. The bar clearly has been raised. This will be an out of box build with exception of instrument panel and gun barrels. Cowlings, .303 and 20mm gun bays will be buttoned up. I'm leaning towards a SEAC scheme. hard to believe there are almost 2 dozen parts here. Primer applied to the future "hard to reach areas". Primer complete. MRP 111 Grey Green, MRP 77 NATO Blac
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