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  1. outstanding work! this is nothing short of epic finish on a truly challenging conversion.
  2. Rick K

    Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

    Of course after I finish my Trumpy P40B does a potential new tool P40B is expected. Wonder if N2A gunsight and reflector on windscreen will be properly produced? The floor issue on the Trumpy P40B is an easy fix. Lots of rivets to blend and I also used Roy's wheels. Trumpy P40B
  3. Rick K

    Kids and the future of modelling

    Saw a Pink Panther this year. Not sure if it was Old Dominion Classic (Richmond,VA) or Model Classic (Fairfax, VA). It was pretty cool.
  4. Rick K

    Kids and the future of modelling

    There were about 6 girls in the Junior Division.
  5. Rick K

    Kids and the future of modelling

    Great work from the little guys! Kudos to you Tom for inspiring the imagination of these young minds. I have my son involved in modelling too. Abeit, he spends enough time on xBox. I attached a pic from his effort this year. He (10) won his age group 13 & Under. He used an airbrush for paint. His first time using putty worms and liquid frisket for masking, mottle with brush, decal setting solution and CA glue. I coached him, demo then your on your own. I helped him mask the canopy using Eduard masks. Highlights was watching his face light up when he removed the masks and CA gluing his fingers together. We are starting a Dad & Lad OOB project. A pair of Greek F16's Block 50 using Tamiya's 1:72 offering. Now if we can just find time between soccer and ice hockey.
  6. Rick K

    Special Hobby Tempest V

    Special Hobby
  7. Rick K

    Special Hobby Tempest V

    build speed is not a strength of mine.
  8. Rick K

    Special Hobby Tempest V

    Absolutely! Well, for me at least. This is a great PE tool as well Brass Assist Roller Set. Thing about these tools is they sit in my drawer for a long, long time and I sometimes question why I spent the money for these. Then that moment comes when the tool is handy and saves the day.
  9. Rick K

    Special Hobby Tempest V

    yes, Mandrel Bending Tool
  10. This build has been on and off the SOD for well over a year. Back to the bench and I hope to finish this before the apocalypse .
  11. My kids return to school next week! The bench is calling! Heading back to my table: Fw190C, Planet/HAS conversion, riveting complete...time for primer. Tempest Mk.V (SH), Ace Maker (Roy's) gunsight ready to install then primer. A6M2b (TAM), Wiring engine is on deck Photo session for my completed TRU Hawaiian P40B to come. Stay tuned!
  12. I have a set of Eduard P40 Wheels 632 080 with Pattern. USD$10.00 plus ship.


    I'm going to post a bunch of stuff on LSP in a few days and thought I'd give you first go at these.


    Look forward to watch your P40 production line.


    Best - Rick



  13. Rick K

    Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex

    Nice to see this back in action. your skill-sets continue to inspire me.