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  1. Rick K

    Is WNW nearing the end of its run?

    Plenty of WWI types to produce. After WWI era you have: Pre WWII era Golden Wing era WWII WNW is nowhere near the end of it's cycle.
  2. The USAF A29 version has a FLIR "ball". Don't see one in the kit or on the art. Check out the exhaust stain on fuselage and tailplane! This is USAF A29. See armor panel on side of cockpit. (photo credit MartinB)
  3. Inspired to bring my 335 to the bench. great stuff.
  4. Rick K

    Hasegawa Ki84 Hayate

    very nice Dennis
  5. Must find way to hit the bench more than once or twice a month. Thanks for organizing this Kev.
  6. Rick K

    2018 LSP Christmas Raffle Winners

    Thanks K2 for your work on this.
  7. Rick K

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Enter me in the LSP Christmas Raffle. I will donate as one gift: Williams Brothers 1:32 F9C Sparrowhawk Lone Star Models F9C Cockpit RB Productions RB-D32023 P51D Cockpit Floor (Varnished Wood) decals for Revell kit. RB Productions RB-D32024 P51D Cockpit Floor (Anti Slip Coated Wood) decals for Revell kit.
  8. Rick K

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Done Kudos Kev for starting this page. Really great to see all the contributions and support.
  9. Rick K

    Squadron Flash Sale!

    I remember some guy selling TAM 1:32 F4U's for USD$5 on eBay. I heard it did not work out too well. That's what someone told me.
  10. FuG220 installation almost complete. This was fabricated via reverse engineering and 3D Print Technology. Using 1940's construction method. I did a walk around today and will post more images later. That's "Flak Bait" in the background.
  11. I am a complete mess. Almost every (hobby) I ever did peaked at a set goal. Impossible for me to settle for mediocrity. Nothing wrong with it. Just not how I flow. Skiing - Raised 8 miles from small ski resort. NASTAR races (ice is nice). Instructor for 2 seasons. Still skiing despite 2 knee replacements. Racquet Ball - Got to "A" level at my gym then tanked trying to break into top 5. Running - Started for the sole purpose to improve fitness level. 5k turned into 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon. My running days are over. Mt Biking - Casual pedaling around with my GF at the time. Turned into a single tracking maniac. 8k to 25k events. Crashed into tree, launched...got stuck 5 feet off ground. My mt. biking was done. Triathlon - Started on a dare. Got hooked. Bought a bike worth more than my car. Sprint triathlons then Olympic Triathlons then Half Ironman. Became certified USAT (USA Triathlon) Official, Referee, Course Marshal. Co founder of a popular triathlon in Georgia, site awarded GA State Championship for several years. Attempted full Ironman...this body just not made for that distance. It was a great 7 year run over 40 triathlons completed, one of my favorite hobbies. 140lbs 12% body fat, yup Squirrly Little White Guy. Continue to swim a few days a week. Just pound out 20 to 30 minute effort. Scale Modeling - Like many of us return after long period away. It truly is my therapy. I seem to gravitate to difficult kits. My current endeavor is Ice Hockey. I played in high school and college, think beer league. My son started playing this year, joining 4 of his soccer buddies. I'm on the ice with my kid on regular basis. Also Dad and Lad stick & puck sessions, really fun. I'm manager for my sons team with hopes to be on ice as assistant coach next year. Skating goal is to master cross-over skating backwards and get on an Adult Team (old guys, no checking allowed) by next spring. I'm definitely OCD. Apparently flawed from the start.
  12. outstanding work! this is nothing short of epic finish on a truly challenging conversion.
  13. Rick K

    Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

    Of course after I finish my Trumpy P40B does a potential new tool P40B is expected. Wonder if N2A gunsight and reflector on windscreen will be properly produced? The floor issue on the Trumpy P40B is an easy fix. Lots of rivets to blend and I also used Roy's wheels. Trumpy P40B