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  1. a beautiful Jug. great detail with the cockpit and wheel wells.
  2. Did exact same with those "pistons" as breakage was guaranteed. Best of luck with surgery. Hope you have a pretty nurse.
  3. I've used Vallejo Model Air (VMA) and Vallejo Model (VM). VMA worked well for me as long as surface prep is good. I slowly moved to Tamiya and Gunze mainly because these paints played well with Gunze MLT and Rapid Thinner. I also had issues with Vallejo clears. Could have been user error on the clears. I found Gunze and Tamiya clears worked better for me. When MRP hit my bench, my VMA paints were promptly retired. VM & Panzer Aces paints are still on my bench as they have excellent leveling qualities and are excellent for brush painting. Especially cockpit
  4. Correct on the kit spinner shape being too big and "bulbous" and radiator opening too large. Additionally, the kit prop blades are too "thick".
  5. Chuck - Really great stuff. The pit looks awesome and your riveting/scribing is sublime. My eyes hurt just following the riveting/scribing. Here is comparison of Barracuda Nose replacement side by side with the SH kit nose. You can see the work Anthony in NZ, et.al did to improve the nose of this really nice kit. If this is post inappropriate, my apologizes, feel free to have this removed.
  6. Kudos on the new, clean, fresh look Kev. Thank you for caring.
  7. Exceptional work on this. love the engine work. I'm inspired and considering to pull my Ki84 off my FS list.
  8. I saw it and Mike allowed me to fondle it for a few moments. It's damned slick. I'm getting one.
  9. Thanks for the coaching. Lets connect next year. Model on.
  10. The best looking J2M3 I have seen. So Miloslav, will these IJN/IJAF MRP colors only be privy to you? ...waiting.
  11. Love Archer resin decals! Woody displayed his beautiful Wildcat next to my Tempest at the 2020 Old Dominion Open (Richmond, VA). Had a chance to chat with Woody at the table. Had I known who it was I was chatting with I would have given him compliments on his product and showed him where I used his product on my Tempest. I have used them with great success. Apply on a glossy surface or directly on MRP surface. Setting solution, I use Walthers, and the film disappears. If your final color is silver (NMF) and your paint is Alclad, AK Interactive, etc.. Be sure to a
  12. Brian - Here is the 2020 Old Dominion Open Rules (Part A) A. Inappropriate Entries The Chief Judge will exclude/remove from competition any entry considered by Contest officials to be inappropriate or offensive to generally acknowledged standards of taste and acceptability. The following are prohibited in competition and may not be placed on display at any IPMS event: 1. There shall be no depiction of excretory functions depicting any human being or animal. 2. There shall be no depiction of sadomasochistic activity, equipment, settings or situations, to
  13. Really nice finish on this Chris. I dare you (think nose art) take to ODO 2021.
  14. Hey Chuck a great start on this. Love the rescribing and pit work. Ace Maker gyroscope gunsight. If you happen to have Roy's BR32011 Spitfire Upgrade Part II this has the Ace Maker gunsight as well as Barr & Stroud. I swiped the Ace Maker. Trust me, this gunsight is a little gem. This is Roys Acemaker Gyro gunsight i used om my Mk.V Tempest. I used the supplied SH PE reflector shade. Go to my WIP page 3 and scroll down for more build details. Also check how I worked the
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