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  1. I’ve been stumped with figuring out a way to replicate a knurled surround and there you go and come up with the solution! Great work Wolf!
  2. Just received the same email as well.
  3. Looking forward to see how this builds out. Thanks for posting!
  4. Very nice. Love the color scheme!
  5. Interesting comparison. Looking forward to more from you, Chuck.
  6. Got it. I'll do some tests and see what I come up with. Thanks.
  7. How much gloss did you add to thew paint roughly? Thanks guys.
  8. Has anyone done this? Just wondering if it would transform a normally satin finish to more of a gloss I’m looking for. I know I can spray a clear gloss over the satin gunze to get to the same destination, but if I can add some gloss to the paint when I add the thinner to airbrush, it would save me some time for a particular technique (simulating wood grain) I’m trying to figure out. Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  9. Glad to see another build from you being posted. Looking forward to the next update, Chuck.
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