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  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope she makes a full recovery.
  2. Sorry to hear about your job but glad to see you back to posting on here. Looking forward to the next update (and welcome back!), Chuck.
  3. Looking great. Can't wait to see more, Chuck.
  4. Thanks for your hard work Kev. You helped make this website one of the best (if not THEE best) around. Chuck.
  5. Very cool. I'll be getting one down the road. Chuck.
  6. I think that would work. I am able to vacuum degauss and pressure cast, so I was thinking of doing the part standing up with the backing plate to cut down on the amount of material I would need to remove/sand off the back of the panel as compared to doing it laying down.
  7. No, your right. I'm just wanting to save time and sand paper by not having the backing thicker than it needs to be.
  8. I’m just thinking out loud here, but is it practical to resin cast a thin instrument panel master using a one piece mold? I was thinking of mounting the instrument panel master onto a thin backing card (to close off the open instrument holes in the panel) and once cast, would then sand the thickness of the thin card off the back of the cast panel to open up the holes and free up the panel for use. The backing panel would not only close of the holes in the panel (making a one piece mold practical) but would also prevent warping of the resin casting. I want to overall casting to be as thin as possible while preventing warping. If it is doable, what would be the thinnest combined thickness of panel casting (to include the actual panel and the back card) that I could realistically cast in resin? Would a total thickness of .01” (.25mm), .02” (.5mm) or something thicker cast vertically in a one piece mold work? Thanks in advance, C.
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