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  1. Wow, not a fan of World War 1 builds, generally, but I am enjoying this immensely. Please keep the updates coming! THOR
  2. Nice problem solving, Breaker. I have a single seat en route as we speak, I have always loved the C ever since my little brother gave me his old Monogram kit when we were children. Looking forward to more updates! THOR
  3. Actually, I remember an article on this bird, and Inseem to recall they had found another photo of it on the ground, and it was in the factory scheme of 70/71 over 65, with the squiggles done in white for winter. Tough scheme, would be awesome if you pull it off! THOR
  4. Ah, using the Jv44 version of this same kit as the basis for my big build. Looking forward to what you do with this, as not being computer literate enough to design and print my own decals, design my own photo etch, etc. stopped me dead in my tracks.....so she sits waiting for my return as a pile of parts. Good Luck my friend- THOR
  5. Wow man, looks great. Love the painted on markings. Keep em’ coming..... THOR
  6. That’s hella nice man, love this old chestnut. I have two in the stash that I plan to build alongside an Eduard offering at some point. I will try to bring them up to a more modern standard. Please keep the updates coming! THOR
  7. Olivier- My God man, that came out stunning! Congrats! THOR
  8. Dale- Congrats on one of your first completions in a long while. That is one to be proud of......I am highly impressed...... Now, get your ass in gear and get that Frank over the finish line, will ya? I need some inspiration to fix mine! All the best, mate! THOR, who now wants to build a Hein......dammit.........
  9. Tom- That is spectacular. If mine turns out half as nice, I will be thrilled! THOR
  10. You are assuming that some of our spouses actually like us enough for marital relations? Shocking......don’t know about you, but after 15 years mine just rolls her eyes! THOR
  11. Marmite? Seriously? Wow, finally a use for the stuff! The wife keeps it in the house, and I absolutely hate it, which she gives me constant flak for. This might be a good opportunity to get some revenge! As far as the kit, it sure looks nice. I checked with my normal online distributors here in the states, and no one seems to have it for sale yet. Might have to pick one up, for it is just so different from the norm. Please keep the updates coming. Love the work so far. THOR
  12. Thanks Gaz- she is coming along nicely, very happy with the kit so far. Hopefully will get some more work done over this week..... THOR
  13. Number 2- not seen those markings on a model before..... THOR
  14. Thanks Kev! Appreciate it as always! Thanks Ian! High praise coming from you, sir!
  15. Thanks, Dennis. It is a pretty great kit. I do have some seam work on the fuselage where the tails meet up, but should not be overly complicated. I had attached the tails to their respective fuselage half, which did improve the fit some. Looking forward to what you do with yours. I still have not decided on which aircraft to model yet. Will have to see when we get closer to paint! Thanks for the reply! THOR
  16. Howdy, all! Thought I would show one of my latest projects on the bench, Hasegawa’s 1/32 N1K2 Shiden Kai “Late Version”.......I started this some weeks back as a bit of a “pallette-cleanse” due to some heavy projects on the go. I have been “project-locked“ for some time, and decided that this kit might get me out of my own head! As always, I have started with the cockpit.... The cockpit was sprayed with a black base coat, followed by a coat of Model Master RLM82 Dunkelgrun, as I find it to be a very close match to some pictures I came across of the George that was restored by the Team at Champlin Fighter Museum. I experimented with some different painting techniques to add highlights and shadows, as I found that the cockpit, when assembled, is really dark inside the fuselage. Black components were edge-highlighted in black grey, and the natural wood knobs were painted in Model Master Radome Tan, followed by a coat of Tamiya Clear Orange. Chipping was done by hand with a fine brush, as was some of the generic placarding. I also took a page out of some armor modelers’ playbook, and also forced highlights and shadows with oils. (Martin Kovac is excellent at this.....check out his channel “Night Shift” on the ol’ YouTube!) And another. I still have to put some clear over a few instruments lenses on the radio and side consoles. I will also add some rudder pedal straps from leftovers of an HGW seatbelt set..... Seat assembly was painted as before, HGW seat harness set was installed, and draped in a bit of a haphazard manner. Still need to weather them slightly further. Another. I like the chipping on this one. Still need to add a few scratches with a silver Prismacolor pencil. I will complete this just before I install the cockpit. Right sidewall. Raised details were highlighted with a mix of the base color, and white. I then applied oils for weathering, including a washes and filters. Left Sidewall...... And lastly, the instrument panel. All dials were individually punched from the Hasegawa decal sheet, and applied. The power wire for the reflector gunsight was added from .015” lead wire. I will add the reflector glass from tinted acetate, just before installation of the canopy. I also have the fuselage halves glued together, as well as the wings. I plan to take more photos when there is something more interesting to look at. Thanks for checking in. As always, comments, critiques, and advice always welcome....Take care, until next time..... THOR
  17. Kev- We have been cyber-pals for a very long time, and I want to say thank you for all you have done for us here. I hope this does not mean you will be leaving here completely, rather you will get back to building more regularly again. Take Care, brother- THOR
  18. Lovely work so far. I am enjoying this thread. I am curious, though why you used the mask for the rudder fabric on the vertical tail to apply primer? Keep the updates coming. THOR
  19. Gawd, I always wanted one of these. Will enjoy your build as it progresses. Please keep the updates coming! THOR
  20. Looks awesome. Mine is stalled for the moment due to some issues with my Eagle Strike decals not sticking to the model properly. I need to strip it down, and find the Montex Super Mask set for it so I can continue. Yours is looking awesome! THOR
  21. RD- Wow, that’s looking hella nice. Your windshield mods changed the profile enough to make it look more correct. And you paintwork thus far is excellent! Keep it up. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! THOR
  22. Overcoat your camouflage areas you outlined in Sharpie with black, and then recoat with your camp color. Should take care of it. But I would use pencil next time! Looking good so far. THOR
  23. Dennis- Great work. The Raiden is one of my all time favorites. After I had read about the exploits of Saadaki Akamatsu, I was in love with it. I have the old Revell offering, and would like to upgrade her to at least the Hasegawa standard at some point. Please keep the updates coming. Excellent work! THOR
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