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  1. Well, we’re looking at just under 600€ for this beast here in Austria… that’s a pricey kit… Cheers Alan ps. I would suspect this price completely eclipses the value of my entire stash t the present moment!!
  2. Damn Pete! Awesome skills at work here!! Very nice!! Cheers Alan
  3. Awesome news! I’ll be getting one for sure! Cheers Alan
  4. This in unbelievable news!! I have always loved this beast! I never included it as a future want because I never actually considered it would ever be produced! But, now I am in seventh heaven! I want to build a firefighting version! Awesome! Cheers Alan
  5. Awesome work so far! Cheers Alan
  6. Hey Tony, I agree - an injection molded kit of the Draken would be awesome! But, I’ll take a well tooled and engineered resin kit too! Cheers Alan
  7. Does anybody have an idea when this kit will be available in Europe? Am looking forward to it! Cheers Alan
  8. Thanks for all the feedback everybody. Much appreciated. Cheers Alan
  9. I make my own, I use laminated wood, then use router to shape the edge and then sand and varnish etc. I glue grass matting on, cork feet, and trimmed oak stripping (carrier decks), or plaster (concrete base) etc. I could never find anything I liked on the open market, so I made my own. Cheers Alan
  10. Still waiting for a SAAB 1/32Drakken - which accord8ng to JetMADS is a future release! Also, still interested in seeing a 1/32 Me-410! That’s about it for me! Nirvana achieved! Cheers Alan
  11. Hi all, just wanted to ask if anybody has used the clear (gloss) from MRP as a base prior to laying decals down? Please share your experiences and thoughts! Thanks, I have a small batch of this stuff making its way to me. And I want to use it as a base to lay down so e decals. Thanks Cheers Alan
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