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  1. Delays happen, don't forget it is also the month of Ramadan in the Islamic world. This could also be a factor in the delay. Good things take time... Be patient, Cheers Alan
  2. Am very much looking forward to this release. Cheers Alan
  3. Are there masks being produced for the Swedish Camo and markings? Please let me know! Cheers Alan
  4. Wow, what a terrific job so far Eric!! Outstanding! Cheers Alan
  5. Well well, they just wrote me a nice confirmation email! Cheers JetMads! Alan
  6. Oh good to hear. I have not heard from them since placing my order via email last week. I hope they can confirm with me, soon. Cheers Alan
  7. Back to the Viggen, has anybody who recently ordered oneheard back via email from JetMads? Cheers Alan
  8. Great project mate! Nice work as always! Cheers Alan
  9. Great news, I finally can get one! Order placed today! Cheers Alan
  10. Awesome discussion gentlemen! Always learning new things! Cheers Alan
  11. Damn, very nice start! I always hoped Trumpeter would give us a twoseater one day! Cheers Alan
  12. Awesome work so far mate! Cheers Alan
  13. When does that Luftwaffe Tornado version hit the market? I want that variation! Cheers Alan
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