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  1. Good discovery Ron... we have our flat screen modern tv and speakers all connected to a fused power bar. If we want tv on - then we turn the wifi router off... if we want wifi, then power bar for tv and speakers off... then router on... we’ve been doing this for years... no pairing, no streaming, nothing connecting.... if any of that crap tried to hold us hostage then it goes to the recycler.... we have never connected the tv or anything to the wifi... there are no smart devices allowed in the house. Ipads and iphones go into isolation bags when we come home... again we have been doing this fo
  2. Wow, pretty neat product. Are they universally threaded to match other airbrush manufacturers products? I really like the idea of having one of these for travelling! Cheers Alan
  3. Well, look at the bright side... parking those beauties in the hangar and or museum might ensure that more future generations get to see them up close... Cheers Alan
  4. Wow, some seriously nice work going on here! Cheers Alan
  5. Man, that looks awesome! I would like to try these when they expand their range! Cheers Alan
  6. Very nice work mate! Cheers Alan
  7. Outstanding, but man is she big! Cheers Alan
  8. Thanks for all the info people, much appreciated! Cheers Alan
  9. Very sad indeed... thoughts and prayers to the people of Beruit... God bless Alan
  10. Interesting... I saw in a photo that parts were cut, trimmed, bent and shaped the deburred and then hung and sprayed with ZC... all prior to being riveted together. Does anybody here know the process that these aluminum parts would go through prior to being sprayed in ZC? Any special cleaning solution? Cheers Alan
  11. I have often wondered during aircraft assembly, with all the aluminum parts being painted in zinc chromate (ZC) prior to being riveted together, does having the parts first painted in ZC increase the tolerances between parts when they are riveted together? Wouldn't it be best to first rivet the parts together and then paint in ZC? Any insight from people experienced with this would be appreciated! Thanks Cheers Alan
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