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  1. Glad to see you resurrect this build Pete! Those 3D prints are nice! Cheers Alan
  2. I always liked the F-14 from a technical point of view. It was big, and basically a missile sled. My money was always on the F-16 and F-15 for dogfighters. I spoke once with an RAF Pilot who had a multi year exchange with the US NAVY, and he was privileged enough to fly the F-14 and get carrier qualified. He said NAVY flying was a lot different than being based at an airbase and he liked the bird. He later went on to the US NAVY Test Pilot school and later got to sample the modern fleet of US military aircraft and he said the -16, and -15 left the Tomcat behind. He missed getting F-18 qualified, and he told me that the F-18 was just that much more of a fighter then the venerable F-14. He returned later to the RAF and flew the Tornado. He said that was an underpowered dog… always interesting to hear upfront and personal stories from those who fly these birds of prey… I always wanted to get strapped into a fast jet - but, I’m content at the other end of the speed spectrum flying seaplanes and firefighting aircraft. Nothing beats punching a load off and saving a community engulfed in a wildfire. Cheers Alan
  3. A good rule of thumb for scale accuracy is to use cigarette paper and white glue… the thickness is almost not noticeable! Cheers Alan
  4. Incredible what he has achieved! Cheers Alan
  5. Damn, I want one of these!! Great subject! Cheers Alan
  6. Beautiful work mate! I really always liked the Apache! Awesome detailing! Cheers Alan
  7. The only thing that I think is missing is a number painted on the engine casing in oxide red primer - many sub-assemblies that were manufactured in war time Germany had such quick identification numbers painted on them. I have seen an actual Jumo 004 jet engine with an original hand painted number, I think it was in Slovakia. Beautiful work mate! Cheers Alan Ps. Is this a kit one can actually order from somewhere?
  8. Man, that engine looks outstanding! Very nice! Cheers Alan
  9. I love the lines of the Mc202 - good call on the closed cowlings! Beautiful work so far mate! Cant wait to see some paint on her! Cheers Alan
  10. Amazing! I would love to get a “kit” of this aircraft! Cheers Alan
  11. Awesome fabrication. Have you considered making a small tower of sculp and placing the brass “master” on top and using a vac-former to replicate the part in styrene? That method has helped me in the past to create exactly what you are doing here - in styrene. Beautiful work as always John, a pleasure to see her come together! Cheers Alan
  12. Man, she is really coming together nicely! Thanks for the update! Cheers Alan
  13. Man, that is coming along really nicely! Cheers Alan
  14. I think MDC has a resin DB engine that comes with decals for stencils (engine serial etc). looking great! Cheers Alan
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