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  1. Miloslav, am I to understand that the blue colored latches are a prototype product from HGW? They look fantastico!! Cheers Alan
  2. Outstanding mate!! Really really nice work so far!! Cheers Alan
  3. Outstanding work!! Beautiful!! Cheers Alan
  4. Very well stated Pete - always sad to see things like this happen! Cheers Alan
  5. Great job! Glad to see that you are looking after the cowling latches. Can I ask, are the blue latches made from tape? Are they part of the rivet package! Cheers Alan
  6. Great info guys, thanks. I’m building a Mk. I version, so I guess I’ll leave it off! Appreciate the feedback, thanks. Cheers Alan
  7. Hello, I would like to ask if the Canadian TF-104D aircraft carried the centerline hardpoint? Or, was this hardpoint only on the single seaters? Thanks Cheers Alan
  8. Nice work! Really like the fishing too! Cheers Alan
  9. Couldn’t agree more - the Superbug kit is a f#** - up of massive proportions... an example of what can happen when you change designers halfway through a project... very sad really... However, this single seater Me-262 kit looks great!! Can’t wait to get a few of them!! Cheers Alan
  10. That is a massive screw up on behalf of the illustrator - and Revell didn’t catch it. The illustration in step 75 shows the rear canopy from the 2 seater... in previous steps in this build guide you can see that there is a structural insert that has the rear sloped surface directly behind the pilot. Then there is a small clear canopy part that goes over this area. However, in step 51, the illustrator shows the rear canopy section of the 2 seater - again...In the real a/c, this section of rear canopy was jettison-able by the pilot. I look at something like this and I wonder how such a massive screw up gets this far in a company.... and, why people who obviously know nothing about the subject matter are involved in putting a build guide together! At least the designer of the kit knows his subject matter!! And very well too - I might add!! But, don’t worry it doesn’t make the kit unbuildable, in fact I like the design of the kit, the parts lay out and accuracy of the finished build. It is just a shame to see such a well designed kit be graced with such a sloppy build guide... Revell can do better!! Cheers Alan
  11. Hi Thomas, as Radu already said - take a hotel close to downtown, and go with a taxi to the Udvar center... we have been 5 times and each time we stayed at the Key Bridge Marriott. It is close to public transit bus/underground (very easy and expedient) and you can reach everything nicely... if you go to Udvar - we suggest taking an early trip to Dulles, then a taxi to the Udvar. You will want to have time there without the pressure of having to catch public transit back to Dulles. We easily spent an entire day there each time. When you are downtown at the Mall, it is the same... you will want to plan an entire day. Just reading ALL the engraved inscriptions at the WWII monument will not only be fascinating, but take time. Believe it or not, but when we were there we saw the Clinton family close by the Lincoln Memorial and later the Obamas down by the reflecting pool... very inspiring to see American history, values and then living historical figures too. Washington is by far one of our most favorite US cities because of all the sites and museums. You need time to see them all, so plan accordingly. Enjoy, and reminisce upon what America once was... ;) Cheers Alan
  12. Beauty! Glad you are doing better! Cheers Alan
  13. Hello CJP, my apologies for such a late reply - I spray painted lightly over the template with black to mark the exact location, then I used a drop of fluid CA to glue the Vortex-Generators (VGs) down. Time consuming, but well worth it in the end!! I am looking forward to seeing some of your work mate! Cheers Alan
  14. Hi guys, thank you Hayaman - always great to get some insight into these warbirds! I am looking forward to finishing this beast off soon! Stay tune for more!! Cheers Alan
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