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  1. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on the Hellcat! Cheers Alan
  2. Happy Birthday Chris! Alles Gute! Cheers Alan
  3. Absolutely beautiful work mate! Lovely birds!! Cheers Alan ps... am curious as to what’s next up on the bench?
  4. Very nice, great subject matter too! Cheers Alan
  5. Very nice work John! Cheers Alan
  6. Awesome work mate!!! I would love to see how you display these beauties! Cheers Alan
  7. Sorry to see you leave the throne Kev, thanks for bringing our site to spec and for enriching our hobby! May your return to the hobby of building reward you as much or, if not more! Cheers Alan
  8. Looks amazing! I am very much looking forward to this release!! Cheers Alan
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