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  1. Wow, nice Lanc build - and good job on the exhaust staining, that’s a tough step to get right! Cheers Alan
  2. Nice detailing! Amazing skills mate! Welcome to the forums! Cheers Alan
  3. Coming along nicely! Cheers Alan ps. Drew, did you ever get any stick time on the Hornet?
  4. Thanks for the tip Pete, much appreciated! Cheers Alan
  5. The Rafale is a beauty! Thanks for sharing! It’s also nice to see that the French got an export customer! Cheers Alan
  6. I have a few updates for this build.... stnby! Cockpit is finished!
  7. Awesome stuff John! Radu’s engineering is tops too! Cheers Alan
  8. Ohhh ya! I would support a new tool Mig-21 family! Esp. If Eduard tooled their 48th offerings up to 32nd scale! Cheers Alan
  9. John, you can also just punch out a few small 3-4mm wide plastic discs and glue them to the sides of the flaps and use these discs as spacers to later glue the flaps in a deployed position to avoid the hassle of having them attached so early on in the build/painting process. They are burried so deeply within the flap station you wont see them later. As I understand it, the majority of Me-262 pilots began the take off with the flaps retracted to reduce drag and once underway during acceleration, just prior to rotation they deployed them... sometimes, unintentionally selecting the gear retr
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