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  1. Looks very nice! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Alan
  2. Just an awesome build bro! Cheers Alan
  3. Excellent! Quick question, would these towbars have been used in Vietnam on the Carriers with Skyraiders? Thanks, Cheers Alan
  4. Outstanding work mate! Cheers Alan
  5. Thanks Mike et al... unfortunately I am using an Apple iPad! Cheers Alan
  6. Nice build mate! I like the weathering! Cheers Alan
  7. You know what’s really sad... I can’t see a single photo in this build thread! Which kit is this? Is there a specific reason I can’t see the posted pics? Any help appreciated! Cheers Alan
  8. Beautiful in every aspect! Congrats!! Cheers Alan
  9. Hi Dennis, good question... I like to use elastic thread (avail at the sewing shop)... CA glue to attach it to the antennae post, and to create the springs go find the smallest diameter drill bit you can... and some fine wire stripped from a cable... wrap the wire around the drill bit, heat it with a lighter till it glows and then let cool. Bend the ends to shape and you have yourself an actual spring to attach one end of the thread to. Practice makes perfect mate! Cheers Alan
  10. Nice video, but complete and utter stupidity... even if they surveyed, studied and rehearsed - losing the engine in a confined area like that would be nothing other than disaster... never mind the rarity of such historic aircraft. Having spent some time in my career below 100’ AGL in high and low energy states, fighting forest fires in a professional operation - I can attest with a good conscience that there is no excuse that covers or blankets the inherent risks of such willfully stupid stunts. Other opinions may vary...
  11. This is just awesome work! Looking forward to seeing more progress! Cheers Alan
  12. Very sad to hear this, even my German grandparents listened to her on the radio! Cheers Alan
  13. Too bad about that Yak jet from the first page... damn, that would have been an interesting model in 32nd scale! Cheers Alan
  14. Very nice, thanks! Cheers Alan
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