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  1. Really awesome work Iain!! Very beautiful build!! Cheers Alan
  2. On a slight tangent to what Radu mentioned above - please read Alexandr Solzhenitsyn - “The Gulag Archipelago” to gain a better understanding of what living life under Marxist rule was like during Soviet times... eye opening. And for those who do not know about this book - it is a publication that helped bring the Soviet Union to an end... When we spoke to our elders who fought the Russians and were later imprisoned by them and released - they were very clear about the intentions and the reasons the Wehrmacht was fighting in Russia. It is a very multifaceted point in history. The biggest open ended question was asking why the Western powers decided to support Stalin and everything he represented... my grandfather always told us about the hundreds of thousands of young Russians who when given the opportunity took up arms against Stalin - they are forgotten to the World forever - yet mentioned and honored by Solzhenitsyn. For a very clear first account of how history can be distorted and life under Marxist rule could be - read the above mentioned book. The Austrians on the other hand are very good at portraying themselves as victims and erasing any trace of that conflict - to the point that one is left wondering if it even really did happen... I recently spoke with a Japanese roommate I am temporarily living together with - she visited Hiroshima three times in her young life - when asked what it meant for her and what significance it holds in the Japanese collective mentality her answer left me wondering if they (the Japanese) have a clear understanding of World history of the 20th century... Cheers Alan
  3. Nice work so far mate! Cheers Alan
  4. Very interesting indeed!! Thanks for sharing, Cheers Alan
  5. Nice - finally get to see your work! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Alan
  6. Looks like shiite... will pass... right up there with that other Pearl Harbor movie...
  7. Beautiful work Mike! Cheers Alan
  8. Which Shturmovik? I don’t see any pics? In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of your work posted here before? Would be nice to see, feel free to share your work with the gang!! Good luck with the masks! Cheers Alan
  9. So, it’s been a while - there are two birds (two seat anteaters) being produced - one is available already from ZM and the other is HK Models - could somebody confirm? but, it is a good question - where is the HK Models two seater? Cheers Alan
  10. That is absolutely outstanding news!! I can hopefully at some distant point plan on building one of my all time favorite birds!! Cheers Alan ps. Thanks for sharing the pic!
  11. I think they will be expanding and broadening their customer base by offering these subjects in IM and not just offering them in resin. Good call on their behalf to move to IM. Really looking forward to this kit and others that may arrive in IM too! Cheers Alan
  12. I just can’t get enough of Rodney’s work - such a talented modeler!! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful model! Cheers Alan
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