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  1. alaninaustria

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    Don’t worry mate, Mr. Holy is just compensating... Cheers Alan
  2. alaninaustria

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Wow, talk about getting bent over the barrel - here in Europe the B-24 kit is selling for €134,95 (equal to $155 USD).... Good luck with that... Cheers Alan
  3. alaninaustria

    EDay 2018 Czech Republic IPMS show and contest

    Nice Karim! Thanks for sharing - I think I’ll actually try to make it out there one day!! BTW, who is the red-head hottie with the camera?? Yikes!! We have a saying here in Austria - rusty roof - wet basement!! Well deserved on the Ho-229!! Outstanding build!! Cheers Alan
  4. alaninaustria

    My new additions...

    So sorry to hear that Gerhard - our condolences mate! Cheers Alan
  5. alaninaustria

    My new additions...

    Congrats and happy to see two little fur balls get a nice home!! Cheers Alan
  6. alaninaustria

    1/32 Marauder

    Outstanding!! This is so exciting to see come together!! Thanks for sharing and updating the build Alex! Really amazing to see this technology bring an idea to life!! Cheers Alan
  7. alaninaustria

    Ta 152H-1 Ofw. Willi Reschke

    This is just masterclass work! I love the finish! Outstanding artistry Miloslav! Thank you for sharing!! Cheers Alan
  8. alaninaustria

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Couldn’t agree more Tony! I love your saying: “... which will absorb as much AM...” - exactly true!! Cheers Alan
  9. alaninaustria

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Hi Iain et al., my supplier (shop) told me that the European importer has confirmed that the skinny legs will be cast in hard metal like the other Trumpeter big jet kits so that the styrene plastic legs (oleos) can be glued over them. So I’m pretty sure those metal inserts will carry the weight of the bird!! Cheers Alan can we merge this thread please - too many and it’s starting to get confusing... also seems to be a thread initiated to start a bittchiing session.... please bury it in the main B-24 thread!!
  10. alaninaustria

    Scratch 1 billion dollars worth of F22

    Updated link: http://airforcemag.com/DRArchive/Pages/2018/October 2018/October 15 2018/Hurricane-Michael-Damages-F-22s-Left-at-Tyndall-New-Special-Warfare-Training-Wing-Activated-SOUTHCOM-US-Forces-Korea-Nomine.aspx begs the question: what kind of stupidity is at the helm of the AirForce to leave expensive assets in the path of a destructive storm? Such a decision defies any sense of logic...
  11. Outstanding build! I love the finish!! Cheers Alan
  12. alaninaustria

    Yak-3 Special Hobby

    Just gorgeous - looking forward to seeing the RFI photos!! Cheers Alan
  13. alaninaustria

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Well, pre-ordered one today and was told they should have the kits in around mid-Nov... so late Nov for me! Am really looking forward to this! Cheers Alan
  14. alaninaustria

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Jim, if I squint hard enough I start to see stars and a nice soft glow around all the edges... Cheers Alan
  15. alaninaustria

    1:32 Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

    Thanks Iain, pretty interesting airframe history! Cheers Alan