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  1. Any idea who will have this kit available for sale in Europe when it gets released? Cheers Alan
  2. Wow, really looking forward to a couple of these - red CONAIR fire fighter and a yellow Air Spray fire fighter a/c! Cheers Alan
  3. Very nice scratch work! Cheers Alan
  4. The Serian and the Rex would be awesome Japanese subjects in 1/32 scale!, Cheers Alan
  5. Outstanding! Awesome, thanks for sharing and congrats!! She looks great!! Cheers Alan
  6. She lost her interest in men after the first film’s love scene... Cheers Alan
  7. What an awesome looking kit! Cheers Alan
  8. Wishing you all the best Mike!! That’s quite the procedure. Best regards, Alan
  9. Hello, and welcome to LSP! Gentlemen, we have been infiltrated!! Just kidding, glad to have you join us here! Cheers Alan
  10. Wow, very nice work! I like the wheel well plumbing. Cheers Alan
  11. Ha! An old friend of mine who did my Night Rating back in the day flew the A-26 Retardant Tanker for Canadian operator AirSpray, in Red Deer Alberta. I remember when “Always” came out on VHS tape... my buddy told me he and his crew watched it in the tanker base in High Level, Alberta, Canada during a yellow alert and after the film was finished they re-named the film: “Never”... Cheers Alan
  12. Looks close enough for me - I’ll be doing a post war Canadian Retardant Bomber anyways!! Cheers Alan
  13. What an awesome video, loved to hear the sound of the engine growling away!! I do believe that this FW-190 A8 is a FlugWerk reproduction that uses the Russian radial engine AsH 82T. Correct me if I’m wrong! Cheers Alan Post script: this is the rebuilt FlugWerk Fw-190 that was bellied landed on a beach in France in 2010, after the engine quit and it sank as the tide came in. A german investor has paid for the restoration and it is now part of the Hangar 10 collection in Germany. Very nice to see her back flying!
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