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  1. alaninaustria

    Revell Bf 109 G-10 Erla

    Coming along nicely mate! Cheers Alan
  2. alaninaustria

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    I wonder if Trumpeter even prints out the CAD designs before cutting metal... We are a resource that Trumpeter could use to up their game and end product... It just goes to show you what they think of their customer base... Cheers Alan
  3. alaninaustria

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Way back when Trumpeter first released the Wildcat - Stevens Intl. refused to carry it because it was so inaccurate... so, why are the major distributors not scrutinizing products before purchase before distributing them? Stevens took a stand and Trumpeter corrected the Wildcat... If you don’t like the inaccuracies of a kit then vote with your wallet and don’t buy them... Cheers Alan
  4. alaninaustria

    Happy birthday Radu

    Happy Birthday buddy!! Cheers Alan
  5. alaninaustria

    Herbert Maxis' last flight - Bf 109G14AS

    Beautiful work Brian! Am so glad to be seeing your work here again on LSP! Outstanding!! Cheers Alan
  6. alaninaustria

    Spitfire Floatplane

    Outstanding Brian! Am so glad to see your work again my friend! What a lovely diorama!! That Spit is beautiful!! Cheers Alan
  7. alaninaustria


    Hi Brian, sorry to hear about your pain... getting the op is important. Best wishes for a succesful op, and full recovery!! Cheers Alan
  8. alaninaustria

    Lanc has landed

    That is such a nice build of such an iconic bird! Thanks for the canopy tips! Cheers Alan
  9. alaninaustria

    De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV (FPU) - Finished...

    What an amazing build! Can’t believe I missed this one! Cheers Alan
  10. alaninaustria

    That darn revell Bf 109G-10!

    Coming along really nicely!! I love the natural metal underside and black crosses! Cheers Alan
  11. alaninaustria

    Star Wars voices for Tom Tom

    What is Tom Tom?
  12. alaninaustria

    Revell F4U1

    Was time for another walk down memory lane - one of my all time favorites this build!! Cheers Alan
  13. alaninaustria

    HK;s Lancaster.

    Spectacular build!! Really appreciate you sharing this with us!, Cheers Alan
  14. alaninaustria

    Prepare to have your mind blown...

    Two things stand out - ‘Blonde and the word Blown’... Hahaha Cheers Alan
  15. alaninaustria

    Messerschmitt-Bf-109F4 in MTO

    Ciao Seb!! Great start on the F... where in Italy are you? Welcome to LSP!! Ciao Alan