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  1. I have been writing to Italeri for years to do a 1/32 series of Mc 202 and 205. This is the latest reply regarding the upcoming release:
  2. Welcome aboard Rick! Happy modeling and enjoy the forum, lots of great people here! Cheers Alan
  3. Nice to meet you Tery, we are neighbors - you are in CZ and I am in Austria! Happy modeling and welcome to the forum! Cheers Alan
  4. Damn, this kit looks awesome! I want one!! Cheers Alan
  5. I am very sad to hear this. My condolences to his family. Regards, Alan
  6. Pretty interesting feedback on the movie! I hope to see it sometime! Cheers Alan
  7. She’s a beauty!! I like that you show us the small mistakes along the way and how you fix them… helps keep things real! Outstanding build going on here!! Luv it!! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Alan
  8. I too am waiting patiently for the 1/32 announcements for a Typhoon, Fury and also the Wyvern!! bring’em on! Cheers Alan
  9. Lovely work mate, have you seen that 1man Army has airbrush stencils available for the Tempest in 1/32? That might just be something for this lovely build! Cheers Alan
  10. Great, thanks mate. That is what I wanted to know. I never did get any of the DML/Cyberhobby kits. So, looks like I will pull the trigger on one of the E-7 Trop kit. Thanks again for the info. Cheers Alan
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