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  1. Wow, never have seen those drawings. Had no idea of the change, most scale drawings I have seen show them to be approximately the same size. Love learning new things! THOR
  2. Even though the early Hawk 75 used smaller wheels and tires, I do not think the actual wheel well opening was altered between it and the P-40’s. You could probably use them as is with no worries. Loving your work work so far. Considering how many modelers have claimed that this kit is “unbuildable”, you sure are putting that myth to rest! Great work! THOR
  3. Spyros- that cockpit looks fantastic! Beautiful paint job. Timmy! Is correct in that the Garrett T-76 engine is pretty common amongst business turboprop aircraft (known as a TPE-331 in civilian circles)- but it only appeared one one model of Beech King Air for a short time, the B100. All other models of King Air run Pratt and Whitney PT-6 engines.....just wanted to clarify just in case you “fell down the research rabbit hole”. You might get a bit confused searching internet pics! Anyway, he is also correct on no screens on the engines. They do not use them. Please keep the updates coming fast and furiously! THOR
  4. Neo, So far so good. I like the harness solution you came up with, quite old school. I believe eve the blue lines on the right sidewalk were the oxygen supply lines from the O2 bottles to the regulator. Keep up the nice work! THOR
  5. Thomas- Yes, it could very well be. I am actually digging through my references trying to find a bit more information. I will post her when I find it.....it’s in here somewhere! THOR
  6. That, is a thing of beauty...... THOR
  7. Sweet! This just keep getting better. Please keep the updates coming. THOR
  8. Wow beautiful work! I sure hope to acquire a 32nd Buccaneer someday....as long as Trumpy’s B-team does not do the CAD work! Keep up the updates coming! THOR
  9. Congrats on the build! Most excellent. THOR
  10. Sophie- It was rumored that NJG3 (?) towards the end of hostilities had assembled four or five airframes from spares to keep the fight going. These few airplanes were unique in that they had no factory assigned Werk numbers, but they purportedly saw combat in the closing months of the war. Bit of Frankenstein’s monsters in a way. They were also field painted, and being that there is no known photos of them, it would be plausible to build one of these “ghost” aircraft. This was mentioned in more than one reference source.....I am away from my books at the mo......I have to have a gander when I get home, see what else I can dig up. THOR
  11. Wow, that looks great. Beautiful work, sir! THOR
  12. Since we are entertaining flights of Airfix 1/24th fancy, I would like to see any of the following- Luftwaffe- Ta152 or Me262 RAF- Beaufighter USAAC- P-51/ A-36 USN- F4U Corsair IJN- A6M5 Zero IJAAF- Ki61/100 Reggia Aeronautica- Macchi 202 Folgore One can dream, can’t he? THOR
  13. Fanch- I have to tell you that your work here is impressive. While I do not completely understand the point of this exercise, it does not stop me from admiring what is obviously some cracking work going on. I have developed some color vision problems over the last few years, so I find that like some of the other fellas have mentioned above, your photos mess with my brain a bit! I am looking forward to seeing what the end result looks like! Excellent work! THOR
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