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  1. I sure would love to see those photos. After the merger with Northrop, the shop policies of absolutely no photography have been strictly enforced....Of which I understand in Classified situations, but it sure makes life hellish for us airplane nerds and modelers. The F-5 program recently closed down next door, and those guys did some amazing work keeping those old girls flying. They even managed to Frankenstein the noses from some timed-out F models to the fuselages of some low-time ex-Swiss N models for the Navy. The last few birds left out of here with some pretty wild aggressor schemes.
  2. Peter- I am absolutely loving your work so far. I work for NG in St. Augustine, where all of the Intruders and Prowlers came for their major overhauls and Mods up until they were retired. I actually work in the exact building, and you can still see the painted squares on our shop floor for the nose and main wheels when they were stacked in here like firewood! Many chaps on my crew worked on the B-ships, and a couple of them were blown away by your work. The interesting thing about these guys, is they all speak of the Prowler with so much affection. Still to this day.
  3. Tim- I seem to remember a set of RS-32’s were included in the Trumpy MiG-3 kit. You might be able to scrounge a set from someone in the Trader Board. Also, there might have been a set available out of one of the Hobby Boss Sturmoviks. I do not have either in the stash, so others might be able to point you in the right direction. Lovely build, by the way...... THOR
  4. Kev- Looks like Mastercasters has a 1/32 Australian standing pilot in tropical gear in resin, #MST32031. Looks like a nicely sculpted figure...... THOR
  5. I would like to see a TU-2 and a Pe-2....top of my list..... THOR
  6. Welcome Riddo! Welcome back to the fray. An ambitious start with this old chestnut. I do like how clean your work is, so kudos on that.....when you get some filler, in addition to the Supercharger outlet (spigot), you might want to also fill those sink marks on the propeller blades, as they are deep enough to show up under paint. Keep the updates coming-and again, welcome to LSP! THOR
  7. Super Cub, indeed. Rigged a few sets of them through the years. Been waiting for the PA-18 to re-emerge. Looking forward to it..... THOR
  8. Michael- Great recovery man! She now looks finished to the standard you were aiming for. The touched up exhaust streaks also very much look the part. Congrats on seeing her through. I would be proud of that one! Take Care, bud! THOR
  9. He might have popped in once or twice. He is good mates with Brett Green over on Hyperscale, and he was pretty prolific over there. Great modeler. THOR
  10. As is this! This band is super tight! And scary. THOR
  11. My playlist today was quite heavy- Soilwork In Flames Pantera Lamb of God The Ghost Inside Mastadon Jinjer Trivium Korn Killswitch Engage Light the Torch Slipknot Parkway Drive Architects Wage War What can I say? I am A middle-aged metal-head modeler...... THOR
  12. That was my observation as well. Would be nice if they made a Hasegawa style insert you could glue to the firewall if you were building the kit with the cowling closed. I just filled my cowling the other night, using epoxy putty. I followed that with a couple of coats of Mr. Surfacer 500, which I will sand back this weekend. Then the painful progress of starting the rescribe. Loving the work on your pair of Trojans. Seems like I am getting the bug to work on mine some more! THOR
  13. I’m with Mike, give the painting a shot, worst case scenario is if it does not turn out like you had hoped, then use the decals. Brilliant work so far! THOR
  14. Nice work. My D model has been stalled for quite some time, also due to the atrocious cowing fit. Some folks out there had no trouble with it, but others have had nightmares like I have. Interesting part was everything seemed to line up on the test fit, but went haywire when it came to gluing it up. Loving the Work so far. Keep the updates coming! THOR
  15. Morning Dave- good to see you back on some Mustang goodness. Loving the work so far! Question regarding your scribing of the talc/CA mixture.....you mentioned it scribes well with a razor saw, and looking through my Arsenal of tools, I realized I don’t have anything remotely appropriate for the task. What kind of razor saw are you using for this kind of work? Keep the updates coming, and thanks.... THOR
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