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  1. Nice work so far, Kev! I like your decision to open the canopy, as it would be a shame to hide the stretcher and cockpit details. As far as the vac canopy, I would do as you are- put some detail inside, give it a dip in Future, and give it a super clean paint job and move on...... Keep it up, man! THOR
  2. Dear God, man. What a beautiful Rhino. I have always wanted to build a Japanese Phantom, and now I might have an itch I will have to scratch! Markings is what has always held me up from working on one. Thanks for sharing the journey! THOR
  3. Yeah baby! Looking forward to what you do with her! Huge fan of your work! THOR
  4. You might get away with using self adhesive sandpaper’s on the slab, Kev in certain scenarios. Cool tool. Love the work so far. Keep it up, man! THOR
  5. Well, Kev, I think you are wrong. If anyone here does not believe that there are a handful of modelers here who are a cut above the rest of us mere mortals, are, quite frankly, fooling themselves. There are builders here who’s threads are on a whole different level, and not by their own admission, but by the admission and admiration of their peers. Those threads are legendary, and push many of us to new heights in our own modeling. And I personally see no reason why those threads should not be in their own place. But, I am no moderator; I have only been an active daily memb
  6. Dang it, Iain, another one for the ever growing stash.....crap! Nice review. THOR
  7. Yup. Heating up a piece of clear acetate material and pulling it down over the original part to make a copy. Then you can trim it out and install. It is a version of draw forming. THOR
  8. Looking good, Bri. Love the work so far. Have the kit myself, looking forward to digging into it soon. The Toryu has been one of my “Great White Buffalo” for years! THOR
  9. Dear God, Kev, I had forgotten about Loic’s Kate build, what a absolute gem. Got me thinking about some of the other classic builds on LSP, from the likes of Brian Cauchi, Radu, Loic, Russ, and others.... Wish we had a pinned thread or sub-forum for those rare builds that reach an almost legendary status, like Loic’s Kate, Radu’s Romanian Hurricane, Brian’s Revell Corsair, where the level of craftsmanship is on a whole new level. We should call it “LSP Legends”......that way, they could serve to be an inspiration for all who come after, being much easier to find in the articles se
  10. Max- You might be able to easily make a buck for vacuforming from one of the Echelon originals by applying a release agent to the inside, such as a thin film of petroleum jelly, and fill the canopy up with some thick fine Plaster of Paris. Pack it in there tight and sculpt the bottom out smooth. Once cured, you should be able to separate the buck, clean it up, and have some copies made...... Great build, can’t wait to see it finished. Always wanted to build one of these kits. I am sure some industrious LSP’er would be able to help you out vacuforming some replacements!
  11. Chuck- I can only echo what others have said here already, in that I truly appreciate you taking the time to post your builds, but also your dedication to the craft itself. I used to have a lot more time for the hobby, but, between working on military aircraft as a career, as well as my own 1/1 aircraft restoration, I don’t have many opportunities for mode building anymore.....So it sure is awful nice to catch up with the likes of you, as well as others I consider masters on this site.....so, thanks! THOR, who had to go back to work!!!!!
  12. I, like others have mentioned, sure do wish they would re-run the Warhawk series, like the M and N......would save me from paying stupid money on EBay...... THOR, still waiting for late Warhawks, with no interest in the Trumpeter offerings.....
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