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  1. Dennis, my horizontal stabs did not fit well, I also believe the tab thickness was an issue. When I build another I will try and correct it. I filled the joints with CA, but cannot seem to get a decent rescribe of the area. So now I need to look at how to replicate the stab root fairing joints! Something to watch for! Keep it up! THOR
  2. Dead on with the 66, Pete. Looks just like the color I was able to view on White 1, the F-8 that was once upon a time being restored by the Collins Foundation in Florida, now being restored at Gosshawk. They were in the teardown process, and you could see 66 in some of the nooks and crannies of the cockpit/fuselage area that had been protected from the elements.....I was surprised how dark it really was! Keep it up! THOR
  3. Crikey, John.....that looks splendid! You nailed the finish my man! Killer work! THOR
  4. Looking good Dennis. Worked on mine a bit today. Dipped my canopy parts in future, and set them aside to dry. Added the last bit of filler to my wing inserts, as mine did not fit as well as yours did. Also, I noticed the maintenance window insert clear part fit was not great as well. Gonna have to fill It somehow. You seem to have had a slightly better experience with your build. Keep the updates coming! THOR
  5. Keep it up Dennis. The tail parts are a bit of a pain, I still have to do some final leveling with some Mr. Surfacer 500 and block the seam to level it out before paint. Watch out for the underwing inserts as well, they don’t fit great without some tweaking of the edges; and they too, like the tail, don’t fall on natural panel lines in some spots. The Aero Detail book will show you the way! Take Care- THOR
  6. Troy, that shithook looks rad! Great build! THOR
  7. Nice work, Dennis. I do love this kit. Still waiting for the opportunity to get back to mine, but time is a commodity that I have found myself woefully short of as of late. You will probably finish yours long before I do! Keep up the good work! THOR
  8. Wow, just, wow. That looks brilliant! Once you weather it down a smidge it will look amazing! Keep it up! THOR
  9. Wow, Dan......that looks great! THOR
  10. Wow John, killer work. Might have to bump my vac model back to the bench soon. If mine turns out half as nice, I will be well and truly chuffed. Your recovery on the fit issues look excellent! Keep em’ coming! THOR
  11. Well, John that looks smart. But, I suddenly do not feel bad about building my vacuform version. Looking forward to your paint work! THOR
  12. Oh yeah, Fozzy’s back with some more scratchbuilt Fortress goodness! Loving this project still! Keep em’ coming! THOR
  13. Man she looks good! Keep it up! THOR
  14. Isn’t that second picture a Messerschmitt Bölkow 208? I worked on one here in the US that is privately owned, and in that same paint scheme...... Can’t wait for this.... THOR
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