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  1. Brian- nice work so far. I drive a 2018 Gen 3 with the G series Lexus engine. I have owned Chevy, Ford, Dodge and Nissan pickups before, but the Tacoma beats them all hands down. I will never own anything else…… Keep the updates coming in the Tigercat. You are so close! Thor
  2. Sorry, Anthony. I call bullsh$t on your previous statement. I check your thread all the time. I have been busy restoring the full size birds in my shop. Loving the work here dude! By the way, how is the Taylorcraft coming? Thor
  3. I will buy multiples of both…….without hesitation. -Thor
  4. Aren’t those the shell ejector chutes for the nose mounted guns? Thor
  5. Nice work, Chuck! I like the results of the masks…….looking forward to the weathering! -Thor
  6. Nice work! Love the build so far! And if we are talking Swedish Melodic Death metal bands, may I suggest the following…… I have a rule about metal singers who scream. Scream all you like, but I have to understand the lyrics you are screaming. If your screams sound like two marsupials/ mammals mating, I will pass……. THOR
  7. Welcome back, Fanch! Looks great so far!!!! -Thor
  8. Dang, John that looks great. Beautiful work as always! -Thor
  9. Vince- Awesome work. Loving the conversion work. The FM-2 is a great airplane. Keep up the good work. What are you going to use for an engine? Thor
  10. Been there, done that on a -2800, and, quite frankly, it’s sucked! (Not a Hellcat, FG-1 Corsair!) Looking good, Chuck! Thor
  11. Wow, that’s some awesome work. I really am enjoying this build so far. In your last photo, it looks like the flaps and ailerons will need modifying to straighten out the trailing edge, increasing their span slightly. But, it looks like that will not be a huge deal considering your work so far……. Please keep the updates coming! Thor
  12. Yes, there are options. Some of the NJG 5 machines in Norway were 75/76 with a mottle of 81/82 oversprayed to conceal the birds on the ground. No clear photos, I am afraid. There was also reportedly six machines built from spares in the field by NJG 1 in Venlo that had no official Werk numbers. They had field applied camos of 75/76 in squiggle/mottled patterns. No real good photos of them out there. There is very little documentation of 219’s in action, but they did contribute…… Good Luck in your quest! Thor, huge 219 fan…….
  13. Damn, Soph……..might just have to give up and take up knitting! Beautiful work. Thor
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