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  1. bdthoresen

    Jackie Cochran's P-51C "Thunderbird" Air Racer

    Thanks for the prod, gents. Yes, there has been progress on the wheel well repairs, but nothing photo-worthy yet. A lot going on around the house- My youngest is getting ready to graduate and leave home, and I also recently changed jobs. I am going to keep at it when I can, hopefully I can make the deadline- More to follow- THOR
  2. Man, Tolga that looks kick a$$; Love the airbrush work on her- This kit has always been a "bone of contention" with me, being that it was so hard to come by under the Hasegawa label- I never really wanted the Eduard release due to the cost; It's always been a bit of a bummer in my mind; Your rendition looks awesome- So close to the finish! Later- THOR
  3. bdthoresen

    Irish Hawker Hurricane Mk1

    Welcome back Erwin! Great looking Hurricane so far! THOR
  4. Foz- I still maintain you are the man!! All the best to your wife- THOR
  5. bdthoresen

    HK B-17...D??? 14/7 bath time :)

    Craig- I remembered a build here from way back when from the great Brian Cauchi, where he had built Revell's Corsair, and had used tissue to detail the fabric control surfaces- It looked as though he used Tamiya tape for the rib lines, and then overcoated it with tissue and cement; Check out his build here, the technique starts to be discussed about post number 250- http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=7290&page=17 Still one of the best builds I have ever seen- But the ideas might help you- THOR
  6. bdthoresen

    Kitty Hawk T-28C DONE!

    Thanks for the insight, gents. I am not sure what exactly has happened to my "power egg", bit I do remember having a bit of a tough time with the alignment of the engine/cockpit tub/nose gear bay assembly. Looking at it now, it would appear when I glued the assembly into the fuselage halves, I did get some shift in the parts while the epoxy dried. It is strange, as the firewall looks off, but the engine seems to be straight on the thrust line.....I cannot get the lower left cowl part to fit over the oil cooler assembly. I might have to bite the bullet, and get a bit aggressive with it- I cannot mock up all five parts at one time with tape- does not work...... Anyway, loving the yellow scheme..... Keep it up, Ern- THOR
  7. bdthoresen

    Kitty Hawk T-28C DONE!

    Sheesh Ern, I am glad you can make heads or tails of this kit, so far I cannot get a cowling to bloody fit. So I have a 1/2 built one sitting on the SOD, while I try to figure out how to fix my cowl issue!!!!! Excellent work so far! THOR
  8. Looks great Andy. Not sure what you are worried about, I know you will crush it! THOR
  9. Martin! Welcome back man! I was just telling one of my mates about your project the other day, and wondered where the heck you had gotten to! So looking forward to this installment! THOR
  10. bdthoresen

    P-51B/C fuselage fuel tank question-

    Thanks Mike- I have that book and did not see that drawing- I am off to take another look........ THOR
  11. bdthoresen

    Lonestar's 32nd Bugatti 100P in blue

    Awesome Gene- Welcome aboard! I have always loved Mike West's pattern making ability at Lone Star, my only complaint being that his casting seems to be hit or miss. Did not know that this kit even existed, and I love that it is 32nd scale. I am looking forward to seeing what can be done with it. Please keep the updates coming! THOR
  12. bdthoresen

    P-51B/C fuselage fuel tank question-

    Interesting photo, Fencer. Thanks for sharing. Based on what I am seeing here, it would appear that the equipment shelf/bracket that is usually molded on top of fuselage fuel tanks in Mustangs was mounted to the structure, and the tank slid underneath it. OK, off to do some more research- Thanks- THOR
  13. bdthoresen

    Jackie Cochran's P-51C "Thunderbird" Air Racer

    Thanks Jon and Torben- slowly plugging away at it- Spent some time filling seams on the wing assembly. I have also filed down the conical plugs that I had made to remove the gun openings in the leading edges. I am still tidying up a few things, and then I will fabricate the "tiles" to cover the rear spar area in the wells. I will add a few details to help hide the mess, but otherwise I am going to keep it simple. After the wings and horizontal stabs are finished up today, I am going to assemble the core engine and mount assembly. Absolutely none of it will be seen, so I will probably just spray the whole thing black. That will then just leave the cockpit. Moving right along- I am hoping to have the main airframe assembled by the end of next weekend. Anyway, thanks for stopping by- Appreciate it. THOR
  14. Hey gents- Working away on my 32nd P-51C air racer, and read in some of the reference material that the aircraft I am modeling had it's fuselage fuel tank removed when it what built up for air racing- I do know that sometime in the production life of the -51B/C they stopped using the fuselage tankdue to its adverse effects on the aircraft's Center of gravity. So, if the tank had been removed, what did they use to install the equipment behind the pilot's headrest. I believe most times there was a radio, and an aircraft battery; but I am not sure how the equipment was mounted. Was there some sort of shelf installed? I went through all of my references and the google, and had no luck so far. Any insight into this area would be appreciated! Thanks- THOR
  15. bdthoresen

    Pre shading

    Dude you kill me!