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  1. Awesome. I had one of these as a kid, and always wanted to have another crack at it, all the while trying to detail it out.....I might have to track one down......but I will have to follow your build for now! Get after it! THOR
  2. Wow, that looks smart! Very nice! THOR
  3. It is still alive.... Work continues on the wheel well repair. The panels were cut from .010” styrene, and bonded in with Tamiya Extra Thin. A coat of Mr. Surfacer 500 was applied and sanded out with a custom “paddle sander”. I believe the wheel well was painted dark blue like the rest of the airframe; I also plan to depict the aircraft immediately after a race, with inner gear doors closed, and elevators drooped. So, once I paint this area, at least half of it will never be seen. Looks ok!
  4. Good morning all, I hope you guys and gals had an amazing holiday. Was going through some of my model paint stocks, and noticed that my trusty Model Master enamel collection is starting to grow thinner. I have been pondering a switch for some time, but I have been using the MM paints for over thirty years, and to be completely truthful, I HATE ACRYLICS. I mean I absolutely LOATHE them. The only acrylics I have used to date with limited success, has been Tamiya. But even those have given me issues through the years. I prefer enamels due to their adhesion properties, durability, and smoothness when the correct thinner has been used. That’s all I have known. So, can anyone recommend a brand of newer paints that have good adhesion, spray nice, tough, and most importantly, NOT acrylics? Seems acrylics and I are enemies on a cosmic level. Thanks for any advice. THOR
  5. Damn, Pip, is there anything you cannot make old school? Awesome work! Keep the updates coming! THOR
  6. Chuck- Love the work so far. Having been lucky enough to work on T-6G’s in my everyday job, your cockpit looks great, and the engine is the “Dog’s Danglies”........Keep up the stellar work! Feel like I need to get my tools! THOR
  7. Wow, that looks fantastic. Please keep the updates coming! THOR
  8. Wow, that’s looking great! Keep them coming! THOR
  9. Wow, Dan this is going to be badass! You are reaching a whole new level with this kit! I enjoy your builds immensely, this is going to be a real treat! Always loved the “Buck Rogers spacecraft” lines of this airplane! Keep the updates coming. With your skills on these vacs and scratchbuilds, I would definitely put you up there with the late-great Larry Hawkins! THOR
  10. Yowza, Bruce, off the chain good, man! I am gonna take up knitting! THOR
  11. Excellent work so far, Chuck. The T-6 hold a special place in my heart, as my Grandad flew them out of Merana, AZ in the 1950’s. I do want to complete a T-6 he soloed in, and this kit really is the only game in town thus far. I will be taking notes. Oh, I am sure you know already, but you will need to modify the main gear mount points in the wing. Kitty Hawk molded them too far inboard, and it makes the stance look strange out of the box. There is an article on LSP on how to mod it. Great start, always a pleasure to follow along. THOR
  12. Well, that’s a bit kick ass, to put it bluntly. Keep up the great work. THOR
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