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  1. I'm thinking Mike used round tubes and shaped them into an oval or teardrop cross section with his Albion tools, but I may be wrong there. The parts look like it. Top work on all fronts. That little radiator pops out along with all the other small details. As for the Cabane struts and landing gear - I have similar issues with other Roden kits. I'd call the landing gear on their DR I flimsy at best and I think it will need to be replaced with something a little more sturdy. That seems to be a common topic with the kits that are otherwise pretty good (imo).
  2. Mike, you have the engine game down perfect. A question out of curiosity - do you paint the engines using a brush or do you airbrush the colours and later touch them up by brush? The surface texture looks very realistic to me. The D.I is another one that I also have in my stash - but I'm currently building a diorama based for my first Tripe (DR.I) build.
  3. Matt, they are part of the regular Aviattic decals for the Mengnut kit. Have a look at the images for the ATT32295 decals. You'll see the burnishing decals left of the rudder there. I'm not sure if there is an individual decal available just for that, but I believe I have seen it being a part of all their Richthofen decals for the Mengnut kit. Wolf, this is yet another build that will go into my reference build archive folders. Just the engine shots alone hit it right out of the park for me and the rest with all the details of what to look out for or how to fix is very much appreciated . Looking forward to the next installment!
  4. Oh la la, that came out truly beautiful! ... aaaand into the reference folder it goes May I ask, where you got the veneer propeller? So far I've seen hand crafted props from LF and Proper Plane, but I have not seen a veneer set for one - or I haven't been looking properly
  5. It's just a pleasure to see this coming together and the techniques used. And I will say it again - the technique itself is not rocket science, neither are the planning, preparation and realization. But golly from the outside looking at the pictures at time it does feel a lot like it, like "ok what planet is Peter from? Parallel Earth?" I have a question though after looking at the pics and reading the text going with it. In the first pic I thought it was brass formers on the outside with balsa ribs inbetween, but later it looks more like plastic and not balsa-y at all. Also the text talks about brass, plastic and balsa. Hm... I would probably have used balsa unless that would have turned out too fragile even with the brass tubes for reinforcement.
  6. Cheers Mike, duly noted and ordered accordingly :). Again thank you for your insights and techniques, much appreciated. And I'm not one of the realism police, I prefer to use what - to my eyes - looks and feels right. The BSF reference is just something that I came across in another thread and felt it needed checking out
  7. Mike, that looks absolutely beautiful - dare I say it - as usual? Not taking away from it, but you've drilled the assembly line to perfection. Chapeau! I do have a question though as I'm currently stocking up on supplies for a series of projects and am wondering what kind of rigging to get (1/32 scale). I saw over the last few builds of yours that I have followed, you seem to be using different size rigging. How do you decide, which to use? Plain what looks "correct" or knowing you, probably in depth research? So far I've seen - EZ line white (heavy) - which seems a little thick for my taste for a 1/32 - Stroft -GTM silicon PTFE tempered monofilament (blue/grey) 0.08 mm - Stellon monofilament 0.12 mm Someone else uses Uschi van der Rosten fine size rigging (0.02 mm) - so many options. Naturally all of them may need a coat of paint afterwards, increasing the thickness even further, so maybe the smaller (0.08 mm) the better? I believe 9/32" was the imperial dimensions for the BSF wire (e.g. Pup). That would be ~7mm diameter on a 1:1, making it ~0.2 mm in 1/32 scale, so basically anything at or around 0.2 mm should work. UvdR's super fine (0.01 mm) might work for the 1/200 Bismarck but will be too thin for these WW1 birds, even with a coat of paint.
  8. Well I've just "discovered" your site, Brian. And I have to say, in larger the pics are even better. To see the bird in larger than life is just fantastic! Needless to say, I ordered and received a third Mengnut DR.I - and of course it has the same warped wings as the other two but no other defects - and I think #3 will be the Voss scheme as well. Thanks again for the reference build
  9. Brian, should you feel you cannot stand the appalling silvering, I'm willing to remove that eyesore from your shores and give it shelter Joking aside (though the sheltering offer stands) this turned out absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it, the oil drips and grime on the small wing underneath the engine, the propeller and of course the Aviattic decals. Looking very much forward to building mine - "just" waiting for the remaining Richthofen decals.
  10. Mike, what I'm always stumped by is the speed with which you go through those kits and then end with those incredibly detailed pieces. It feels like an assembly line you got going there. I'm in awe. Oh and the other thing I've noted (for my references) is that you seem to be using a lot of 1/48 stuff, like those turnbuckles, etc. Just because they appear more in scale then the supposed in scale variants of the same parts. Plus you must have a book-sized stack of Aviattic decals on hand And then seeing how you tackle kits like this, where most people probably open the box, look at the instructions, close the box again and put it at the bottom of their stack. And you just go for it. Onwards and upwards!
  11. Yea, unless I'm completely looking in the wrong places or not recognizing it for what it is, the only area, where I see "massive" amounts of silvering is in the last photo on the underside, just undernaeth the pilot on the right side in the photo. Other than that it looks good to me. Not good, awesome. But then again I don't know what your standards are, higher than mine probably, or I just need larger detail shots to rip it apart
  12. Great work Brian. Regarding rough masks for the face and all that. Honestly, I think (no evidence I can show!) these birds were painted by hand using brushes and whatnot, so I would not expect the edges of anything to be really really crisp. A little frayed fringe would probably be adequate. Bummer on the wheel decals though.
  13. I don't know how I missed this WIP up until now, but I had to sub it right away. BRILLIANT. You are doing and using almost exactly what I am planning to do. However, I'm all over the Richthofen birds as I want to try and do up all his actual service mules. This build is going into my reference folder for later use. Also thanks for posting closeups of the Aviattic stuff. I'm anxiously awaiting their release of the missing Richthofen decals that they have already done for the Rodent, sadly though there is no ETA for them as yet. And, as if that was necessary, this WIP finally sealed the deal for me on their stuff as well. Really looking forward to seeing this finished. And I can still remember the day I received my 2 Mengs and marvelling at the quality and posting pics of it - both mine are of the all wings warped type - but luckily without broken off pieces. And considering my plans, I may just grab another few of these.
  14. Oh wee, I am having the same issue. And I have had this in other forums as well, but there is a way to fix it. Btw, I'm using Chrome for a browser here. Attention, a bit of tech mumbo jumbo ahead /begin tech mumbo jumbo The problem usually appears when you are visiting one website that is linking content on another website, as is the case here. We are at https://forum.largescaleplanes.com (note: it is "https" using SSL certificates), with the pictures being hosted on another site, http://www.daveshangar.org (note: it is "http" NOT using SSL certificates). Without going into too much detail, the two sites use different certificates (or one uses none) for security and that is usually the issue. Chrome being strict about security out of the box, decides the "non SSL" site is not secure and as such blocks the content. Now, what to do? Click on the lock in the address bar above, then click on "Site settings" in the small popup (at the bottom), then navigate to the bottom of the list showing up next and locate "Insecure content". That's the content with the anxiety issues, being afraid and not showing up. The default setting in Chrome is to "Block" that. Change that setting to "Allow", close the window and reload the page - the pics will now show up. Note that this is a site based setting, so it only affects forum.largescaleplanes.com, not all other sites globally. If you have the same issue in other forums, rinse and repeat. Word of warning though. As this allows insecure content to show up, it might open the door for unwanted things, not only these pics to show up. So use at your own risk. Feel like in this day and age, we better put the warning sticker out there. Also doing that, you will see, that in the address bar it will show "Not secure" in front of forum.largescaleplanes.com after doing that, to let you know that you've tinkered with the security settings. So if that is too much hassle, just right click on the empty pic placeholder and "open in a new tab" and the issues are gone as well. /end tech mumbo jumbo BLA! That aside, this birdie is a monster. I have two 1/8 cars and they are already ginormous. Can't really get my head around the size of this "behemoth" ;). Awesome project.
  15. Wow, that was awesome. Superb job and the videos are direct to the archives of reference builds. Neat trick using the needle for rigging. Maybe my obsessions with Triplanes needs a rethink, what with all the rigging and my lack of patience and all
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