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  1. Got it, thanks! There must be a minimum character count, since I searched the entire site for SBD and it didn’t come back.
  2. Can't say I did. Do you recall what the title was? "SBD" and "Dauntless" aren't bringing back much.
  3. I'll give that whirl and see how it turns out (and hopefully not screw up the Corsair). Thankfully, I picked up more AK paints last night, including a number of complementing blues that should work. And saw a 1/32 F-117 that called to me.....just have to say noooooo
  4. Yep, I'm wondering how the blue is going to look. When I glance through your build thread and compare your port wing with mine, it "looks" to be about the same color. Should be okay.....but I wish I had used the darker MRP paint. Too late now. Side question, no tail hook on yours? Brett
  5. Thanks Michael! From what I gathered, its tape to try and slow fuel leaks from coming out on the body panels/windscreen. Someone else can probably provide more detail than that. Brett
  6. That’s odd. None of mine had any issues like that. I would even say they were tough, with me abusing them. Is it an old sheet?
  7. Nice and subtle with the blue....awesome job!
  8. Thanks Tom! Thanks Reuben, definitely share your build if you start it! Thanks Si! Hoping to dirty it up now....just a few more layers (and weeks) to go Thanks! Wish I could have left it off....I had to do some not so Tamiya approved mods to get it mounted. Made some mistake, somewhere! Thanks Andy, it definitely took a bit to work over those spots. Thanks Grief! My last tip for HGW......let them soak a long time. They seemed to leave less residue the longer you let them pull up water. I even start removing the backing paper, dipping them again and then dragging them over a paper towel, which helped and didn't seem to reduce their adhesion So, tonight's......decals are all applied, other than to the landing gear doors, which I haven't finished painting I think she's looking pretty snazzy now, so next step will be another clear coat to seal everything up and hopefully, hide the carrier film edges on any decals I couldn't find an edge on. I'm also going to try and fill rivets/fastners that take a lot of abuse with aluminum paint, to hopefully show more wear. Something I snagged from Doog….. Anyway, everyone likes pictures......so, here we are as of this evening. Suggestions, tips, critiques, random thoughts of the day....all are welcome.
  9. Ha, that’s the way I do it too. Great work on this, and this is just the start!
  10. Nicely built Sea Fury. She looks great!
  11. Thanks Andy! Any tips on what you did with the carrier glue I could use? Brett
  12. So, first thoughts on the HGW wet transfers. MAKE SURE YOU BEND AN EDGE OF THE CARRIER FILM UP. Otherwise, good luck getting an edge to catch and peel up the film once it's dry. There are 1-2 that I couldn't grab an edge on, thankfully very small and I can blend them in. The carrier film is nice and thin at least? More work than a regular decal to ensure that the film stays up till it's dry enough.....then walk away, walk away! The transfers I added last night, need to see what else I can do to remove the adhesive. The film came off well this morning, but I can see exactly where the adhesive was. Any suggestions? Montex Reluctant Dragon decal.....went on perfectly and sucked into the rivets and fasteners with just Micro Set. One bubble in the film, stabbed with the #11 and some Micro Sol took care of it. This is all for now, just a quick snap from the Nikon. Now it's back to remodeling a bathroom for most of the day! You can see the carrier film sticking up in the air on some of the transfers.....gotta have that edge!
  13. Thanks! Well, it's begun! (and I'll smooth whatever is protruding from the wing at bottom....???)
  14. Thanks everyone! Pete, let's say we both thank LSP for that lead tip She's now sitting with a coat of X-22. Give it a day or two before I think about touching it, then onto decals.
  15. Those wheels would have driven (har har) me off the edge. Beautiful work!
  16. Incredibly impressive scratch work. This should be incredible when complete!
  17. Beautiful work Marcel! Quick Google search on the slime lights, it doesn't appear that all D's had a solid front light? Or, is that image you posted your exact jet you're building? If so, disregard....
  18. Haha! I don't know about that, he set the bar pretty high!
  19. Thanks everyone, definitely appreciate it. More progress over the weekend. The engine cowling and flaps are done and painted. In the picture, then engine module is just stuck on, not glued in place yet so a slight gap at the top. I've also painted the white sealing tape stripes on the wings, as well as the walkways on the upper wings using Maketar's masks and Tamiya tape. I'm hoping to get a clear coat laid down in the next few days, then move onto the HGW wet transfers (lots of those!). Hoping...…. Comments, critiques, suggestions...….lay it on me. Thanks for looking. That's a big nose..... Bye bye engine work!
  20. This. I stared at it for a while and came up with the same idea...then scrolled down and saw the same thought The spars definitely look weird in the instructions with the random arrows, but I think once the lower section is folded into shape, it'll make more sense. Or, use whisky.
  21. Looking great on progress! I’m sure you’ve said this somewhere before and I’ve read and not retained but, do you wash out the panel wash before painting?
  22. Incredible work you’re doing, and this is just the ceiling! Looking forward to seeing more!
  23. Thanks everyone, I do appreciate the comments. Again, I think it's just a case of being our own worst critic. There are just things I wish I'd done differently, that's all. Maybe I'll have to build a -1A to test on? Working on the Vector Resin cowl flaps right now and the tiny pieces associated with it. Hopefully no moon, er, carpet launches with these! More updates to come, getting closer to getting the nose on, painted and moving on to decals, weathering, etc. Brett
  24. Welcome back to the Corsair! Looks like a great start on the cockpit, nicely built.
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