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  1. Glad to see you back at this one......and really liked the video. Picturesque area you live in!
  2. Super nice work, Larry. Placing the figures and running rigging, that had to have been a chore! I vote the dozer for the next project, that’d be cool looking.
  3. Really nice ending, she’s a beaut!
  4. Really nice looking weathering. Looking forward to gear on and canopies up!
  5. Nice! Really nice! As for a filter….the contrast is stark now, but I’d like to see how it looks with wash and dry brush before I’d go filter.
  6. Congrats on the wins, well deserved. Onward and upward now with the Hellcat!
  7. Really nice, and…that’s a heck of a process you’ve got planned. Looking forward to see paint start going down.
  8. Nice work, Woody. Those AM bits certainly look sharp!
  9. Any guess on what shipping is from the US to Aus, @LSP_Kevin?I’ve seen lots of Enterprises in stock around here (I have an -A in the closet)……
  10. D-7 in 350? I built the K’Tinga….they did the D-7 too?
  11. Wow, big wow. Really nice work, Rod! The first image had me thinking it was an actual Dauntless on the tarmac.
  12. These ones..... Might have been you that pointed them out to me on my build last year?
  13. I just threw out my T-28 cockpit. It’s child’s play compared to this! brilliant work
  14. That's looking sharp, Mike. Really interesting build!
  15. Thanks Brian! Sounds like you’ve got a project ready and thanks for the tip, extra weight to be added. Thanks Mike! Thanks Thor! I’d read through your build too….hope I don’t run into problems like that. But, next build awaits, just in case.
  16. Just to prove this hasn't already been forgotten <cough> USS Franklin <cough>, I wanted to share what I've had time to complete so far. This is 90% decal so far, then touch up with paint and some dry brushing. The side panels have yet to get any Tamiya flat to even the sheens out, so don't hold that against me....it's rough in places. Hopefully work will slow down a bit and I can spend more time than 30 minutes a few times a week! Comments, critiques, the normal......have at it gentlemen!
  17. Your Dauntless sure turned out great, Woody. Those rivets definitely make it pop, as Chuck said. What’s next?
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