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  1. Here's mine. Still need to replace my old shelving to match the remodel (walls, flooring), hence the barren walls.
  2. Moved to some of the seams and rivets for little today, not a lot to show. I dislike riveting (or at least, adding rivets back I wipe out) and I'm never really happy with how they turn out, at least till paint helps cover them up. Seam smoothed and rivets added back Overall progress shot. I combined both the upper and lower cowling panels for each side, in an attempt to make sure they fit correctly/straight. We'll see if that's a horrible idea soon enough. Since my progress is slow, figured I might share another vice. AKA, Lego's. I've spent entirely too much on these, but.....they are fun. Last one I built. And just one from our national parks road trip in July. It's hotter now (in Utah) than it was then! 102F/39C Sadly, no close encounters.
  3. Congrats, Woody. Glad you’re taking the time to do what you want to do with life, and that theCorsair will take 90% now! Honestly, I’m jealous. Wish I could call work done now, but I have some time left.
  4. Reading last years posts…..and, this is exactly what I’m finding up front too
  5. Oof, I don’t envy you doing that masking. But, wow….that looks GREAT.
  6. Thanks Alex. So far, no complaints against the kit. The panels are crisp, rivets nice and even in depth, panel lines all seem to be very well molded. Maybe my one gripe is some less than positive positioning I just noticed on the nose gear landing bay to cockpit. Either I didn't glue the two assemblies together correct or the fit was incorrect. Otherwise, good stuff so far! Even the instrument panel decals were very well done. Brett
  7. Minor update, I'm calling the engine good enough for government work. Not great, not terrible. There's a few seams I missed, but once it's buttoned up in the nose, they shouldn't be noticeable. Onto the wings!
  8. Really nice work. Those Barracuda decals really bring the panels to life. You should get some mail in a day or two, hope they're helpful!
  9. Same here, Woody. Nice and small and mine haven't even started losing their edge after 4 years. Plus, the handles are a nice, bright blue...ha! As for the gloss coat, I don't think that I did that on either my Corsair or the Dauntless when I dirtied them up. Crumple, assemble, wash. At least for me
  10. Wow. Impressive, and beautiful, work! Thanks for sharing the steps.
  11. Super nice work on the cowl. Looking forward to seeing the fuselage!
  12. I’ve never tried soaking mine, but I have de-tacked them by stickying them on some other media, remove, repeat a few times. It’s helped where I’ve had paint lift previously.
  13. Maybe use masking fluid over your silver paint instead then? Primer, silver, fluid applied with sponge chunks, yellow green, more fluid for yellow only chips, then top coat? You should be able to rub the masking fluid off afterwards.
  14. Thanks. I have to agree on the fit, nice and tight so far, just some minor flash. Appreciate the suggestion on additional weight, I’ll stuff some behind the engine before I attach the nose panels. Brett
  15. Oh wooooooow. Almost a year with nothing, slacking off a lot. I can at least blame a LOT of house renovations for most of this. Hardwoods throughout our main floor, main bath remodel, master bedroom remodel, model room remodel. Busy times! Not a lot of progress, but I'm trying to get this back going so that I can have something done. Fuselage is together for the Trojan, with the majority of the cockpit work done. There is a type of HUD to go in later, but it's PE so that can wait till I'm ready to attach the windscreen (which, doesn't fit). I've yet to tidy up seams but hoping to get to that soon. I did start on the engine as well and, for now, am planning on using the kit wires. They don't look bad so far as I work on cleaning up the flash, but we'll see if they need replacing with lead wire after some paint goes down. Anyway, pictures to show progress and hopes to keep me on track/make progress! I've got a F-105G, a F-4C and F-16CJ, all Wild Weasels calling my name.....thought a P-51D/K might come first. Push me on, all! Now I see the past year hasn't been kind. Missing throttle in the rear cockpit. And here I made a mistake and placed the weight too far forward prior to checking panel fit. Grinding away with the Dremel.... Hopefully, more updates in the next week.....not the next year! Thanks for browsing Brett
  16. I do remember the cut outs on mine as well, but I think just for the big grey dials. Sorry Woody, been a while since I worked on mine as well. If you want to browse, here......
  17. I seem to recall having to upgrade my glasses after my Corsair build and those decals Progressive/bifocals ever sense! Coincidence? Definitely not odd, I was referencing John’s build for mine the whole way
  18. Hey Woody! Looks like a good start on your Corsair. For the cockpit decals, I don’t think mine had the tenting problem, but mine was a -1 and different panels @Thunnus, did you have issues with your -1A decals? I do know I did chop up the decals into LOTS of smaller applications, so maybe just head down that route? Looking forward to seeing more!
  19. Definitely not bored here either! That’s going to be quite the display when done. Randy Cooper SD next, super detailed?
  20. Really nice looking, great work. And, I just grabbed the same kit from the LHS two days ago….will be referencing back here
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