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  1. Hi, Excellent paint work! But... the oleo scissors ?? Regards, Matsu.
  2. Hi, She is beautiful John ! Great for you ! Ta 152 H is one of my favorite bird of all time By the way, I think she has one more stencil on the hatch aft of supercharger intake. I heard it is a black out line and S3 letter in it for some kind of engine primer stencil. Please see the pics. I hope I'm not confusing you because I don't have any farther information about this stencil. I'm sorry Hoping for someone can tell what it is. (Sorry about my english too) Regards, Matsu
  3. BTW Drop tank collected by US Gis ends up under the wing of P-47 (Very interesting !!) Regards, Matsu.
  4. Hi, I'm kind of confused here . This picture show US Gis lording abandoned Luftwaffe drop tanks and I can see most of them have pointy tail and there is no drain. And This F-2 (F-4) trop have a drop tank with air pressure intake on nose Regards, Matsu.
  5. Hi, John Another great Bf 109 thread going on here ! About extra panel line on G-14 IMO is YES There is extra panel line on the upper wing. I found coupe of pics and this is best one to see it so far. Also Plastruct have various sizes of hex rod you can use for drop tank if you are interest. Regards, Matsu.
  6. Hi, Small metal placard said (圧縮空気補給口)= Compressed air refill port Regards, Matsu
  7. I totally agree with you and I hope I wasn't encumber your thead. Regards, Matsu.
  8. Hi, It's not huge different but please take a look at these pictures they are almost same angle . atop one I can see bottom half of exhaust stacks but not on this one Regards. Matsu
  9. Look like this F-4 have deep cover also. Regards, Matsu
  10. Hi, Gazzas Great start! I'm looking forward to see all the way I have a question I can see this F-4 has deeper exhaust cover so hasegawa kit have the part for it ? Regards. Matsu
  11. Hi, It is really nice touch to add cockpit defogger intake pipe , Great work! Regards, Matsu.
  12. One more pic so you can see how they are sticking out from wings and measure how long they are, To me they are a bit shorter than FW 190. Hope this can help your K-4 modeling Regards, Matsu
  13. Hi, Here is picture of K-4 landing gear indicator on the top of the wings. Also you can find them where they are on Hasegawa Bf 109 K-4 1/32 boxart and If you like to see some more pics, I can post them too I have several more Happy Thanksgiving ! Regards, Matsu
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