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  1. Looks great! I like it a lot. Regards, Matsu.
  2. I'm using this as an idea. The actual plane will be a bare metal and wood version with putty. Edited yesterday at 03:23 AM by Wackyracer Some of reference said this Black 27 (WN.r 300027) is A-2 but actually A-1, Just in case, Regard, Matsu.
  3. Hi, Wackyracer Very nice going here ! This yellow 5 is one of rare pic of A-1 and one of my favorite scheme of He 162 only difference from external you can tell A-1 and A-2 is size and location of ejection ports because A-1 MK 108 A-2 MG151, I hope it's help you and not too late Regards, Matsu.
  4. Antonio, Thank you for info and your thought of colour. Regards, Matsu.
  5. Muy agradable! Antonio, I have some Qs What tool did you use for rivets? What colour would you paint inside of radiator flaps on this bird RLM 2 or.....? I know some pics of RLM 2 shows brighter than real some time but this pics are a bit too bright to me Saludos, Matsu.
  6. Hi, Gaz Splendid!! Fantastic marking !! Very nicely done !! Regards, Matsu.
  7. Hi, Antonio, I like a lot of your colours on the my pc screen !! I'm working on tamiya 1/ 48 Bf 109 G-6 turn to G-14 W/ big tire bulges, I always mix some colours to paint my birds with colour I like, Your colours are almost same as mine to using on my G-14 Regards, Matsu.
  8. Hi, Antonio, Very interesting thread and I like what you doing Thank you for sharing !!  Regards, Matsu.
  9. Hi, Bruce Quick progress and you have done stunning work especially on pit and wheel well beautiful !! I have a same kit and still working on it from years ago Here are my study about difference of He 162 A-1 and A-2 A-1's ejection port is bigger than A-2 and located bit of outside than A-2 And I don't have pic but seat belts are little different than other prop fighters because He 162 equipped with ejection seat I hope I'm not interrupting your thread and sorry my english Pics from Google and Captured Eagle Vol 1 Regards Matsu
  10. WOW Follow with big interest all the way !! Regards Matsu
  11. Hi, Raph   I just translate what is drawing said (酸素=Oxygen, Air=空気) This drawing is not 100% accurate, Oxygen tank should be at starboard side of wing just like this book of p.138 said.  And I believe most of K-4 have landing gear position indicator on the wing (like Fw190) but this drawing don't show them. Oh well I guess I should not say this book is very much accurate but who is 100% ? Regards, Matsu.
  12. Hi, rafju I just join to LSA member last week because I think LSP is one of the best forum around , I can translate them to English since Japanese is my first language, Right side top you circled one said " Aileron balance tub" (Omit on production type?) the bottom one said "Compressed oxygen refill hatch" I have the same model Art famous book and I think this book is still very much accurate even published in 1987 and Lots of valuable information about Bf 109 G/K I hope it can help you and sorry for my english. Regard Matsu
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