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  1. Hi, Raph   I just translate what is drawing said (酸素=Oxygen, Air=空気) This drawing is not 100% accurate, Oxygen tank should be at starboard side of wing just like this book of p.138 said.  And I believe most of K-4 have landing gear position indicator on the wing (like Fw190) but this drawing don't show them. Oh well I guess I should not say this book is very much accurate but who is 100% ? Regards, Matsu.
  2. Hi, rafju I just join to LSA member last week because I think LSP is one of the best forum around , I can translate them to English since Japanese is my first language, Right side top you circled one said " Aileron balance tub" (Omit on production type?) the bottom one said "Compressed oxygen refill hatch" I have the same model Art famous book and I think this book is still very much accurate even published in 1987 and Lots of valuable information about Bf 109 G/K I hope it can help you and sorry for my english. Regard Matsu
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