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  1. Hi, Small metal placard said (圧縮空気補給口)= Compressed air refill port Regards, Matsu
  2. I totally agree with you and I hope I wasn't encumber your thead. Regards, Matsu.
  3. Hi, It's not huge different but please take a look at these pictures they are almost same angle . atop one I can see bottom half of exhaust stacks but not on this one Regards. Matsu
  4. Look like this F-4 have deep cover also. Regards, Matsu
  5. Hi, Gazzas Great start! I'm looking forward to see all the way I have a question I can see this F-4 has deeper exhaust cover so hasegawa kit have the part for it ? Regards. Matsu
  6. Hi, It is really nice touch to add cockpit defogger intake pipe , Great work! Regards, Matsu.
  7. One more pic so you can see how they are sticking out from wings and measure how long they are, To me they are a bit shorter than FW 190. Hope this can help your K-4 modeling Regards, Matsu
  8. Hi, Here is picture of K-4 landing gear indicator on the top of the wings. Also you can find them where they are on Hasegawa Bf 109 K-4 1/32 boxart and If you like to see some more pics, I can post them too I have several more Happy Thanksgiving ! Regards, Matsu
  9. Looks great! I like it a lot. Regards, Matsu.
  10. I'm using this as an idea. The actual plane will be a bare metal and wood version with putty. Edited yesterday at 03:23 AM by Wackyracer Some of reference said this Black 27 (WN.r 300027) is A-2 but actually A-1, Just in case, Regard, Matsu.
  11. Hi, Wackyracer Very nice going here ! This yellow 5 is one of rare pic of A-1 and one of my favorite scheme of He 162 only difference from external you can tell A-1 and A-2 is size and location of ejection ports because A-1 MK 108 A-2 MG151, I hope it's help you and not too late Regards, Matsu.
  12. Antonio, Thank you for info and your thought of colour. Regards, Matsu.
  13. Muy agradable! Antonio, I have some Qs What tool did you use for rivets? What colour would you paint inside of radiator flaps on this bird RLM 2 or.....? I know some pics of RLM 2 shows brighter than real some time but this pics are a bit too bright to me Saludos, Matsu.
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