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  1. Hi, Just simple question I can see all the photos of black/blue 3 posted up there with us soldiers except last one the guy looks soviet soldier to me, so us and soviet soldiers were the same time at Halle? Halle is only about 100 miles south of Berlin so could be happened but I couldn't come up any more info. Matsu
  2. Wow You nicely depicted aeration vents in a way I ever couldn't think of Mathieu, Following with big interest. Matsu
  3. Hi John, Another great thread going on here as always! I like to mention one thing, I believe all FW190 have a panel line on the spine of the fuselage and panel line is offset to starboard side a little bit not on the center line, also fuselage extension (D version) have a panel line on the top and bottom of center line, if you have a copy of Squadron Walk Around FW190 D Please check page 10 11 41 and 66 you can see it better, Maybe you did already, but I could not see it from the photo you posted up there. Regards, Matsu
  4. Stunning work! Especially paint & weathering, Looking forward to see some more pics in a gallery. Regards. Matsu
  5. Hi, Looks great to me ! I wonder how many modelers can do same way you did with free hand....... With or without decal Please show us some more Thanks. Regards, Matsu.
  6. Hi, Looking good Mike! Just couple more steps to cross the finishing line, Happy holidays
  7. Hi, Looks good on Hinomaru!! They used a higher grade of paint for Hinomaru red so you don't see the much chipping on the Hinomaru. Nicely done!! Regards, Matsu.
  8. Hi, Nice recovery and good see you back on the track!! BTW Can you show us what kind dress she goes to show off ? Regards, Matsu.
  9. Really nice and clean work well done Regards, Matsu.
  10. Hi, Dennis good see you back !! I was hoping my post was not interrupting your thread... I really like dark green you used on her and looks good on late Japanese naval AC. BTW, I was researching some more 343 ku and friend of mine in Japan told me there are some more pictures other than I posted, When they are training at Matsuyama 松山. BUT those pictures have never been published I've been living in my backyard lately, but not fun as modeling Regards, Matsu.
  11. Hi, Another great thread going on here about zero! Regards, Matsu.
  12. Hi, 1 飛行隊長 Flight captain 2 中隊長 Company commander 3小隊長 Platoon leader Regards, Matsu.
  13. Hi, Dennis and Miloslav, Sugita Shoiti (杉田 庄一) was sharing the 343-11 with Kanno Naoshi (菅野 直) and Matsumura Seiji (松村正二) Here is a list of 301Hikoutai A/C and Pilot name assign to each A/C They never designate the same number to 2 A/C, If so it will be so confusing to pilot ground crew and book keep. I don't know where the Montex got the idea of these schemes from. They are totally fictional !! Only picture proof we have shidenkai with any type of form or color of stripes on shidenkai
  14. Hi, A 343-11 was 1 of the 3 other Shidenkais Kanno flight with and 2 other pilots where flight with A 343-11 also Regards, Matsu.
  15. Hi, Dennis I hope I'm not too late, I believe a Diagonal double yellow band behind the cockpit is 301 hikoutai (Squadron) Captain Naoshi Kanno's A 343-15 only (KIA Aug 1 1945 2week before the end of war) Also I find profile of A 343-11. Sorry, not so clear I'll look for some more detail of A 343-11 and let you know if I find. Regards, Matsu.
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