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ZOUKEI MURA 2019-2020 - NEW P-51B/C, Bf-109G and Ar-234 ANNOUNCED!!!!!!

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Old man blog in JPN 


Part 1··· What is the German Air Force Liquid Cooled Single Fighter 
☆ Correct · · · · "Bf 109 G"
Part 2 ... What is the German Air Force twin plane aircraft 
☆ Correct ... · · · "Ar 234"
Part 3 ...
★ Correct answer · · · · "P - 51 B / C" US military equipment liquid cooling single fighter




"following the "Hs 129", "Fw 190", and 48 scale "F - 4E" on the SWS kit 32 scale, these three elite devices are under development. "


I was totally off with my quizz answers :whistle:


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Well I guess the P.51B fans' complaints will shift from "we need one" ... to "are we there yet?" ... 

Maybe ... Just maybe ... we'll finally get an accurate 109G now with no use for AM corrections?

It'll be interesting to see how the Ar.234 turns out ... Fly's attempt wasn't all that bad.


Rog :)

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1 hour ago, VintageEagle said:

Revell will bring a Me 262 A-1a around June 2019, but of course I’d welcome a Tamiya 262 as well...The Ar 234 from ZM is great news.


Revell kits are far from the class of Tamiya, and never -ever ever ever- will get to the A-list of ZM. 

So, no thanx.

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